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Top 5 Glock CO2 Pistols

Glock 17 Gen. 4 BB Pistol
Full Blowback Action & Authentic Replica
The 17 Gen 4 BB pistol tops the list as the most realistic version. It epitomizes shootability and ruggedness. Not only does the slide lock back when empty, but it's also removable for disassembly drills. Even though it's the slowest shooter we have at 300fps, it provides the most realistic training and is a joy to shoot.
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Glock 19X BB Pistol, Tan
Semiautomatic Blowback Replica
The 19x combines the short slide of the 19 with the full grip of the 17 to create a gun with excellent handling. For airgunners who want a little something extra from their airgun, the blowback action replicates the recoil for a more immersive shooting experience. It is just like the steel version, only at-home friendly.
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Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol
This compact replica takes your tactical training to the next level. Though being non-blowback decreases the realism a bit, the quick-release magazine and housing the CO2 in the grip allow for quick-change training drills that other models can't. And at 410fps, it's the fastest shooting Glock we have.
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Glock 17 Gen. 3 BB Pistol
Authentic Replica with Blowback Action
The 17 Gen 3 has blowback action and shoots BBs at 365fps. It has a full drop-away 18-round magazine that also houses the CO2. It looks and feels just like the real thing. The long pull of the double-stage trigger is what pushes it to #4.
Starting at $99.99
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Umarex Glock 17 Gen5
The 17 Gen 5 model shoots lead pellets at 340fps, and the blowback action delivers a satisfying kick. It has great realism and handling. The belt-fed metal magazine carries 21 rounds, but loading time and difficulty put it at the bottom of our list.
Starting at $132.95
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