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Top 5 Glock CO2 Pistols

Glock 19 Gen. 3 BB Pistol
The Glock 19 is built to the specs of the original and when you pick it up you will have a hard time telling the difference. It is accurate to the smallest details, including the serial number on a metal plate on the bottom of the gun. Replica aficionados will also appreciate the absence of white lettering on the sides. One of our favorite things about this gun is the extremely high shot count. We got 170 shots on just one cartridge!
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Glock 17 Gen. 4 BB Pistol
Full Blowback Action & Authentic Replica
Known for reliability, the Glock 17 epitomizes shootability and ruggedness. Featuring a sleek and stylish design, this 4th generation model doesn't disappoint. The blowback action adds a level of realism and consistency to the shooting experience. The modular backstrap system makes it a favorite among Glock enthusiasts.
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Glock 17 Gen. 3 BB Pistol
Authentic Replica with Blowback Action
The polymer frame, blowback action, and smooth trigger pull give this model total realism. The element of realism heightens the shooting experience and allows you to feel more in control of your shots. Get more training time, making it easier for you to stay on target and hit your intended mark.
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Glock 19X BB Pistol, Tan
Semiautomatic Blowback Replica
Modeled after the real steel 19x, this pistol was designed for the airgunner who wants a little something extra from their airgun. It has authentic blowback action to replicate recoil which makes for a more engaging and immersive shooting experience.
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Umarex Glock 17 Gen5
The Gen 5 model boasts a redesigned frame and improved trigger pull. This pistol delivers a satisfying kick and is incredibly accurate thanks to its fixed sights. The belt-fed metal magazine keeps the fun going with 20 rounds for fewer reloading interruptions.
Starting at $129.95
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