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Top 5 Exclusive

AirForce Texan SS, Demolition Ranch Combo
Includes a Premium Scope, Portable Tank and Bipod
The Texan SS gives you the best combination of power, accuracy, and sound suppression of any big bore on the market, and the Demolition Ranch combo gives you a Hawke Airmax 30 WA SF 4-16x50 scope, a Recon 360 Bipod, and a carbon fiber tank. Get this and demolish some stuff!
Starting at $2,099.99
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Umarex Legends MP40 Ultimate Combo
Includes 2 extra magazines, Hornandy BB's, and Pellgun Oil
The MP40 is a gun that just about everybody owes it to him or herself to own, semi-auto or full auto options (did I say full auto? ?.I expect these to be loaded, dang it!) and if you are going to get it then why not get it in the greatest combo ever? Two extra mags, BBs, CO2, and more than I can even hold here, you need this combo!
Starting at $324.99
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Beretta 92A1, Black Diamond Combo
Two bottles of Hornady Black Diamond BB's & Ambidextrous MOLLE Holster
Not only is this perhaps our favorite co2 pistol of all time because of its full-auto option (did I say full auto? HmmÂ…it's not loaded, bummer) but in this combo, it comes with a tactical molle holster and two bottles of Black Diamond BBs. Two bottles! Of black BBs! You need this!
Starting at $179.99
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Seneca Dragon Claw II, Twang N Bang Combo
The exact set-up used by Cameron Martz (TWANGnBANG)
Our friend Cameron from Twang-n-Bang put together this awesome combo by taking the Dragon Claw II, one of the most awesome airguns around and pairing it with a scope and some .50 caliber Air Bolts taking it to the next level, in fact maybe to the next two levels.
Starting at $859.99
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Umarex Gauntlet Scope Combo
Includes upgraded Hawke Vantage 4-12x50 scope, Leapers rings, and an extra magazine!
The Gauntlet is still perhaps the most feature-packed entry-level PCP on the market and our Gauntlet combo gives you even more for your money. For less than $100 more you get a $200 Hawke scope, rings, and a sling! What more do you want? No really, what more do you want? Maybe we can throw it in also.
Starting at $449.99
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