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Beretta 92A1, Black Hornady Combo

Two bottles of Black Hornady BB's & Ambidextrous MOLLE Holster

Beretta 92A1, Black Hornady Combo

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  • Code: 2253017Kit1 · 0.177 cal · 330 fps ·
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This exclusive combo gives you everything you need to tear up your targets full auto style. Comes with 40 Crosman 12 g CO2 cartridges, a black NcStar MOLLE holster, 2 1500 ct bottles of Hornady BB's, and an extra magazine. Make sure you wear eye protection!

The Beretta M92A1 is the standard issue side arm for the U.S. military Adopted in the early 80's it has served around the world. Now you can own a quality replica air pistol version of the M92A1. Un-like its firearm counterpart this pistol features a full-auto mode and with life like blowback it makes this pistol a blast to shoot. You can either use it to maintain proficiency without the high ammo costs and range fees, or go full auto and have fun spaying 18 shots with one pull of the trigger!

Beretta M92A1 Pistol Features
  • Full-Auto / Semi-Auto
  • Full metal
  • Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • Realistic recoil action
  • Blowback
  • 18rd removable drop-free BB magazine
  • Manual safety
  • Fixed front and rear sights
  • Includes 40 count box CO2
  • Includes black MOLLE Holster
  • Includes x2 1500 count black Hornady BB's
  • Includes Extra Magazine
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  • ManufacturerUmarex
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity330 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets & BBs
  • ActionSemiautomatic/Full-auto
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackYes
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight2.35
  • Overall Length8.74"
  • Barrel Length4.5"
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity18
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailWeaver/Picatinny
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade
  • Rear SightsFixed
  • Shots per Fill104
  • UsePlinking/Fun
  • Warranty90-day limited warranty
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Beretta 92A1, Black Hornady Combo   $169.99
118 Reviews
63% (74)
20% (24)
11% (13)
3% (3)
3% (4)
89% Recommend this product (105 of 118 responses)
By Jeff
Coldwater, MI.
December 9, 2018
Great Airgun
Works as advertised! Very realistic in every way. You can enjoy the M-9 without going to the range!
By Jaxsey
Baltimoron city
November 21, 2018
Great gun, not idiot friendly.
I've had this gun for about 3 months and shot many mags through it. I load them up using an empty Bic pen as a loading straw. I put a drop of RWS chamber lube on the top of the CO2 cartridge and load it up. I never leave one loaded up. Either use it or waste it, but i don't leave one loaded in the mags. I've had no issues, but i did take the slide off and disassemble the gun when i first got it, It was a real PITA to get back together. SO I do not recommend taking it apart. Also, it's well built, but it's not made to be beat around. Treat it good and it will treat you good. That is a key in most aspects of life. Also, unless you want to be gunned down by a cop, do not take this out in public and shoot it, or even carry it. It looks like the legit real deal.
ProsFULL AUTO IS AWESOME FUN Feels super authentic to the real deal. Well built
ConsHard to reassemble Goes through ammo real fast
Best UsesHaving a blasty blast!
By Butch Smith
Petaluma, California
November 6, 2018
Great Piece, nice weight and FULLY AUTOMATIC. VERY WELL MADE...
By Derick
November 4, 2018
Fun but Fragile
The gun was very fun for the first couple of mags, very satisfying to shoot but after a time the safety broke locking the gun. In my opinion its now a paperweight. i would have spent the same amount of money for the same amount of time on a few showings at the theater. New Buyers -Dont buy look for somehting that is better made and has a customer service department that will answer there emails
By Hunter L Reed
Houston, Texas
October 4, 2018
More fun than a clown on fire.
But seriously this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
By Shawn
September 26, 2018
Bought this gun, and the day it came in I went to shoot it. It did fine thru the first 3 co2 cartridges, then on the 4th, the safety switch fell off, I snapped it back on and it shot for a few more burst b4 other parts came off and then it would fire no more
ProsCool when it works
ConsCheaply made
By Paul
La Grange, KY
September 26, 2018
Being kind
Being kind in giving this item 2 stars. Had fun with it when emptying first several mags on both full and semi auto. After a relatively short while, the follower spring on the magazine messed up. Having a partially loaded mag and some CO2 in gun, I attempted to fire it to empty the magazine. The gun immediately jammed and from that point on has been sitting on a shelf gathering dust. Should have sent it back for warranty work, but in my opinion, it is not a quality item, and I did not want to put another dime into it (shipping) to go back and forth with a cycle of repair/fail/repair... wrote it off as a waste of money and note to self to stay away from Umarex products. As an adult having been around all types of firearms from an early age, I know enough to feel qualified in my opinions expressed in this review. Having said that, I will also say that this gun was fun while it worked. Perhaps other purchasers will have, and have had better luck
ProsFun for short while
ConsNot a quality item in my opinion. Not made to handle the figors of full auto for long term
Best UsesPaperweight
By ReneB
Northridge, Ca
September 21, 2018
Beretta fun to shoot
Just as advertised. Blownack slide function. Full auto was fun. Iwould say that effective penetraion on plastic bottles is limited to 3 full mags. 2 shot with semi auto and one full auto mode. A 4th can be shot in full 18 pellet round mag but velocity has already decreased. You may notice you pellets fly out. Inicator that CO2 pressure has dropped significantly. Why I held 1 star? This is rated for the kit and not the air gun alone. The holster choice could have been better such as one meant for waist or a drop down version. Holster is geared toward vest type mounting.
ProsFull auto
ConsDon't expect CO2 to last more than 3-4 full rounds.
By Adam S
September 16, 2018
Fun While it Worked
Broke during second use. After every shot or so now the slide gets locked back into place; auto/ semi-auto fire feature completely non existent. Safety lever on the other side flew off during firing (see pic) Do not buy!!!! There is a reason there only is a 90 day warranty.
ProsIts impressive that it can rapid fire though not accurate
ConsPoorly made. Hard to reload. Threading Co2 cap is difficult.
Best UsesThere is no practical use that I can think of
By Roy
Corona, CA
September 3, 2018
Amazing auto mode
Quality product. Awesome auto mode. Not that accurate or powerful but very fun! Bought it for nephew and he loves it. Glad I bought it.
By Mike
August 30, 2018
Lots of fun.
Great gun, heavy feel like a real pistol. Rapid fire and smooth operation. Just a pain to load 18 bbs, and then shoot them in less than a second.
ProsWayyy fun to shoot.
ConsLoading is a bit of a pain.
By John
August 21, 2018
This gun is awesome. Accurate and fun
By George Jr Angelo
August 3, 2018
Best bb Pistol
very pleased its heavy realistic strong recoil for a bb gun shoots descent good power and sound semi auto / full auto fun fun fun
Proslooks real feels real, good for practice low cost to shoot full auto awesome fun gun ,get extra magazines
Consloading takes time but is good because co2 freezes after a full auto burst allow to warm up between loading
Best Usesshooting soda cans, 10 yard targets use daisy bb's silver color ones oil magazine and gun , hot summer days get more power you can feel !
By George
N. Y.
August 2, 2018
Very well made..a lot of fun.. Thank you..
By Frank Fuzer
August 2, 2018
Lots of Fun
Looks and feels like the original But the auto feature is a blast. Not the most accurate gun and it is heavy fully loaded. My only gripe is the loading system on the magazine, specifically the BBs. Have to come up with a better way.
ProsFull Auto...need I say more?
ConsBB loading is frustrating at times.
Best UsesSpray and Pray
By Bruce
Suffolk Va
August 1, 2018
Real Fun
Great for old friends to have fun and not spend a a lot of money. Full auto is awesome
ProsOut shooting my buddies
ConsCan€™t load up fast enough
Best UsesBringing back the old days
By Ace Veras
July 31, 2018
Not Accurate
Good Quality and all But most Of the Co2 Goes to the Blowback Feature making the gun shooting weak and unaccurate Not a good trade off Its not fun shooting a gun so weak and unaccurate. Also the Clip(mag) Was a bit hard to pull hard the spring down...most mags are easy to pull down with your thumb, I had to use my nail to pull the spring down, broke my nails a few time...and i strip the paint off with my nail in the first day...
ProsQood Quality Feels Real
ConsWeak Shooting Unaccurate
By George
New York
July 18, 2018
Beretta M92A1 BB Pistol, Full Auto
Just received package, seems well made.I think its worth the price.Only fired it once but, sure was a lot of fun.
By James
Clovis, California
July 14, 2018
Awesome gun!
I ordered this air gun kit and got it yesterday. I was stunned at the results. The recoil is so realistic and the gun has a great real feel weight. The videos I€™ve seen about the gun have said that the gun can shoot 3-4 magazines per co2 but it€™s more like 5-6. Overall if ur on the fence about this gun just buy it. It€™s so worthy it
Best UsesTo have fun with! Buy extra bbs
By Brayden
East St. Paul, MB
July 9, 2018
Great BB Pistol
When I eventually received it (stuck at the border), I was astonished at how well it was built and performed. About a day later (keep in mind I shot about 300-400 BBs through) I had my first jam. Since its field strippable, I stripped it, and with a skewer, the bb was out. when I measured it with my digital calipers, it was .179 all around... Turns out the BBs I had used were a terrible brand, all of them were off by about 0.0008. When I switched to another brand, I haven't had a jam yet. The paint is coming off in certain parts, but that's expected after 3000+ rounds shot. You must be comfortable with disassembly, and cleaning, as this pistol requires lots of it.
ProsTons of fun to shoot, looks and feels great, blowback works amazing and the amount of shots per CO2 doesn't suffer (about 60 shots)
ConsLots of cleaning (every 250-350 shots is what I recommend), very inaccurate, paint comes off.
Best UsesPlinking, fun, Scaring pests (Not killing)
By Lana
Arcadia, CA
June 27, 2018
Right out of the box, you feel the weight of the pistol, very heavy duty. The full auto switch is very fun, though it blows through c02. Some cons are that the metal pipe around the barrel is not uniform as the front was actually a bit slanted. The paint is also very easy to wear off.
By Tony
June 21, 2018
Very fun gun
Very fun gun, especially when firing automatic. One of the decocking levers broke off and i had to return the gun. Airgun depot's customer service was the best! I was sent a new one but didnt fire it yet.
By Chris
June 16, 2018
Bad Safety mechanism
this Gun is great ,shoots great, Looks excellent and life like very realistic but one of the most important things on the weapon is the safety I bought the BB gun used it within 500 rounds the safety mechanism broke it snapped right off due to vibration of the blowback . So I returned it and I wanted another one so I received another one. And unfortunately within approximately 350 rounds the same problem the safety switch broke hopefully whoever buys this gun will not have the same problem I had.....GOOD LUCK!
By Mummra
June 15, 2018
Automatically fun
First, it looks and feels like a 9mm,functions like one,field strip it down.Loading the bb is a lil bit of a hassle,the co2 cartridge loads easily in the clip.Once loaded the fun begins. Single shot is fun,long trigger pull makes for the occasional miss but that could be me and my sighting. But boy howdy,when you flip that switch to auto look out for the addictive grinning as you blow through a clip in nothing flat,tbh it sorta reminds me if how RoboCop's gun sounded when he fires his. Be warned though,as I said earlier it does look and feel like a REAL Beretta be careful around law enforcement or neighbors.
ProsSooo much fun to reload after blowing through bbs in auto
ConsLong trigger pull,needs bigger BB fill port on mag
Best UsesPlinking,and grinning
By Mike G.
June 8, 2018
Price is Right!
Only problem I had, was the loading of bb's into clip, tight fit. All and all, great functional and no problems with mine, remember to clean and lube before using, it has a slide like the real Beretta, well close. After I cleaned it up it worked great. Might want extra clips, 18 rds go fast lol Enjoy!
ProsClean and lube before use, everything worked great!
ConsLoading clip was a pain in the ya know!
By David W Walsh
North Dakota
June 1, 2018
Looks Good - but looks aren't everything!
I bought this pistol over a year ago. It was fun to shoot until the seals failed in the CO2 holder. I bought a new holder. (Costing almost as much as the gun itself). The second time I put it on full auto something else failed. The gun is now locked up and unusable. There are no instructions on how to field strip or repair the gun. On the single shot setting it was a pleasure to shoot and quite accurate though extremely low powered. It looks and feels like the real thing.
Best UsesPutting in a display case and just admiring it. Most of all never shooting on full auto!
By Scott Wasson
Ettrick wi
May 29, 2018
Safety switch
It worked great until I put it in full auto mode. The safety switch falls off every time.
ProsIn semi auto it works great. It�s accurate and shoots nice
ConsFull auto mode makes the safety lever fall off and by tightening it you can�t use the lever. It doesn�t fall of in semi auto mode.
Mount Airy , MD
May 29, 2018
This package is a fun deal, accurate with the BBS provided . Grate for practicing before using the real deal .
ProsFun to shoot. Great for practice
ConsLoading the BBs ,in the magazine can be a pain
Best UsesPracticing before using the real gun, with real bullets
By Kendoitall
Long Island, New York, USA
May 18, 2018
Nice gun
I am a retired NY police officer who had to give up my pistol permit when my wife was dying of cancer because I was worried about her recent questions about my firearms. Recently I bought the Beretta 92a1 with the intention of using it if necessary to protect my house. I have fired it several times and find it to be accurate enough to send 18 bb rounds into someone€™s face. Make sure you buy your bbs from the manufacturer. By the way, do NOT flash it around the neighborhood or carry it exposed - police want to go home alive and this gun looks very real.
ProsRapid fire.
Best UsesHome defense.
By Rodney
lawrenceville, GA
May 11, 2018
This is a very fun gun to shoot. It is not a target pistol, it is not for self defense , its not for hunting. It is for the fun of shooting. Has the same feel of my beretta 9 mm with out the noise, kick and cost that goes with shooting it
By Horntoad
Texas high plains
May 8, 2018
I am way to old to be buying something like this, but it is great fun, and I have no regrets. Besides my beautiful bride of 50 years likes it also. As to accuracy, it is not , it is just fun. It will hit a 2 by 4 at 30 ft and stick bb,s in the wood, so it's not a toy., it's just fun.
ConsI haven't found one yet.
Best UsesTo have fun with.
By Papuchie
Boca Ratn, FL
May 4, 2018
Amazing Gun!
The Beretta 92A1 feels and looks like the real one! I’m satisfied with my purchase except that I paid $175 and now costs $129!!!
By Kevin Kingery
La Verne California
April 30, 2018
Well made and lots of fun
This air gun is well made and a lot of fun. The fire rate is incredible. Highly recommended
By Karl
April 29, 2018
Gotta love it
Realistic weight, feel, and action. Great trigger. Everyone I've shown this thing to is seriously impressed - especially those who have shot it.
ProsPretty much everything about it.
ConsYeah, full auto eats CO2 faster. Gotta expect that, however. Seriously, I have no complaints whatsoever.
Best UsesFun. Target. Plinking. Or just shredding stuff via full auto.
By Randy
April 18, 2018
This a well made pistol heavy and realistic , functions well once lubed. It is not accurate even for a bb gun so it is very short range but a barrel of fun
ProsFun and functions once lubed and qaulity bbs
ConsInaccurate and slow to load bbs
Best UsesEntertainment very short range plinking
By James gibson
Henderson nv
April 11, 2018
So cool
This gun is one of the most fun I’ve shot. Easy to load, excellent feel, super smooth action. I want a few of these.
ProsFeel, ease of use
By Dean Brown
Mount kisco n.y
April 5, 2018
Great bb gun
I love this bb fun it's fun to shoot and the realism is in incredible.
By Lou
Boulder, CO
April 2, 2018
Excellent quality and realistic - be responsible with this
I own a "real" 92A1 and this BB gun is an incredible likeness to it. The feel, including the weight and look is spot on. No one, and I mean nobody would be able to recognize this for a BB gun from more than 3 feet away. Please keep this in mind when using it and be cautious and responsible. With that said, this thing is a blast to use, the full auto is amazing and so much fun! You go through 18 BBs in about a second! I bought it for my son and find myself using it when he is not around, I may need to pick one up too. We have only used steel BBs in it and it has been flawless, going through a CO2 cartridge in about 5 mags worth of 18 shots. My son loves it and it seems to be reliable and well made. With proper care and use I believe it will last. I am very happy with my purchase and my son says it is the best birthday present ever.
ProsFull auto, weight, feel and look is very accurate to real firearm
ConsLook is very accurate to real firearm - be careful
Best UsesPlinking, fun
By Jeremy
March 23, 2018
Good quality but
Ok its easy to use feels great in your hand but not accuret even at three yards but a lot of fun on full autto
ProsIts a lot of fun
ConsNot powerful and not accuret
Best UsesNot for target practice great for seeing squrels
By Dave
March 21, 2018
Well Built AirGun, Not A Cheap Piece of Equipment
I was introduced to this gun by a friend of mine who is a true Gun Collector. He told me he had just picked up something that he wanted to show me. When I first picked it up from the table I was surprised how heavy that it was. Very solid. The action moves just like the higher caliber guns it is designed after. When we took it outside and shot 18 bb's through it in about 1 second, I started laughing. I asked him if he would be offended if I told him that I would need to buy one of these? He said, Not at all, everyone I have showed it to has bought one. I am still getting used to the operation of it and I have not oiled it yet, so before I complain I wanted to point that out. I first bought Daisy bb's and the first time I loaded the magazine and fired it, the bb got stuck in the entry to the barrel. My friend suggested that he used the Copperhead, copper type and had no issues. I measured them and the Daisy's were .174" and the copper were .172". Not a huge difference but they worked slightly better. I have not looked at the breakdown, but it appeared that there is an o-ring in that area to keep the bb from rolling out. I have had it jam on me a couple times in this same area, but like I said, I have shot probably 6 clips through it and have not oiled it yet. But I laugh every time I unload a clip. Good Cheap fun for a purely recreational guy like me.
ProsVery solid and well constructed. Looks beautiful Fun
ConsCO2 Cartridges last about 4-5 clips The plug that holds the cartridge in is hard to start. Would be easy to cross thread so be careful When loading the clip, the spring pusher is hard to lock back. Pain in the butt really. Makes loading the gun take way to long to mess with.
Best UsesI can't wait to shoot blackbirds out of the tree in my front yard this summer.
By chris
March 18, 2018
Must use their bbs or it will jam every time
I purchased one to do some plinking and ordered MARKSMAN steel bb's with the gun got it and followed the lousy instructions and finally figured out how to operate the magazine which has a very small catch point that needs a tool to operate and loaded it .I threw a old gallon jug out back and took a shot on single action, it went off but I didn't hit anything or hear a hit but it was dark so i tried it again and same thing it fired but didn't seem to shoot so upon inspection I found that it was jammed. the first bb jammed and the second one really jammed it to the point that I could not clear it. I disassembled the gun and removed the barrel in an effort to remove the jam but no luck. I emailed the retailer not this one and was told that because I broke down the gun I voided the warranty and i would have to contact the manufacturer. I explained what happened and they said are you using steel bb's and i said yes I purchased them with the gun they told me to put it back together and send it back which I had to pay shipping for. Umarex warranted it and sent me another one. THE EXACT same thing happened with the 2nd gun so i called them again and they didn't understand what the problem is and said send it back again. I made the rep send me a return postage label and sent it back. A while went by and i had to call them to see what was up and was told the gun was back ordered and they would send me one asap. I told them dont send me another one unless you test it first. Finally one day another one showed up and wouldn't you know it the first marksman bb jammed this time I was able to remove the bb and it just looked like the barrel was too small for the bb. At that point I remembered that i had some other bbs for a different gun I had purchased a while back and they were made by UMAREX / Hornaday black beauty steel bb's so I was about to load the mag when i realized the black bb's looked smaller than the marksman and their both labeled .177. Now I took out my digital calipers and took some measurements the Marksman bb measures .177 which it should and the umarex bbs measure .171 ARE YOU KIDDING ME they are making a gun sold as a .177 caliber and it wont shoot a .177 BB at the same time they are selling bb's labeled .177 but they are really .171 what is up with that?? This whole thing could have been avoided with the correct bb's but whats really annoying is they say its .177 and it will not shoot one. With the baby bb's it is fun to shoot but not accurate at all.
Prosgood weight and fun for kids
Consother than already mentioned the magazine is difficult and you defiantly want more than one to keep the fun going
Best UsesMaking noise but not hitting target
By Richard Hurst
Princeton wv
March 15, 2018
This is one of the best air pistols I have. Most of mine are walmart bought. So glad I saw the video on you tube.
ProsAs with all guns, clean it before use. The gun is clean, but im in a habit of doing this.
ConsNone so far.
Best UsesI use mine in mock room to room clearing.
By Joe
March 12, 2018
This gun is great! I love it and my wife loves it we can practice target shooting without wasting a lot of expensive 45cal rounds and the gun looks like the real deal. Thanks
ProsHandles and weighs like a real gun.
Best UsesTarget practice an just plain fun.
By kris
March 8, 2018
This is a heavy pistol, but well made. Better have your target very close to you... semi auto mode is fairly accurate, but full auto is all over the place at anything past 10 yards. Full auto mode is a hell of a surprise for back yard critters! Really cool to watch this thing unload 18 shots in about 3 seconds, and without fail.
By RobertElston
Boulder Creek, Cal.
March 7, 2018
hard to believe its only a BB gun
The Beretta 92A1 is a pleasurable BB pistol to shoot. The full auto is a ball. It feels like it's the 9MM in weight and looks identical. You might need an extra mag.
ProsIt's just all around cool
ConsExtra Mag is a bit on the expensive side
By Richard
West Virginia
February 26, 2018
This is a marvelous pistol. Those of you who have problems with this pistol in the comments, always clean before use just like the real thing you clean it and oil it. I did this and have no problem with this pistol. I will be ordering others in the future.
By Doc Ta
Ossining, NY
January 27, 2018
My Favorite !
This gun is just awesome , it is very realistic , looks , feel in hand and action. I own many air guns including others that fire in full auto but I find myself always favoring this gun . There are however some cons ( reason for 4 not 5 stars ) . Loading the magazine is a bit difficult and additional magazines are expensive , I have used it a lot ( about 2500 rounds) in the 3 months I've owned it and now I find that the accuracy has diminished , it also now broke so it only shoots in full auto . Having said this , I enjoyed using it so much, I'm gonna get it repaired or I will buy another one .
By Stephanie A Squally
December 28, 2017
Good deal
Son loves it
By Jason Olson
December 28, 2017
Fantastic pistol
I bought this for my son originally as a Christmas gift. I am still a hu ge kid inside and could not wait for Christmas day. So I just had to open it up and check it out. This is one sweet pistol, the look the feel, it is spot on. I just had to try it...well I liked it so much that I decided I was going to keep it. Well I still needed to give my son something! So being a great dad I ordered up a second one. Now both him and I have one each. Let me tell you this, it has been such a hit with us and friends that three 9f our fr8ends just ordered one as well. Thank you for one awesome product. We are having an absolute blast with our pistols.
ProsAll out FUN FUN FUN. I really dont have anything but good to say for this pistol.
ConsNone. It is exactly what I expected... and more.
By Michael Andula
December 27, 2017
Berretta 92A1 full auto bb pistol
The gun is awesome its weight makes it feel so realistic it's unbelievable you can barely tell the difference between this one and the real one
ProsThe gun is pretty accurate it shoots a little bit off but you can compensate the gun is very very nice made out of solid metal all extremely realistic working parts and I love the full auto mode
ConsThe only kind I have about this gun the handle should be made out of something better than the cheap plastic I suggest would in the future it would make the gun a lot more realistic
By David
December 26, 2017
Really fun BB gun
This Beretta 92 is realistic in function and asthetics with a cool surprise of not only being semi auto but full auto as well. The blow back feels good, trigger pull is good. Would be a great training tool to the real deal.
ProsLooks great, weight is close to the real thing, mostly metal construction, mechanics of function are the same as the real thing.
ConsNot very accurate
By BroBrown
Minden, Nv
November 19, 2017
Beretta 92A1
reasonable price, heft and weight of a real F92, fits in the same holster as my F96. Cant wait to plink with it.
By John
walnutport, pa
November 18, 2017
great value
real weight, real functions, field strips like the real thing, looks and weighs just like my real Beretta, good alternative to practice shooting with, the recoil of the slide can even make you miss. make sure you buy extra mags!!!!!!!!!
Consco2 doesn't work well in the cold.
By Sherman Tanner
November 18, 2017
92a1 bb pistol
I read the reviews before ordering, I received the gun earlier then expected, The gun I have is a lot more accurate then must according to other owners , I am very happy with it. I live in the country and Im a 62 year old that own a lot of guns and I hunt and shoot a lot.this is my first bb gun that I also perchest with the MP40 machine gun pistol
ProsLooks and feels real, shoots well have had no problems
ConsIf you use the fullauto you will be reloading a lot it takes about 2 sec. to empty
By Alan
San Diego
November 14, 2017
OMG Cool
This is the coolest B.B. pistol Ive ever shot. Looks and feels really good.
ProsFun to shoot
ConsHard to load 18 rounds.
By Don
November 13, 2017
I love it
and the full auto is so much fun.
ProsLooks so real in afraid to shoot it outside my garage, someone will thing it's real and kill me.
Conslow and right at 5 yds
By Chava
Detroit mi
November 10, 2017
Do not yet
I havent received it yet I bought almost a month ago
By Tony
Hockessin De
November 7, 2017
Realistic and a blast to shoot
This gun is a good trainer for someone learning to shoot. It has blowback design and operates like just like the real Beretta 92. Fires single shot and has the fun switch discreetly hidden so when it's time to empty the magazine, switching it over will put a smile on your face after you pull the trigger. This gun is not too loud so backyard practice is great. The only downfall is co2 and bb's go quickly so buy plenty of both.
ProsFun to shoot, affordable, well built.
ConsBurns through co2 cartridges quickly.
By Mike Kennelly
November 3, 2017
Tons of fun!!
This toy is great!! Have gone through countless CO2 cartridges and have had no issues!! Should be on everyone's Christmas wishlist!!!
By Johnny Mak
November 3, 2017
Does exactly what I paid for
Well I’ve got about 800 rds through the Beretta and it still functions properly. With snow on the ground and temps in the 30’s (f) the full auto will slow slightly after the first mag. This is to be expected because of the cold. But using a hair dryer to warm each mag and gun during B.B. refills means all season full auto. Plenty of kick and decently loud. Maybe not “town friendly” but back yard for sure.
ProsRealistic weight, fit and finish. Works as advertised. Can be broken down for cleaning. Rate of fire on full auto is off the chain. ;)
Constoo Much fun. ;) complaining here would be a waste of time. The gun does as expected and performs as expected. Nothing to gripe about.
By Francisco
Goshen, Indiana
October 28, 2017
Fun but too delicate
This gun is fun. That is about it. It is not very accurate. The weight and feel are very good, especially the trigger pull. However, this gun is not worth $130. Get it if it's on sale and only if you really want it. Beware that it is super delicate. The safety will eventually fail, I've had two, the same issue arose in both even through good care. The safety will not always work, it will not even de-cock the gun or disable the trigger at all sometimes. This has led to accidental discharges and complete dumping of a whole CO2 cartridge. Also, the small metal pin that holds the larger trigger pin in place has fallen. If you are just buying this for full auto then go ahead, if you want an accurate shooting replica then you are better off getting a 1911 replica. Also, don't field strip it yet, it is finnicky. To properly do so, remove the magazine, pull back the slide, push the button and rotate your take-down lever, push the slide catch down while holding your slide and then pull it forward.
ProsFull auto is fun. Full metal. Full size metal mag. Chamber is visible upon pulling the slide. Trigger pull is nice.
ConsSafety doesn't work. Inaccurate even on semi. Full auto fun factor wears off quickly. Too delicate.
By Raymond Semann
Sarasota, Florida
October 26, 2017
Unbelievably Realistic!
Was quite surprised by the attention to detail of the pistol. It's obvious that the manufacturer secured authorization from Beretta to produce such an accurate piece. It's been a lot of fun shooting the Beretta which has been trouble free so far. Look forward to possibly purchasing other pistols from Airgun Depot!
By Raymond guerrero
Victoria Tx
October 24, 2017
Most fun I have had in a long time.
This gun is super fun to shoot. It has a very solid feel to it and it doesn't feel like it will fall apart in your hands. The rate of fire in full auto is very impressive, but it's also very accurate at up to 25 yards. My only complaint is the drop free magazine is a little tough to remove at times, but that's just me knit picking.
ProsSolid feel Full auto Accurate
ConsDrop free mag is cumbersome
By Elba Stevenson
Carrollton, Tx
October 20, 2017
Feels like the real thing
I have a model 84F that I shoot weekly. This has the same feel. Now I can play in the back yard and have a blast.
ProsNice balance
ConsWish it would lock open after the last round.
By john
September 19, 2017
Bought this for my son now I have to have one
By Bob
August 7, 2017
18 rounds in under 2 seconds in full auto. I have a real 40 cal Baretta and this is real close and I can shoot it in my back yard. Looks and feels like the real thing. Blow back and slide locks back after last round. Clip drops out with a push of a button. I could go on and on but I will stop here. Yes I would reamed this to a frind.
ProsSee above
By david king
spring valley Calif
August 5, 2017
If you're looking for a real looking Beretta bb gun this is the one to get.Heavy in weight and just plain fun to shoot.Going to love the full auto.
ProsVery real looking.Do not take this gun out in public.It can be mistaken as a real fire arm.Don't go crazy on the auto mode lots of moving parts.
By ron
davenport, IA
July 22, 2017
very fun to shoot feels like the real thing refurbished looks like new not the first refurb. i purchased save $37 dollars compared to a new one
Prosfull auto switch realistic feel
By Christian
West Haven, CT
May 8, 2017
Perfect replica
The look and feel of this gun is unmatched. It is machined, not just die-cast. It;s literally my favorite airgun.
ProsPerfect replica, excellent build quality. Full auto.
ConsThe intricate design is more prone to problems. Definitely don't drop it.
By Cathy
New Jersey
April 19, 2017
Gun looks just like the real one
ProsGreat looking gun
By Steve
New york
March 8, 2017
Ready to have fun
Feels great ..lots of fun ..full auto rocks... you get about 3 mags per co2 ..i have no problems well made product...wish they had bigger mags
ProsWell made ..feels great in the hand ..solid gun..
ConsWish for bigger mag capacity
By Ryan
Lancaster California
March 1, 2017
Best full auto exact copy gun of a Beretta handgun that you can buy
This item is amazing this gun is identical to almost every single piece and how it's constructed and how it works to the real one it is a carbon copy. I'm 37 I have a friend who is 60 years old I had her shoot this BB gun and the smile on her face she was sold she wants one now too. It's the best investment that you can put into a BB gun I believe. This gun is so impressive it will dump 19 rounds in less than 2 seconds this gun is very accurate it's weight in the way the gun blows back is almost like you're not even shooting a BB gun. When I found out about this gun I had to have one and I would suggest to anybody else you must get one too you won't be in any shape or form dissatisfied with the quality the performance the looks and the feel of this fine quality Beretta 9281 .177 caliber BB gun. It just goes to show that this gun it's suitable for all ages that are appropriate
ProsIt's perfect it has the weight the feel and the action of a real nine millimeter Beretta 92a1 it's a carbon copy it has a covered CO2 compartment in the clip. This gun Field Strip very easily identical to the real Beretta this gun is also licensed by Beretta from Italy this BB gun you could say is a real Beretta just a BB gun it has the name and its license and trademark is from Beretta also this gun is effortless in loading target shooting cleaning everything is simply made and works well
ConsNeeds bigger CO2 cartridge needs bigger clip
By Eric
February 22, 2017
Awesome pistol
This piece functions flawlessly, it is a very accurate copy of the original firearm, so much that I actually ordered houge grips for a real beretta, and only had to notch them out to account for the semi, full auto selector. Don't hesitate, it's a lot of fun!
By Louis J
Cleveland, Ohio
February 20, 2017
Beretta 92A1 BB Pistol, Full-Auto
I was pleased with the purchase of this gun because of the size and weight, it feels good in the hand. I like the all metal construction, drop free magazine, and the safety. The accuracy is OK and uses co 2 efficiently. I get about 4 mags (72 shots) on one co 2 cartridge, 300 fps @ 75 degrees and 4 mags 230 fps @ 75 degrees using "Excite Smart Shot".
ProsThis gun is packaged and shipped in a cardboard box, no clam shell.
ConsThe BB follower needs to be larger to ease loading BB s in the magazine. The gun finish started showing wear spots after the first 200 shots.
By Lue
Columbia ms
February 3, 2017
Beretta 92A1
This is a nice pistol it is well build and shooting this product I have not found any problem or dislike I recommend this model 92A1 Beretta
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