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Top 5 Hatsan

Hatsan NeutronStar
This beauty comes with a gorgeous Turkish walnut with an adjustable comb and buttpad, but it is more than a pretty face. It puts out up to 37 foot pounds in .177 and 54 foot pounds in .25. And like the Nova before it, it is very accurate. If you want a looker that can also kick ass, this is the gun for you.
Starting at $779.99
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Hatsan FlashPup QE
Like all Hatsan PCPS, the Hatsan Flashpup is tough and powerful. In fact, it is by far the most powerful entry-level PCP on the market, putting out more energy in .177 than most of the others do in .22! It may not be a beauty queen, and you dont get a ton of shots, but if you are looking for a tough and affordable PCP with tons of knock-down power, the Flashpup is the gun for you.
Starting at $374.99
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Hatsan BullMaster
The Bullmaster’s claim to fame is it’s gas-operated semi-automatic action that is fast and reliable without sacrificing any power. In fact, this gun will launch lead pellets at up to 1000 feet per second in .22 cal. If you are looking a semi-automatic bullpup with tons of power and a Terminator? look, then this is the gun for you!
Starting at $899.99
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Hatsan Vectis Lever Action
Sporting the Quattro trigger, a fully shrouded barrel, flip-up fiber optic sights, the Vectis is a great value in its price range, but with the short-stroke lever action you now have a gun that is absolutely a blast to shoot and about as fast a repeater as any gun on the market. This is one you are going to enjoy!
Starting at $359.99
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Hatsan Mod 95
Turkish Walnut Stock w/ 3x9x32 Scope
The Hatsan 95 is a great value in break barrel air rifles. The gorgeous Turkish Walnut stock alone makes the gun a best buy, but it also has the adjustable Quattro trigger and plenty of power for small game. Available in coil spring and gas spring versions, the Hatsan 95 is a great gun for both new and experienced airgunners.
Starting at $124.99
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