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Top 5 Replicas

Umarex Legends MP40 Weathered w/ Leather Strap
Full/Semi-auto CO2 BB Submachinegun
The MP40 is the most iconic German machine gun of all time, appearing in virtually every WWII film from the Raiders of the Lost Ark to Where Eagles Dare. Not only is it one of the most accurate BB guns around, but the MP40 looks and feels just like the original. It is faithful to the original in the smallest details from the flip-up leaf sights to the sling loop that can be switched from left to right. Plus it has a very powerful blowback, a 40 round magazine, and, best of all, a fun switch for full auto. This is an airgun that everyone should own. You deserve it, and that?s why it's our number one.
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Umarex Legends M712 BB Pistol, WWII Limited Edition
Full Metal & Full Auto Blowback, Limited to 500 units
The M712 is the most desirable of all the broom handle Mausers because of its drop-down box magazine, and its selective fire option, letting you switch from semi to full-auto. The Umarex Legends M712 reproduces all the key features of the original including full-auto capability! Its innovative thumb safety makes this the original "cocked and locked" pistol.
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Umarex Legends P08 BB Pistol
Blowback, Full Metal, CO2
While most of us think of the Luger as a WWII pistol it was also around for WWI and even saw action in the Old West! The Umarex Legends Luger P08 is one of the most incredible CO2 replicas ever made. Also available in a weathered WWII version with brown grips this is the "Black Widow" variant. The P08 faithfully reproduces the complicated toggle link action of the original which is quite an achievement, but on top of that the pistol can also be field stripped! And stripping is sexy.
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Pellet firing replica of the Sig Sauer MPX series tactical rifles.
The SIG MPX is one of our favorite guns. Its belt-fed 30rd magazine makes it different from almost everything else on the market and it feeds pellets quickly and flawlessly. It runs on CO2 but by adding on an HPA tank regulated to 800psi you now have a tactical semi-automatic regulated pellet shooting PCP! With its accuracy and versatility, the SIG MPX will quickly become your favorite plinker. Use the peep sights or mount a red dot, put out some cans, grab the family, and have some fun!
Starting at $169.99
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John Wayne Colt Peacemaker BB Revolver, Weathered
"The Duke" SAA Western Pistol
Coming in at number 5, The gun that won the west! The Colt Single Action Army Revolver is also known as "the Peacemaker." Perhaps the single most iconic firearm in America's history, introduced in 1873, it was carried by Buffalo Bill, Bat Masterson, General Patton and Teddy Roosevelt. And let's not forget the Duke himself! It has a full metal frame and an action that replicates the original in every way. And at only a little over a hundred bucks, it is much more affordable than the quarter million green ones an original could cost you.
Starting at $129.99
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