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Available in 0.1770.22Pellet firing replica of the Sig Sauer MPX series tactical rifles.
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Train like the pros! The Sig Sauer MPX is a near exact copy of the firearm used by law enforcement and military units around the globe. With similar weight, feel, and controls these make a great way to bring the practice range home. These compact semi-auto rifles feature adjustable flip up sights, Picatinny top and side rails, and a 30 round magazine. Available in both .177 and .22 caliber, these rifles are ready for action.

  • Calibers: .177 & .22 (Pellet Only)
  • CO2 (88 gr / 90 gr)
  • Semi-auto
  • Metal Housing
  • 30 Round Magazine - Roto Belt Mag (Patented Design)
  • Integral Weaver/Picatinny Optics Rail and Accessory Rail
  • Flip-up Front and rear Sights
  • Adjustable Front Sight
  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Life Tested 15,000 Shots (Guaranteed)

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This item is not eligible for coupon discounts.
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17 Reviews
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By Sig F.
I'm impressed
January 5, 2020
This is probably as close as you will get to a 9mm MPX without buying one. "Semi-automatic" in airguns generally means a heavy two stage trigger that first cocks the hammer and then releases it to fire a BB. In the case of the CO2 MPX the hammer is first cocked with the charging handle and then reset after each shot by CO2 blowback. The gun is belt fed with pellets from inside a credible 30 round removable magazine. Accuracy at 12.5 yds on HPA is just under 4 mils (80%) and the air consumption is reasonable with about three 30 round magazines worth of shooting before a refill is required and it's reasonably quiet. The magazine release and safety both work just as the AR patterned prototype. The picatinny rail on top is nice, two additional rails are bolted to the side of the handguard and can be moved around to suit your preference. There are adjustable (front and rear) sights that put the shots on target rather than just somewhere nearby. A tool is included to both adjust the sights and seat the pellets in the belt. It seems to prefer the lightest JSB pellets I can feed it.

All in all this is a giant step forward for semi-auto airguns at a reasonable price. Sig should be justifiably proud of themselves on this one.
ProsIt's a Sig, it runs like a Sig, it does everything you would hope it could do just the way you would hope it could do it, just like a Sig. Amazing...
ConsNone, I really like this gun.
Best UsesPlinking, training, at a reasonable cost.
By David
French camp California
Good quality
April 22, 2019
The rifle is realistic in looks and in weight is very fun to shoot magazine is very easy to load it had a lot of fun with it in the backyard
By Mike
January 5, 2019
I am very pleased with this gun. I have one of each The mcx and the mpx I have
purchased 15 clips so far and each clip comes with three belts
I did a lot of research before I made up my mind. So far the belts work fine.
Yes it takes time to load them but it's fun in a way when you have a lot of clips to
load up.Almost twenty years ago there was a Russian system that they had for
one of their guns ,but it was flawed. This time Sig got it right"
ProsGuns and magazines worked flawlessly, It keeps one in practice at a much lower cost. Plus you can shoot it in your yard or basement.
ConsIt takes a little time to load up but one can get used to it Please note has the Key Mod system so in order to add lights etc. you must have the Key Mod bolts and adapters.
Best UsesFUN"FUN"FUN" Back yard practice, Keeping your shooting eye sharp Low cost
By Charly
Austin, TX
An almost all around awesome replica of one of my favorite firearms!
December 19, 2018
A friend of mine bought one of these & an MCX years ago & I've wanted one ever since. It's extremely realistic in size, weight & feel & great for plinking & practice; A great alternative to live ammunition. In my opinion, the only downsides are the sarcastically small size of the magazine & amount of rounds (30) that can be loaded per magazine. If Sig were to upgrade to a 30 round AR-type or, even better, a single &/or double barrel clip option w/50-100+ rounds per loading cycle, this thing & the MCX would both be truly awesome!! I used to play around w/my buddy's MPX & MCX & quickly became infatuated w/them both, but was terribly partial to the size & comfortability of the smaller MPX. I haven't been lucky enough to go shooting w/him since he moved away to CO a few months ago & haven't been fortunate to have the extra cash to buy my own due to the fact I use every penny I earn to provide for my Wife & Son, as a Husband & Father should. Priorities.
In summation, I absolutely love this impressive piece of art & it's surprisingly high level(s) of performance &, hopefully, I'll be able to buy my own a lot sooner than later & use it to educate my own Son on proper gun discipline & knowledge as my Father did for me!

Thanky much!!
- Charly Hayes
ProsLots... on so many levels!!!
ConsSmall plastic magazines which look fake & take a fairly decent amount of time to properly load; Upgraded larger metal or composite magazines of various (or even just one more) styles would be great additions & could prevent the break in fun which always occurs when having to stop & reload every 30 rounds. Or even if the amount of rounds per magazine could come closer to equalling the amount of shots available per 88-90-gram CO2 canisters, it would be a huge improvement. Otherwise, this airgun is amazing & my favorite regardless of any changes!!
Best UsesFun times w/friends & family!! Plinking; Target practice; An extra sense of light protection w/out the use of firearms w/live ammunition;
By Joey G.
Knoxville, Tennessee
Impressive and feels real!
October 23, 2018
I was very impressed at the construction of this airgun. The Co2 cartridges are quite expensive, but it is worth it for the accuracy and experience of the gun. If a manufacturer would make a refillable tank for this gun it would be something I would shoot hundreds of rounds a day with.
Pros? Construction ? Accuracy ? Grip ? Trigger ? Size
ConsCost of cartridge
Best Uses? Squirrels ? Rats ? Noisy Birds ? Possums ? Annoying Neighbors
By Joe L.
The Big Easy
So realistic it will get you killed if you aren't careful with it
April 25, 2018
I purchased this airgun from a local gun store. I'd been drooling over it for a long time. As far as how it looks and feels it's a dead ringer for the firearm version. It's a little muzzle-heavy out of the box and, as others have remarked, the stock feels just a little loose. Once you have a CO2 bottle in it, it balences perfectly and the stock is rock-solid. From everythong I've been able to find on the web, this rifle isn't subbed out to an airgun manufacturer like nearly all of the 'official' airgun copies of real weapons, rather it's made in-house in the SIG factory. And it shows. I've shot and handled the real thing, and if somebody handed this thing to me and didn't tell me which it was, I probably wouldn't be able to guess until I actually fired the thing. I have no doubt that SIG would joyfully sell a million of these things to casual airgun shooters like me, but it's intended to serve as a training aid to the firearm version. So far as I know, this is one of exactly two airguns (with the Drozd) that are manufactured to genuine arsenal standards in a firearms factory, and lacks most of the cheap plastic shortcut parts that look authentic but are fragile as hell. As far as shooting, it goes off smoothly without a hitch. Due to its being an air rifle, the trigger is a bit kludgy. But if anything it shoots more accurately out to about ten yards than the firearm version.
ProsAll detailed in body of my review. Extremely high quality and authenticity. One of the very few super-authentic airguns that fires pellets, rather than BBs. Handles and operates more-or-less like the firearm version. Lots of shots out of the 90-gram CO2 bottle. This would have been a deal-breaker for me, if it got say only 50 shots out of the bottle because those things are expensive! Can also apparently handle an after-market refillable air bottle for even cheaper shooting, though doing so detracts from the cosmetic and handling authenticity of the rifle.
ConsWould love to see a select-fire version of this. It would be a resounding smash in the market as there is currently only one full-auto pellet firing rifle in the market that I know of: the Air Ordinance SMG. This is a warning, not a con. If you're a foolish hothead or a drunk, or just an idiot who likes to impulsively brandish guns in inappropriate settings, be aware that even from two or three feet away this rifle looks exactly like the firearm version. If you wave it around or threaten someone with it, and they are armed or law enforcement officers.... Well, all I'll say is that I hope you have your life insurance paid up.
Best UsesTraining for the firearm version. Anybody who likes accurate airgun versions of genuine weapons, and/or likes real guns that they can't own for legal or or other reasons. General plinking or varmint hunting (rats, invasive-species birds like sparrows and starlings)within 25 yards or so.
By Zach
hope i got a lemon
March 26, 2018
Complete product failure after round number 42... I do not recommend unless you like to service airguns and not shoot with them.
By Gerry
March 20, 2018
This is one awesome air gun! Nice weight, great looking and good quality construction. Fired accurately out of the box without any need to adjust the sights. Purchase additional magazines as you will go through 30 rounds fairly quickly firing this gun!
Pros* Good weight. Gives you a feel of quality construction. * 30 Round Magazine feeder saves you time * Designed to allow attachments
January 1, 2018
Just like the powder version. Shoots fast and straight. Added a laser, red dot, and LED. Sweet.
ConsNot much power. Puts holes in paper and plastic bottles, but not a hunting machine.
By kelly
Marysville, WA
Feels & looks like the real one
October 3, 2017
This Air riffle is nice once i got front hand grip, sling and a flashlight on it, started to look more tactical, shoots great for close target shooting and pest control at night.
Prosthe black tactical look shoots great fits 88-90 grm co2 bottles
Conscan fit pointed red tip pellets after seating them in with the tool.
By Philip
Milton, NY
Fun but a little glitchy
May 9, 2017
Overall this is a nice gun. Very realistic, nice weight, mostly good construction. The stock initially seems a little loose, but when there's a CO2 cartridge inside it is very stable. The magazines are plastic and feel cheap.

The first magazine and belt I fired through this thing went without any hitches at all. I was super impressed. A little loud, super accurate, reasonable range, and a lot of fun.

Went back out later in the day with two mags / four total belts. I would insert a magazine, take it off safety, and the trigger wouldn't budge, just as if it were still on safety. When this happened, the magazine release button didn't pop out all the way, and the magazine was very hard to pull out. After some trial and error, I discovered that this happens if the magazine is too far forward in the magazine well when inserted. If you keep the back of the magazine pressed against the rear wall of the magazine well while inserting it, it clicks into place perfectly every time. Once I realized that, I was able to go through all four magazines without any trouble. Metal magazines and tighter tolerances in the magazine well would most likely cure the feed problem.

So I can't really give it five stars given the issues I had, but I still say it's pretty cool.
ProsRealistic Fun Accurate
ConsCheap magazines Magazine feed / latch / alignment issues
By Eric
Awesome gun!
February 22, 2017
This thing is very much like the real weapon. From its metal construction, to the weight in your hands.. it feels like a real weapon!
It's a lot of fun to shoot as well!

I've added quite a few accessories to mine, makes it even more fun!
By William J.
Memphis, Tennessee
Awesome, excellent training weapon
December 19, 2016
will be able to train for less money than with the firearm version
By Bill J.
Memphis, Tennessee
December 6, 2016
Looks like and handles like the real Sig
By John E.
Grand Prairie, TX
What a Fun Gun!
November 8, 2016
I love this gun!!! I also have the MCX. They have both been great shooters. I love the belt magazine. Easy to load. I got a couple of extra, and they come with 3 belts each, so I can load up quite a few and shoot pretty continuously. I've had no jamming problems at all. I try not to use anything above about 9 grain. Make sure not to use too long a pellet either. Bottom line, if it's hard to get the pellet in the belt, it probably won't fire. Very happy!
ProsGreat look and feel. Belt magazine system works great. Plenty of rails for accessories. Uses 90 gram Co2 cartridges...more expensive , but last MUCH longer.
ConsHave not come across any so far.
By Ramon
Dublin, CA
Amazingly fast, accurate, and fun!
August 31, 2016
This is a great pellet gun for plinking or getting rid of small vermin. The number one thing that impressed me was how accurate the iron sights were out of the box! Just load, co-witness, and you're on target. The iron sights don't look impressive until you use them. They look to be cast aluminum with a very cheap black coloring job, black powdercoat anno must be too expensive. They are good solid sights, you will feel this when you feel that snap! The polymer used on the barrel shroud and but stock feel extremely durable. The design of the gas shroud butstock locks in easily when alligned and gives you a tight secure feeling when shooting. The muzzle break looks as if it is threaded on, and it looks clean. This has the weight of a fully loaded 9mm Sig MPX, and was designed to be a training tool. So I'm assuming it's fairly durable and frustration free so long as you give it some lube from time to time before you screw in a new cylinder.
ProsIt's a Sig Sauer, It's Fast, It's Accurate for fast plinking, It's fun!
ConsIf you want a forward grip you will have to buy the proprietary picatinny rail from sig for $33 + Shipping and handling.
By JohnnyAndTheRepairGuys
San Antonio, Texas
Awsome Purshase!!
June 3, 2016
I reviewed the Sig Sauer MXP for months before buying it. I read and seen mixed reviews and harsh ones ( youtube, google) which kept me thinking.. to buy or not to buy... as the MXP comes with hefty price. AirgunDepot added it to there Lighting Deals $159!! I had to have it regardless of the reviews good or bad. I received the Sig Sauer MXP and WOW!! I was very impressed, it does have a couple of flaws but all in all a very nice piece... The magazine feels like cheap thin plastic.. I did read about that in reviews along with the butt stock being thin plastic... and it is.. If Sig Sauer makes an upgrade for the plastic magazine and stock I will buy it... The MXP is very nice, the rest of the gun is full metal and as realistic as they come. Very impressive in weight and looks... I have shot 210 pellets and not 1 jam!! all I read on reviews was.. my gun jams, hard to load.... I did not have a single problem and loaded the pellets as instructed with the tool.. I used regular Crossman pellets.. I can't wait to experiment with different pellets.. I went down to Academy sports and bought a twin pack of JT 90gram co2 cartridges and had no problems and again all I read was.... The co2 cartridge don't fit right, my gun leaks... I had no problem... I am very pleased and enjoyed the Sig.. after 1 day 210 pellets I would have to say it is a great addition to my collection.. I have added a awesome tactical scope already.. Now I want the MCX in flat dark earth!! Thanks AirgunDepot!!
ProsEverything about it.. fun to shot...
ConsPlastic magazine is cheap compared to the rest of the gun.. I can live with the gun butt stock... if Sig Sauer makes a upgraded magazine or butt stock I will buy it!!
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