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Top 5 Truck Airguns

Top 5 Truck Airguns
AirForce TalonP Carbine
Producing over 55 foot-pounds of energy, the TalonP is one of the most powerful air pistols on the market and its Lothar Walther barrel ensures that the accuracy matches the power. The loudness of the TalonP has always been its one drawback, but this new version, exclusive to Airgun Depot, has AirForceís extremely effective Sound-Loc technology to tame the bark, making it our number one truck gun.
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ZBROIA Kozak FC, 550mm
The Kozak is a semi-bullpup that incorporates the best features of a carbine and bullpup. It is short and easy to handle but has all the comfort of a carbine, and while the stock is definitely right-handed it is the most ergonomic stock we have handled in quite a while. The Kozak is powerful, regulated, and very accurate. Itís everything you need for those spur of the moment shots!
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Hatsan FlashPup QE
Like all Hatsan PCPS, the Hatsan Flashpup is tough and powerful. In fact, it is by far the most powerful entry-level PCP on the market, putting out more energy in .177 than most of the others do in .22! It may not be a beauty queen, and you donít get a ton of shots, but if you are looking for a tough and affordable PCP with tons of knock-down power, the Flashpup is the gun for you.
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Benjamin Marauder Pellet Pistol
The Marauder Pistol, or P-Rod, is one of our most popular PCP pistols. It has enough power for hunting small game, plenty of accuracy, and an 8 shot rotary magazine, all of which make it a perfect backpack or truck gun. Add this stock and you have a compact takedown carbine. Tin cans and squirrels beware!
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Ataman BP17
The BP17 is one of Atamanís most unique airgun creations. With the bullpupís overall length just under two feet, the BP17 is built as the ultimate truck gun crafted to the brand's exacting standards. With 2 7 round magazines and onboard storage for more, a quick side lever action mounted forward on the gun, you will be prepared for any critters that pop up.
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