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Top 5 Worst Named

Walther MaximaThor
Thor was the worst Marvel film ever, and the name MaximaThor is even worse.
Starting at $559.99
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Kral Puncher BigMax
Double bottle gun w/ 850cc capacity!
Do you want fries with that? Pellets and a scope for a combo meal. And it already comes supersized with 850cc of air. This is like Rockstar and Macdonalds got together to make an airgun. Kralling, punching, now you're at Macdonalds. None of this makes sense.
Starting at $449.99
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Seneca Aspen
An Exciting Multi-Pump PCP
This is one of the most awesome airguns in the world, not a European perfume. Wait, did we do that already? Aasspen.
Starting at $329.99
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Hatsan Hercules Bully
Powerful Synthetic Bullpup
How do you do an open to a video with a name like that? Seriously, putting Travis on the roof with a gun was the least offensive open we could come up with.
Starting at $899.99
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Umarex NXG APX Scope Combo
Buy Refurbished and Save! 30 Day Warrany
Is that an Enigma code from WWII or did a bunch of Umarex gun namers play Scrabble while dead drunk?
Starting at $39.99
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