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Umarex Gauntlet Scope Combo

Available in 0.1770.22Includes upgraded Hawke Vantage 4-12x50 scope, Leapers rings, and an extra magazine!

Umarex Gauntlet Scope Combo

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Airgun Depot’s exclusive Umarex Gauntlet Hawke Scope Combo includes a Hawke Vantage 4-12x50 scope, a set of Leapers High profile 11mm rings, and a Bulldog sling. The only thing left for you is way to fill it via the foster quick disconnect fill port, using a high pressure hand pump, carbon fiber tank, or high pressure air compressor.

Features include an all-weather ambidextrous synthetic stock with built-in sling swivels. An adjustable comb on the stock to help gain the perfect cheek weld. The barrel is fully shrouded to reduce the report of the Umarex Gauntlet making the rifle backyard friendly as well as hunting friendly, especially considering its 60+ consistent shots when filled to 200 bar. Truly the Gauntlet punches well above its weight and delivers a lot of rifle at a great price. And with this starter combo you can have everything you need to enjoy years of shooting with your Gauntlet PCP air rifle. It's time to get off the fence and see why everyone is falling in love with PCP air guns.

Umarex Gauntlet Scope Combo Air Rifle

  • 10-shot repeater
  • 3,000 psi, 13 cu. in. removable tank
  • 1,150 psi regulator means consistent shot strength
  • Incredibly quiet - fully moderated
  • Adjustable Single-Stage Trigger
  • Height adjustable cheek piece
  • 11mm Dovetail rail
  • Bolt action
  • Easy foster quick-disconnect fitting
  • Pressure release key
  • Includes 2 (10 shot) rotary magazines and 1 single shot tray
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Umarex Gauntlet Scope Combo
57 Reviews
53% (30)
39% (22)
9% (5)
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91% Recommend this product (52 of 57 responses)
By Bruce
Umarex Gauntlet 177 cal.
December 28, 2019
For the price this is a good deal. I have been looking at PCP air rifles for a long time but the cost of them has been out of reach for me. This was a good deal to get started in the PCP world.
ProsCame with a good scope and rings. Has a good single stage trigger that can be adjusted.
ConsThe barrel has no support, and floats around way to much witch causes you not to be able to keep it sighted in. Umarex needs to fix this problem, and offer to their customers who bought one a modification to fix this problem.
By Don
South East, Ohio.
I love it when a plan comes together...
December 27, 2019
I was afraid I was taking a gamble when I ordered my Gauntlet. I did a lot of research and I was seeing people talking about cracked air stripers and gauges not lining up and forearms not fitting properly but in spite of these miner flaws they were happy with their Gauntlets, so I ordered one and when It arrived I was holding my breath while I was doing the unboxing. I received a perfect air gun and man is this thing an awesome deal! It's worth way more than it cost. My daughter told me she has been seeing coyotes in her back yard on her security cameras. I'm looking forward to spending some time in her back yard.......
By Chrys
Los Angeles, CA
Best customer service
November 20, 2019
I love the gauntlet and want to say thank you for the excellent, fast response and handling of the issue I had. AIR GUN DEPOT is really committed to quality and amazing customer service. I highly recommend every person to make their purchases with you.
By william
strasburg, va
25 cal gauntlet
October 11, 2019
a little heavy but well balanced, the cylinder is not lined up when you tighten the cylinder,i cant get mine to line up yet but i will,i don't think it's a problem,,over all a super buy.i give the gun a 4 star because of the cylinder.
By Shawn
Vancouver, WA
Worth the money
October 4, 2019
This gun came straight out of the box shooting excellent, once zeroed in. The regulator keeps shots consistent and on target. Here's my paint job...
ProsRegulated, Accurate, Price
ConsHeavy, Hard to cock
Best UsesPlinking and hunting
By james o.
September 4, 2019
Can drive tacks but ! is a very heavy gun just good for bench shooting not a walk in the woods gun.
Prosgreat accuracy.
Consvery heavy gun
Best Usesbench shooting
By Larry A.
I like this pcp
August 22, 2019
Sir how to purchase that pcp airgun? Im from Philippines.
By james o.
Tac Driver out to 50 yds
August 21, 2019
Great gun so far will drive tacs out to 50 yrds i dont need to hunt more than 50 almost 60 cant see that far lol great gun for the money arter ist fill 225 punps can shoot 35 45 shots with a top off of 50 pumps or so also installed a Hajimoto barrel band for 36 dollars great mod.
Consnot a walking around gun
By Heath
Connellsville Pa
Heavy Duty except the barrel.
July 11, 2019
Got it in .22. Just forget the warranty. You have to do things to this rifle to get it to its potential. So if you want the warranty donā€™t buy it cause you have work to do. 1. You have to work on the trigger. 2. You will have to take the barrel off the gun and clean it because if you donā€™t and try to do it with the shroud and barrel cap on it you will damage the LDC SYSTEM. Barrel cap maybe cracked as well and will need fixed. 3. Forget the little 13 cu in bottle and just order the 22 cu in with a real regulator on it cause the 1100psi reg that came with the gun IS OFF. Nobody yet that has tested it has found it at 1100, always under. Add shims or upgrade to a 1200-1250 psi and be done with it. 4. Order Hajimotos barrel band it will definitely help with the poor barrel support and point of aim issues from the slightest barrel bump. 5. Start working out at the gym if you plan on carrying it around cause itā€™s stupid heavy. After you put bi-pods, extended bottle, a good quality scope 4x16x44 or more, sling, which is in the most awful place to be mounted, your gonna need to be in shape cause itā€™s now about 15 pounds. 6. Do some major work on the bolt, polishing, cleaning and lubricating cause out of the box it is very hard to cock and feels like your rubbing 2 bricks together. But hey, itā€™s a 300$ PCP with a reg that with a little know how and some work can really be an reliable, accurate and pretty damn quiet air rifle.
ProsWhen the work is done, great gun for the money.
Cons Very stiff and gritty Bolt, no factory barrel band, inaccurate regulator, anchor point position for sling, overall weight, better LCD concept, trigger, and 3/8 dove tail mounts instead of the more common 22 mm.
Best UsesPests, target, and plinking.
By Eric
Santa Cruz CA
June 25, 2019
Great value. My first PCP. It's a big improvement over a break barrel and the included scope was great. The bolt action sucks, but everything else is great. Super accurate at 50 yards.
ProsGreat value. Accurate, well made, no recoil, lots of shots on a single charge. I can't imagine any package better for the money.
ConsBolt action sucks. Occasional pellet jam in the magazine, though that might be user error.
By Franco
North Carolina
Best bang for your buck
May 25, 2019
My .177 Umarex Gauntlet out of the box accuracy is highly comparable to my other 1K air rifle. Perfect gun for my small cal, daily beater and basement shooting need.
ProsSurprisingly out of the box accuracy.
ConsTrigger is what you would expect from a sub $300 airgun.
By Robert
Very hard to load
May 9, 2019
The air gun is very accurate well built but very heavy.
ConsVery heavy and very very hard to pull back the bolt and push forward l am hoping It will get better the more I shoot it.
By Antonio L.
1st class air riffle
April 27, 2019
Im a Paramedic from North Carolina. I have a lot of experience with air guns and powder burners. I shoot my riffle on co2 during the warm months and HPA during the cold season. I use a 9 and 12 oz co2 bottle. Nothing to do but purchase your bottle from dicks sport or where ever and screw the bottle in and shoot. I dont have a chrony, but i shoot different items around home that are solid, like old metal chairs, steel pots etc. It hits very hard on co2, but not nearly like HPA. I shoot around 25-65 yards without any difficulty. during this time a year, I usually shoot pest. usually rats, sparrows, snakes, lizards with dead on accuracy. shoot a lizard at 30 yards or so and that will tell you about your riffles accuracy. On HPA winter time. I shoot up to medium sized game. Raccons, fox , etc.
ProsOn co2 9oz bottle ,you get around 300 to 350 shots with dead on accuracy and cheap. with HPA you get about 60-70 shots with extreme accuracy and hard hitting. My suggestion for pellets are crossman ultra mag 22 or crossman hollow point 22. Ive personally shot crows out to 85 yards without a problem. Im sure it will reach out much further, but thats my longest distance with that riffle.Ive shot up to 100 yards with a different air gun, but it required major concentration, but the gauntlet is dead on with little effort.
Cons Trigger is workable out the box, but really needs to be torn down ,trigger polished and adjusted, pull out the valve, check the seals and lube and make neccessary adjustments. At that point your ready to do amazing things. My friend has an armada by crossman and a bull boss. I cant keep up with the bull bosses power out the box, but who cares when you can make head shots as needed.The riffle shots so accurate. I tell my friends that I make pellet placement not aim to hit.
Best UsesHunting,Target shooting,plinking and just about anything you can think of. due to being able to use co2 which is slower and HPA which is faster. Its like buying two guns for the price of one. If I go to the hog farm and shot rats,I use co2. If Im shooting beaver, I use HPA. I think you get the point.
By Robert
Yerington, NV
.25 Heavy Hitter
April 26, 2019
.25 Gauntlet very accurate and hits with authority out to about 100 yards plus, have taken ground squirrel at 100ā€™. I get 24 shot per fill would definitely recommend to buy, for money you can not go wrong. Fit and finish is on par for price looking forward in getting the for something less power ( hopefully). The only real downside is the forward sling stud position very awkward.
ProsPower Accuracy
ConsWeight Sling studs
Best UsesHunting at longer ranges
By Hector
Puerto Rico
Umarex Gauntlet. 25
April 12, 2019
Accurate rifle, for the price you can not asking for more. Good Like my others expensive rifles.
ProsQuiete rifle in cal .25, strong construction. Good weight
ConsSome details in finishing
Best UsesHunting Iguanas
By Hector
Puerto Rico
Really good rifle
March 29, 2019
Amazing value for the money! Constant shots,acurrate,good power, good weight! I have the .25 caliber is considerably backyard friendly.
Pros Competitive with others brands more expensive.
Best UsesHunting
By Verdell
Clayton, DE
Umarex Gauntlet .22 Caliber
March 1, 2019
This is a great gun. It is very accurate with the H&N barracuda and the Hunter Extreme. The gun was very easy to zero with the Hawke scope and the rings are good. They work great with the hawke scope. They hold the scope great. At 30 yds I am able to shoot a sting in the same hole with no problems. I have all 3 calibers and love all three.
ProsEasy to setup, accurate, loves different pellets
Best Usesplinking, field targets, small game and pests
By Matt
Six lakes, MI
February 17, 2019
Great gun. But have had a little trouble with the magazine. Can touch holes at 40 yards.
By Doc H.
Fresno area, California
The .25 cal Gauntlet better than the .22 cal Gauntlet (I own both)
February 6, 2019
I own both a .22 cal and a .25cal gauntlet. Since they both cost the same, I would get the .25 cal. It has a built in barrel band and has way less "flyers" than the .22 cal. The only down side is it is alot louder than the .22 (I have the hashimoto air stripper and baffels on both of my gauntlets....). My .22 is very quiet, the .25 is about 3 times louder when the shot is taken. If you are new to PCP's the Gauntlet is fantastic starting point. If you are not new to PCP's and want a rifle that will make only a small one dime sized hole at 50 yards, then get a FX dreamline or Impact X. My .25 cal gauntlet can usually do 10 shots at 40 yards in the size of a quarter, but I only have 500 pellets thought it so far. The gun get better as you shoot more, and it cocks easier as well. At first the cocking is rough due to lack of percision machining it seems..
ProsBarrel Band Cost Regulated Accurate for the price point.
Cons3 times louder than the .22 model Not as accuate as an FX smooth trist X barrel. Machining could polish the cocking assembly so it is smoother out of the box, instead of making the mechanical action rough at times, but for the money what do you expect?
Best UsesGround Squirrels and pests at 35 yards stand no chance. Head shots are normal on a non-windy day with a bench type rest.
By Bcar
Great gun
January 29, 2019
Very accurate rifle! I love it only reason I gave it 4 stars is it needs a barrel band added to be worth using. From the factory I slightest touch of the barrel would throw off the aim. Once that is sorted it really is the best pcp for.the price that you can buy. I get 85 dead on shots from mine. Mine chronoed at 793 average with a 15.89 grain jsb
ProsAccuracy Shot count Ease of loading Upgradeable To much to list
ConsNeeds barrel band or it's worthless
By mike e.
North Carolina
anyone can be an expert shot.
January 22, 2019
just received 25 cal gauntlet by umarex. what a sweet shooter.30 regulated shots without any flyers.bolt was a little tight, but smoothed out after 50 rounds. 30 yard shots fit under a quarter.totally addicted to pcp shooting now.airgun depot was a pleasure to work with.back to rifle umarex hit a home run with the 25 cal. trigger adjustment under 10 minutes ,perfect pull every time now.this rifle is a real game changer.highly recommend umarex gauntlet 25 cal.
Prostotal nail driver,easy loader,magazine works perfectly,regulated shots stay true with no flyers.used 3 inch plywood as backstop, 25 cal drilled through backstop and five eights particle board and dented steel siding at 30 yards,real hard hitter.
Consdont buy this rifle if you dont want to become addicted to shooting pcp airguns!!!
Best Usesgreat for target shooting,hunting, and great fun.
By Verdell
Clayton, DE
Umarex Gauntlet
December 23, 2018
This is a great gun that is regulated at 1100 PSI and shoots very good. With the right pellet it is very accurate with a good scope. If you are looking for a good pcp gun at a very good price you can't go wrong with the Gauntlet. It has all the features that you would fine on a much higher price gun.
ProsEasy to operate, good trigger, accurate
Consregulator may be off
Best UsesPlinking, target shooting and small game hunting
By Charles
Very satisfied
December 20, 2018
Number one, I was very happy with the service I received over the phone while purchasing the unaraex gauntlet combo. Thank you . Thatā€™s huge these days to have personal service from on line purchase. As far as the gauntlet / hawks scope combo I am quite happy and the gun is performing great. My first pcp so good to have a positive experience! The scope is phenomenal as well. Very clear and bright , and very easy to zero. Anyway , super happy with the purchase and definitely a bargain at that price point. Did not like how the sling attaches because it doesnā€™t provide a comfortable carry. But not much of a draw back for me considering the whole picture.
By David
Ethel La.
Umarex gauntlet 22 cal
December 17, 2018
Order received ok and in good packaging. Removed from box no damage seen. Aired up gun and mounted scope and zeroed at 35 yards. Gun very accurate with 10 shot group in 3/4 inch. Unfortunately had to return to AGD because wouldn't hold air.
ProsVery accurate
ConsPoor quality control
Best UsesHunting plinking
By Verdell
Clayton, DE
Umarex Gauntlet
December 7, 2018
This is a great rifle that is very accurate with most pellets. It is easy to manuever and shoot. It fits good in your shoulder and has a good trigger that is adjustable. It loads easy.
ProsGood feel, accurate, gets allot of shots per fill
Best Usessmall game hunting and targeting
By Stan
Lincoln City OR
Little Dissapointed
October 19, 2018
The MK4 pump and Mantis scope are outstanding but the tank on the rifle leaked air pressure ,as much as 500lbs overnight when pumped to 3000lbs When still in the rifle but When removed held air just fine.Rifle shoots great but is back to Umarex for Warranty repair of leak. Can`t wait till it comes back ....
ProsStraight shooter Real Tack Driver
Cons Leakey Tank
Best UsesTargets Rats under bird feeder
By Ian
Sneads Ferry N.C.
Five stars for the money
October 2, 2018
Really a great little PCP for the money I donā€™t think you could beat it. At 25 yards basically key holes hundred yards around a 2 inch group but Iā€™m sure thereā€™s some people out there that shoot better than me. I will say the caulking is a little rough but definitely manageable with a little bit of work Iā€™m sure it will loosen up. Iā€™ve heard itā€™s not very pellet picky but Iā€™ve been running JSB Diablo heavies 15.89 Green is seems to really enjoy those. Itā€™s exceptionally quiet sounds a little twangy but the impact of the pallet is louder than the report of the muzzle. And definitely a deal packaged with the gun and the scope and rings. And that single shot in the picture is not a flier thatā€™s from when I first mounted the scope just getting it dialed in all five of those shots could be covered by Nickle at 25 yards.
Pros Cost Accurate Quiet Features for the money
ConsIt is a fairly large pellet rifle length and weight would not be fun toting it around the woods. The sling swivel is completely in the wrong spot on the front Rough cocking
Best UsesPlinking Pesting Small game hunting
By Ralph
Kettle Falls, WA
Deadly to small game
September 26, 2018
I use H&N Sport Sniper Magnum for most of mu shooting. The 15 grain pellet has the kill power you need. Once you get the scope sighted in the rifle is accurate at distances up to 60 yards. After that the hit isn't hard enough. I love it.
By Ricky
Umarex gauntlet 22 cal.
September 7, 2018
Perfect accurate
ConsBolt kinda stiff
Best UsesTarget shooting
By Davo
Ona, Florida
the headline is a good headline
September 2, 2018
well i have almost no regrets buying the gauntlet. i thought i researched it pretty good however not so much. Mostly because of three or more fails, or bad designing... number 1 is the floating barrel if that's what you call it. it doesn't take very much to knock the POI out of whack. don't know why it is the way it is, but i think that Umarex should send out free of charge a bracket like a few people make on the internet a sell for 30 something buck,and voids warranty eff that, so it should be a free upgrade in my opinion. and its not like im mistreating my rifle, in fact i am real careful with it, more than i should be. number 2 is that it is pretty damn heavy, you can not try shooting with out a tri, bipod or other way of resting it on it.s main frame and not anywhere near the tank or barrel. number 3 is that it is pretty hard to cock, not sure if it can be adjusted with out voiding the warranty, it seems that any improvement that you would want to make it will void warranty when they shouldn't have to be made. and it shouldn't have anything to do with the fact that its a $300.00 rifle well because its not i paid like $780.00 yes mind you i got the combo, with scope and pump, which sold separately are ridiculously over priced. but in my opinion so is everything else. i guess i have been living under a rock or something because it seems everyone likes to spend over $2000.00 dollars on a scope alone..... EFF THAT... okay im done. it is pretty accurate. i thought it was off because i didn't see but three out of six shots on my target, but when i went to the target i had seen that three shots the last three were exactly in the same hole... or maybe it's just a sniper.?
Prosaccurate if you set up and use your scope properly, and because it's regulated it is consistant.
Consheavy, hard to cock, barrel looses POI, and i almost die every time i pump it up. the only reason i choose that i would not recommend it is because there isn't a maybe choice.. because i would recommend it but not with out letting them know about the cons.
Best Usestarget with a rest. want to do some rat shooting
By Glen
Cobleskill, New York
Nice for first time PCP
August 31, 2018
The Gauntlet is my first experience with a PCP. Out of the package, set up was easy. Then comes the getting to know you stage. Everything with the gun went well, the air tank was all new to me. The thing that throws me off the most is the gauge, it really doesn't move until I totally discharge it. There is no red, green or yellow on it to tell when to refill. I have learned that after 60 rounds, I hook it back up to the pump and fill it back up to 3000psi. All said, I would tell others to buy it and I like the way it shoots, Dead On.
ProsTen round clip, and 60 shots before refill
Consgauge on the air tank
Best UsesTarget and red squirrels
By Rex
SE Oklahoma
Great gun for the price
August 22, 2018
Iā€™m amazed at the accuracy ā€œwith the right pelletā€ of this gun. Excellent purchase!!
ProsPrice Accuracy American made
ConsNone yet
By Dennis
Not bad for sub $300 PCP
August 20, 2018
Rifle is accurate, Quality is just so so,but it is under $300 so hard to complain much ( I will anyway). Loooong barrel shroud that is supported only from the threaded action makes it subject to POI change with any small bump. Removable handguard does not line up well & rattles around no matter how you try to secure it. HARD to cock & gritty. Trigger is OK after you adjust it. I have two magazines & it won't feed consistantly from either one.Probe catches the pellet skirts & jams up. I gave up on mags & just load one at a time. I bought the bundle that included the rifle,extra mag.Rat target,tin of pellets & the entry level Air Venturi hand pump. Returned the pump & dropped $259 on the better model with air dryer. This is my first PCP. If I had it to do over I would have went with an FX Streamline or one of the other $1000 ish rifles. Most likely I'll give this one away & make the jump to a REAL PCP.
By Don
Umarex .177 combo
July 30, 2018
I received my combo and un-boxed everything. the scope mounted very easy. The pump went together with ease. When I tried to pump up the bottle the quick connect fitting on the bottle leaked. I contacted Airgundepot, and was told on Friday I would have to return the complete rifle for a new one, well being the technician that I am I removed the leaking nipple, the surface that seals inside the nipple was ruff, I put some Meguiar's Plastx plastic cleaner/polish between the sealing surfaces and used my power straight blade driver to spin the pieces first clockwise then anti-clockwise about 2 minuets each, then cleaned the Meguiar's out and assembled the valve/nipple into the bottle. That cured the leak it now holds 3000 + psi. I set up to sight in the scope I took off the outer shroud to use a red laser bore sight, dropped the crosshairs right on the red dot at 10 yards scope set to 10 yards, and using the bench rest the rifle hits pellet on top of pellet, off hand I hit a 1/2 inch group.
ProsAccurate and easy follow up shot with the 10 round mag, I got 40 pellets on 3000 psi. Airgundepot was quick with wanting me to return the rifle, I however waited over 5 weeks to receive this one and did what I need to so I could keep and use this one.
ConsWeight is heavy for a .177, had to fix the leaking fill valve is the only reason I gave 4 stars.
Best UsesSquirrel, Skunk, and Ground hog pest control.
By Tom
Winder, GA
22 cal gauntlet
July 7, 2018
hey, for the price, you cant beat this airgun. that being said, I think quality control is failing. on my rifle, reg pressure is 1050 psi, and the safety wont engage when cocked and the barrel set screws were very loose. with a little work, all fixable. It's a great rifle, very accurate and lots of shots. put a good scope on the rifle and don't hit the barrel - changes point of impact.
Prosquiet, accurate, lots of shots b4 refill, adjustable trigger and stock and repeater
Consquality control
Best Usestarget and hunting
By Mike
Umarex gauntlet has hit the mark
June 26, 2018
This has all the bases covered for an inexpensive pcp gun. The detachable ninja tank is a great feature to have if you dont want to carry a huge refill station afield, just bring a spare ninja tank and supplied degause key. Thus gun is really a great shooter out of the box. For the price point this is a must have item for a new to pcp or a cheaper alternative to bang around the woods with instead of messing up a more expensive work of art.
ProsGreat price, extremely simplistic design.
Cons2 tins of .22 crosman premiers emptied so far, cant find a con yet
Best UsesHunting, plinking
By Preston S.
Umarex Gauntlet
June 15, 2018
Super good product. Along with the regulated shots that allow you to put ten pellets in the same hole, to the light weight and adjustability for the price are more than u would expect out of a gun thats only $300. Very well rounded gun for the new to imtermidiate shooters.
By Stanley D.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Gauntlet!
May 18, 2018
it was a real mix up at 1st! I thought I ordered the Gauntlet but the other PCP came called the URBAN. After looking at it I sent it back and the exchange from the Air Gun Depot DID AN AMAZING JOB sending me the Gauntlet.
I just wish I could send a picture with this but just imagine! 12 shots at 35 Yards, and a Dime covers up all 12 shots!
I just did a Woodchuck Job! All 9 chucks taken care of!
Thanks Gamo! For making the Gauntlet such a affordable Gun!
By Paul
St Louis, MO
Great PCP airgun for the price
May 11, 2018
Nice performance right out of the box.
By Joe
Manteno, IL
great PCP rifle
April 19, 2018
I bought the Guanlet in a massive deal from Umarex around the Holidays when it was just becoming available to the public. I was going to buy one anyways.I mounted a UTG 100 Yard scope from AGD. I have always 60 shots out of a full fill.
I zeroed it well. I have no problem hitting things down range and reaching further with practice.
to me the quality is there. The gun has no blemishes.
I am impresssed with the built in features for what I paid
Best Usesapply to anything you use an air rifle as an answer on.
By John
Definitely a tuning platform
April 10, 2018
Its a qb79 with multi shot magazine and a shroud.
ConsIt needs some work to smooth out
Best UsesGood platform to start the addictive airgun hobby
By Sam
Can’t beat it at this price
April 5, 2018
Truth is feels cheap because its plastic, but dont let that sway you. This packs performance and power at an amazing price point. Get rid of the fancy stock and expensive material but keep the rest to keep this thing performing like other high end PCPs. Dont regret this purchase thus far. Hopefully I wont in the future but at sub 300 cant go wrong. Only part that feels wrong is placing a $500+ Hawke Sindewinder on the Gauntlet. Everything else feels great. Getting 50+ regulated shots on one fill in 177 is just awesome!
By Beau
Topeka ks
Needs a few things done to it
March 28, 2018
This gun shoots great but it needs a barrel band to stop poi changes from the slightest touch. Other then that it's amazing once broke in 300-400 rounds. Also out of the box you have to clock the tank so it will screw in all the way and work with the shroud. Loves jsb 15.89
ConsBarrel movement causing point of impact changes. Needs barrel band check youtube hajimoto is where I got mine
By Antonio
Saint Johns, Florida
Excellent air gun
March 8, 2018
First of all, the empty tank arrived loose and not lining up when hand tightened, but I watched a video and adjusted the empty tank. After that I filled the tank and adjusted the scope at 10 yards in only 6 shots. I shot 10 more rounds after that and hit the target every time. The rifle is exactly what I was looking for. Its not that noisy and its accurate. I love it.
By Brian B.
Austin Texas
Good air rifle for the price.
February 5, 2018
I have had the Gauntlet for just a couple weeks now. It was easy to setup and to start using. The rifle shipped with the air tank empty and the barrel needed of a good cleaning. The rifle accuracy was very good, however, any pressure on the barrel would cause the point of impact to shift. The barrel does not have any support and the front sling location is to close to the center of the rifle. The rear sling stud appears to have stripped out already and the stock and bottle shroud is very cheaply made. The rifle seems heavy and hard to hold solid in the standing position.
ProsAccurate Easy to set up and start using Adjustable cheek rest 10 shot magazine
ConsNo support for the barrel Heavy Cheaply made stock and bottle shroud. Saftey is very hard to put on safe and in doing so can slip and hit trigger firing the rifle on accident. Does not meet the 900 fps stated for lead pellets (14.3gr) Only get 40 shots on a fill, again, not what is advertised
By Doug B.
Porterville ca.
Value for the price
January 31, 2018
Rough bolt.trigger ok.functions well.speed tested at about 850fps.very accurate.good buy for the price.
By Joe T.
Floresville Texas
Great gun at a great price
January 23, 2018
Love the gauntlet great gun for shooting very quiet consistent shooting for about 60 shots
ProsAccurate quiete looks great
ConsCover for tank is a problem at times when putting screw to hold will not hold have to loosen screws on side the 10 rd magazine did not work when I received it. N the single loader has a problem it flips the pellet backwards when loading these are minor issues that can be fixed still it's a great rifle
By David
Great Gun!
January 11, 2018
Great gun! Super fast shipping from Airgun Depot....Airgun Depot I am a little disappointed in your head to head video vs the Gamo Urban...I guess its just my opinion but I would easily take the Urban over the Gauntlet the build quality far superior in the Urban.
ProsAccurate Quiet Shot Count Hand pump friendly
ConsBuild Quality Trigger Free Floating Barrel
By Bob R.
Accurate, good value, good features - BUT
January 8, 2018
I was in the first wave of Gauntlet receivers when they finally released them. This is my first PCP gun and within 1 hour of getting it, I had the trigger polished and down below a pound of safe adjustment.

It was accurate right out of the box after a good barrel cleaning. I was making one hole at 40 yards with JSB 8.4 grain 177 pellets.

But something was terribly askew. I found every time I went to shoot the gun, the point of impact (POI) changed by upwards of 2 inches at that same 40 yards. I sat back and looked at the gun to figure out why. The scope was tested and tight and my bench rest set up was the same each time.

Then it hit me. There is a whole lot of barrel hanging out there with a relatively heavy shroud. The barrel is attached by two small grub screws in the breech and the shroud is screwed into a fitting on the barrel, not the breech. That entire set up begs for movement and in my opinion a MAJOR design change.

So since owning the gun for the last few months, I have learned not to touch or even bump the barrel in any way shape or form or it will be off target again.

In the video, you can see the gun supported by the barrel by the front holder. You can also see the barrel is bent up under the gun's weight and that is exactly what will happen to all of them if anyone chooses to mount the gun in that configuration.

So, warning to all who buy this gun, or have seen POI changes when they shoot it. Do not grab or lift the gun by the barrel or lay it down on the barrel or rest it on the barrel. Consider the barrel at 2000 degrees to be untouched at all costs. It actually surprises me that mere shooting alone doesn't jar the barrel enough to shift the POI, but it does seem to hold its own under normal shooting conditions.

I am sure someone will come up with a connection between the air cylinder and the barrel, but even the cylinder is shaky too.
ProsLots of things that only expensive guns have along with accuracy.
ConsBarrel movement
By Craig
Nail driver at 50
December 31, 2017
It just keeps getting better as I learn to shoot it. After 2 months I have figured it out down to dime size at 45 yards. Anything outside of that is my fault. It's heavy but I shoot it off the back porch table mostly so I really don't give a $#[email protected] No problem shooting Expert with this baby. Want to try sitting and kneeling with a sling.. Might try standing to sitting with my gas mask on.

5 minutes of pumping for 70 consistent shots is no problem. Got my back yard rifle range going good. Ready on the right (no golfers ) ready on the left ( no golfers) already on the firing line.

Don't have time to go to the range.. This is the ultimate shooting opportunity for me.
Did I mention this is an awesomely accurate gun? Love it!!

ProsEverything about it
ConsGritty action
By Craig
Savannah, Ga
Totally impressed with this baby
December 24, 2017
Got the 22. Worked with it for the last month on the weekends. Around 100 shots to feel it out and it loves Crosmans Premier Domes. Plinks great at 50 yd. Quarter size (nichol mostly) at 40 yd. works good with cheapest CP Hollow points but not as good as Domes. Tried pricier pellets but the CP domes always do better.. Trigger a bit long in pull but breaks easy at around 2 lbs. bolt a bit gritty but smoothing out as I get used to it. 10 round mag is a breeze to get used to. A little heavy but has a great balance just forward of the trigger and aft of the front sling mount. Shot 70 regulated shots (not 60) before it started to miss a little (very little) . 75 to 80 pumps brings it right back to 3000. Haven't shot 75 or 100 yet but guess I can keep it inside 1.5 groups without a bench rest. Using a box and towel right now. Back yard Critters are safe because I don't like killing Gods creatures anymore but if I get hungry enough they should move south.
ProsPrice for sure. Good balance and great accuracy. Awesome shot count. Easy to pump 5 minutes for 70 shots, and it's a good workout for an old fart as I am.
ConsA little gritty.. If I wasn't so lazy I could clean it up but WTF it really doesn't need it. A bit heavy too..
By Craig
, Savannah Ga
Accurate but could use some quality enhancement
December 18, 2017
My first pcp. Love it for the money. Bolt action and trigger are a bit gritty but hopefully will smooth out in time. Only took a hundred or so rounds to get sweet. Quarter size groups easy at 40 yards now. Haven't run it out of gas with 50 shots in 22 Cal. Takes about 120 pumps to get back to 3000 psi after 50 shots. That's 2 easy 5 min sessions or less.
Quiet gun. Like they say in the videos, shot hitting target is louder than the report.
Love my Gamo IGT Wisper. Not quite as accurate as this puppy though and the neighbors can tell when I'm shooting the springer, they don't know when I'm in the backyard with this one.
. Not perfect but this is the perfect Airgun for me in the sub 500 buck range..
ProsAccurate in a 20year Marine Experts opinion. Not a 14 or Matel 16 but who needs one anymore..
ConsBolt and trigger could use some polishing.. Might get to that when I retire..
By Steve
Petaluma, California
December 12, 2017
I shot targets from 11 yds to 150 yds. I'm using the 22 caliber. At close range the Gamo red fire pellets work the best in this rifle for me. 25 yards domed pellets seem to work better or the Crosman Premier hollow points. 150 yards I have to use a heavier don't pellet because of the wind drift for letter pellets.
What's the hand pump it takes 120 pumps for every 1000 PSI of air. So between 1000 PSI and 3000 psi it takes me 240 pumps of air to fill the air tank.
ProsIt's very accurate, all the features on it are great.
ConsI don't know about the cons.
By Jay
December 7, 2017
I too spent lots of time researching which pcp would be the way to go for a decent price. And it's just my luck that I've stumbled across this right when I've decided o buy another gun. I'm more of a small game hunter. I own a ranch and, as you know, there's lots of pest there. I already own a Benjamin marauder and loved it, actually wanted to buy another one. But I saw this and said, YES! I just received the gun,cleaned it, and put a few shots thru it. I was really pleased with the accuracy, it's just like how the videos showed. I also liked how you can change the air tanks. Only problem was the SLOW "rear end" shipping and the quality of the rifle is a little on the low side. The bolt is very hard to cock, the trigger is semi alright, but leaning more towards the bad side, the magazine is hard to put in, it' kind of heavy, and the stock is kind of cheap. So the accuracy basically substituted for quality. I would defiantly recommend this to someone who is looking for a cheap, dependable, and accurate rifle. That is, if they don't mind giving up some of the smaller luxuries such as a good trigger and bolt.
ProsVery Accurate Cheap Changeable air tanks Regulated
ConsBolt is heavy to cock trigger is ok but leaning more towards the bad side magazine hard to put in and out kind of heavy stock is kind of cheap
By Quentin
Santa Maria, CA
Liking what I'm seeing
November 26, 2017
Have less than 100 pellets through it. So really still just a first impressions situation. 1st thing I noticed is the 'fill port cap' is not really a secured cap but rather a tight fitting rubber sleeve, which appears to be competent but I doubt its longevity capabilities.. call me a doubting Thomas.. may not be an issue at all it was just one of those, "mmmm, interesting that is not quite what i expected," . 2nd thing, Trigger is squishy with absolutely no predictable 'wall' for fire control. Every pull on the long squish trigger is a crapshoot as to when the fire operation will engage.. Predictably it is at the rear of the pull, yet there is no way to predict it in its current adjustment.. So, hopefully I can adjust some predictability into it, but directions say remove air tank and it needs to be degassed to do so and when reapplying you need the RWS special sauce drop on the seal... So yeah... maybe lose some air and maybe loose a lot of air with incremental adjustments... Not sure if this is a safety precaution or a necessity... we'll see.. Anyway.. Only two points that stand out negatively.
Prosaccuracy at under 40 yards and under is pellet on pellet with the JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo RS 13.43 gr. Now. when I say pellet on pellet I mean it. Even with the squishy unpredictable trigger and me holding my breath and being as absolutely as still as possible through the seemingly long squishy pull just waiting to be surprised by the fire control engagement. THE ACCURACY is better than my .25 marauder and .25 bullboss. each of those at under 50 yards will produce a ragged hole... This Gauntlet is not producing a ragged hole, it is a single pellet stacked on single pellet in a single hole after 10 fricken shots! the paper looks like i cut it with a paper punch that is how clean this particular rifle shoots.. Totally loving that accuracy and cant wait till i adjust the trigger... then I'll try 50 and beyond.
Conssquishy long ass trigger with no wall, it just goes off.. no predictability except that its at the end of pull but seems to vary a bit each time.. I gotta adjust it.. and following directions looks like I may be in for some loss of air in so doing because of the recommended "incremental" adjustment and the required removal of tank each time along with the required drop of special sauce which I don't have... so.. ya see where I'm going... boo hoo send me some tissue! But what everyone must see is the PELLET ON PELLET STACKING that makes the paper look like i used a hole punch... even with trigger trouble... SO with that accuracy is it really trigger trouble or am i just a crybaby...? you decide.. but I'm gonna do my best to adjust mine.. thank goodness the rifle has that capability.
By Steven
Torrance, Ca
Almost perfect.
November 23, 2017
Just received the rifle and the only glaring thing was that behind the trigger guard where it goes into the stock, it pinched my hand. The stock should be smoothed. Other than that, it is everything they say it is and more. Ordering through the Depot, I saved a bundle of money.i saw it at the Shot Show and the year wait was worth it.
By Thomas
Not purchased yet but ....
August 1, 2017
Ive watched countless videos on every single air rifle i think available today. I'm a break barrel guy and wanted to take the plunge into Pcp world but didnt want to drop 1200 if I didnt have too. I've seen the reviews of this gun and it outperforms all in its price range. Trust me ! Ive spent weeks watching reviews for the perfect gun and for the money this is it.
ConsThey keep back dating the release date.
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