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Umarex Legends MP40 BB Submachine Gun

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Umarex Legends MP40 BB Submachine Gun

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Umarex Legends MP40 Ultimate Combo
Exclusive Upgrade
Umarex Legends MP40 Ultimate Combo
Includes extra mag, pellgun oil, ammo, and speedloader
The Legends series by Umarex has brought historic firearms to life as some of the most accurate air gun replicas to date.

In keeping with the accuracy standards set by Umarex, the German MP40 submachine gun is no exception. With a 60 round magazine and full auto capability, this .177 caliber BB rifle promises hours of fun! Utilizing two 12 gram CO2 cartridges, simply select full or semi-automatic firing, and mow down tin cans like never before.

The original MP40 was first developed in 1940 for a select few assigned to the German paratroopers regiment and then later became the standard submachine gun for the Wehrmacht infantry. The Legends MP40 is a faithful replica that will transport you back in time the minute you pick it up. The full metal body and folding shoulder stock highlights the realistic feel. The hooded front sight and adjustable rear sight stay true to the original design and keep your eyes on the prize.

For fans of WWII military arms, this legendary gun can finally be yours!

Umarex Legends MP submachine Gun Features
  • Two firing modes: Full-Auto and Semi-Auto
  • Uses (2) 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Blowback
  • 60 rd BB magazine (.177 caliber)
  • Full metal
  • Fixed front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight for elevation
  • Folding stock
  • Manual safety

Please Note: Do not use Air Venturi or H&N Smart Shot BB's, as they will fail to feed through the magazine for this specific model
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Umarex Legends MP40 BB Submachine Gun
100 Reviews
69% (69)
18% (18)
6% (6)
6% (6)
1% (1)
88% Recommend this product (88 of 100 responses)
Pocatello, ID
Where Eagles Dare
October 17, 2019
First full auto air gun (or otherwise) I've fired. Loads of fun. I get about 250 rounds (5 total magazines/2 CO2 cartridges).

You do have to make sure to pierce both cartridges without over tightening. As others have noted, it helps to put a couple coins between them as spacers.

I have only had one jam. Put in some dry lubricant into the mag and the issue went away. You do need to load with the BB's "stacking" in a zig zag for proper loading. If you pour them in slowly and pay attention, it's not bad, in spite of some complaints you'll read.
ProsHefty, real-deal feel Full auto goodness
ConsMagazine is slow to load, but worth taking the time to do it right (at which point jamming is not an issue)
By John F.
Very poor design on the magazine these problems before i will recomend
May 20, 2019
the magazine is poorly designed there is no lock on the spring for loading the BB's,this makes it very hard to load and the quick loader doesn't work right it jams all the time.Umarex needs to address and fix these problems before i recamend this gun to anybody.
By Mark
shawnee ok.
May 9, 2019
By Tommy t.
No repair service
May 4, 2019
Umarex will not repair any gun under $500. If the gun is under warranty they will replace it but if the warranty has expired and you have a problem you are out of luck. When I sent my gun to them to replace a trigger spring I was told that their gunsmiths don't repair guns, and they don't sell parts. WTF!!!. They suggested I throw mine away and buy a new one. So much for me buying another Umarex gun.
ProsGreat looking gun Works well All metal construction All around fun
ConsNo gun repair service No parts available Horrible after warranty customer service Cannot even supply manufactures contact information
By Darrell L.
BB Gun?
April 5, 2019
Never thought I would own a BB gun until I saw a video on the Umarex legends MP40 and I had to have one I'm 66 yrs old and it brings a smile to my face every time I pull that trigger can't get any better than that wish I could have seen it sooner love that full auto šŸ¤©
ProsVery realistic,qaulity fit and finish,tons of backyard fun lots of shots down range fast!
ConsNot really a con but loading mags slows down the fun but with homemade loader tool too hold the follower down it makes it easier.
Best UsesTargets plinking worrying the neighbors.
By Frederick
Springfield, MO
I thought it would break so I bought another one for a spare!
April 4, 2019
Yes, I am a pessimist. Something so much fun was sure to malfunction. Well, after 2,500 rounds it hasn't. I have fired 1,500 on my second one as well. I love them. Once one figures out how to load the mag by holding it at a downward angle and moving your wrist slightly left to right as the BBs drift down the slot to help them cross feed you are golden. I saw where someone recommended a penny as a spacer between the CO2 cylinders and adopted that method and have never had a problem piercing both cylinders since. I picked up two slings for around $30 on the Net and they work great. Customer service (Mike) has been great-I had a mag on my 712 malfunction when the plug stripped out and a new one is in enroute and I did not have to send the old mag back. Never fired my MP-40 single shot (why would you?) and I shoot usually in five round bursts and load 32 rounds per mag. I have five mags, but I shoot these guns often. This gun is a gem-underpriced in my opinion! If you are on the fence-buy it! Buy the PO8, the 714, the P-38, as well and you are set!
ProsI had read a lot about the gun jamming-my two do not, but I baby them and keep them well lubricated. I run a rod with a mop down the barrel every three mags or so. It is truly a machine pistol-I seldom use the shoulder stock-I am not man enough to one hand it, but I bet someone could-like Clint Eastwood in his prime!
ConsIt looks too cool!
Best UsesShooting water bottles painted Soviet uniform brown.
By James O.
Fix for 2nd co2 cartridge not puncturing
March 29, 2019
I got mine yesterday the bottom co2 cartridge wouldn't puncture put 1 dime in between co2 cartridge still didn't puncture used 2 dimes still enough room for air to pass 2 dimes worked perfectly punctured both everytime
ProsFull auto works great
ConsBottom co2 didn't puncture and single fire broke after 3 uses just goes auto now
By ajtree
mesa, arizona
Great looking.....
February 28, 2019
..but having a hard time getting the CO2 cartridges to both puncture. Seems like only 1 releases and the gun stops firing and when you think the CO2 is empty the other cartridge releases as you unscrew it. Otherwise this is a beautiful replica. i hope a new mag will fix.
ProsGreat looking replica. Fun to shoot!
ConsCO2 leakage. Not puncturing in mag.
By Leslie
Nipomo, CA
Great Authenticity!
February 28, 2019
I bought this for only one reason, to have a working replica of an a truly historical piece of weaponry, the German MP40. This Legends MP40 is everything I had hoped it would be in this regard! It has the finish and heft of a real gun and honestly, this IS a real gun! Sure, it shoots BBs but it would make me get out of its way real quick if anybody were to level it at me! The blow back design works well and feels like what I would picture the real one feeling like. It's heavy and nothing about it appears cheap. The design is remarkable considering the gas and BBs are both loaded into the stick magazine. I could see it as a terrific movie prop with the sound of a real machine gun dubbed in. I am very happy with this airgun and its packaging!
ProsExactly like the original sub-machine gun, the gun does not function without a magazine. Realism is maintained as each stick magazine can hold it's own 2 cylinders of gas and a full load of BBs. Change the magazine and you change the gas as well. Really cool!
ConsI see no con to this purchase.
Best UsesPlinking but in an awesome way... line up a row of cans and see how many you can hit as you sweep the gun across them! Or, play like you are at an arcade trying to shoot out that [email protected]!! red star...
By Eli
February 2, 2019
this airgun is so awesome overall, the rate of fire, the weight due to it being full metal its a great gun to show off.
By Ed
mp 40 WOW
December 19, 2018
well i been wanting a bb gun for a long long time and let me say im glad i waited because the mp40 is more then i ever really dreamed of.gun is heavy and looks so real.i see a few people complain about jam ups.. out of prolly 10 full clips i had 1 jam up i simply pulled the clip and poked the bb with my pocket knife which i was shooting again in about 1 minute lol..also filling aint bad i purchased the uramex bbs i simply put the tip of the bottle at the refill hole and dumped them in very very simple and just BUY IT you will love it..sounds sick toooo.
Prosheavy...real looking...super fun replica...
By john
New Port Richey, FL
not impressed but i wanted to be
December 18, 2018
maybe there is something wrong with the one I received. the bb's would not penetrate a cardboard box at fifteen feet. they did at three feet. the mp 40 looks so real my next door neighbor almost called the police. I give it five stars .
Conslow power
Best Useshang it on the wall and look at it.
By Bud M.
Los Angeles. In the Soviet State of California
Why did it take me so long to find this
December 12, 2018
Unbelievable fun. First thing my wife said, "do not kill my flowers and palm trees". Everyone who took a turn came away saying wow. You will not believe how much fun this is. I am looking forward to the next buy from Airgun Depot. I received this MP40 with a defect. Called them and they send another unit out within the week. Good followup and customer support without the hassle. Thanks guys.
East Bridgewater,MA
December 3, 2018
Awsome Iā€™m 47 and felt like a 12 year old with his first gun a bit of a pain to load but itā€™s worrh it . Wen you use the full auto . Must have for a collection.
By R c.
Largo fl
Nothing compares to full auto. you will smile every time
November 8, 2018
The first gun broke sent it back they immediately sent me a new one so far so good most fun I've ever had
ProsSuper realistic and fun
ConsNone so far
By Hotrockerhd2009
Fun but not done correctly.
October 20, 2018
When I went to shoot this gun the first thing I realized is that the gun clip is stupid. The loading rail is way to wide so the BB's clog and will not move up through the channel so the gun will shoot 5 to 6 BB's then clog so you are continually having to stop and unclog mean while you keep shooting nothing and waste you CO 2 canisters. Stupid!!!!
ConsShould narrow the feeding channel
By JOhn
Millbrook, Al
October 10, 2018
First two magazines shot OK in both semiauto and auto. Magazine jammed twice at same location during next two magazines. Also, on fourth magazine, gun fired in full auto when semiauto was selected.
ProsAuthentic as can be.
By Dan
East Tennessee
September 3, 2018
This thing is so much fun and very impressive. It feels like the real thing. I did put a suppressor on it so not to upset the neighbors. It's not very loud but it's louder than I thought it would be but everything about it is not what I thought it would be but much better. The only negative is that you have to reload a lot but it's not hard to reload. The smiles on people's faces when they shoot it is priceless. Overall I'm very pleased with it.
By Ron M.
MP40 is a fine gun
August 30, 2018
Everything about it is easy to understand and operate right out of the box. In just a few minutes I had it set up and shooting. The MP40 is surprisingly accurate, the first 4 shots had 3 in the bullseye. I was only about 50' from the target but squeezing off the first 4 shots was satisfying. Then came the fun part - full auto and emptied the magazine. All of the shots were in a 5" pattern. Love this gun, should have bought the upgraded kit but I'll just add a clip later. The fold out shoulder stock is very steady, it snaps in place nicely.
ProsAlmost everythhing.
ConsA tad heavy for my wife to aim for single shots.
Best UsesI only target shoot and am anxious to set up a ton of cans.
By Scott
Aledo, texas
Well worth it
August 3, 2018
This is a fun gun to own. It works great. Haven't had any issues. The co2 tanks run out after about 3 or 4 mags. The bb's are a little tricky to load but I've got it down now and no big deal. The quality of this gun is fantastic. It's very well built. I'm going to get the full auto pistol next. Everyone who I have shown this too was super impressed. A couple friends bought one soon after they saw mine.
ProsGreat quality, unique gun gets a lot of attention
ConsTanks run out fairly quick, bb's are a little tricky to load
Best UsesSquirrels,squirrels, squirrels.
By Skeet H.
Montgomery VT
A true smile maker every time.
July 31, 2018
What more can I say, this full auto BB gun is awesome. A bit hard to load the magazine, but thatā€™s all forgotten when you pull the trigger in full auto. I do recommend getting a second magazine to eliminate some of the reloading burden. This gun is nearly weight compatible to an actual MP40 and the action really cycles with every round.
By Larry
Napa, CA
Lots of fun
July 18, 2018
The gun is very cool looking well built. I have not had any feeding issues, using steel BBs. Have fired at least 2000 BBs in the two weeks Iā€™ve had it. Very fun to shoot and the blow back bolt gives it a great sound.
ProsFun to shoot, sounds and looks great.
Best UsesTargets small pest.
By John M.
Legends MP40
June 26, 2018
By Phil
Northeast Ohio
VERY fun to shoot! A bit hard to load bb’s though.
May 10, 2018
I bought this after seeing a review on Youtube. It is a very fun bb gun to shoot. Like a real machine gun, accuracy is not superb, but it feels and acts like a machine gun but with bbs. One small downside is that it takes 2 CO2 cartridges at a time and you basically get 3 50-round magazines out of the cartridges with the last one losing some oomph. It comes with one mag, but I encourage anyone buying this rifle, to also buy at least one extra magazine. Overall, I really enjoy this. If they could find a way to speed up loading the magazines, it would be worthy of a 5-star rating.
ProsVery nicely manufactured and rather powerful.
ConsLoading the magazine(s) with bb’s
Best UsesPlain fun shooting and obliterating targets!
By Chuck
Florence AZ
Cheapest way possible to get full auto fun!
May 8, 2018
Too much fun. Every one of my friends that pick this up for the first time, can't believe it's a BB gun..The feel and weight is to much like the real thing...Recommend at least 1 extra clip, I have 2 and will be getting 2 more...Great gun, great fun!
ProsVery realistic..
ConsNeeds larger capacity clips, full auto doesn't take long to empty the clip...BUT LIKE IT!
Best UsesBlinking fun!
By Harold R.
Mitchell Ontario Canada
Great shooting
May 7, 2018
I love the gun for it's looks and accuracy
Only fault , will jam with a full mag. I read on line not to exceed 48 BBs which cured the problem
ConsDo not load 52 BBs keep it at 48
Best UsesAssaulting dangerous pop cans on full auto
By Stump m.
Much fun
May 4, 2018
I bought two of them and I am glad I did. They feel like they could be real. I have shot around 15 mags with NO problems. The more you shoot it the more fun it is. The sound echoing off the house just puts a big grin on your face. I purchased 8 extra mags, over kill maybe. You will want at least 2. Use the black steel bbs. Get you some old milk jugs and have it. You won't be disappointed.
ProsFeels real. Works every time you pull the trigger.
ConsThe mags are a not easy to load. The plug that holds the co2 cylinders in could become a problem down the road. That's part of why I got a lot of extras.
Best UsesPlinking
By Kevin
Orangevale, CA
April 21, 2018
Awesome fully auto BB gun! Mine required steel BB's, tried copper coated and had jamming issues. After contacting AGD about the jamming issue they sent me a bottle of Umarex steel BB's (at not cost/great customer service) and they worked perfect. Have not had any jamming issues since. The directions do say to use only steel ammo. The look and feel of this gun is amazing, can only imagine it's very much like the real thing. You won't be disappointed with this gun!
Best UsesShootin' the crap out of stuff!
By William M.
Excellent realistic gun.
April 19, 2018
I have owned this gun for approx. 6 months. I enjoy shooting this gun, its well constructed and very realistic.
I do continue to have feed problems with the magazine no matter what type and brand of bb i try. If iload the mag at under 20 bbs this does seem to eliminate that problem.
This is a realistic replica of the real mp 40 well built and a quality gun.
By George
Lafayette, Indiana
Umerex mp40 bb gun
April 19, 2018
Alot of fun to shoot. Loading the magazine with BB's is a little cumbersome. But the guns shoots great and is pretty accurate. Feels like a real mp40 in your hand
ProsGun shoots great
ConsLoading BB's in magazine
Best UsesFun to plink with
By Raymond L.
Legends mp 40
April 16, 2018
Reloading can be tedious, but otherwise a whole lot of fun! Cool factor 11
ProsRealistic,cool,all your friends wan't one
ConsDon't wave it in front of a cop,you will get shot!
Best UsesBackyard fun
By Mike
Very good representation of MP40. Good heft and balance.
April 16, 2018
I enjoy shooting Umarexs MP40 when everything works. It is challenging to load the magazines but Ive figured out that using a straw, toothpick, and bracing the magazine at a slant on a table top it is not too bad. My criticism of the design is the CO2 loading system. Getting both cylinders properly punctured is largely guesswork. If you only get one of the cylinders punctured, you get anemic and short winded performance. If, on the other hand, you OVER puncture the cylinders in the effort to assure they are both punctured, you will hear the gas rushing out and obviously not providing much performance for very long. On 3 of the 4 magazines I could back the co2 handle off when that happened and the seals would then hold but obviously a lot of gas already escaped by then. I could hear the puncture sound occasionally and could tell when to stop puncturing and got the proper performance including finishing off 2 magazines of BBs. I did use the already suggested idea of placing 2 washers between the cylinders.
ProsGood looking accurate representation of an MP40. Good heft and balance. Fun to shoot whether semi or automatic when everything works. Surprisingly accurate.
ConsCould use a locking mechanism for the magazine follower. The CO2 system needs some rethinking.
Best UsesThe MP40 is fun to shoot and relative to actual guns much less hassle. BB guns aren’t as restrictied as to where and when you can go shooting.
By Mike
Company Response is profwssional and gratifying
April 11, 2018
The Original product had a manufacturing defect in the Magazine that prevented it from working properly. I called Customer service and they walked me through the process to replace it. They also managed to have the replacement back to me quickly. Customer service was exceptionally professional and concerned about my problem, and saw to it that I was satisfied. The replacement product worked perfectly. I wish to thank the customer service personnel who so graciously and efficiently helped me with my problem. I have recommended Air Gun Depot to my friends as the best place to purchase equipment
ProsIt's a lot sturdier and powerful than I expected it to be. It's also more accurate than expected for a smooth bore.
ConsI have no complaints about Air Gun Depot, but I do think Umarex needs to tighten up on it's quality control procedures to help prevent future incidents like I experienced.
Best UsesPlinking and the original wow factor when someone see's it for the first time.
By Brent K.
Saint Clairsville Ohio
Mp40 review
April 11, 2018
Gun jams up constantly. Full auto nice when it works but never can make it through a magazine with out some type of jam. Thinking about returning.
ProsVery realistic looking
ConsJams and eats CO2 ridiculously fast
Sparta, Tn
A ton of fun
March 26, 2018
well made. looks like the real thing.
ProsFun, fun, fun!
Consloading BBs is awkward. Spring should be made to 'hold' while loading.
Best Usesplinking.
By Karl
Major "cool factor" BUT...
March 25, 2018
Feed jams occur repeatedly with EVERY full magazine. It's fun to shoot, sure, but not so much fun to stop and fiddle with the follower spring 3 or 4 times to make it through a magazine. And this thing is an absolute HOG when it comes to CO2 usage. It takes two CO2 cartridges at a time - and you won't make it through two full magazines on those two cartridges.
ProsGreat replica, heavy and realistic. Fun to shoot
ConsFeeds horribly, needs a redesigned magazine. Excessive CO2 consumption.
By Robb M.
Los Angeles
Super fun air gun!
March 23, 2018
This air gun s built very well and looks almost identical to the original. It is fun to shoot and ti is also fairly accurate. Minus two stars because it jams quite often, especially when fully loaded. The magazine needs to be redesigned but other than that, this thing is amazing!
ProsLooks and feels just like the original
ConsJams often
Best UsesHaving fun
By Cool g.
Memphis tn
Fun Gun
March 15, 2018
The delivery was very fast.this gun is very realistic,heavy,feels and shoot like a real firearm.the first 40 to 50 shots are powerful but not as powerful as i thought.its fairly accurate but it often misfire due to the spring or the kind of bbs(daisy zinc coated steel bbs).i didnt have this problem while using the umarex brand.And,loading the mag should be improved but its not that bad.overall its a super cool toy
ProsRealistic, fairly powerful,fun
Best UsesPractice, target practice and entertainment
By Eblonde
Pismo Beach, California
Full Auto w/Custom HPA Upgrade
March 12, 2018
I got the MP40 for Christmas (I have the Best Girlfriend Ever!!!) and tried some Copperhead BB's which immediately jammed. After inspecting them (They're not even really round & the copper dust fouls up everything) I bought some Daisy Precision Zinc Coated BB's & haven't had an issue since. There is a staggered order that you have to load the BB's in for them to fire smoothly & to hold the spring back while loading I have to thank Starbucks because I use their green coffee cup lid plug/stirrer & made speed loaders out of their straws that I melted on both ends. The CO2 cartridges work fine but I thought wasteful so I had a machinist make me a few prototype magazine HPA plugs that I'm now testing & will be leaving a review on the gateway to airguns site if anyone's interested. I would definitely recommend buying more clips!!! (If they ever go on sale) & I made my own authentic looking leather strap w/star buttons on each end to tote it around with that works fine. THE NEIGHBORS/COPS WILL DEFINATELY FREAK OUT IF THEY DONT KNOW IT'S A BB GUN SO PLEASE BE SMART & HAVE FUN!!!!
Best UsesWhatever you want to tear up!!!! No Joke
By Mike
Boise, Idaho
Get one.
March 3, 2018
Read all the reviews and bought one. Fast shipping. This gun looks and feels like the real thing. Read the instructions right out of the box, loaded it up, went outback and let it rip. Went through 1000 bb's in two days. No problems. The magazine is a pain to load, so just bought another so I can fire more between reloads. Super fun. You won't regret buying this.
ProsLook and feel. Full auto action is impressive.
ConsMagazine slow to load, but don't let that stop you.
By Bruce P.
East Overshoe NY
March 3, 2018
Great looking gun. Great feeling gun. Shoots pretty well, but feeding the BBs into the mag can pose a challenge. Making up a loading tube from 1/4 inch clear hose helped slow down the spilling of BBs all over the place when trying to get them in the tiny mag hole. But still have to put them in the tube one by one. NOT as very user friendly loading setup. Follower spring is hardly strong enough to push the BBs up to the breach.
ProsFun, Good looking, almost realistic weight, fairly accurate for a smooth bore. Descent price as well. Really good power. Punches through green sheetrock at thirty feet! Even stuck some INTO a piece of plywood I used as a backstop!
ConsReal miserable loading design. Probably more misfires than good shots so far. Still only fired 1000 or so shots, so maybe it will continue to get better with use. BBs get jammed in the magazine, and getting them to "flow" again is a pain. Sights are kind of useless, but then again, it is a bb gun.
By John
Amazing experince.
February 16, 2018
My sons and I had a blast plinking our weathervane. No problems at all. It does take a little getting used to loading. We blew thru 4 CO2 cartridges in a matter of minutes. The gun really looks and acts like a real machine gun. Loads of fun.
ProsLots of fun . Great looks and feel.
ConsTakes some getting used to loading.
By steve
Austin, Texas
MP40 For WannaBB'z
February 14, 2018
After reading the manual it was easy to get started. loading the magazine was tedious at first but after about my 5th full loading I was able to hold the BB's in my cupped left hand and with time easily letting the BB's fall into the very small chamber hole. You get about 2full magazines worth of shooting per 2Can of co2. It's fun to shoot auto&semi but you'll find yourself reloading the co2's often. However, I live this piece!
ProsRealistic feel, look and in weight also. My brother is a retired U.S. army officer and at first look it fooled him.
ConsComing up with a system for reloading. You'll be reloading soon after the first 5-8second full round of magazine. You can't get enough of it.
By William
A got to have!
February 9, 2018
This is awesome very realistic fast action. I was able to get a strap for it loads of fun. Wished I could have the real thing. But at least Im legal . Totally recommend it.
By Robert
Boulder Creek, Ca.
MP40 is great
February 9, 2018
This is so realistic and fun to shoot. delivery was prompt
ProsIt's full auto! so realistic. very weighty
ConsThe mag is very hard for me to load as I'm a little on the gimpy side. Would be nice if follower would lock open. or atleast protrude a little.
By jon-pichaya f.
Great Gun for squirll hunnting !!!
February 6, 2018
Great Gun for squirll hunnting !!!
ProsGreat Gun for squirll hunnting !!!
By George
Des Moines, iowa
Great gun bad clip design
January 27, 2018
From the first time I shot this gun the clip jammed. It has jammed up every time I've shot it. Researching this problem I found a few things that seem to help but nothing I've done has eliminated the jamming. I would really like to be able to shoot this gun like their advertisement says it should.
ProsSeems to be a well built gun. Really fun to shoot, provided it function.
ConsDifficult to load clip. Major jamming issue. C02 runs out after 2 and sometimes 3 uses. $100.00 dollars for the leather strap is outrageous.
By John
Vallejo, Calif.
Looks real and fun to shoot
January 23, 2018
The first one arrived badly damaged. AGD replaced it with no questions asked. It looked very real right out of the box. I was hitting swinging soda bottles at 40 feet on a regular basis. I found to avoid jams, don't fill the magazine all the way. Stop at 40 to 45 BB's. The magazine claims to double stack when loading, by loading to less then max capacity it didn't seem to matter. I keeped all moving parts well lubed with pel-gun oil. Have had no jams so far. My wife also loves to shoot it, buy complains about the weight. I have shot the real thing, I think they were about equal in weight.
ProsLooks and shoots great. At about 40 feet, the windage is close, the elevation slightly low? So far I have had no problems. Buy an extra mag or two, you will need them.
ConsI would like to see some sort of keeper to hold the tension spring in place to assist while loading, it would speed things up and make it easier to load. So far I have nothing to complain the MP40
By Rick
Good but Not Great
January 19, 2018
This gun is exceptionally well built. Hell, it might even be built better than the real thing. It has mass and a lot of metal. It also has all the amenities that the original probably had. The only problem is; the Mag needs work and better instructions on how to install the CO2 Cartridges. I bought the original that comes with 1 Mag. Turns out that you really do need to shoot steel BB's. No Problem. You also need to lube it with their RWS oil) EXPENSIVE! The other thing is, it uses 2 CO2 cartridges, Great! But, there is a problem loading them. #1, you don't know how far to turn the Piercing Screw. I have not been able to get both CO2 cartridges to be pierced and there basically any clear instructions. I ordered a new magazine and still, the same problem: the lower gets pierced and the upper one does not. Plus, if you tighten the piercing screw too much, the O-Ring gets mangled. On both magazines! I have kind of solved the problem by dropping in the first CO2 cartridge and then dropping in a penny and putting in the top CO2 cartridge. The bottom cartridge gets pierced and so does the top cartridge. Have only done it twice since cartridges are so expensive. The MAGAZINE needs work! Overall, the gun is worth the price. I hope when they come out with a better engineered magazine and, they give us first buyers the opportunity to trade in our magazines for the better ones! All in All; 4 out of 5 stars. Fun MoFo gun to shoot!!!
ProsVery well Built and Solid! I think it will last a long time. Appears easy to maintain and keep clean.
ConsScrewing in the CO2 cartridges into the magazine and is a challenge. Needs better instructions on how far to screw in the CO2 cartridges and some work so that both CO2 cartridges are pierced. Also if you screw the cartridges in too far. You f*** up the O-Ring because you've sgrewed the cartridges in too far. Man that sucks. Plus the o-ring is a specialty item you can only get thru Umarex (as far as I know). Loading BB's sucks unless you take it upon yourself to figure out an alternative way. Difficult to hold the loading spring back.
By Randy
You can't miss
January 18, 2018
I wanted a repeater to go after the gray and red squirrels that over run my property every year.
I would like to be able to dispatch in one shot but my aim not as good as their speed.
The little varmints know when I come out the door and are ready, boy are they in for a surprise. Have already ran about 700 steel
BB's through and I am impressed with the aim and power. But I know how them buggers will move just as I pull the trigger ,now I can follow them with 50 more BB'S in a heart beat. You can't miss!
ProsAble to put 40-50 shots on target in a couple seconds
ConsDon't need my gun to look like a military weapon , would have preferred the same function in a traditional looking rifle. The aim is great but can't mount a scope.
By NC_Andy
Fantastic replica!
January 17, 2018
I've always wanted a MP40 ever since I saw Where Eagles Dare, but a real one is extremely expensive, and the replica firearms are semi-auto only, and are really nothing more than an oversized pistol. But the Legend MP gives fun full-auto action that I can't get enough of. It takes a minute to find the sweet spot in loading the mags, but after that, it has been flawless. It relentlessly chews one can after another. I recommend getting an extra mag, just to save time in between loading . The mags take a little getting used to load, but after a few, I was loading them in no time at all.
ConsOnly one magazine
By Randy
Blackfoot, Idaho
Great Fun
January 10, 2018
Shots great just wish I could shot more than 40 shots. I wish they also made it easier to load the magazine.
ProsIt is very fun to shot.
ConsGoes through CO2 fairly fast. Wish there was a faster way to load the magazines.
By Preacher23
German quality! They make the best.
January 8, 2018
Amazing!! The accuracy was better than expected. I had no trouble loading as many BBs as I could get in the magazine and I never had a misfire. My only issue, initially, was not tightening the screw enough to pierce both of the CO2 cartridges. The best part: the enjoyment factor is off the charts. The MP40 is well worth the money (with or without the 10% discount). I enthusiastically recommend this replica. When not in use, display it your wall, its well made and a joy to look at.
ConsNone, make your own leather sling.
By milton
San Diego, CA
January 7, 2018
Nice weight for the gun. Lots of fun to shoot. Had some shooting buds try it out and some are going to get one too. great gun.
Prosthe gun is close to the real thing.
ConsA rifled barrel would be nice.
By James
Tucson, AZ
Very Quality Constructed!
January 4, 2018
Just received my MP 40. I was amazed how solid this gun feels. Its put together very well and the weight of the gun feels like the real thing. I will be shooting it this weekend.. cant wait!
ProsVery solidly constructed. Reasonably priced for the quality
By Ron L.
Nice realistic gun, crappy ammo feed design .
January 4, 2018
I bought this gun for my son for Christmas, we both like the feel and weight of the gun. The only major down fall of this gun is the ammo feeding system. We got jam after jam in the feeding system that we shot more air then bb's. For me this was very frustrating as we had to keep taking the clip out to try and get the bb's to feed. From other reviews we've read were not the only ones experiencing this problem. Very disappointed with this gun .
ProsNice realistic gun.
ConsThe ammo feed system is terrible and takes all the fun outta of the gun.
By Michael
Kalispell, MT
Fun for young and old
January 1, 2018
When I saw a YouTube video on the MP40 I knew I had to have one. After i figured out you can put the magazine in backwards, I began to have a lot of fun. It seems very accurate as well. The grandkids also had fun with it, although because of its realistic weight, it was difficult for the youngest to shoot.

The co2 cartridges lasted for 5-6 magazines. The only issue I had with it was loading bbs. The tab to pull back the spring should lock in place to make loading the bbs easier. Its difficult to hold with just your fingers. Also, the bbs stack in a staggered fashion, which is not always even.

Other than that I would highly recommend it.
ProsAccurate, fun
ConsDifficult to load
December 31, 2017
By Chad W.
The most awesome bb gun ever
December 28, 2017
My son and i absolutely love this gun it feels 100% like the real one the rate of fire is crazy and its way more accurate than i thought it was gonna be and airgun depot is an amazing site to get all your bb needs and wants at the best price and fastest shipping on the net i absolutely love this site and will definitely go here for all my air gun needs i am 180% pleased and satisfied with all my orders from airgun depot thank you so much and look forward to doin business with you in the near future
By Jason
Almost perfect
December 27, 2017
The look and feel of this Umarex product is exceptional. Functionally Umarex could have done better on on the magazine works. The mag is difficult to load and fails to fire about 50% of the time.
I have tried different brand bb's but the problem seems to be the design of the mag itself. It could be a one-off problem though with the magazine...but I have no way of knowing since I only have the one mag and nothing to compare it too. Thought about buying an additional mag but they are pretty expensive.
ProsLooks, feel.
ConsMagazine doesn't work as it should
By Robert
This has to be the most fun shooting CO2 since sliced bread.
December 26, 2017
Received in almost no time.Fast shipping.When I got the package,I knew something special was inside.It was heavy!I took it out and looked at the quality workmanship.I lubed the bolt slide and the clip slide with RWS air chamber lube.I then put the CO2 cartridges in the clip,loaded it with the max amount of Hornady diamond BBs.I inserted the clip with a loud click.I moved the safety switch to full auto,and proceeded to release 60 BBs in about 3 seconds down range at some soup cans.I stood there in awe.I have not shot a full auto gun since Viet Nam.This has to be the greatest P40 submachine replica ever made.I put over 400 rounds through it without one jam! I mean how is that for quality?It even punched holes in the steel cans.Empty water bottles were knocked all over the place.What fun without the cost of real ammo and resrictions.Now when I watch a war movie and other action movies,I see P40 submachine guns everywhere.I have to say again what a great gun.
ProsNice solid made gun.Well made,does not jam at all.Be sure to lube bolt rail and clip rails,makes action much smoother.Has a really nice durable finish on all the metal parts,and there are a lot of them.Very little plastic in this gun.Shoots accurate out to 20 yards plus.Nice thing is single shot mode for more accurate shooting.I rarely use it,too much fun at full auto.I also like the bolt blow back,fires like a real gun with no brass flying out.Clips are easy to load if you put BBs in a small bowl and take them out with your fingers.Very good on CO2. I average about 240 shots on 2 CO2 cartridges which I think is pretty good for a blowback action.In closing,all I can say is every airgun shooter out there should own one of these.You won't regret it.
ConsShould come with a sling.It is a little noisy,would be nice with a suppressor available.
By James K.
December 20, 2017
Very impressed with detail and construction
By Tony
Nashville, Tennessee
December 18, 2017
Recently purchased and happily owning this amazing MP, I took it to my neighbors house and he almost had a heart attack when firing full auto. Wishing the stock was a bit bigger but it manages quite fine, 10/10 would buy again!
ProsNice heavy feel, fully auto is a blast, nice finish. Dank as a mug on a cool crisp day.
ConsStock a tad short for some
By Joe G.
Ione, CA
Very Well Made Replica
December 18, 2017
Very pleased with the overall machining and construction of this piece. This is a solid, heavy weight gun replica. Accuracy is more than acceptable for a non-precision (non-target grade) BB gun. Its performance on full auto is impressive and about as close as you can get to legally owning a machine gun minus the heavy red tape and taxes. Use of high quality very smooth BB's is recommended as well as fresh, quality CO2 cartridges. It is fairly easy to load BB's quickly. I do recommend a second magazine for quick reloads as you will burn through BB's quite rapidly on full auto. A very fun gun at a great price.
ProsVery precision machining. Quality construction. Accurate.
ConsA little fussy about the brand of BB's-use good ones. Muzzle velocity a little low but acceptable.
By David
Leesburg, VA
Tons 'o Fun
December 17, 2017
Bought this here a month ago. The reviews seemed generally positive so I dropped the cash for it. First off, it's an impressive all metal replica if nothing else. The look and the feel are just impressive. Unfortunately, I ordered some Crossman Copperheads to go with it. An old time good BB from my teen years that always worked well. The gun jammed relentlessly with the Copperheads. I was on the verge of thinking the gun was at fault so I bought some Hornady Black Diamond BB's. THE BLACK DIAMONDS FEED FLAWLESSLY. What a relief. So it's an awesome fun plinker for paper targets, cans, plastic bottles, etc. The blowback action is really neat. This gun is a just a bunch of fun. It's nice to just blast away and not be overly concerned with accuracy and range. The only drawback for me are the non-adjustable sights. Mine shoots slightly left and low. If it was a target gun it would be a deal breaker. But it isn't. It's a fun fun fun spray gun.
ProsGood quality for the price Impressive looks and feel Full auto funtastic
ConsNon-adjustable sights
By Paul T.
Rixeyville, Va.
MP40 Legend
December 12, 2017
I had a rough start with my MP40 order: could not get it to function when It arrived. I followed the instructions in the manual-no luck.
I returned it for evaluation and it was shipped back to me QUICKLY!

When the new one (or old one repaired? No note.) was tried; same problem.
I called AIRGUNDEPOT service number and was
excellently helped by Casey (good guy!!).He was patient with me as I tried to get it to work step-by-step.
Finally, he figured out that the manual has a misprint...
The magazine must have BBs loaded to get the airgun to function!!! (This May have been the
problem w/ the 1st airgun!)
I loaded a magazine and the FUN started!!
Great airgun!
ProsRealistic looks & weight. Performs as shown in the videos. Reasonable cost. Great Service for troubleshooting. Amazing shipping speed.
ConsThe manual says “don’t use ammo until airgun testing verifys CO2 discharges.”; but magazine needs to be loaded for airgun to function.
By Athony
gun works great but.
December 12, 2017
the gun works great very well made. great gun but the clips work like garbage the wont feed for nothing. it just wastes co2, even on semi auto its shots 3 or 4 bbs then stuck again you have to pull on the little piece on the spring in clip just to get half of the bbs to shot . very disappointing . plus i been waiting to recive a return lable now for over 2 weeks. i know its the holidays but come on 2 weeks
Prosgreat shipping and handling and the service is good nice people.
Cons plus i been waiting to recive a return lable now for over 2 weeks. i know its the holidays but come on 2 weeks
By Al
Real deal
December 12, 2017
Looks like the real mp 40
All metal construction the folding stock deploys very nice
ProsNice reproduction very well built
ConsLoading the magazine is somewhat tough Because the magazine holds the co2 spare mags are a little expensive
By Trey
Jackson, TN
Great Present.
December 5, 2017
I got his for my 16 year old son. He is a world War 2 history buff so I know he will love it as a show piece. I told him I was getting him a gift that I wanted to nake sure it worked before I gave it to him so I tested it out. The barrel is a smooth boor and not very tight. So the grouping wasent extremely tight. It was a fun to shoot especially on full auto. I was able to shoot about 100 BBs on the two CO2 cartridges it takes to operate. The first 50 were fairly consistent in speed.
ProsFun to shoot!! Full auto.
ConsNot very accurate. No windage adjustment.
By David L.
December 4, 2017
This is great and lots of fun. Thanks
By Ted h.
Palmdale california
Awesome bb gun
December 3, 2017
Everything worked perfect ! no problems at all love it!
ProsIt's a machine gun . Looks and feels real.
ConsNone at all for me
By BroBrown
Minden, Nv
November 19, 2017
Heft and weight of a real MP. Reasonable price. Cant wait to take it out plinking. A real one from ATI cost in excess of $600. minus the folding stock. I weighed the options and decided to get the BB version, as it provides the folding stock making the presentation more like the actual MP40. Only drawback is one magazine and no sling.
ProsHas the actual under folding shoulder stock.
ConsOne magazine and no sling
By jeff p.
November 18, 2017
right out of the box you will love it!
Prosall pro
Consno cons
By Dennis D.
Fleming Isalnd, FL
Can't beat it for the price!
November 13, 2017
This is a fun little gun to shoot and it looks real! It's mostly metal especially where it should be. I'm very happy with the purchase!
November 9, 2017
I really love the gun. It is a ball to shoot! Looks and feels like the real thing. The only thing I do not like, is I have trouble loading the BB's. It is difficult to load, because the spring will not lock in the loading position. You have to hold the spring back and load the BB's one at a time. I wish there was some sort of tool you could use to hold the spring back while loading. Otherwise I love the gun!!!
ProsWell made. Looks and feels real. Fun to shoot, especially on full auto!!!!!!
ConsDifficult to load the BB's.
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