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Umarex Steel Force

Available in 0.1770.177.177 Cal BB Assault Rifle
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  • Code: umarex-steel-force · 0.177 cal · 430 fps ·
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The Steel Force features 6 round bursts of automatic firing fun! Also has a semi automatic shooting mode that will appeal to your more conservative side but our guess is you won't use that much. Full auto is just too much fun.

Uses two 12-gram CO2 cartridges and has lots of tactical rails. Load up the 300rd BB reservoir, which feeds the 30rd BB magazine, for constant shooting fun. The stock adjusts to a wide range of shooters making the Umarex Steel Force a best buy.

Umarex Steel Force BB Gun Features
  • Uses two (2) 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • BB repeater
  • 30rd magazine
  • 300rd reservoir
  • Full-/semi-auto
  • 6-rd burst mode in full-auto
  • Flip-up front and rear sights
  • CO2 compartment located in the fake vertical magazine located under the barrel
  • Adjustable stock length (24.40" to 28.20")
  • Integral Weaver/Picatinny optics rail and accessory rail

Remember to wear eye protection when shooting any BB gun and never shoot at hard targets or water. Everyone in the area where this is being shot should wear eye protection. Remove all pets from the shooting vicinity, as the steel BBs can ricochet and seriously injure them.
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Umarex Steel Force
66 Reviews
62% (41)
9% (6)
14% (9)
9% (6)
6% (4)
76% Recommend this product (50 of 66 responses)
Much potential revamp trigger mechanism
August 30, 2019
Be honest I love the accuracy with power the whole thing is fun and awesome. I actually bought four of these I like him so much same issue trigger failed every time I even baby them then over oil Captain clean and still has failed. Suggestion to Umarex beef up the harder plastic shell more beasts trigger mechanism Etc and you'd have a great I would definitely be on board just need some rework that's all. Until then please give us how to fix this problem if it's replacing spring Auto Parts please give us some feedback the ones we have incapacitated.
ProsAccuracy fun easy to use.
ConsTrigger mechanism leave you hanging little too plasticky .
Best UsesShoot you some wine bottles small rodents thing does pack a punch got a good ricochet it got me pretty good man stung like a bee always wear your safety glasses. For real..
By Jack A.
Macon, Ga.
Buy Something of Better Quality
July 31, 2019
Ive owned three of the Steel Force airguns, bought my two boys and myself one. All three quit working within 2-3 months, just wouldn't fire anymore. I suspect something to do with the cheap cast internals and trigger design. I'm disappointed with the junk quality. Went out and bought a Crossman break barrel which is top notch quality imo. But I applaud Umarex for at least attempting something cool. Was a blast the very short time it lasted.
By Kurt P.
Great fun for a minute...
March 29, 2019
Ok where to start with I had big fun with this til it stopped working after less than 4000 shots sent it back to umerex got another and lo and behold the exact same failure before 4000 shots you could no longer charge the gun period very disappointed with this cause it so so much fun while it worked it's the kind of thing if you bought your kid this for Christmas by the first week of January your done no durability at all what a shame this happened to BOTH of them
ProsVery fun while it was working
ConsBoth samples I had failed before I got thru the 4000ct bottle of BBs
By Donnie
Barre, VT
Lightning deal!
March 20, 2019
I was getting ready to check out when I saw this for $109. Yep, add to cart. What a blast!!
Pros300 BB reservoir, two co2's go a long way with mine. Six-shot bursts are really cool.
ConsSometimes it seems difficult to reload from the reservoir quickly. I'm trying to find the best "angle" to shake the bb's in.
Best UsesPlinking cans, scaring critters out of the garden, lol.
By Bcar
Great gun
January 29, 2019
This thing is a ton of fun I have around 2000 rounds thru mine and still going strong. It's very accurate for a BB gun I love it
ProsAccurate 6 round burst!!!! Fun
By brent j.
cheep fun till it stops working
December 25, 2018
great fun cheep mine stoped working to day so no rodent killing for my to day on xmass hoped it would last longer than 6 mos owell if a new one would happen to show up to replace it i would be shocked and say well dam what a good place to do biz with
By Larry
Churchville, NY
What a blast
November 19, 2018
Only put a few hundred rounds through it but it is fun. I don't care for the fixed sights so I added a green laser and sighted it in today. Thought I had a issue today as it went into auto 6 shot mode while set on single but then realized it was very low on air pressure. 2 new cartridges and all is well. Since it holds ~300 bb's I measure out by weight and store them in some old prescription bottles. Also made a funnel out of one which makes re-loading a breeze.
ProsI like the single shot for most of the time but it's still nice to use the 6 shot auto mode now and then. Since it's only 6 shots it wont break the bank (and have to reload too often)
ConsLike I said earlier, not crazy about the fixed sights as they are off a bit. You have to get use to 'Kentucky windage' to use them.
Best UsesPlinking, target shooting
By Big M.
Fountain Valley, CA
Not very satisfied.
October 27, 2018
This little jewel from Umarex is a piece of junk. After only a hand full of c02 canisters the gun took a total sh%t. I am very happy with the customer service at Air Gun Depot for dealing with my issue so fast.
ConsTotal sh%t after a hand full of c02 canisters.
Best UsesIn the junk pile
By Mike
Fountain Valley, CA
Total junk!
October 23, 2018
This little jewel only shot 1/2 a box of c02 canisters before it took a total wash-down. Very disappointed with my first purchase. I hope SIG Sauer MPX Red Dot Combo, Flat Dark Earth will make me happy and I hope customer relations will do a much better job then they did on my other purchases.
ProsVery accurate.
ConsTotal wash after 20 c02 canisters.
Best UsesFor the junk pile.
By Wayne
Umarex Steel Force
July 9, 2018
This bb rifle is awesome , very nice for plinking cans or paper targets, has enough power for pesting,
ProsAccurate and light weight, with realistic cocking and magazine, can convert to high pressure air to give more shots and higher velocity, semi auto , and full auto six round burst is real nice , easily can be transform to full auto with a few adjustments, video on YouTube.
ConsCO2 will freeze and cause the velocity to drop after shooting , to get the most out of this awesome rifle buy the kit to switch to high pressure air, you will have to get and air tank or buddy bottle.
Best UsesPlinking , targets , pesting small game , you can also convert to high pressure air which is a huge plus ,
By David S.
Columbus Indiana
Great Little Storm
June 21, 2018
Great gun with a reflex sight added and fore grip . it's made of plastic but well built . Great for targets . balloons and the stay cat that was after our toy Yorkie . Sorry Cat
ProsAccurate and cheap to shoot
ConsCan't find a extra c02 mag
Best UsesShooting At targets and having a good time
By Richard
West Virginia
I like it
June 15, 2018
These are very useful when training. Hurts like hell when hit, but I believe in education thru pain. People tend to learn faster.
ProsGood and reliable
ConsCould have put more metal into the making. Also unless there is a internal reason for the boot lose it.
Best UsesSimulation urban combat
By Damon M.
June 8, 2018
The umarex is awesome
By Richard H.
Princeton, West Virginia
Very nice
May 30, 2018
Just unpacked this little beauty. Has a good balance and feel to it. If you plan on using this for training purposes dont be to rough with it. However this is perfect to train my son with. Clearing rooms ,and urban combat techniques. I haven't fired it yet, I will update at a later time.
ProsGood balance to it, good feel to it,co2 lasts a long time especially in semi.
ConsReally dont see the point of the boot hampers room for attachments.
Best UsesI use this to teach urban combat to my kids
By T r.
Short life span
May 25, 2018
Was very fun to shoot but only lasted a couple of months. Not worth the money.
ConsShort life.
By Glenn61
Miami, FL
December 22, 2017

I bought one of these as it is unique, but after less than a thousand shots the trigger stopped. It would not activate anymore.
I took it apart only to see it was a horribly cheap sealed unit, not worth the $100-14S0 that these things sell for.

BEWARE if you buy this gun it has a VERY short life span. It's really a cool design and fun as hell to shoot, just not too much, as it's just 2 sides clam shelled over a pot metal insert that is very unreliable.VERY CHEAP
- Hopefully in the future Umarex will offer a better quality AR15 style semi/burst BB rifle.
ProsVery well designed, looks and feels like a little M4. 6 round burst is awesome.
ConsThe internal mechanism is weak and cheap. It will not survive heavy use. Sealed unit, Can not even be oiled.
By Gil
San Diego CA
Umarex customer support does not respond to customer questions.
December 19, 2017
Gun is good though it feels too "plasticky". It can pass as the real thing until you hold it.
ProsPerforms as described.
ConsUmarex customer support is not ideal.
By FixIt
Cheap Fun!
November 29, 2017
I got this to play around in the back yard and shoot up some cans. My kids definitely enjoy both single shot "target" shooting as well as mowing down water filled soda cans. The CO2 lasts an amazingly long time. I did add an inexpensive red-dot sight which made it an even better gun.
Prosfun, fun, fun
Consfor the money, none.
By Anthony
Must buy must buy
November 21, 2017
This is another one that you need to add to your collection!!!!!
It has semi automatic mode, and six round burst automatic mode.
And when you place the selector on six round burst and squeeze that trigger, well if it doesnt put a big grin on your face along with a giggle, then you must not have a soul or your dead inside!!!
This gun is an absolute blast with hours of fun as long as you dont run out of ammunition or co2 tanks!!!!
ProsEvery thing
By glenn61
Miami, FL
November 12, 2017
I bought one of these Umarex Steel Force as it is unique, but after less than a thousand shots the trigger stopped. It would not activate anymore.
I took it apart only to see it was a horribly cheap sealed unit, not worth the $120-150 that these things sell for.

BEWARE,,,, if you buy this gun it has a VERY short life span. It's really a cool design and fun as hell to shoot, just not too much as it's just 2 sides clam shelled over a pot metal insert that is very unreliable. VERY CHEAP....

Hopefully in the future Umarex will offer a better quality semi/burst BB rifle, but for now, I I'm buying the Sig MCX pellet rifle.
Prosfun to shoot
Consdies quickly
By Rick
Dos Rio California
Don't buy it's a peace of crap
November 6, 2017
I bought the umarex steel force thinking man this thing sounds pretty f-n cool man was I wrong.....
Only after shooting a couple hundred bbs threw it it broke on me the first day i got it.. if you are thinking of buying this huge peace of junk do your self a favor and DON'T save your money and get something better
ProsNothing it's junk
ConsIt's plastic, It broke the first day i got it, Its a cheaply made peace of junk, They don't sell parts for it, Waste of money,
By john c.
umarex steel force
October 27, 2017
works well and does what they said it would.
By Ken
junk, but fun while it lasted.
September 27, 2017
Quit shooting after 10 co2 cartridges. Waste of money , disappointed with purchase.
Prosfun to shoot 6 shot burst
Consdoesnt last long at all. Enough to call it a rip off
By Terry
, Minneapolios, MN
A blast to operate!
May 18, 2017
Received this gun over two weeks ago, and it is a hit with me and the kids! lots of fun to shoot, the addition of a red dot makes can shredding a breeze. have not encountered any jams or firing problems, and co2 usage is good, for doing 6-shot bursts most of the time! If you are looking for a bb gun that makes kids AND adults smile, here it is!
Proseasy to load, gas usage good, easy to line up for adults and 10+ year olds.
By Christian
West Haven, CT
It's baby's first full auto!
May 8, 2017
It's plastic, doesn't weigh much, loading the bbs in the reservior takes some getting used to. Don't expect your family will cherish it for generations, It is not built for longevity. But who cares, it's reasonably inexpensive.
Pros6 round auto, dual CO2, 300 BB reservoir for plenty of shooting without having to reload.
ConsIt's not an actual replica, but kind of an M4 carbine. It's plastic.
By Robert
Fun gun untill it breaks after warranty. No replacement parts are sold for this.
May 8, 2017
I love it. I installed a longer more accurate barrel. But the internal parts are zinc die cast. I have made a new stronger sear for mine. If you don't have a lathe or mill to make your own new parts...well your on your own. I had original sear fail after about 6500 rounds. There are rebuild kits and parts available for other Umarex products but none for this one. Not even for simple springs that can break or fly way when you take apart to clean or service. Cant recommend it to anyone unless they have equipment and skill to make new parts.
ProsFun gun.
ConsZero replacement parts available.
By John
Chattanooga, TN
So far so good, love the 6 round bursts
March 29, 2017
Definitely fired ok, will see what time will tell
ProsMore than plenty of ammo storage, easy to reload the 30 round clip
By Larry
Memphis, TN
Dressed up & ready to go!
March 27, 2017
Everything you see I purchased from Airgun Depot. Very cool looking gun in my opinion!!! I just need to get my new red dot scope sighted in. Everything I've ordered has been quickly shipped & their customer service people are great. They are my only source for airgun supplies. Check them out! You won't be disappointed.
By Joe
, Chicago
a Fun BB gun
March 22, 2017
This gun is a CO2 powered mini AR 6Rnd bursts machine gun. If you want a novelnty plinking piece you will like this.The manual says you can accuritly plink at 30 ft.
I was knocking groups of soup cans around at up to 60 ft with the built in guns sights.
Prosfun for plinking
By Bob H.
Las Vegas
Great for Camp air gun shooting range
February 3, 2017
For the past five years, I volunteer at Camp Conrad Chinnock, the nation's and perhaps the world's premier camp for children with Type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent). As an NRA range safety officer, I started, operate and finance the Camp's airgun shooting range. During a typical summer, 600-700 camper, parents and medical staff learn gun safety and have a ton of fun. 95% of the participants start out knowing nothing useful about gun safety or shooting in general. I have purchased nearly all of the air guns from Airgun Depot and appreciate their prices and service. Shooting various break barrel pellet guns is great. But as the summer goes on, an extra kick is needed. I have two Steel Storm guns, which provided thrills for young people and adults. The two Steel Force guns I bought for this summer's fun work as advertised and seem to be more accurate than the Steel Storms because of the adjustable butt stocks and superior sights. All six shots from full auto burst basically hit the same spot. The Steel Storm guns held up after being used thousands of times. I expect the same from the new guns.
The reality is that every man, woman and child is going to be in a situation where a gun shows up, usually in the hands of an know-nothing. Of course, true gun safety depends on properly and safely shooting guns hundreds if not thousands of times. Air guns are the ideal guns for our Camp located in the San Bernardino National Forest near Big Bear, CA. Pellets and BBs are cheap compared to .22 ammo, have less power and range and present fewer liability issues. California and firearms do not seem to mix well.
ProsFun and inexpensive to shoot.
By Dexter
Steal force bb gun
January 29, 2017
It was fun till it just stopped working. Bought 3 of them and they all crapped out. The same thing happened to a buddy of mine, but he was smart enough to only buy 2 of them!!
ProsFun till it died.
ConsNot a good product.
By Marcus E.
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Awesome Gun!! Be ready to have some FUN.
January 6, 2017
Gun Rocks! Shoots crazy cool. rapid fire and dead on. CO2 last longer than I expected. Threw on a red laser, 3 point sling hook on top rail, broom handle on bottom rail and ready for battle....son loves it, gives him great practice in handling for his AR15. Also holds a ton of bb's. Buy the black BB's, they don't oxidize and it keeps the dust out of the gun. Got it in time for Christmas, 3 days.
ProsThere is nothing out there in the box stores like this, period!
ConsAt this price, how can you complain about anything.
By Theo
December 28, 2016
Bought for my older son. He is very pleased with it. I was surprised at the weight, made it more like handling a real one.
By Tony
Buena Park, CA
December 17, 2016
Like a butt head I did not read instructions and blew co2 magazine. But it is a blast!
ConsRead instructions!
November 26, 2016
By Richard
sayville, NY
To much plastic
October 13, 2016
This is a great planker, easy to load, both ammo and co2, just too much plastic, add on give it some weight, but would be a great gun if they spent more time in the quality dept.
ProsGreat shooter, eas you to load, both ammo and co2, never get tired shooting this gun
ConsWatch too much plastic, thus making the gun feel very lite, add ons gave it some weight, they need to work on the quality dept.
By Joshua
Lancaster, CA
Super awesome fun gun!
August 24, 2016
I got this gun 2 weeks ago referbed and it looked pretty good could defiantly tell it was used but that's ok. The gun functions perfectly no leaks and has really good power, shot through a steel bucket on full auto at 20 feet away and I was in shock. It does eat co2 but honestly its pretty efficient on air consumption. So to wrap this up you can't go wrong with this gun its fun it tears crap up and it has a bulk fill adapter so you can shoot all you want. I love this airgun!
ProsIts full auto Its a short barrel AR replica Its full auto Has great power It full auto!
By Craig
Clayton, NC
Fun, but...
August 2, 2016
I bought this gun strictly for S&Gs and it delivered, mowing down soda cans like a beast with a red dot sight. Muzzle velocity looks like 400 FPS-ish with fresh cylinders (you can see the rounds in flight). As you might expect, it eats CO2 cylinders but it's worth it.

It looks enough like the real thing to get you in serious trouble if you're stupid, sounds cool and accepts Pic rail accessories. The left side of the hand guard contains the magazine and mag follower so no rails there.

Obviously the hand guards are non-replaceable, The pistol grip looks like the standard A2, but isn't. so no MagPul grips here. The stock looks like a basic M4 6 position unit: it does have six positions, but the "buffer tube" diameter is 1.122" / 28.5 mm so neither the commercial nor the military diameter replacement stocks will fit satisfactorily. The trigger guard is a MIM part and is screwed in place, so an AR part might fit with some grinding.

On the flip side, I've run less than 2K rounds through it and have had numerous malfunctions, ranging from FTF (the "charging handle" allows you to recock), through minor mechanical issues (escaped mag follower spring) to complete mechanical failure requiring warranty work.

Speaking of malfunctions, two notes: as the CO2 runs down the single fire may become burst and vice versa. Also, **DANGER WILL ROBINSON**, the safety isn't safe- if the trigger is pulled the weapon may fire regardless of the position of the selector switch. Sounds like a huge product liability issue to me, but it shouldn't be a problem if one follows safe gun handling protocols. I wouldn't give it to my kid on X-mas morning and then walk away, that's fer sher.

Based on my own experience and the collective wisdom of the internet, I suspect that if you purchase the Steel Force you will need to use the warranty at some point so make sure you send in the paperwork. BTW, when (not if) you send it in for warranty work the shipping is on your dime.

Safety and reliability = 0, Cool factor = 4, Fun factor = 5 (...when it works).
By Lawrence
cortlandt manor, ny
Fun for the price
July 29, 2016
Everyone likes auto type fire. Sound is great. A little hard to get bobs in the magazine. Not the most accurate but with 6 to 8 rounds at a time you do not have to be!1111
By Buddy
Charlotte, N.C.
Terrific Fun !
June 24, 2016
Just received mine and after digesting the instructions.....had a blast. The other reviews are dead on. The Steel Force is accurate out of the box. Single shot at approximately 15 yards gave a .50 cent pattern. In auto mode at 15 yards it delivered a pattern a hair larger than a silver dollar...WOW!!! At around 30 yards the pattern naturally spreads out but I was shooting at a square Kleenex box 41/2" wide. It put all 6 rounds in that box at 30 yards. Again right out of box with my first time shooting it. I was truly amazed at how accurate the rifle is. The loading process is a bit challenging the first time. But once you get the thing loaded.....300 bbs!! get the hang of shaking the 30 rounds into the firing position sleeve pretty quickly. So it carries 300 bbs and you simply shake 30 at a time into the firing sleeve every once in a while. Because you move a spring loaded slide to do the reload as the slide moves down the sleeve as the bbs exit you get a great indicator of where you are on the 30 bbs and when to reload. Reload!?! Gees the thing is packing 300 bbs and all you do to reload them is shake the rifle. It is an absolute blast. I did see the reviews below regarding unwanted discharges. So far have not experienced that in my first time out. But I too am a fire arm owner and as such treat everything that fires a projectile as if it is always loaded & ready to fire.....hence barrel awareness always keeps it pointed in a safe direction with loading & unloading always performed OUTSIDE. 'Cause there really ain't no safe area inside the house. :-)
ProsAccurate, a blast to shoot & the auto feature is habit forming. 300 bbs in rifle before you have to stop and truly reload......fantastic. I liked the trigger pull too. Lighter than the pistols for sure.
ConsInitial loading of 300 bbs into rather small chamber is a challenge. Do it in a place where you can catch the bbs that don't go in on the first try. A minor issue but one to prepare for.
Woodstock, VA
Lots of fun
February 3, 2016
This is a fun gun to shoot I love the 6 round burst feature. I put a red dot sight on it and works great.
Proslots of fun.
Cons30 round go by too fast. Then you have to reload.
By Amatuer G.
Awesome Gun, Lots of fun
December 31, 2015
Guys, this is an awesome gun. It's easy to shoot, doesn't jam, and accurate out of the box. It will destroy pop/soda cans. It's accurate by itself but with a red dot scope it's really accurate. It also has a lot of rails for cool attachments. See pic. If you really want to see it shoot go here to check it out:

I really had lots of fun with this gun as evident in my site, so buy it if you see it for a good price.
ProsEasy to shoot, accurate, very fun, and looks cool with accessories
By james
glenwood, IA
October 31, 2015
Fast action
By Eric
Evansville, IN
My choice
September 17, 2015
Much more accurate than the storm. Since I have both even though I like the storm, if I had to buy just one would be the steel force.
By joe
north highlands, CA
this gun is a blast
July 10, 2015
great gun lots of fun for plinking I know this is refurbished but I cant tell where looks new to me.
Prosholds 300 bbs
By Bobby L.
Excellent Product!
July 7, 2015
Gun arrived in excellent condition. It was missing the hex keys to tighten the co2 cartridges. ADT promptly sent me a replacement. Very pleased with this purchase.
ProsGun looks and works great. Extremely fun to shoot.
By Colin
Snohomish, WA
Great gun, Better customer service!
July 6, 2015
I have now purchased my 3rd unit!
2 for myself, and one for a friend. You will not find a "funner" gun to plink with! The 6 round bursts can't be beat!

Pretty accurate, but add a laser or a red dot site, and it is dead on!
Weaver rails every where, Add a pistol grip, and a tactical flashlight, and you have a super fun, mean lookin' gun!

Now, the best part...My 3rd gun was not working properly, so I called customer service.
I spoke with Schroder. Awesome. No questions asked, a replacement gun is on the way!
ProsFUN FUN FUN! Looks and feels great 6 shot bursts!!!!!!
ConsNone found yet, with the 2 that are working great!
By John
South Wilmington, IL
Good gun
July 1, 2015
Satisfied with gun. Very pissed off with service!!!! I ordered the gun. Paid for shipping. They shipped fedex smart post. Took a bit over 2 weeks to get. I tried sending two emails to customer service regarding the whereabouts of this gun. NO RESPONSE!!!!. Tracking showed getting to Chicago, sat there for 4 days, then went to Wisconsin. Sat there for 4 days as well! Then back to Chicago. Finally it made it to my post office after 2 weeks. I live about 50 miles sw of Chicago. I also ordered something from Pyramid Air a day later. I paid for shipping there as well. It was a bit cheaper. They shipped via UPS. I got it 2 days later! Needless to say that I believe Air Gun Depot doesn't care about its customers when inquiring about an order. I've bought from them in the past with no issues! I don't think that they should use fedex smart post either. Totally useless! I highly doubt that I will be ordering from Air Gun Depot again!!!!!!!
ProsGun shoots well.
ConsCould have more metal on it. Plus Air Gun Depot SHOULD RESPOND TO CUSTOMERS INQUIRING ABOUT THEIR ORDERS!!!!!!!!
By BuilderBob
Thousand Oaks, CA
Super Cool...!!!
June 30, 2015
This thing is Awesome. Its like being at a fair shooting the star out of the target. Pretty Cool. Shoot extremely accurate. Great little rifle +++++
ProsEasy Loading, large capacity ammo port.
By Jovanny
San Diego California
Very accurate gun
June 30, 2015
Very accurate BB gun. Very fun 6 burst shooting. The whole thing feels plastic. The resoirver needs to be improved to allow the bb's go into the mag a lot more easier. Has rails to install lasers or pointers in bottom or top. You can shoot around 300 bb's before your co2 runs out. You can actually kill birds and squirrels with this gun. Does not have blow back.single shoot's can be done as fast as you can pull the trigger.had it for 4 months now, and have not yet encounter any problems at all.Over all, I think for the price it's pretty good.
ProsVery accurate gun. Haven't had any problems with gun Very fun to shoot Low price Easy to use
ConsPlastic feel of the gun Would of loved it if it came in full automatic
By Darell
This gun is a lot of fun
June 30, 2015
The whole family loves to shoot this gun.
By Paul T.
coventry, RI
Beware Great Gun but Most Dangerous Gun I have Owned!
June 22, 2015
Basically followed instruction manual and it fired several rounds on single shot and a few 6 rounds bursts. Then pull trigger after charging and nothing. Thought it was jammed but not. Charged AND recharged but nothing safety on,\safety off, change selections, changed c02, nothing. Pull out magazine, charge and no click with trigger depressed. Charged and recharged to dry fire, but NO-GO. Very frustrated becuase this weapon looks awesome, and feels awesome, and appears well made despite high plastic use. And few times it shoot it was awesome and on target. So wanted to play so bad but no go. SO back to DANGER! Thank god I am experienced gun owner and follow all safety rules, even the ones that people think are redundant and stupid, with safety engaged. Well wanted to try it again so PUT SAFETY ON, re-inserted magazine with new CO2s. BBs in loading port (30 BBs), and when inserting magazine with SAFETY ON, this gun fired a 6 round bursts while holding it down range and no trigger pull. OMG that was close. So even though trigger had been pulled 100 times without magazine and weapon was thought to be clear, the trigger never released fire mechanism, but it just hung up by a hair. So now that I know what is up I tried to problem solve and found this horrifying conclusion. After repeating same procedure and no ability to fire once charged and trigger is pulled it does not fire, but slightest bump such as sending magazine home, pushing in retract butt, or hitting bottom of magazine slightly with palm of hand this baby will fire without warning and fire based on how selector s/w was last set during last charge and trigger pull. Like a live grenade that does not explode but once you think it is diffused it suddenly goes off next time you pull the pin. So listen to the safety guide when it says "dont ever point even if safety is on". Got into this hobby to train my son to handle a weapon and hunt and although I supervise him he is still a 12 year old kid and evey once in a while I must play range master and remind him...KEEP IT POINTED DOWN RANGE AT ALL TIMES. Well thank god I was testing this for 1st time on my own bc who knows what would of happen if I handed to him when i felt strongly it was safe and ON SAFE. So never could fix it or figure out why it is doing this but been working with weapons all my life including USMC and never had a production weapon released to public that fires consistently with safety on and no trigger pulls. Well trigger is pulled but it could of been from 5 mins in the past and it just hangs with no outward sign. This is an inexpensive weapon so I suppose many noobs and young shooters who can afford this call assault weapon look alike will purchase and handling skills are more relaxed then mind. Someone will loose and eye or suffer a serious injury at close range!!! This also indicates to me b/c of how quickly this flaw presented itself that the folks who package and/or refurbish don't check it AT ALL! Because if they pull trigger more then once after refurb that it would of showed itself instantly. If not for this would of given it 4 stars see quick specs review below. BTW This is a refurbished model purchased last week during sale! Dont trust these folks now and its a law suit waiting to happen.
ProsAwesome looking, Awesome feel, and appears sturdy and well made despite high plastic use. BTW anyone remember early M16/AR15s. They where referred to as the "Mattel" gun b/c so toy like with so much plastic, especially the barrel covering so maybe this makes it realistic..LOL! Seem accurate with the 1st few rounds fired until it stopped working. Auto 6 round burst is out of this world and so cool would not care about the cons I mention, not for price I paid! Also most got it right and bummer is these flaws could of been seen and fixed at little expense by design team. Sights fixed to rail but retractable and work well for what they are. Put scope on mine and another flaw arose see CON section.
ConsCons: Constant hang-fire with no indication that it is hung other then BBs not fired. See details above. Most dangerous weapon i accounted bc it will fire with safety on and slight bump once charged and loaded with magazine. Will not release fire mech when trigger pulled 95% of the time after hours of trial and error frustration. This has nothing to do with magazine or CO2 pressure becuase you can recreate with dry shot, charged with no magazine and no rounds loaded. Pull charging handle over and over following trigger pull and maybe after 25 attempts you finally get a click with trigger pulled. Then back to hang-up. Easiest way to shoot it is put magazine in a slight vibration from mag being inserted will fire it 100% auto or single works like a charm, if thats OK...LOL Or softly insert mag, pull trigger and when nothing happens slightly hit but, or magazine with palm, or insert butt retract and it fires with no trigger pulls. Other cons: lots of plastic but sturdy. Sights not removable making scope mounting awkward without a riser or high profile ring mounts. Worst loading process taking hour of trial and error to get the 300 round BB reservoir to feed 30 rounds into firing chamber. Instructions simply says "shake". Well good luck with that! Discovered that a good general shake with gun upright followed by a backwards and forward rocking moment with the weapon held almost barrel perpindicular to ground gets best effect. Was exhausted from shaking when I finally figured this out. How about putting that in manual.
By Paul t.
coventry, ri, usa
so close but not close enough
June 21, 2015
Never so dissapointed bc this gun looks and feels so awesome. Built well and the first time I fired the 6 round burst I got chills. Wow this is awesome. But then it felt like it jammed bc would not fire. But not a jam. Mechanical issue. And very very dangerous failure which thank god I am very safety conscious. Basically trigger does not always release firing pin or what ever it is called in airgun. So you charge weapons take safety off pull trigger and nothing. U pull out magazine try to clear it recharge it and whatever u may think of to fix. You put magazine back in gun and jolt of mag slamming home wil release charged firing pin and fire in whatever mode is selected. As if u just pulled trigger. Okay so what if I have safety on when doing this. It fires and fires. Pull trigger again and again. Nothing. Hit magazine or stock in any way with safety on and loaded and it will fire without warning. I look closely at fire mechanism to see what issue is. Externally in mag opening u can see trigger lever operating but not releasing whatever latch must be released causing it to just hang waiting for slightest jar or vibration to fire any rounds loaded. Are u kidding me!!! Most dangerous issue I ever personally encounted. So not only does it not work right out of the box but to a less experienced gun owner it could cause very serious harm. In this price range many younger less experiences people would most likely purchase as a first auto rifle. So I am angry frustrated and very concerned with both manufacturer and vendor. This is refurbished but any legitimate company and or vendor who spent 30 secs testing before packing would find that it simply does not work and also dangerous as all heck. My opinion is bc failure is so immediate and unmistakable that is was never once checked other then maybe one pull of trigger. So never again do I recommend a refurbished weapon from company. So waiting to find a fix or solution but just beware. Other cons sight housing not removable as in other similar guns making the recommended scopes difficult to mount without high profile or riser. Worst con is way gun is loaded once BB resorvoir is filled. Shake shake shake and hope u have right combo of shakes flips bangs and spins to figure how BBS roll into breach 30 at a time. Between charging 100 times per shot from trigger issue and shaking and shaking to load I had a full work out with nothing but frustration. That's why I titled it this way. Very very easy and cheap redesign and this gun would be awesome any help please advise
ProsAwesome potential look feel and 6 round burst
ConsMechanical failures serious and very dangerous. BB Load mech is awful until you get hang of it and work up a sweat. Finally come on and let me remove sights to mount scope. Accurate first few rounds only. Cheaper guns like pump Crossman. M177 HAS removable site at 59.99 and built better but who wants a pump action
By Darren M.
Washington, Michigan
wonderful sick gun! Check out my attachments!
February 21, 2015
! This is a very nice gun I've never had a problem with it yet I love how it's very easy to customize I went for a Navy Seal type look check out my pics. What I have added is: 2000 cre flashlight, halo suppressor, a 2.5 10 x 40E illuminated rifle scope with built in laser on left side, Deluxe Tri Rail riser mount, 2 punisher vinyl stickers and a 5 position fold out agronomic grip. the last two things I'm going to add next week is a 40 degree mount and a nice red dot on the side for close range I will update pictures when I have it complete but for now I will show you these enjoy please buy this gun and have just as much fun as I am..
By Yote
Loads of fun but has design flaws.
December 8, 2014
I'm on my third Steel Force within a year from constant breaking from design flaws. I read all over online that a lot of people are having the same issues non stop where it just stops firing from a few weeks to months. Umarex will not talk or discuss the issue with the reasons why. DO NOT DRY FIRE THE GUN. I believe this is what sets up the gear wheel for it to malfunction and break. When sending back under the 3 month warranty they do give you, it takes about 2 weeks to get a brand new gun back.

Other then the design flaws the gun is so much fun and I noticed that I shoot this more then even my AR or Sr22. Just the noise it makes from the 6 shot burst is enough for what I paid for the make it worthwhile. To much plastic but has good weight with the metal externals. As of now with all the tactical attachments I have on it weighs 7 pounds. Added a Magpul CTR MILSPEC stock, Truglow multi recitcal/dual color open red dot, FAB Defense Line TAL4 forward grip, J5 300 lumen tactical light, Laserlyte laser, and Gemtech Halo mock suppressor.

I see myself everyday shooting this non stop in the spring summer and fall. Just to much fun!
ProsGood weight, solid construction, additional rails, 6 shot burst with selector switch to single, can be modified to full auto, good co2 usage, loads of fun, anything u can just add to a picitany rail.
ConsCould use more another rail if they moved the loading spring, wished for a steel buffer tube, no real room for 3 point sling, to much plastic, sites cannot be removed and they are cheap plastic.
By Stephen
Gaithersburg, Md.
Lock And Load A Steel Force
October 3, 2014
I ordered a steel storm weeks ago and had to have a Steel Force model. I mounted one of the Green Dot Laser sights on the bottom rail and sighted the rifle in in only minutes, less than 30 rounds. There are no wild rounds even at full auto, every round on target and tightly grouped. The green dot is highly visible even in full daylight and you can get on target instantly. Other than plinkin' I don't know what I'll do with the weapons but at full auto I at least know what I can do if needed.
By Fredrik
Gothenburg, Sweden
Get it while you can
August 9, 2014
I bought the Steel Force from AD a month ago and I'm very pleased with it so far.
I live in Sweden so I had to import it because no dealers here carry this gun (for some reason).

Obviously the burst mode is a major selling point and it's just as fun as it sounds!
I have only fired a couple of hundred rounds because I have been busy modding it. Take a look at the attached pictures to see what I have done with it so far (full-size metal magazine, cut-out ejection port with a new metal ejection port, weights added internally etc.).

I recommend this airgun to anyone in the mood for some great plinking and can-shredding sessions. And don't worry too much about the plastic - the Steel Force is still a riot to shoot, and the price is not bad at all.
ProsBurst mode, the AR look, rails, trigger pull
ConsA bit too much plastic, no adjustable sights, the flash hider was not fitted tightly enough (I corrected that myself).
By John
Fort Edward, NY
Great gun very fun to shoot
June 20, 2014
Nice BB gun fun to shoot
ProsSingle an burst fire easy to load cheap way to shoot
ConsHard to get bbs into spring area
By Joe
San Diego CA
Fun while they worked!
February 19, 2014
At first this gun really met my expectations. It%u2019s a blast to shoot and the single or 6 round bursts are great. If you feather the trigger in 6 round bursts it almost like full auto. My thumb gets in the way of the magazine follower as others have stated but I generally hold the front portion of the magazine.

You can get 210 - 240 shots through it however, when the co2 pressure starts to get low the gun will fire multiple shots in single shot mode or only shoot 1 six round bust and stop firing. If you pull the charging handle it will fire again but then fail. This must just be the way the gun acts when the co2 pressure gets low.

However, after a couple thousand rounds through the gun it would misfire even with fresh co2 and the charging handle would need to be pulled to get the gun to fire again. Sometimes it would fire 10 times and stop while other times it would fire 1 shot and stop firing. It eventually stopped firing altogether. I called Umarex and they had me send it to them as it was still under the 90 day warranty and they replaced the gun.

I've got around 2000 rounds through the second Steel Force and the gun started misfiring again with fresh co2 carts just like the first one. I called Umarex and they had no explanation. They said there are no known issues with the gun. I followed the instructions meticulously so I%u2019m not sure what is going on. Luckily, I had one day left on the 90 day warranty so I sent the second Steel Force back to Umarex to be looked at and hopefully replaced. Maybe I just got two lemons.

I%u2019m very disappointed, especially with such a fun gun. I would have given this gun 5 stars but since two of them stopped working after only a short firing time I can only give it 1 star. Hopefully Umarex will replace the second gun with one that will last tens of thousands of rounds.
ProsLooks, good shot count per co2, accuracy, single and 6 round bursts with plenty of rail space for accessories.
ConsThe sights are not adjustable and cannot be removed. Stops firing after a couple thousands rounds.
By Travis
arlington, WA
great gun over all
December 30, 2013
i love shooting it because it has amazing accuracy and it fun to shot because it has a high power out put, and the best thing is you can get about 600 shots out before the CO2 runs low.
Conslittle flip up sights
By Bryan
Great Addition to any collection
December 19, 2013
Overall, this is a great addition to your collection. It is an affordable gun that not only provides a cool look for an assault rifle, but it is also provides great function at this price point. You can shoot one shot at a time or in six round bursts for full auto. It has a very realistic feel and weight to it - especially after you're done adding your attachments. I have a red dot scope, flashlight, grip and laser pointer on mine. I would recommend it to a friend.
ProsYou will have fun with attachments and can really make it look great!
ConsIf I have to list a con it would be that I would have preferred more metal parts (like the sights), but for the price, I won't complain.
By Oz
Fun and accurate.
November 25, 2013
This is my first semi-auto/ full auto BB gun; I have about six. Pumps, pistols, Co2's, and lever action. I was hesitant to try it because I wasn't a big fan of Co2's. I'm glad I did. I poured respectable amount of bb's in the reservoir, tightened the screws on the magazine, releasing the gas and rock & rolled. It's not that loud which is a plus. I'd say more quiet than a nail gun.

I like the unique magazine which holds the Co2's. It's much like an actual magazine for an m-4. I shot with the fixed sights from about 20 feet. Single shot and six rd.burst. It shot about about 2 inches beneath the bull's eye. Its not too bad; the Co'2s lasted better than I expected. With the picatinny rail you can upgrade with a scope or red dot hardware. It's a fun bang for the buck.
ProsA fun plinker and target shooter.
ConsIt would be a nice feature if you could purchase spare magazines for it. Not that you burn through it that quick but, it would be nice to have the option.
By Brian
Spokane, WA
Steel force
October 16, 2013
Rushed home knowing my delivery was waiting .
Opened the box and started shooting right away . Right off loved it , how cool is six shot burst from an air gun for under 120 ?
I did notice when the co2 was low my single shot mode went to 6 shot . Replace co2 and back to Normal .
Sights not so hot , but just slapped on a red dot .
ProsO2 powered . Single or 6 shot burst . Adjustable stock . Affordable . Lots of rail space for mounting what ever you would like.
ConsLow co2 creates fire rate control issues , still doesn't bother meas I love the gun . Sights not so cool . Bb mag driver hits my thumb when firing.
By Richard
October 12, 2013
Perfect, shoots like a nail gun. It works great on moving squirrels since so many BB's are flying at them you are sure to make the squirrels go elsewhere.
ProsAll well thought out.
ConsNone at this time.
By Doug
South Dakota
Very cool looking gun
August 7, 2013
Grand kids loved the ease of shooting in regards to the trigger pull and the telescoping stock. Sights aren't the best but I installed a halo sight from one of my AR15s and it is a tack driver on the zombie targets. Full auto 6rd burst is a nice feature.
ProsLooks very close to my SBR in size also. 6rd burst Nice shooting gun for the price.
ConsStock sights aren't the best but then for the price who cares, you can always put something else on it.
By Erik
Fresno, CA
Couldn't wait to get my hands on one of these
June 20, 2013
This gun met my high hopes. A blast to shoot. It will cut a soda can in two with a 30-rd magazine (five 6-rd bursts). Since my thumb gets in the way of the magazine follower, I will probably add a pistol grip to the forehand (or else have to find a new way to grip it). I feel like I have to get my head really low with the flip up sights, so I will probably add an optical sight to it which is a little higher. That would make it more comfortable to shoot so I don't get a kink in my neck. I wish they would have a 30 or 40 rd (or more) drop out magazine (that I could get extras of) to make reloading easier and faster. The first day I shot it I put quite a few 30-shot mags through it (I lost count). Then after I would fire a 6-rd burst, I was unable to fire again. So I pulled the charging handle back and fired another burst. Same thing happened. I had to pull the charging handle back each time I fired a burst. I thought maybe the CO2 was running low, so switched to single shot mode. However, it continued firing 6-shot bursts. I switched to safe, then back to single shot and it still happened. I emailed Umarex about it and they promptly replied. Told me to send it back and they would take a look at it. I decided to put a pair of fresh CO2 carts in and test it out again. This time I kept track of how many 30-shot mags I could get out of a pair of CO2 carts. It worked flawlessly through eight 30-rd mags (240 rds). I reloaded and halfway through the 9th mag full on 6-rd burst mode, the same thing started happening as the day before. Switched to single shot and it fired it twice with one round per shot, then it started firing bursts again in single shot mode. Apparently the "malfunction" is related to CO2 pressure. I am going to hang on to it for a while to see if anyone else encounters these phenomena when CO2 runs low. If so, then I guess it is "normal". If not, then I will return it.
Proslooks got 240 shots out of a pair of CO2 carts good accuracy and on target right out of box good fps drop out "magazine" holds a pair of CO2 carts, also stores the CO2 wrenches (one extra - nice touch) 6-shot burst on auto collapsible stock rails for accessories
Consflip up sights sometimes flip down filling the 30 rd magazine from the 300 rd hopper is slow and requires tilting the rifle up and down repeatedly the magazine follower is right where I normally put my left thumb, so my thumb gets in the way flip up sights are a little low for me
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