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Umarex Steel Storm BB Pistol, Full Auto

Available in 0.1770.177Fully Automatic Tactical BB Pistol, 430 fps with 30-shot Capacity!

Umarex Steel Storm BB Pistol, Full Auto

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BB gun fans can rejoice, the Steel Storm has arrived! The Umarex Steel Storm Tactical BB gun has a 30 shot capacity, with a 300-round reserve! It allows you to shoot 6-shot bursts in "full-auto" mode, and single shots in semi-auto mode. The gun gives the feel of a real gun with real blowback action. The gun is powered by dual 12 g CO2 capsules, and the CO2 is housed in a drop out magazine for ease of access.

And if you want having to skip using 12g CO2 and would rather use a bulk CO2 tank, pick up the Air Venturi Steel Storm CO2 Bulk-Fill Adapter!

Umarex Steel Storm Submachine Gun
  • BB repeater
  • 30-rd non-removable BB reservoir fed magazine
  • 300-rd reservoir!
  • Full-/semi-auto
  • 6-rd burst mode in full-auto
  • Uses two 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Up to 200 shots per fill
  • Integral Weaver/Picatinny optics rail and accessory rail
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Umarex Steel Storm BB Pistol, Full Auto
138 Reviews
71% (98)
17% (24)
7% (9)
1% (1)
4% (6)
67% Recommend this product (92 of 138 responses)
By Daniel
Umarex Steel Storm
August 6, 2011
This BB gun is not available in Sweden, so i got it from, and I must say itĀ“s a blast! 80 dollars for this little sucker is a bargain, even with Swedish customs fee and taxes (29% extra) its so worth it.

It sprays BB:s like crazy, but fairly accurate. 300 BB:s per dual CO2 I think is a decent estimate, but the first couple of hundred BB loads are extra fun.

I got the Walther Shot Dot - green dot point sight and the UTG - Ambidextrous Foldable FOREGRIP for Weaver Rail accessories for the Steel Storm and it works great in combination.

Don't think - buy!
By Robb
Pure plinking pleasure...
March 8, 2011
Umarex has released quite the little beast. From the aesthetics to the performance, this airgun is just plain cool. I've shot about 2500 rounds so far without any problems. It's loud, but not TOO loud(backyard plinkers shouldn't have to worry unless their neighbors are evil haha).

Single shot mode yields good accuracy at 30 feet. I can hit an old car antenna at that distance about 75% of the time(with a red dot sight). 6 round burst mode is giggle-inducing fun, and tearing fruit apart with it is a blast. Time your trigger pulls and you can empty the mag in under 3 seconds (Get Some!)-but those bbs spray with much less accuracy than in single shot, obviously.

I can shoot a full hopper of 300 bbs before needing new co2, sometimes a few more. Rapid firing will super-cool the powerlets and you may lose some velocity, though i think that's common with most co2 airguns.

Add some accessories to the picatinnys and you've got the most "tacti-cool" bb gun on the block. So what are waiting for? Go get one Now!!!!
By Roderick J.
Umarex steel storm
October 23, 2019
This gun is awesome! That may sound cliche, but it's my favorite one to shoot out of my three steels ( storm, strike, and force). It's more compact, but still has the fire power. It's also convenient to have the built in easy to load magazine. This gun is a lot of fun!
Pros1.) Built in magazine with 300 round reservoir. 2.) Compact build. 3.) Full auto (6 round burst). 4.) Rails for accessories.
Best UsesTarget practice, plinking!
By Kevin
Dont waste your money!
October 11, 2019
I bought this bb gun for some back yard target practice. It lasted 2 days before internal parts broke and rendered the gun to paperweight. I returned and bought a Benjamin trail np xl 725.
Eureka, CA
September 16, 2019
I had sooo much fun... I was a 65yr. old kid... I Actually Chuckled!!! I Don't ckuckle....
ProsThe gun perhorms flawlessly, weighty, but mot bad at all ease of built in magazine?? Holds More than enuff for... Ohhh a couple minutes, because you won't want to stop firing. Single fire pretty acurate... Love the six BB full auto mode
ConsThe long spring that holds tension against loaded BB's... Must be applied gently... Or... Suffer a bind up, and failure of that spring.... This should accept a modulator, supressor, silener, whateber its called, unfortunately... No way to mount one... At all!
Best UsesTargets, cans fall hefore this potent advisary... It's so much fun, you'll find things to shoot without suggestions, even if that long BB tensioner spring fails... It's worth sending back for repair... Really is.... Just remember, if you cock it back... BE GENTLE, when you uncock to put pressure on BB's... BE GENTLE... You should escape spring failure. Get one, enjoy the Hell outta it!!!
By James
Gates, NC
Steel Spray
April 11, 2019
It arrived on time & it's ok. The co2 lasts for 200 rounds before they have to be changed. It's not very accurate, it's more spray & pray. The front sight is where it's loaded at & it would be better if the front sight was able to close more securely. The sights are terrible & really needs some sort of sight. It's easy to load, easy to load magazine & fun to shoot but the sights really suck.
ProsCo2 lasts for 200 rounds. It can be load with about a few hundred rounds. Light weight, if you buy this buy plenty of bb's
ConsSights really terrible Front sight doesn't securely close & bb's can easily be dumped out
Best UsesPaper targets, tin cans, teaching young shooters basic shooting skills
Ft, worth, TX
I am so happy w/ this gun that I ordered another one
February 22, 2019
WOW what FUN,FUN,FUN. THIS IS A GREAT B.B. gun, and the 6-shot burst functions right out of the box, thereā€™s no modifications required, I have to give it
5 stars because I have filled the B.B. resuvare full 6 times and fired them all without
A single jam
ProsAll around fun, duel co2 and 300 rd. Reservoir means you can spend more time shooting and less time on reloading.
ConsWhen co2 is low this one still fires 6 shots even when set at one
By Tim
North Branch, MN
Steel storm BB
February 15, 2019
Very fun, works well . I am happy with how it work even though it is not full auto .
Best UsesShooting cans with a kid or friend .
By Jeremiah H.
January 24, 2019
IT IS VARY Accurate!
I love the 6 bb burst.
ProsLooks cool. All around fun.
ConsI wish bb were free. Lol.
Best UsesSelf defense against squirrels And empty beer cans.
By Charlsey
dallas tx
really good
January 4, 2019
i have now several Full auto BB this one is the best of my 3
it is super easy to load and lots of fun, and best priced
i highly recommend dont let the fact that it shoots semi and 6bursts that is fine compared to the others that have a magazine that requires you to load BB's painstakingly by pushing a plastic, springloaded tiny knob type down to a small opening and loading .. i have a pfam9b that is JUNK !
ProsPRICE! 300 BB storage double CO2 tank holder LOTS OF FUN PRICE LOL
Consminor con of getting the BB's to load in have to turn upside down shake it etc but that is so minor
Best Usesbackyard fun if legal or set up a temp range in the garage for an afternoon of fun
By Todd
Macon, Georgia
January 2, 2019
Well built gun. I've not had the first problem with it.
By brad
Brighton, CO
Great deal
December 28, 2018
Out of the box,210 rounds & counting on 1st two cylinder's. 20 bucks cheaper from Airgun depot than other sites. Shoots pretty accurate using Uramrex steel BB's. I'm 56 & haven't smiled like this since I was about 12
Prosa great time so far, performs like I expected. It's a fun BB gun, not a pcp.
Consnone I'm having fun
Best Usesjust have fun, cans, paper targets, hell I shot my shed just for fun. LOL
By Greg P.
Los Angeles
Steel Storm
December 15, 2018
Great fully auto gun, does everything. I added a mag light and a lazer sight to its rail system. I canā€™t beleive how low the regular price is.
ProsHolds 300 bb?s and is fully auto and the best bargain ever.
Best UsesJust plain fun
By Rick
Weed, ca
Awesome gun
November 6, 2018
I can only say it is awesome as long as you lube it with pellgun oil and lubed the built in magazine or loader. Love that once loaded it is very easy to reaload. Fires fast and fairly powerful.
ProsEasy to load and reload.
ConsSight sometimes slides back too easy and the sight covers the bb latch door so sometimes bbs will spill out if you brush the sight on a long sleeve shirt or coat.sights are hard to see.
Best UsesFun and plinking.
By Christ
Ellensburg, WA
October 11, 2018
When I open ed this up I was ecstatic! I have yet to shoot it, but when I do I will write a FULL review.
By Gene
Was fun for about 900 BBs or 3 fill ups until spring popped out
October 4, 2018
In process of return for exchange as gun is currently no op. A spring that runs magazine tension popped out.
ProsWas fun until it broke.
ConsBroke pretty quickly
By jeff m.
A lot of fun
August 18, 2018
This whole thing was fantastic I had a blast with it
By Gusfry
Houma, Louisiana
A Lot of Fun for BB Gun Plinking!
August 5, 2018
I ordered it June 13, 2018. The 1st Steel Storm I received couldn't shoot; had a stuck safety lever. I contacted Amazon, Airgun Depot immediately emailed a UPS return label. Two days after they received it, I was refunded; ordered another one which works as advertised. Suggestion: if you order a Steel Storm, also order good Picatinny-mount sights (the plastic sights suck), also plenty BBs and CO2; you'll need it because it is a blast to shoot! Order some RWS Spring Cylinder Oil with it; instructions call for a drop on top each CO2 cylinder before inserting, I also put a drop on top the CO2 magazine gas port for good measure.....
Pros1. Good shooter if you install decent sights. 2. Ratta tat tat ratta tat!
Cons1. Noisy for a BB gun - could be a problem in the back yard if your neighbors are close and they're anti-gun people. 2.Bad sights
Best Uses1. Order some RWS Spring Cylinder Oil with it; instructions call for a drop on top each CO2 cylinder before inserting, I also put a drop on top in the CO2 magazine gas port for good measure..... 2. Single shot is reasonably accurate but 6 shot burst is where the fun is!
By Dion R.
It has a flawed design......
July 18, 2018
..on the trigger spring will stop shooting at least once a week but be careful don't take it apart or they won't do anything to help you with it it's an inferior weapon. It's a Blog design and Boomer X will do nothing to help you with their messed up trigger spring I had it to do all over I would never buy one if you'd only want to shoot it 2 or 3 times before you have to send it back cuz it won't work it's the gun
ConsThey need to fix the trigger spring.
Best UsesIf you only want to shoot it one or two times before you have to send it back because it won't fire is it is the gun for you. Would not buy.
By Art S.
Newburg, PA
Simply Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 9, 2018
This is a fantastic gun for the money. Just buy it and enjoy the HELL out of shooting it period. Art
ProsEverything about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best UsesTarget, Rodents, unwanted BIRDS!!/TURDS? etc.
By Dion
I was hoping it would be a better build
July 9, 2018
I have already had problems with this gun and I haven't had it long enough to use even a1/4 of the bottle of BBs I bought
By Adam
Excellent action
July 6, 2018
The real trick on making this gun fun is to get the shake rythim for reloading. My target is a card board box stuffed lightly with towels to catch impact. It has been piercing holes in them after about 6 magazines. Canā€™t complain about the burst accuracy as I havenā€™t hit my cabinets yet, and the single shot lines up with the site perfect. (7 yards)
ProsIt looks and is very real
ConsIt looks very real
Best UsesPut a net full of oranges over a bucket and make orange juice pretty quick!
By David S.
Columbus Indiana
June 21, 2018
Small but a GREAT time . Both have reflex sights and fore grips they are cool Wife loves hers !!!
ProsAll Good cheap to shoot .
ConsDoes not come with a stray cat missle launcher !
Best UsesHow fast can you shoot 20 balloons on a target ? that's her game
By Wes
June 18, 2018
The best bb gun yet
By Reggie W.
Can't go wrong with this gun
May 8, 2018
I received the gun and was surprised by the power and accuracy. I couldn't help but modify it to full automatic which is loads of fun. I've ordered the adapter to use a bull tank of co2 because those 12g cylinders go fast in full auto. Only problem I see with the gun is the magazine that houses co2 if you buy it go ahead and get the adapter for bull tank and buy alot of bbs
By Brian W.
Excellent Rapid Shooter
May 2, 2018
This BB gun is awesome and fun to shoot. The rapid fire is the quickest I have ever seen. The 6 burst shots give you the feel of a fully automatic without using all your CO2 at once .The duel Co2 capacity gives you plenty of power .It has plenty of room for add on's . I added a tactical flash light and a laser sight . Those pesky Racoons don't have a chance now.
ProsHolds 300 BB's in the hopper. Easy to load in feeder. Co2 last a long time . Rapid fire is very fast.
ConsChanging Co2 is little harder to do than most guns .
Best UsesSmall critter deterrent .
By Joe
Manteno, IL
storm of steel down range
April 19, 2018
Umarex emailed me a deal a few days before Christmas 2016. I decided I had to have it. thus started me back into co2 guns. I really found this gun fun. I have been spraying steel for a couple years almost and it great. I mounted a generic reddot sight on it. They make a great combo. I ran 1000's of BBs through it and it brought back my interest in co2 guns.
Prosback yard friendly
Best Usesplinking having back yard fun
By Don M.
Very happy
March 19, 2018
Saw a Facebook video featuring an automatic bb gun and had to try one. Being my first purchase, I got this $99, entry level gun. I'm totally happy with the purchase. It worked flawlessly and I will definitely be purchasing other models in the future.
By John
Long Beach CA.
Full auto fun
March 15, 2018
Lots of fun for $100.00
ProsWorks as promised and fairly accurate.
ConsPlastic body, even with two tanks seems to eat up bottles of CO2 or maybe I was having to much fun.
Best UsesShooting targets at about 30' max, cool 6 round burst feature
By Herb H.
Indianola, Iowa
Umarex Steel Storm BB Pistol
February 27, 2018
The gun worked pretty much as expected, velocity seems slightly less than expected, to be fair, it was about 20 degrees out when i tried it so far and that probably was a factor.
ProsPretty accurate, well over 200 shots for each 2 cylinder loading.
ConsSometimes a bb or 2 would interfere with the retracting of the spring on the 30 shot magazine, requiring a little extra shaking to get them out of the way.
By Buzz C.
Steel storm bb pistol
February 19, 2018
Works great, love it, great toy
ProsLove the full auto mode
By Steve C.
San Francisco CA
one tough looking gun
January 15, 2018
the gun looks awesome, feels great, doesn't shoot like a toy gun.
By Enrique
Miami, Florida
great air gun
December 26, 2017
The gun is great, allows 300 bbs, that means less reloads, and it shoots six bbs at a time. I will recommend this gun to everyone.
ProsOnce you put the 300 bbs you don't have to reload for a wild.
ConsDidn't found any yet.
By Tony
October 11, 2017
5/5 good product so far!
By Douglas
glenburn, ME
fun to shoot
May 19, 2017
This thing is a blast, it is everything it was promised to be. Easy to load and shoot I even had my 5 year old granddaughter shooting with it. Line up the tin cans and have a blast knocking them down. Realistic action great fun.
Prosthree hundred bb's per the two CO 2's is accurate.
By Christian
West Haven, CT
Cans will not stand a chance.
May 8, 2017
Fun to shoot, and takes any picatinny or weaver accessories. I put a red dot and laser sight on it, and ruined the day of the enemy soda can army.
ProsJust fun, and a semi-replica of the MP7. Easy to load, although shaking the BBs in the magazine takes a little practice.
Consplastic, and non-removable magazine.
By Tony
East coast
Fun but...
March 13, 2017
CO2 runs out real fast and jams pretty much. Being a former Army machine gunner its second nature to react to jams and or mis fires the average person would find it to be troublesome.
By kevin d.
window rock az.
this airgun is the bomb
January 20, 2017
the umarex steel storm is the coolest airgun I have ever had fire select is nice getting to choose semi-auto and six round burst the bb reservoir which holds 300 bbs is very nice
Consnone that I can find
By Gary S.
Pasadenal, Maryland
Can't remember the last time I had so much fun-for under $100.00!
January 19, 2017
This pistol is a grin-maker! I've told my buddies when they shoot it- if you don't laugh your butt off the first time you use it, we can't be friends! It really is a blast. The first time I shot it, I just wanted to a quick test to see how it worked-2 hours later & some phone calls to friends...we were still shooting! Everybody loved it.I'm 63 years old.Had many, many air guns in my youth. There was NOTHING out there like this when I was young. Bought this for my never made it .Had to order another one to be shipped to him.For the money, it's a heck of a deal. The only real complaint I have is the sights.They seem like they were put on almost as an afterthought.Hard to sight thru, but who cares? This thing was made to throw a LOT of BB's down range very quickly, and this it does very a ton of BBs, likewise CO2's, start saving up stuff you want to put a lot of holes in...& get ready to grin!
ProsC'mon, a full-auto BB gun? Do you really need any more 'Pros'?
By Marshall
This thing is great!
January 11, 2017
I have always wanted a FA bb gun ever since I saw them back in the mid 80's. This is a great gun and even better price. I have shot over 1000 bb's already and have had no malfunctions.
Conscould be a little more powerful.
By Dave
Ft pierce fl
December 21, 2016
I have multiple airguns. I finds the volume to be considerably less than others rated high. Also you can fire successfully with just one co2 cartridge in it
ProsGreat buy for the money. Not as loud as stated.
ConsA little wild spread on the six burst but still gets the job done
By Stevehood
North Carolina
Great gun
December 15, 2016
Easy to load
By Bob
Samsula, Fla
Wow !
December 1, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised ! I has a kick and it's a ball to shoot. Very accurate and one criticism is that someone reversed the selector. B UT ! the 6 auto rounds is
understated. That is 6 per burst and you can "burst" as fast as you pull the trigger - so that's really about 30 rounds in under 5 seconds. The gun is VERY accurate
and when fully charged probably exceeds the promised fps spec. I never got into airguns, but recently I am discovering the pleasures of "plinking" in the backyard
at a fraction of the cost keeping one's skill levels up ! Oh, and it's actually much larger and heavier than expected - but not complaining - I'm enjoying it !
By Hersal
October 10, 2016
This is great and FUN!!! Haven't had a glitch with this product....mounted a aim point and is accurate out a blast to shoot...
ProsAccurate and fun
ConsAbout 2 fills of bb's....around 600 before changing the 2 co2's....
By Merlin M.
Topeka, Kansas
Different & Fun
September 27, 2016
I like everything about this Umarex Storm. Looks, feel, and performance. For plinking or just having fun with various targets, this "hits the spot". Double CO2 cartridges provide enough power for what is needed. Loading plenty of ammo lets you enjoy your shooting pleasure. I'm very pleased with this complete BB Pistol.
ProsLooks- realism (can be mistaken for a real weapon) Feel- nice weight and holds solid Performance- full auto Power- 2 CO2 cartridges provide ample respect
ConsMaybe an optional stock
By james t.
monticello, IL
I gave this four stars only because I haven't shot it yet do to weather constraints.
August 21, 2016
This air pistol is made very well with the feel and look of the real thing. I am looking forward to shooting this as soon as the weather cooperates.
By Jack
Dallas, TX
A lot of fun!
August 16, 2016
So far so good. It has functioned flawlessly. It is a very entertaining gun to shoot.
ProsCrazy fun! No batteries required Integral magazine with large BB hopper Reasonable gas consumption for the type of gun this is Reliable More accurate than I expected for a smooth bore full auto Fairly well made especially for the price range Safety reachable using only one hand
ConsA little on the loud side but still not bad Really needs a red dot sight to get the most out of it Trigger is a little vague
By Christopher C.
Dayton OH
Awesome full auto weapon well cause you to smile ear-to-ear
July 15, 2016
Although having just received and fired the Umarex steel storm BB gun a few times, this appears to be an excellent quality item, with the feel and function of it's full auto cousins the MP5 and UZI. My son has fired multiple full auto firearms many times and was grinning ear-to-ear when he pulled the trigger on this one. Highly recommended, particularly at this price. Thank you very much for excellent service and okay great purchase.
By Vanessa H.
Wedowee, AL.
July 15, 2016
Bought for my grandson, to target practice with, he loves it. The ammo sure is cheaper. He said it shoots good, easy operating.
By Cj
Lodi, CA
Too Much Fun!
June 13, 2016
This baby is so fun to shoot. It is not the most accurate especially at longer distances but at shorter distances you can really mess up a group of cans or pumpkins.
Great for spraying into a tree when you can't see those annoying birds that attack everything in your yard. Love the fact that it has rails for attachments. i am gonna try a red dot scope
and see if that improves the accuracy for target shooting. It is heavier than I expected once it is loaded up with co2 and bb's but that's ok.
Goes through the co2 cartridges rather quickly if you do a lot of burst mode shooting but hey that's why we buy this gun right?
So stock up on co2 and have a blast, you will not regret it!
ProsSuper fun to shoot, especially in burst mode. Accurate at shorter distances. Good for spraying bb's at annoying birds. Has rails for your favorite attachments. Addictive, you will find yourself shooting this gun for hours if you have enough co2.
ConsNot very accurate at longer distances. Sometimes the co2 cartridges can be a bear to pierce but I think that may be a cartridge issue and not the gun. Eats up co2 cartridges because it uses two at a time so stock up.
By Arthur
, orange county
May 14, 2016
This Pistol is AWESOME in FULL AUTO MODE fairly accurate easy to handle and can be fired almost every place ive gone plinking.. i loved it and kids loved it,excellent convo piece.. Be prepared to fire off and buy atleast a couple of thousand BB rounds and hundreds of CO2 the 1st time out!!
ProsAlthough Plastic firing mechanism cannot be bought nor other parts available, the manufacturer will replace total weapon within a year, due to how low price is and easier n cheaper to replace total weapon
ConsPlastic firing mechanism easily breaks, others and I have experienced this problem
By Mark R.
The Deep South
Dual purpose weapon
November 23, 2015
I followed the instructions (oil the tip of the cartridges before inserting, and don't store it with the cartridge holder "mag" in the gun) and I've had no issues after about 1000 shots. I bought it for fun, and it delivered that bigtime, but I discovered another use for it that I hadn't thought about - indoor pest control. I live in a farm setting where plenty of small rodents thrive. The problem is that my four cats think it is fun to catch them and then bring them in the house and release them, alive. If this happens I night, I will get no sleep with the cats chasing the mouse all over the house. The mouse will take temporary shelter behind furniture, which is when I use the gun on single shot, having practised using it at close range. If I hit the mouse squarely, it absorbs the bb, no exit, and the mouse meets a much more humane end than it would if the cats had slowly tortured it to death. Often there is little or no blood, so the mouse goes to rodent heaven, and I can go back to bed after a brief mouse funeral and burial at the toilet. It won't kill bigger animals like possums and raccoons that raid the chicken coop and garbage cans, but it will help them see the error of their ways.
ProsFun, reliable so far, and upper and lower rails allow useful attachments.
ConsNone yet
By dan w.
hamburg n.y.
October 19, 2015
if you want a air gun that is one of best gun i've had. i'm 60 yrs old and had air guns since i was 12 yrs old the first time i pulled the trigger on this gun it scared me idig the way it fired. if you luv to plink this is the gun for you .
Prosthis gun is nothing but FUN
By Eric
Evansville, IN
September 17, 2015
fun but not very accurate. sights are off. bb's pull to right due to sights. otherwise, fun to shoot especially on burst mode.
By ian
christmas has come.
July 13, 2015
B***** brilliant ! Solid build, accurate and powerful . best with holographic sight and foregrip. This is just my opinion !. Very easy to use. No nasty surprises.
By michael p.
United States
umarex steel storm
March 20, 2015
got my steel storm in the mail yesterday WOW!!!!i its great power is what i was looking for and on auto look out .!! i would buy it again and again really a lot of fun buy the little guy hope you enjoy it as much as me
Prosgreat fire power fun
By john
north haven ct
great gun but not for long term.
February 18, 2015
I had this great gun for almost 3 years and it worked great until one day the cocking mechanism wouldnt stay cocked and the gun would randomly fire auto when on semi and semi when on auto...very strange...o well i guess its time for a new toy anyways...
By Joseph
Cortland, NY
This thing's a blast!
January 28, 2015
Pretty solid and well made. Hefty pistol. Definitely fun to shoot and pretty good life on the co2.cartidges.Lots of fun to shoot!
ProsPretty solid unit.Fairly hefty for it's size and feels solid.Really a blast to shoot! I'll bet it's great for rats!
ConsOnce in a while I have to pull the charge handle on it because it doesn't reset between bursts in burst mode,but it's not even broken in yet,so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt that it will break in.
By michael
Bethany, IL
this has to be the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
October 21, 2014
when i got this BB gun I didn't think there was any way that it would hold up for long but I have fired several thousand rounds without any problems. I would recommend the steal storm to anyone who enjoys plinking. And the best thing is its inexpensive to shoot.
ProsIts just a blast to shoot. And it cost s little to shoot.
By Cadillac R.
Santa Cruz CA
Buy This Gun
July 3, 2014
This is my second Umarex BB gun. The first one was the EBOS Tactical fully auto. That one had an electric trigger system with batteries, and I liked it, but it didn't last. Had to change out 6 batteries twice, then the canister started to leak. This new one has 2 regular sized CO2 canisters rather than the huge paintball style canister in the EBOS, and the trigger system is mechanical with none of the problems of before. This Umarex Steel Strom blasts out 6 shots in about 1/3 of a second! I can shoot 18 BBs in 1 second! Nothing like it. Single shot mode is very accurate with plenty of fps to please. Umarex has corrected previous problems with this gun. Its a blast to shoot!
By al
stopped working
May 29, 2014
after about 3000 BBs trigger wouldent fire unless you let it snap back, then soon after that wouldent fire
Prosawsome when it was new
Consfix known issues with trigger
By David
Niagara Falls, ON
Fun to shoot!
April 7, 2014
This gun is fun to shoot, it shoots hard even on 6 shot mode. With little to no recoil, it doesn't eat up a lot of Co2. 2 Co2 can get you through 300 rounds no problem.
ProsPretty good on Co2.
ConsThe whole gun is made of plastic.
By Darrin
Raynham, MA
December 28, 2013
This gun is a lot of fun my son loves it. But I live in A cold area and the co2 does not like that creating jams and pauses. plan to use in spring.
Prosauto and weight
Consdoes not like cold weather
By Richard
Long Island, NY
A fun BB Gun
April 11, 2013
The Steel Storm was shipped quickly and arrived within a few days. I always find Airgun Depot to have competitive prices and quick delivery times. It was my first time firing an automatic and my son and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The gun was also more accurate than I thought it would be.
By lucas
mendoza argentina, Mendoza
Great and fun!!
April 2, 2013
I love firing the "steel storm!!!" My boys also love it! They box each other because they want to use it all day long!!! Great gun and great price! I'm thinking about buying another one!!
By Bricecube83
beaver springs,PA
Steel storm!
March 16, 2013
I thought this gun was so awesome for the refurb price plus coupon code only cost like $45 minus shipping. However, I think they did a poor job on the refurb. On mine the FPS dropped terribly and no accuracy BB's spraying everywhere and not even puncturing a cardboard box. I figured it would be a hassle to return, so I would just buy a new one and keep it for parts. I tear it apart to do the full auto mod (which was a piece of cake) and found that the barrel was not in right and was not attached to anything but the muzzle. There was a half inch gap where the BB's would shoot through and then into the barrel. The barrel isn't connected. Needless to say I attached the barrel and problem solved. Poor job on the refurb but the gun is sweet. It looks like
new and now works perfectly! So much fun to shoot but sounds like a 50/50 chance of getting a GOOD refurb? As for everyone else who bought the refurb, you can easily find the manual online. I downloaded and printed out a color manual today. Sweet, sweet gun though, highly recommend!
ProsFull auto is awesome and very fast rate of fire probably around 1000 rpms! No clips just shake em in! Dead on very accurate especially with a scope. 6 round burst is awesome but you only have to take out 1 timing gear and bam it's true full auto! Co2 magazine design is awesome. You can barely hear a hiss when u puncture Co2 and u cant take them out anytime while they are punctured cause of the valve system! Picatinny rails are sweet! Foregrip is a must and can find one for 10 bucks or less on amazon.
ConsCo2's dont last long but thats a given. followr spring kinda sucks and i forsee problems with it in the future maybe because its too long? Mine already sticks sometimes but easy to replace dont even have to take a single screw or anything out to replace.
By M R.
Poorly Refurbished
February 17, 2013
This Item, if it was refurbished, was done so very poorly. The mag. had one Co2 chamber that would not seal properly. The gun would not stay in single shot mode and needed to have the charge handle pulled between volleys to be able to continue to fire it. It was not worth the time to pay less for the Refurb. Just get a new one. Item was returned.
ProsThe gun looks great and I like the BB reservoir and 30 round Magazine features. There was no hassle with the return.
ConsGun did not seem to be properly refurbished and did not operate correctly or hold Co2 properly. I may just order a new one in the future instead.
By James S.
jAmes , IA
December 28, 2012
I'm mostly really satisfied with the steel storm because it was available as a refurbished item. I wouldn't have born the expense if it were full price. I am rather disappointed that it didn't come in the factory box but that isn't that important. I will purchase a four pistol case later to carry it in.
ProsLove the full auto thing, makes it a fun plinker.
ConsNot in original box
By Pat
It's Fun
December 25, 2012
I bought a refurb. It did not come with a box but it did have the instruction book and otherwise seemed new. I am glad I did not pay more than the refurb price.
Pros6 round burst You can shoot in shorter bursts Uses small Co2 (good if you don't shoot a lot) Rail
ConsPlastic gun Low FPS
By Jimmy B.
Rke, Va
Cant wait for Christmas..!
December 21, 2012
Man o man, I was having doubts since its a refurbished, but I was wrong. The thing is a BLAST!!! Couldn't wait for Christmas, so I went ahead and opened the box and took it to my garage to have a little fun. It is awesome, especially the 6 burst fire. Best airgun purchased! So far no problems yet, hopefully none, thanks guys!
Pros6 burst rapid fire, with 300 rounds ready to spit a storm of steel!!!
ConsNone so far.
By Robert
Cartersville, GA
December 3, 2012
Absolute blast. Have put about 5,000 BB's through this little gun in a week. My sons love it so much they actually gave the old man some real help building a mini range behind our shed. This is a cool item. Blasting grapes and cans seems to be the favorite. A little recovery time for the Co2 helps a lot with getting the most out of your money. I'm glad I chose AD and will purchase more in the future.
By ken p.
refurbished umarex storm bb pistol
November 17, 2012
What a piece of junk, nothing but problems from the start. It wouldn't stay on semi auto and I had to recock after each burst after it switched itself to auto mode all on its own. On top of that it leaks air when the mag is installed. Also, air gun depot made it hard to return so in the trash can it will be going. Not sure I will ever order from this site again as I'm not very happy overall with this transaction.
ConsEverything, cheap piece of crap.
By george s.
richland washington
steel storm
October 31, 2012
This BB machine gun is WAY COOL, it's more fun to shoot than watching T V. Back yard plinking in burst mode is outrageous fun. Get one today!!!!! I'm 67 years old, but this gun makes me feel like a teenager again! : ) Thanks to airgun depot. Just wait until my grand kids find out about this BB machine gun!!!!!!
By Robert
Spring, TX
Wow what fun
October 27, 2012
I just got my Airgun Depot shipment yesterday and could not wait to try out the Umarex Steel Storm. I've had my eye on it for a while and decided to get it a week ago. Now I am wondering what took so long. If you want a bunch of fun, get this gun. It is not super powerful, and it does use up CO2 like crazy but I knew that going in. Paired with the Mc STAR red dot site, it looks cool and works well. Make sure to order a large container of BBs and get the 24 pack of CO2. I felt like a kid on Christmas while I was sighting this in and probably went through 1000 rounds plinking in my back yard. It really sprays the BB's on a full load of CO2. I was getting roughly a full reservoir of BB's per CO2 refill.
ProsFun backyard gun that seems durable, works as described. Looks nice, particularly with the red dot sight mounted.
ConsAccuracy falls off dramatically as CO2, which is not surprising. Even with plenty of CO2 left, you have to start compensating for loss of power.
By Chris
Pgh, PA
A great price for loads of laughs and fun ...
October 23, 2012
How can you not give this item an exceptional review? I've taken this to the range and have had all my buddies take their turn with this. All of them saying that they were going to buy one! Great price for loads of laughs and fun...
ProsSometimes in transport, the hopper door slides open and BB's come out.
ConsNo dislikes
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