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Gamo Night Hunter 4x32 With Laser & Flashlight

1" Tube, Red Laser
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4 power scope, laser sight, torch light, and pressure cables. Mounting Hardware included

Mounts on any standard 3/8 inch dovetail mount. Great for varmint hunting in low to no light within 30 yards.
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Scopes
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 1.36
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By Paul B.July 10, 2015

Scope is good clear and holds zero. Laser is easy to aim, have not used it yet to plug any rabbits but should help. flashlight is junk. Lense fell off on first shot. Since you cannot return and thing that has been dissembled so I picked up a cheap LED and that works great.

clear view. holds zero well

flashlight falls apart. voids warranty.

By DERRICKUSAApril 1, 2015

It is ok, I had a hard time securing it due to the recoil of my rifle. It is much clearer that the stock scope. But the light needs to be upgraded to an LED, I have not tried to sight in the red beam because the scope works so well

scope is worth the $$

light is not really useful

By JoelJanuary 4, 2014

The scope is very easy to mount and sight-in. The laser sight and light are great. The scope remains accurate and nothing moves around after sighting-in. Unfortunately, very shortly after installing (under a week, less than 100 shots) an interior part dislodged and moves around after each shot. The movement isn't overly disruptive because it moves back into place after cocking the break barrel, however, the interior part is greased/oiled and rubbed up against interior side of the focal lens and the clarity is now similar to someone having sneezed on it which is absolutely unacceptable for a scope of any price, much less one at this price-point.

Great optics while they last. Very easy to sight in and stable once set.

Less than 100 shots in, an interior ring dislodged and obscures the view after each shot. Also, the ring has some sort of grease or oil which has now smudged the interior lens.

By NicoleUSANovember 20, 2011

Never buy anthing Gamo. I have a Gamo bigcat with this scope. This scope does not adujst and this is my second scope , all gamo scopes do the same thing gamo is a rip off never ever get Gamo. I stand by it stay far away from Gamo.

By timApril 26, 2011

this scope is very much overkill for my pellet gun but is very promising for for everything that i bought it for.

By Drasko R.March 19, 2011

Exelent product, easy to calibrate, excellent accuracy, perfect for my uses.

By ChrisFebruary 15, 2011

Great little scope. I have shot over 200 pellets out of my beeman woth it and it holds its zero dead on. Even banged it a couple times and still on.

By BruceJuly 26, 2008

I love the design with the laser site and flashlight attached to the top of the scope. The light is bright enough to illuinate the field. The laser site and scope are easy to allign for good accuarcy. The only negative is the lighted spot that occurs at the center of the scope at night. The spot can make it difficult to see your target through scope.

By DickNovember 5, 2007

Scope and Laser mounted and sighted in quite easily, however, living up to the reputation noted on previous reviews, the light is less than desirable. It did not work from day one, and as of now, I haven't had time to check the battery, blub, or switch, to see which is faulty. I love the laser in low light situations. The first night after sighting in, a rat met its demise using only the laser for sighting. Could not have seen it clearly in a normal airgun scope! Well worth the price and fun to use.

By Michael B.September 11, 2007

My son had a Gamo 1000 fps rifle that the scope crosshair broke in. I needed a new scope and checked Air Gun Depot. Found this scope and ordered it. It is quite clear and nice looking. We sighted it in at 25 yards. While using a shooting rest. We then adjusted the laser to the POA of the scope crosshairs. It works fantastic. I can hit soup cans out to 30 yards from the hip. It will be used to clear the barn of pidgons and other fun stuff. Go ahead get one.

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will this fit well on a crosman full auto r1 co2 rifle?

asked Timothy from USA

will this gamo night hunter with l&l fit on the diana chaser rifle i just purchased? ---john from la

asked john from USA

Will it fit on Crosman F4

asked Mark from USA

Will this scope work with the M4 177?

asked Norman N Wilson

Thinking about mounting this on a BSA Buccaneer in .25 caliber for small pest control up to almost fox size. Does it need special mounts or not the right fit for the rifle?

asked Don

Will this fit a Winchester m14 with a 20mm weaver rail?

asked Sue

Will it fit a beeman rs2 dual cal.

asked garrett

I'm thinking of buying a better scope for the Gamo Bone collector IGT Rifle. An I was wondering if this would fit this type of gun?

asked Kyle H.

Will this fit a benjamin trail .22

asked robert

Will this scope fit a Winchester mp4 rifle?

asked Michael

Do you have a model number? Any other pictures from different angles? Where was it made?

asked Marty

Will it fit a hatsun model 125

asked Dave

Yes this will fit a hatsan model 125 as a matter of fact ive tried it, but i wouldn't recommend it. The hatsan 125 is so accurate that it deserves a better scope- not to downgrade the quality of Gamo's scope, just saying it deserves better than a 4x32 scope- i'd recommend a leapers4-12x50 or some other high end air rifle scope.

George from USA

Will it fit a crosman M4-177 air bb/pellet gun with a weaver scope mount?

asked Debra Mcmakin

Yes, it will fit.


Will this scope work on a Benjamin titan GP?

asked stuard from USA

Theyre both dovetail mounts so yes it should work with that rifle.

George from USA

Where are the lasers and flashlights? Can you use them at the same time?

asked francis from USA

Type in flashlights or lasers in the search engine to fine the ones we carry. There are some that are flashlights and lasers, so two in one, that you can buy.

Scott from USA

I would like the option of hunting at night. Is this a good option? Im also thinkining about getting a ruger air magnum. Would this fit on that rifle? Also describe the quality.

asked Kyle

This scope kit is great for any hunting at night. However, this kit will not fit on a Ruger Air Magnum. The Ruger has Weaver grooves, and this scope has a Dovetail mount. For the Ruger I would recommend getting the (item# HK3022) Hawke 3-9x40mm scope and adding the (item# BSA Varmint Laser & Flashlight...) BSA Varmint Laser set.

Scott from USA

Will this fit on the Gamo Big Cat .177?

asked Jaron

This is the perfect hunting scope for the big cat. Since the big cat is a good break barrel but not high end amazing like a pcp, this scope is great for it too. Also gamo scope on a gamo gun should be a good combo and it should hold zero.

George from USA

will this scope go on the Ruger air magnum .177 cal?

asked zachary edwin tenan

It would fit fine.

Steve from USA

i have a Ruger air magnum (can be found at, will this scope go on that gun with the tactical mounting rails?

asked zachary edwin tenan

This scope kit should fit on that rifle fine.

Steve from USA

I have a Sheridan blue streak will this scope work. hunting coyotes.

asked john

Defintely wouldnt hunt coyotes with this gun- more like squirrels. But yes the scope on it should work- you may need to get different mounts but those are very inexpensive

George from USA

Yes, DON'T shoot a coyote with a Blue Streak, at least use a .22lr head shot.

Carter from USA

This scope will not work on a Blue Streak, you'll need a intermount. Don't hunt coyotes with a Blue Streak. Use something a LOT more powerful.


Curious if the laser is green or red?

asked Joshua

The laser is red.

Carter from USA
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