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Why Pump Pneumatic Airguns Are Still Great

In case you didn’t know, airguns shoot by taking compressed air that’s released, pushing a projectile down a barrel.  Some of the oldest airguns used springs with pistons to make this happen.  An on-board pump was fitted to an airgun, and pump pneumatic airguns were born. Whether single pump or multi-pump, pump pneumatic airguns are […]

Top airgun myths of 2021

Top Airgun Myths

Airguns are so much fun.  But like everything, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about their capabilities. This article will hit some of the top airgun myths that have come across our desks.  Myth #5: Airguns are just toys and can’t hurt you “Airguns are just toys” is a critical misconception that has put some people […]

How Does a Spring Piston are Rifle Work

Shooting a Spring Piston Air Rifle

Shooting airguns is fun, but it’s not the same as shooting small-bore or big-bore firearms.  Many new shooters looking for an affordable alternative to firearms go for the least expensive option, promising velocities that rival their firearms.  Most of the time, this means they are moving from firearms to some sort of spring or gas […]

PCP Filling Options: Pros & Cons

We were reminded recently that PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) airguns are not new.  It’s pretty cool that Lewis and Clark traveled with a multi-shot big bore airgun on their legendary expedition across the United States.  What’s also not new are the challenges shooters face to air up their PCP airguns.  In this article, we’ll explore some […]

How to Pick Your First PCP Airgun

You’ve finally decided to jump into PCP airgunning.  What is the best first PCP rifle? Well, that will change depending on many factors. So let’s break them down and help you get the best first PCP for you! Determine Your Commitment Most new PCP airgunners don’t jump right into the deep end.  They want to […]

Beginners Guide to Field Target Competitions

There are many forms of competitive shooting that center around airguns.  These primarily start with a focus on youth shooting programs, which can extend into college scholarships, and even a trip to the Olympics. But are there any options for adults?  The short answer is yes. For those looking for ultimate precision, you have bench […]

What is the Muzzle Velocity of a .22 Caliber Airgun?

.22 caliber airguns come in all shapes and sizes. There are spring-powered, pump pneumatic pistols, breakbarrel, and magnum PCP rifles.  Unlike a .22 LR rimfire cartridge, which will have a very similar muzzle velocity regardless of the platform that fires it, .22 caliber airguns will have differing muzzle velocities based on many factors, even with […]

Best .22 Pellets for Hunting

Pellet guns make for great hunting tools, especially when dealing with pests or harvesting small game. They are quiet, affordable, and very accurate out to 50 and 100 yards depending on your specific airgun. While the gun and the shooter behind the trigger play a huge role, it’s the pellet that’s flying downrange and doing […]

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Top Airguns for Groundhog Hunting

Before we start tossing out options for airguns, let’s take a look at our prey. The typical groundhog reaches about 8 to 9 pounds. In contrast, your typical squirrel tops out at around a pound. When looking at the right airgun for taking game, you need to make sure that you can put enough energy […]

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Are Airguns Considered Firearms?

The question of whether airguns are or should be considered firearms comes up more often than you may think.  When considering the old youth standards like the Daisy Red Ryder or Crosman Pumpmaster, it’s not hard to see that Airguns are NOT at all firearms.  But as you get into the newer, high powered PCP […]