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Top Pellet Guns for Hunting Squirrels

One of the most destructive backyard critters are those cute little squirrels. While they are “cute,” they cause millions of dollars of property damage every year.  They continue to be one of the driving forces behind airgun sales for this very reason.  So what are some of our top picks for hunting squirrels and keeping […]

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Finding Your Max Hunting Range

Knowing the effective hunting range of any given airgun has been one of the most asked questions in the airgun world.  It goes without saying that airguns are a great tool for small game hunting and pesting.  With modern big bore airguns, this question becomes even more relevant.  So how do you know your max […]

History of the Girandoni Air Rifle

Big bore PCP airguns are a new thing, right?  You really couldn’t be more wrong!  When folks find out that airguns have been a major part of military history for centuries, they often look like deer in the headlights.  The most iconic big bore PCP airgun has to be the Girandoni air rifle. Never heard […]

How Much PSI Can a Hand Pump Produce?

So what kind of pressure can you reasonably get from a simple hand pump?  That’s easy.  Today’s hand pumps can hit 4500 psi.  Next article… or is there more to the story?   Let’s go back 12 years. In 2008, Benjamin (Crosman Corp) released the Benjamin Discovery, and the airgun world was changed forever.  It was […]

Best Air Rifle Types for Preppers

When it all hits the fan, what will you use to put food on the table?  Many people are thinking just that way, and they are asking what airgun would be best in that type of situation.  PCP airguns are great, but they need HPA (high-pressure air) to work and are prone to failure over […]

Top Hawke Scopes for Each Shooting Discipline

Hawke Optics have been a mainstay in the airgunning community for some time now.  They represent a level of quality and value that appeals to many airgunners.  But few know all that Hawke has to offer in the way of optics.  That’s what we’ll get to in this article.  Great Glass, Great Value As airgunners […]

Air Venturi MK4 vs MK5 Hand Pump Comparison & Review

In late 2020 Hill released the MK5 version of their awesome hand pump.  Air Venturi updated their top-level hand pump offering with this new model.  But, is it really better than the MK4?  Does it fill with fewer pumps, and is it easier to pump?  Let’s find out! Pumping to 4500 PSI So here’s how […]

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5 of Our Favorite Gamo Air Guns

Gamo USA makes some awesome precision adult airguns, and they’ve been doing so for decades.  They continue to push the envelope for power and performance while maintaining their exceptional value and affordability.  In this post, we’ll take a look at our top five Gamo air guns. 5. Gamo Swarm Maxxim 10x Gen II Back in […]

Picking the Best .177 Caliber Pellets

Pellets come in different shapes and sizes, as we’ve talked about quite a bit in the past.   Looking at the four major groups: Wadcutter, Pointed, Domed, and Hollowpoint, what’s the best pellet for your airgun?  It all depends on your airgun and your target.  Let’s talk about how to pick the perfect pellet based […]

3 Stage Hand Pumps

PCP airguns sit at the top of the airgun food chain.  They produce the most power and accuracy with the least amount of effort on the part of the shooter.  But with the good comes the challenge.  You have to fill them, and this continues to be the biggest barrier to entry for those looking […]