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Crosman 2240 Pellet Pistol

Available in .22, .22 Caliber, Single Shot, CO2, Shoots Pellets
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  • Code: 8019949 · $66.14 · .22 · 460 fps
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This .22 caliber air pistol features an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading and hammer strike piercing for convenient CO2 power. The rifled steel barrel provides greater accuracy. .22 Caliber pellets only. The Crosman 2240 is accurate and lightweight with an ambidextrous pistol grip. The 2240 is an all around fun pellet pistol for the whole family!
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber.22
  • Velocity460 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight1.81
  • Overall Length11.13
  • Barrel Length7.50
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailNo
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade & Ramp
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger AdjustabilitySingle-stage
  • Trigger ActionSingle-Action
  • UsePlinking/Fun
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By Randall C.

I'm convinced that this pistol, especially considering the price, is among the finest, and more accurate, of pellet pistols. I set up a small range in the cellar and shoot only targets for fun. Another likable option is that a 2240 can easily be modified/customized. My older eyes don't focus on open sights, and so, I ordered a steel breech kit from Crosman so that I could install a red dot sight, and now I can pretty much blast away the bullseye from 24 feet, consistently. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase of this thoroughly enjoyable pistol.

By GaryUSADecember 25, 2019 Verified Purchase

Rugged, reliable and fun to shoot. Get one today.

Powerful, and reliable, the Crossman 2240 Pellet Pistol is the way to go for years of shooting.

Maybe to much plastic but still the pistol preforms very well.

By GeorgeUSADecember 12, 2019 Verified Purchase




By JimDecember 4, 2019 Verified Purchase

Easy to use & shoot with plenty of power.

Shoots really great at 20 yards right out of the box. Safety is really user friendly.

Have not found one yet.

By DeweyNovember 26, 2019 Verified Purchase

I got this gun because I wanted the 22 caliber pellet as it would have a little better punch when it hits my target. That turned out to be absolutely true as well as the fact that it's highly accurate especially with the adjustable sight. It functions beautifully and I thoroughly enjoy the whole shooting experience especially watching cans and soda bottles go flying. You can't beat the price and the high level of Fun. Buy one

Well made. Everything functions beautifully. Single shot actually adds to the enjoyment of using the gun. Shoots with a nice pop but not too loud to use in the basement

None. This gun is great

By WayneUSAMarch 21, 2019 Verified Purchase

One of my favorite airguns. I own and use two of them and probably will buy another for backup. They are well made, durable, dependable and effective at close range. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble and work on and maintain, with the right tools and a little mechanical ability. There is almost no limit to how they can be modified and improved. Every airgunner should own at least one.

High quality in design, materials, workmanship and quality control. Super accurate and powerful enough to take small game (rabbits and squirrels and the like) with well placed shots and heavy pellets. Fits the hand well and the optional detachable stock turns it into a compact and lightweight single shot rifle. The optional steel breech and an optional longer barrel brings out the best in this gun. Replacing the stock barrel with a 14.5 inch or 18 inch barrel increases muzzle velocity and accuracy with a small scope. Same hole accuracy is possible up to about 10 yards; one inch groups at 20 yards. The steel breech allows mounting scope rings and adds heft to the gun. Many other user-installed mods are available which improve performance and appearance. Expect to get 25 to 30 shots per CO2 powerlet with full power. After that power drops off but you can continue to plink up to 50 or 60 shots. Everything on the gun is steel except for the front sight and grips which are plastic.

It is fairly loud with the short barrel that comes on it. Replacing the standard breech with steel breech and installing a longer barrel reduces the noise somewhat. The trigger pull is a bit rough out of the box and can be improved with polishing.

By StevenUSAJanuary 8, 2019 Verified Purchase

The Crosman 2240 is a Must Have classic. Oft modified... I took it out of the plastic, (without firing it) pulled the breech screw, rear screw, replaced the 7.5" barrel with a 10.5", added a TKO muzzle brake... Red/Green Dot, With the 10.5", I think it should be near 500fps... haven't chrono'd yet. I have a 1984 1377 (converted to .22) and a newer 1322... with lots of new parts. The 2240 is so beautiful... I think I'll leave it alone for a while. Put 10 in a dime sized group at 25'... That should work.

Accurate as hell. Nice looking.

A little noisy... added the TKO brake.

By GaryOctober 25, 2018 Verified Purchase

when I first shot this gun I thought it was great,good power and accuracy. Third time I went to shoot it at around 100 pellets thru the gun it started leaking C02 badly. you could really hear it coming out the barrel and breech area.I went ahead and tore the gun down to try and fix it and so far I think I did. What I found was very small metal shavings on the valve stem seal. The gun has stopped leaking for now but what a bummer to have to do this on a new gun.

power and accuracy

none if you get a good one

By RobertUSASeptember 11, 2018

Great looking gun cant wait to put wood grips on it,and a bunch of other mods.


By HoracioUSAJuly 10, 2018

Love the gun and how it operates. I was worried that the rear sight looked flimsy based on pictures of the product. However the rear sight is solid and easy to adjust. Very good accuracy at 20 to 30 feet Be sure to put a good back board to the target, it can punch holes on anything less than 3/8 plywood. I got tired of shooting way before the CO2 ran out.

Price, accuracy, easy to shoot, good looks

Single shoot only.

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what is the longest distance this gun will shoot at?

asked patricia from USA

Unmodified I would say for plinking with open sights about 60 feet or 20 yards.

Travis from USA

100 yards

AJ from USA

Approx. how many good shots do u get out of a cartridge? Thanks

asked Robert from USA

How long can you leave the CO2 cartridge in the gun and still have it function?

asked Monty Johnson

Is it powerful enough to kill opossums or small varmints and game? Because there some squirrels digging in my moms garden and I want to blast em. plus there has been a humongous rat the size of a opossum and I want to know if I can kill a animal that big with a .22 2240 pellet pistol

asked John

The first couple of shots at less then 25ft. will KILL small varmints

Tom from USA

What is meant by max/cap of 60 shots. Does that mean a magazine holding 60 pellets and feeds with each bolt action?

asked Anthony

It means that each 12 gram co2 capsule will provide 60 shots. As a stock gun I found the gun to get about 40 shots. This is a great shooter for the money.

Phillip from USA

avg. shots per co2 cart.

mike from USA

Could this handgun kill a normal bird like a robin?

asked Christian

Yes, with proper shot placement you this gun is capable of a lot. That being said, why would you shoot a robin? They are protected as a song bird. The 2240 is a great gun that is easy to mod/improve.

Phillip from USA

Is scope mount available? What is price of metal breach?

asked Russell

Can you please tell me if I can mount a laser on this pistol? Or can I order one from and set it up with a scope on it?

asked frank

Yes, the same scope that comes with the Crosman Model 2250B works with the Model 2240. The round barrel to dove tail adapter works with a dove tail rail laser scope.

Gary from USA

i don't believe that you can mount a laser. you can call customer service and confirm as they are very helpful. it is a fun little co2.

Ei-Cheng from USA

hey my name its Alan Brito from Brazil! you sento Brazil?

asked Alan

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

What size co2 does it take?

asked Nils from USA

Co2- 12 Gram

Scott from USA

I got one of these from a friend and it has a CO2 cartridge corroded in it and won't come out. Any ideas on how I can get it out?

asked RJ

I had the same issue. I bought one of these at a garage sale, and I took it apart, and it worked perfectly after that. Just make sure that the gas is all gone, ( just try shooting it ) then download the video instructions on how to disassemble the gun it is easy. You can completely rebuild these guns with just a few basic tools.

Michael from USA

Where does the co² cartridge need to be placed? And how can a scope can be added?

asked Arne from Belgium

The CO2 carts go into the tube below the barrel. (the end twists off) In-order to scope it, you either have to upgrade to a Steel Breech *an aftermarket part* or buy the clamp on barrel adapters. (they're kind of like heavy duty clothes pins that clip around the barrel in front of the breech and you mount the scope on them.)

Shane from USA

Is it possible to add a scope to it? If so, what do I need to do to add one?

asked arne hutsebaut

do you ship to malaysia??

asked pipi

Thank you for you interest. For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

Steve from USA

look i like the look but will it take a squirrel at about 40 to 50 yards? i like to tie fishing flies and need something to get some new furs

asked bill

I would us a air rifle at that distance. I doubt there is any way you can achieve accuracy at that distance with a pistol.

Scott from USA
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