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Crosman 2240 Pellet Pistol

.22 Caliber, Single Shot, CO2, Shoots Pellets
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This .22 caliber air pistol features an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading and hammer strike piercing for convenient CO2 power. The rifled steel barrel provides greater accuracy. .22 Caliber pellets only. The Crosman 2240 is accurate and lightweight with an ambidextrous pistol grip. The 2240 is an all around fun pellet pistol for the whole family!
Made in America
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity460 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeSIngle Shot
  • MechanismCO2
  • UsePest Control / Plinking /Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman 2240 Pellet Pistol
84 Reviews
76% (64)
20% (17)
2% (2)
1% (1)
0% (0)
71% Recommend this product (60 of 84 responses)
By Gary
Cross man 2240 Pellet Pistol
December 25, 2019
Rugged, reliable and fun to shoot. Get one today.
ProsPowerful, and reliable, the Crossman 2240 Pellet Pistol is the way to go for years of shooting.
ConsMaybe to much plastic but still the pistol preforms very well.
December 12, 2019
By Jim
South Texas
Awesome pellet pistol
December 4, 2019
Easy to use & shoot with plenty of power.
ProsShoots really great at 20 yards right out of the box. Safety is really user friendly.
ConsHave not found one yet.
By Dewey
New York State
Ideal fun gun
November 26, 2019
I got this gun because I wanted the 22 caliber pellet as it would have a little better punch when it hits my target. That turned out to be absolutely true as well as the fact that it's highly accurate especially with the adjustable sight. It functions beautifully and I thoroughly enjoy the whole shooting experience especially watching cans and soda bottles go flying. You can't beat the price and the high level of Fun. Buy one
ProsWell made. Everything functions beautifully. Single shot actually adds to the enjoyment of using the gun. Shoots with a nice pop but not too loud to use in the basement
ConsNone. This gun is great
Best UsesTargets out to 30 meters
By Wayne
A true American classic
March 21, 2019
One of my favorite airguns. I own and use two of them and probably will buy another for backup. They are well made, durable, dependable and effective at close range. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble and work on and maintain, with the right tools and a little mechanical ability. There is almost no limit to how they can be modified and improved. Every airgunner should own at least one.
ProsHigh quality in design, materials, workmanship and quality control. Super accurate and powerful enough to take small game (rabbits and squirrels and the like) with well placed shots and heavy pellets. Fits the hand well and the optional detachable stock turns it into a compact and lightweight single shot rifle. The optional steel breech and an optional longer barrel brings out the best in this gun. Replacing the stock barrel with a 14.5 inch or 18 inch barrel increases muzzle velocity and accuracy with a small scope. Same hole accuracy is possible up to about 10 yards; one inch groups at 20 yards. The steel breech allows mounting scope rings and adds heft to the gun. Many other user-installed mods are available which improve performance and appearance. Expect to get 25 to 30 shots per CO2 powerlet with full power. After that power drops off but you can continue to plink up to 50 or 60 shots. Everything on the gun is steel except for the front sight and grips which are plastic.
ConsIt is fairly loud with the short barrel that comes on it. Replacing the standard breech with steel breech and installing a longer barrel reduces the noise somewhat. The trigger pull is a bit rough out of the box and can be improved with polishing.
Best UsesI carry a modified version with 10 inch barrel and detachable stock in my backpack on primitive campouts for taking fresh meant for the campsite. This works well only for clean headshots up to 20 yards. The gun does not produce enough energy for anything else. If you stay within its limitations it is a great little survival gun. Don't laugh but I have one 2240 set up with 10 inch smoothbore barrel and load it muzzleloader fashion with table salt for shooting insects out of the air. It does a neat job on red wasps up to about 10 feet. I occasionally load it with #12 shot (it can take up to 21 shot pellets per loading which is just a little over 24 grains of lead). I get good patterns up to about 20 feet and the pellets will dent a metal can. The smoothbore barrel is a long story. I bought the barrel from a third party seller and for some reason it was not rifled. The seller would not take it back so I used it for a shotgun barrel.
By Tech-guy
DuPage, Illinois
A Classic - Must have
January 8, 2019
The Crosman 2240 is a Must Have classic. Oft modified... I took it out of the plastic, (without firing it) pulled the breech screw, rear screw, replaced the 7.5" barrel with a 10.5", added a TKO muzzle brake... Red/Green Dot, With the 10.5", I think it should be near 500fps... haven't chrono'd yet. I have a 1984 1377 (converted to .22) and a newer 1322... with lots of new parts. The 2240 is so beautiful... I think I'll leave it alone for a while. Put 10 in a dime sized group at 25'... That should work.
ProsAccurate as hell. Nice looking.
ConsA little noisy... added the TKO brake.
Best UsesRabbit.
By Gary
crosman 2240
October 25, 2018
when I first shot this gun I thought it was great,good power and accuracy. Third time I went to shoot it at around 100 pellets thru the gun it started leaking C02 badly. you could really hear it coming out the barrel and breech area.I went ahead and tore the gun down to try and fix it and so far I think I did. What I found was very small metal shavings on the valve stem seal. The gun has stopped leaking for now but what a bummer to have to do this on a new gun.
Prospower and accuracy
Consnone if you get a good one
September 11, 2018
Great looking gun cant wait to put wood grips on it,and a bunch of other mods.
By Horacio F.
Great Product
July 10, 2018
Love the gun and how it operates. I was worried that the rear sight looked flimsy based on pictures of the product. However the rear sight is solid and easy to adjust. Very good accuracy at 20 to 30 feet

Be sure to put a good back board to the target, it can punch holes on anything less than 3/8 plywood.

I got tired of shooting way before the CO2 ran out.
ProsPrice, accuracy, easy to shoot, good looks
ConsSingle shoot only.
North Dakota
Great for the money!
July 10, 2018
I bought this gun along with the sight and chamber upgrades. The originals are plastic. The upgrade was not difficult for me to do, although I had some difficulty with thr instructions and inadequate description/diagram of one crucial part. When performing the upgrade do it on a bench protected with a towel so that the small unseen part does not disappear. I shot the gun at a 10 metre air pistol target from 20 metres away using a pistol rest. Without any sighting in, it placed all shots within a 2" circle, all low and to the left. Now I have to sight it in, and probably shoot from a shorter distance. It is loud! Four stars because of the need to upgrade to a metal chamber. I will probably be using a pistol scope on it now that the new chamber allows the mounting of other sighting devices.
ProsRelatively inexpensive, well made with exception of plastic chamber.
ConsUse of plastic in original configuration.
Best UsesTarget shooting, pesky critters? having fun.
By Bill
Super fast shipping
June 21, 2018
I ordered two 2240's on Saturday 6/16/18. Along with a steel breech kit and rear site for one, (got the other one for the wife). Well it's Thursday 6/21/18 and low and behold as I approached my front porch after work today what did I see?, a box containing my 2240's sitting there waiting for me! I can't wait to shoot these things and mod the other one. Really fast shipping! I will check back about these two air pistols after I have had a chance to ring them out. I feel very confident that I will be ordering my first M-Rod from Airgun Depot very soon !. Because of their very fast shipping!
ProsJury still out on that.
ConsNone yet.
Best UsesI will find out and check back.
By Mike
Crosman 2240 tack driver
June 4, 2018
Having shot three hundred rounds thru it I have come to the conclusion that it is definitely a keeper. Well worth the$60.00 price tag. The gun handles well,is easy and fast to reload. It really packs a wallop being chambered in .22
ProsLight, easy to load.inexspensive to have trigger time with.even with th few cons listed below it is a good value.
ConsBarrel band works loose causing barrel to roll off the side of co2 chamber. Metal breach is a much wanted upgrade,as is the barrel to cylinder band clamp, some work on the tigger could be helpfu also.
Best UsesTarget plinking, small game
By Ben
Lake Worth, Fla
Strong enough to kill a 10 lb iguana .....
April 25, 2018
Inexpensive, easy to use, strong enough to kill a 10 lb iguana and that was the reason i bought it.
Prosease of use, accuracy.
Best Usesplinking, killing vermin.
Retro Fifties Style"
December 30, 2017
I JUST purchased two from AGD I gave one to my son but I am customizing the other I replaced the plastic breech,added a power spring and a max flow valve
I polished all out side parts including bbl.There are many updates for this gun.
ProsA lot of power for a stock .22, and there are many options to customize the gun. The price is right it's a real bargain for this gun. I you like to tinker this is the one for you.
ConsI didn't like the plastic breech which I replaced already That's my only complaint that's why I gave it three stars instead of four.
By Michael O.
Very accurate hard hitting co2 air pistol
November 5, 2017
I absolutely love this airgun. Accurate sites right out the box. Hard hitting .22 caliber pellet pistol with a crisp, clean trigger pull.
Everybody I have let shoot this pistol has been impressed with it's accuracy and overall shooting ability.
ProsEasy loading, accurate sites and hard hitting .22 caliber pellet capability. The pistol grip has nice grooves for gripping stability and trigger has very crisp, clean break.
By Efton E.
Crossman 2240
October 9, 2017
Very pleased with this pistol. It's accuracy compares with my Col Woodsman 22 at 20 to 30 yards. Very good value, the pistol seems very well made. I have a much older pump Crossman I have had maybe 40 years, it needs seals to work and I think it is worth the expense. I could see myself collecting Crossman.
By Robert H.
Varmint control
September 22, 2017
I purchased this pistol primarily for varmint control (squirrels) and also for some plinking fun. This pistol delivers on both! Very accurate at the ranges I needed it for and very comfortable to use. The price is right and the Crosman name assures quality.
By Joe C.
Worcester, Mass
Excellent gun
August 7, 2017
Super accurate right out of the package, excellent trigger and plenty of power. I love this gun!
By Mike D.
Nice and accurate
July 28, 2017
This is one of the most accurate air pistols I have ever had the opportunity to shoot and I am the lucky owner! Ease of operation, accurate, and very cool looking, the price point is accually cheaper than it should be. This weapon is in my bug out bag all the time. Up to twenty yards it is as effective as a .22 short or a .22 subsonic. Very glad i bought it!!! The people at air gun depot are very helpful and knowledgeable. I have may pistols , rifles and shotguns but if you've never gotten into air guns but love to shoot, you should try it out! Super fun and cheap to shoot!
ProsAccurate, easy to load, plenty of power up to 20 yards. Very cool, very fun and every economical. I love it!
ConsNeed a large blade screw driver to put in and take out the co2 cartridge but that's after 15 shots.
By 2240moyke
Great value and full customisation from Crosman or aftermarket
June 7, 2017
It's a great piece of kit, nothing bad to say and once "pimped" you can get upwards of 900fps
ProsCost, upgrades, feel, power, build quality
By Merlin
Topeka, Kansas
Nice Size with Nice Power
March 7, 2017
For the value, you can't beat the power of this .22 cal pellet pistol. A shoulder stock is available, different strokes for different folks; to each his own. It also has a unique way for placing the CO2 cartridge into action. I still use Pell Gun oil with every CO2 change. Keeps power at maximum velocity. Great for plinking and very effective for pesky birds and small varmints at the best kill zone. It's a Crosman and there's integrity with quality.
ProsSize Power Nice scope addition Value
ConsSingle shot bolt action (add a few more bucks and make it semi automatic)
By Richard
lady lake, FL
Value & Performance
February 22, 2017
This the best value in a air pistol available in the market today .
Proswii accept many accessories
ConsI wish the .177 cal.were available at this cost.
By Parker
Cary, North Carolina
Gotta love it!!
January 15, 2017
I have been searching for a project to work on over the winter (I have a small "indoor range") so I chose CO2 because I am shooting in at temp of 70 degrees. Added a 10.1 (re-crowned) barrel, steel breech with a Flathead breech screw (highly recommend getting one of these screws makes it easier to not strip out the tiny hex screw in the breech and disassemble more easily fro maint.) and muzzle brake. Waiting on a rail adapter so I can mount a RDS to it. And possibly some nice grips without breaking the bank..

Stock out of the box I was getting 45 good shots with another acceptable 10 shots if I am shooting paper or plinking, The gun is a lot of fun to shoot as well as modify. I got good groups at 10 yards with open sights most smaller than an inch or so. It is definitely not backyard friendly, sounds like a 22 short to be honest. Anyway great little gun especially for those of us that like to tinker, also not to picky about ammo, been using CPHP and Benjamin domed pellets both 14.3 grain they shoot very well.

After the mods I am getting 35 good shots with another 5-10 shots that I would not use to try and dispatch any pest.
ProsGreat gun in stock form Many aftermarket parts to modify/tune and tinker with Feels good in my hands Shoots solid groups (sub 1") at 10 meters with open sights not picky about pellets all around good CO2 pistol, great to teach someone about safety with a pellet pistol before moving to a .22 PB
ConsSome parts IMO have to be replaced mainly the breech. If you want longer range accuracy you'll want a scope and the steel breech provides that option. LOUD. not backyard friendly Make sure to tighten all screws the ones on my barrel band were loose. (just some small stuff still deserves 5 star rating in my humble opinion)
By Rachel
Williamson, NY
Great CO2 Gun
January 11, 2017
Solid air gun, nice grips and trigger action. Adjustable sights! Great product. Breech is plastic and front sight would be better if painted other than black.
Prossolid metal frame and wooden grips.
Consplastic breech, front sight hard to see
By Steven
Palmdale, CA
Couldn't tell you how this pistol shoots out of the box
December 28, 2016
I bought a 1322 combo and quickly realized the need for and bought the steel breech kit. So learning from that experience I never fired this 2240 until I installed a steel breach, shoulder stock, and a scope.
ProsLots of fun
ConsLots of plastic
By Dave
December 16, 2016
Very happy with this air pistol does it's job very well a lot of fun.
Thank you
Prosevery things good
By Anthony
Sunny Florida
The best value in pistols
October 19, 2016
The Crosman 2240 is a classic. The list of positive features of this pistol is long and distinguished, to coin a phrase. Great power, .22 caliber, easy to load CO2, easy to load pellets, accurate, OK trigger, good grip, upgrades everywhere, and that's for a start. The trigger upgrade is an easy one, and worth the money. Just polishing the sear improves it. I have two of these pistols, one set up like a carbine using the Crosman stock, the other pictured here is set up as a pistol. This one has a very light trigger, Crosman trigger shoe, and Crosman muzzle. I put a Hogue grip on it. I also use a red dot supported by the barrel clamps available here and elsewhere. My carbine has the metal breech, but this one is the stock composite breech. You can customize these guns and make them just the way you want them. The large black ball on the cocking lever on this one is made of wood, and was purchased at a craft store. I hollowed it out and epoxied it on to the stock small brass ball. Works great, makes cocking super easy for my old arthritic hands. I even like the way it looks. You should get one of these pistols. They really are a great value in the hobby.
ProsAccurate, great value, custom parts everywhere, good power.
Cons35-40 shots from one CO2 cartridge. Power costs.
By Greg
Phoenix, AZ
A must have CO2 pistol
October 16, 2016
Classic low price, shoots well, and is very customizable. Great first air pistol. Great as it comes, but also not expensive to customize. With lots of off the shelf mods available. I couldn't resist and changed the barrel to a 10.5" getting almost another 100 fps and even more accuracy, probably due to the longer sight radius. This is one of those guns you have to have. At least one, if not more for modding.
ProsPrice Weight Accuracy Ease of use and modding
ConsTrigger, but that's an easy mod too.
By Izzy
Carpentersville, IL
Love it!
October 7, 2016
Shipping was fast, price 'excellent,' and wow does this pack a 'punch!' I think the fps is rated low! This baby has lots of power!!! Awesome look and feel. Shoots accurately. Absolutely am delighted and love this pistol, and this was my first purchase.
ProsLooks awesome, tons of power!, not loud, feels great holding, shoots accurately. Great price!
By Marilyn
Denver, Colorado
Like having a Transfomer!
September 6, 2016
What can i say, this is the most modable airgun on the market..i have i modded the valve and power spring..the other, i made into a rifle..with 18" polished barrel, a Boss valve, which i ported even bigger. Two system trigger from Alliance Hobby, Brass breach and brass hollow probe and the barrel came from Alchemy AirWerks. Hawk Sport scope i bought here and it works perfect, where u put the dot, it hits everytime! The Baretta fold down grip and adaptor came from Ebay/China..And the 8" silencer came from snofu in Poland off of Ebay..Like i said, extreamly modable..It shoots 940 f.p.s. now ☺
ProsVery basic pistol that can be modded to greatness, but also good straight out the box!
By Craig C.
crossman 2240
July 8, 2016
Great little gun! Ive always been leary of C02 guns but have read so many positive reviews, I decided to give this one a try. Glad I did
ProsNo leaks, mine averages 453fps, with a high 465fps, yielding about 27 shots, at a reasonable power level, more if Im just plinking. This gun makes a good close range snake and turtle gun, without any mods except steel breach, although I may mod up to a paint ball tank this winter
ConsGrips have a little play in them, (not a deal breaker), and thats the only thing I can think of,.......well besides being addictive,
By John
I Love This Gun.
June 14, 2016
This Is A Real Good Pellet Gun Well Worth The Money.
By NEDan
Randolph MA.USA
I have 4 now
June 9, 2016
Ridiculously accurate and quality like nothing else in it's price range. I have modified all of them of course. The temptation is just too great and affordable.
If you're mechanically inclined like me you just might get hooked because each little improved part available is not that expensive. If not you'll just end up with a quality straight shooting gun that's fun due to its accuracy. If yours isn't accurate go on line and ask why. There is always a fix for everything on this gun.
ProsBuild quality, accuracy, aftermarket on line support and from Crosman themselves.
ConsPlastic breach makes mounting a red dot or a scope somewhat difficult.
By Rocco
Woodstock GA
Let the Shooting games begin
October 28, 2015
I had issues with it out of the box not being accurate, so I started looking for trigger parts and a longer barrel. Found a 15 inch barrel with valves and ported for the longer chamber. Mounted a 3x9x40 air rifle scope, and high intensity flash light on it and went into the basement for 50 foot sight in. Today, at 50 feet, every pellet goes thru the same hole. 35 shots before you start to loose power. $250 in parts labor including the pistol.
ProsMOD's unlimited makes it ACCURATE
Conshavnt found any, yet
By Monty
San Francisco Bay Area
Big Bang for the Buck
May 28, 2015
This was my best bet for entry level into precision .22 cal pistol shooting. I get a good 70-90 shots per CO2 before the shots taper off. It is a very loud gun, pushing 100+ cb with each shot. The trigger has a smooth and easy pull perfect got target or match. For an entry level gun, I am very happy with the product and the speed with which AirgunDepot shipped the gun.
ProsAccurate. Easy to use. Looks good.
ConsIt's loud. Not good for back yard shooting if you have nervous neighbors.
By jglassey78
Atlantic City
Most Modifiable Airgun I've Ever Owned...
January 28, 2015
After looking around for a good, competition grade pellet pistol, I went with the 2240. Not because of it's stock configuration, but because of the ridiculous amount of bolt-on mods available for this gun. After much research and a few hundred $, I replaced almost everything, except the lower receiver. It has handmade walnut target grips, custom sear spring, vented brass trigger, with shoe, adjustable power spring, steel breech, stainless bolt, custom polished lower tube (non-stamped), 14" polished barrel with black anodized compensator, and red/green dot sight.
It's extremely accurate and great for small game. LOT of knock down power for a pellet pistol. Will take a pigeons head clean off, with a HP pellet.
Love this gun!!
ProsTons of aftermarket upgrades and support. Can be turned into a 1st class airgun with a little work.
ConsIf you like to mod your 'toys', you're gonna spend 5X the original price by the time you get done....
By Gene
Accurate out of the box
January 28, 2015
This pistol is well worth the money.
After 100 pellets through it I used a 1/8th inch drill bit to enlarge the peep sight to make it usable.

This simple alteration has made it easier to sight and even more accurate.

Only thing I do not like is it only gets 30 full power shots to a CO2 cartridge.

ProsOverall a well made and accurate pistol.
ConsThe short life of the CO2 cartridge.
By Joseph
Cortland, NY
Another Crosman classic!
January 28, 2015
This is but another of the timeless,classic airguns that Crosman has made for years and is relatively unchanged because it's perfect just the way it is!
By Bill
Best Ever
November 16, 2014
I have put around 150 rounds through this pistol.
Had it trued in with 5 rounds, using max speed field pellets.
15 yards tight quarter size grouping.
Started out loud and over time getting quieter.
So Much Fun To Shoot.
Grandson got one and is trying to out shoot the old man.
Good luck with That.
ProsSo Much Fun
By Sean
Seattle, Wa
The Ford of Air guns!
September 18, 2014
The 2240 is the most affordable; highly modifiable air gun out there today. Right out of the box it is a very accurate; powerful air pistol. With the addition of a steel breech; a longer barrel; and some simple internal mods - it can be a powerful Co2 air gun that can easily take small game.
You won't regret buying this great Crosman classic!
ProsAffordable Accurate Highly modifiable
ConsTrigger needs some work.
By Mike
Long Island, NY
Great little shooter
August 25, 2014
Good weight and balance. Had to adjust the sights out of the box but otherwise it is a great target shooter. The .22 caliber pellets pack plenty of punch to take out small pests. Effective range is 13 to 15 meters.
By Greg
Bossier City, LA
Better than expected
August 3, 2014
There are so many forum post and you tube videos about improving this gun that I wasn't expecting very good performance right out of the box (make that plastic package).
Good accuracy - quarter size groups at 10 yards and able to consistently hit an empty pellet tin lid at 20 yards. At 20 yards with out a scope I really can't see good enough to hit anything smaller but I think the gun is capable. I bought the Discovery pellets assortment T Walmart (4 different pellets) and the gun shoots all four pretty well but I think the hollow points did the best. The gun is a little loud in my opinion for backyard shooting as the houses in our neighborhood are very close.
Prosfun to shoot low cost accurate easy and cheap to customize
Consa little loud if your neighbors are close.
By Marine 6.
Chesterton IN
Great Air Pistol
July 31, 2014
I was pleasantly surprised with this air pistol. It feels good to hold, was extremely accurate right out of the package, and has great addons. Would recommend this air gun to anyone looking for a short range pistol to plink, take care of small varmints, and all round shooting fun. In .22 caliber, you might find it a bit loud.
ProsAccurate. Very comfortable, especially with smaller hands. Great price!
ConsA bit loud in .22 caliber
By edward c.
Big Spring, Texas
Nice Piece
May 15, 2014
Of course I had to replace the plastic breech with the steel one. That's part of being a pellet gun snob. I don't notice any improvement in accuracy or anything, just makes it a higher quality item. I purchased two of these at the same time, one to shoot and another to be a safe queen. I enjoy having them as part of my pellet gun collection and find them of highest quality and performance. I only get about 40 shots per Co2 unit, but that's fine with me. Nice feel in my hand and fun, fun, fun to shoot for an old character like me.
Prosjust high quality that should provide years of shooting, which I do a lot of.
ConsAll is good.
By John
Fort Edward, NY
Great gun for the price
May 10, 2014
Bought this gun because it was 22cal, shoots great hit bullseye 1st shot I have bought many items in the recent past from AGD and every purchase has arrived on time and was what was advertised A all the way around
ProsPowerful gun for price
ConsSingle shot
By Ray
love it
November 4, 2013
have 3 if you can find a better handgun for this price get it
@30yrds its holding its own against most rifles!!
By DavR
Painesville, OH
Fantastic first time .22 pellet pistol.
March 3, 2013
Bought this two weeks ago and it has been a blast to use. The accuracy of this is top notch with about a 1/2" to 3/4" grouping. I have been using it at about a 13'-0" range and even fired it at about 27'-0" and still do not notice any difference in accuracy. Where I shoot, I can get roughly 50 /- pellets per Co2 cartridge (area is about 55 degrees in temp. /-). Trigger pull seems to be a little heavy but with some range time can get use to. Easy to install Co2 cartridge with no need for a screw driver to tighten cartridge cap. Also has the right amount of recoil for a beginner. I highly recommend this pellet pistol for the novice or experienced user do to upgrade capability.
ProsAccuracy Ease of use Can be used indoors and outdoors Economical to use Comfortable grip Recoil is minimal
ConsLittle noisy Trigger pull tad heavy (requires a bit of force) Can be to addicting to use - lots of fun
By George
Canton ME
Sweet shooter out of the box
February 8, 2013
Just got mine today. I swapped out the plastic breech and added Crosman's steel breech and a Leapers red/green dot scope. I used Benjamin Discovery 14.3 grain pellets and got good tight 5" shot groups at 25 ft handheld. The trigger is tight, but very little creep. I soon learned where it broke. You can feel and hear the spring just at the break point, which was a bit distracting. I will be remedying that with some aftermarket equipment soon. Another part I will be replacing, is the grips. They do not fit my hand well, and are not very comfortable. Replacing the breech was pretty simple, even for a mechanical klutz like me. I love this gun already and it is fun to shoot. I can't wait to trick this pony up! If you are thinking of getting one, then stop wasting time reading this and go get one!
ProsRugged, simple to work on, and accurate. Tons of aftermarket parts.
ConsTrigger a bit tight, stock grips not comfortable.
By Stan
Fort Mill, SC
An accurate value in a .22 CO2 Pistol
January 8, 2013
I used the pistol out of the box and found it accurate and powerful. The sights while "Ok" can be enhanced by adding a fluorescent Red tip to the front sight and fluorescent green tips to the rear sights. For an old guy like me going on 70, I found this improved my acquiring a target and the accuracy of my shots. With the mods, I was able to place 6 of 6 shots into a Bone Collector Pellet Trap 5.5 in. sq. from a distance of 15 yards. One bullseye in the 10 ring, 2 in the 7 ring, 1 in the 6 ring, and 2 in the 4 ring of the target. The gun felt comfortable in my hand (a little tight) and I used a weaver stance while shooting.
ProsAccurate and inexpensive target practice.
ConsSights need improvement and the grips are on the small side.
By Ted
Rome, NY
great gun
December 26, 2012
This air pistol is one of the best guns to own. It is a great starter gun out of the package and has so many after market parts available that you can turn it into almost any gun you want. Getting started down that road can end up costly, but a ton of fun.
ProsCheap to own Easy to learn Easy to tear down and work on Accurate
ConsCan become expensive to own and tick off your wife!
By Albert
Modesto, Ca
December 15, 2012
This item is just as powerful as a .22 short! The pellets hit hard on a fence from far away! A must to buy for home defense and small game!
ProsPowerful! Easy loading! A fun and accurate gun to have for plinking!
By Hernán M.
San Martín, Buenos Aires
November 26, 2012
Excellent gun. It is precise, powerful and lightweight.
ProsVery powerful, economical, and great for pliking.
Conspoca autonoimia
alamogordo NM.
Awesome Platform
July 26, 2012
A very powerful and accurate pistol. For the price and the mods availible the 2240 makes it the perfect platform for a awesome and expensive air gun.
Prospower, accuracy
ConsCheap breach, trigger pull is too heavy and should be adjustable from the factory
By Matthew
Springfield, IL
July 5, 2012
This is a classic airgun. Highly modifiable with both crosman and aftermarket parts. A joy to shoot not a CO2 Hog.
ProsGreat with gas Modifiable Fun Accurate
ConsNo Repeater
By randall
houston texas
the best
April 6, 2012
guys i have owned this gun for about 8 still shoots as good as the day i got it. it is accurate hits hard and is easy to use, also very easy on the co2 , i have never counted how many shots per cartrige but it is a lot ! if it ever does break i am going to get another one the next day. yea the grips are plastic but they feel good to your hand. i really don"t think you can do better than this one especiallt for the money . get one you won"i be dissapointed . i have more guns than anyone needs haha but this one is by far the most fun and cheapest to shoot.also i have left the co2 cartrige in the gun for weeks and it doesn"t leak any air out; happy trails
Prosaccurate hits hard easy to use easy on the co2 really a good pistol
By brett
elgin, IL
Real nice gun
February 26, 2012
I purchased the 2240 mainly because I ordered a custom one and wanted to see the difference. With stock sights the gun will shoot as well as you can see. I have a 15 yard range in my basement and 90% of shots fall into 8 ring or closer not bad! Power seems real good and steady for at least 60-70 shots then falls off. No co2 leaks just remember to put a drop of oil on the tip of cartridge prior to installing. Real fun gun.
ProsEasy to shoot, accuracy.
By Ed
Parkton NC
fun to shoot
January 31, 2012
For the price you can't beat the 2240, very accurate with the crosman primer hollow points, its just one of those guns that you don't want to put down!
ProsPrice, Great for newcommers or the experts, Highly modifiable.
By Falco
Great Bargain
January 12, 2012
Gun arrived today. Solid feel and weight. No time to really sight it in. I ordered it to help me eliminate the roof rats destroying the vine structure on my house. Loaded gas cylinder and dry fired with no pellet. Load gas sound, but that made me pretty sure this guy could do the job. Went outside, loaded pellet, put flashlight on vine. Rat made the mistake of standing still and not moving. Got Gamo .22 pellet in return. Gun seems like it will be a solid addition to garden shed for long time.
By William M.
MosesLake wash.
December 29, 2011
Ordered christmas night recieved dec.29.Which is fast in my book.shoots and handles took about 60 rounds to settle in.but now will shoot a golfball sized group with crosman premier hollow points all day at 20ft.would be smaller but until this morning i hadnt picked up a pistol in about 10 years.hits plenty hard as is for rabits,rats,or mr.bushy tail.though these can be beefed up really easy
Prosgood solid idiot proof pistol
Consplastic breach,looks really tough and durable but isnt metal
By Ted
Crosman Airguns- 2240 .22 Single Shot CO2 Pellet Pistol
December 1, 2011
Solid, well-made pistol. Accurate!
ProsA few more dollars would make the grips look much nicer with wood grips. A few dollars would add a lot to the value of this pistol. Wish it could be a choice for added-on.
ConsNo "cons."
By Marlon
Great Satisfaction!!!
October 31, 2010
I last commented on this GREAT air pistol on August 1st.. I spent a few days playing with it, tweaking it throughout the last months, and found a very accurate, enjoyable air gun. I replaced nothing so far, and the gun functioned flawlessly on three different pellets, yielding one inch groups at 10 meters. The gun's comfortable grip with a fully adjustable rear sight gives plenty of flexibility for different sight pictures. Very usable sights. 40-50 solid shots per CO2 cartridge. Mine shot Crosman Premier Hollow points, Crosman Pointed Hunter, and Daisy Max Speed Wadcutter in 1-2 inch groups from 8-12 meters. If you are truly interested in a quality consumer level CO2 pellet air pistol in .22 to learn how to shoot, this is it. Buy a few!!! One for parts you know!
By cody
September 27, 2010
I have owned both the .177 caliber and .22 caliber version of this pistol for around 6 years, I have killed jack rabbits, prairie dogs, squirrels, numerous birds, skunks, crows, and even opossums with this pistol, and I used the .177 caliber version as a 10 meter competition pistol, and placed in the top 5 four years in a row in the Wyoming 4-h shooting sports competition. This gun is accurate and dependable. keep all the screws tight, maybe use some lok tight, and its good. And also, if your not competent enough to figure out how to adjust the sight on this pistol, YOU SHOULDN'T BE HANDLING ANYTHING THAT FIRES A PROJECTILE. Its simple, two screws, one windage, one elevation. Loosen them, move the sight, and tighten it. I chronographed the .22 cal, at a little over 7,000 ft elevation mine shot 421 fps to 433 fps (12 fps variation) with 10 shots on a fresh cartridge and 14.3 grain pellets. Great pistol.
By kenny
fun gun
September 24, 2010
shoots very well after sighting in. settled down after about 100 rounds. shoots crosman premier hollow points the best of 2 different pellets i have tried so far. gets lots of shots per co2 cartridge.
By CarolAnn
Hit what you are aiming at...
September 23, 2010
After a couple of adjustments the 22 shot what I was aiming at. 30 yards away.
By Marlon
2240, Out of the box mind you.
August 1, 2010
Ok. The very first shot @ 6 ft. w/Crosman pointed field hunting pellet, ZERO. At 12 ft, way off to the left and high. At 36 ft, (12 yds.) no group to be seen. Conclusion; gun shook out of calibration. Took a good look at it and noticed EVERYTHING was not balanced. Barrel band was tightned so as to promote stress on barrel, front sight a tad off center; trigger and grip frame are not shaped correctly. OK..fine, now what?!?!?! Send it back? Naaa. The gun grouped after settling down despite these issues. Rear sight cannot accomodate adjusted point of aim. So....I have an adventure ahead with this. Power is great. Trigger is Great. Rear sight to be determined if it is useful. I'm a huge fan of Crosman, and i hope I can use my limited talent to make this gun a winner. We'll see in round two..I will post....
By Juan F.
Crosman Airguns- 2240
July 15, 2010
It is a forceful weapon for its size, is very easy to handle, his gun a little short but gives good satisfaction, the CO2 is maximized.
By Bart
Hard to miss
April 21, 2010
Let me first say that the guys at Airgun Depot Rock ! They really know how to take care of their customers, and have certainly earned my loyalty. After researching the 22XX series on line, I knew I had to have one, and it's everything I expected. Trigger needed a little tuning, but is still an excellent gun for the price.Crosman hit a home run with this series. Can't wait to up-grade it with steel breech and better rear sight ( tons of hop-up parts and accessories on-line). I allready got one of my friends interested and after shooting it, he wants one too, so I'll be ordering another 2240 for him along with a 2260 for myself.
By Rawhyde
Needs Better Balance
January 10, 2010
Bought this one because of the similarity between it and my old Ruger MK1. Found that there's a serious difference in balance. This one feels barrel heavy because the charge goes in below the barrel whereas the Rugar was inside the handle. Threw my marksmanship all out.
By Jack K.
Good value for the money
November 8, 2009
The gun is very accurate for outdoor plinking. The only complaints we have are the plastic grips and the amount of effort it takes to pull the trigger. Other than that, it kicks like a mule and we (father and son) are having a great time.... although it's a bit heavy for my 8 year old.
By Jack
May 16, 2009
Had this for 3 wks. now. Amazing power and accuracy for the money. Lots of mods available with how to's and detailed instructions online. Added an auto-load breech with 25 rnd magazine, new hammer and trigger springs, boss valve, longer bolt and power adjust cap. 10 fpe at 25 ft. I was so impressed with this pistol and the service I got from Airgundepot, I bought the 2250XT and I can't wait for it to arrive!
By dave
my 2240
December 22, 2008
Got mine on friday! very awesome! works great even in cold weather! i love it!
By Jim
June 19, 2008
It's rude, crude and LOUD, but it hits like a sledgehammer and very accurate. If you're older, it's really hard to see the front sight. If you're left handed, I don't think the safety and grips are set up well. Both of these apply to me, but I still really like this gun, and I will probably get another one and start in on the customizations.
By Robert
June 3, 2008
I was looking for something small to control rabbits around the house. I chose .22 caliber for the heavier round at close range. Power seems decent, although I haven't used it a great deal. Good buy for the money.
May 31, 2008
By Bob W.
2240 review
December 24, 2007
I am very pleased with the quality of this pistol and am amazed at its affordability. It shot a consistent grouping of 2.5 inches at 20 yards shooting freehanded right out of the box. Who says their aren't any bargains let.
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By arne hutsebaut from Ressegem , Belgium on June 17, 2012
Is it possible to add a scope to it? If so, what do I need to do to add one?

By arne hutsebaut from Belgium on June 17, 2012
Where does the co² cartridge need to be placed? And how can a scope can be added?
By Shane from Raceland, LA on June 26, 2012

The CO2 carts go into the tube below the barrel. (the end twists off)

In-order to scope it, you either have to upgrade to a Steel Breech *an aftermarket part* or buy the clamp on barrel adapters. (they're kind of like heavy duty clothes pins that clip around the barrel in front of the breech and you mount the scope on them.)

By bill from parsippany on November 20, 2011
look i like the look but will it take a squirrel at about 40 to 50 yards? i like to tie fishing flies and need something to get some new furs

By Staff on November 24, 2011

I would us a air rifle at that distance. I doubt there is any way you can achieve accuracy at that distance with a pistol.

Check out this rifle. Read the reviews on it. It's a great air rifle for the price

By pipi from malaysia on March 29, 2012
do you ship to malaysia??
By Staff on March 30, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

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