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Crosman 760B Pumpmaster, .177 cal

Shoots BB's & Pellets.

Crosman 760B Pumpmaster, .177 cal

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Made in the USA
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The 760 Pumpmaster is what all the other multi-pump pneumatics want to be! A proven Crosman favorite for four decades, this dependable rifle offers an experience all its own. Over 10 million have been sold! Doubles as a BB repeater or a single shot pellet gun.

At less than 3 lbs., it's a great starter air rifle. The stock and forearm are made of a durable synthetic that takes lots of use and still looks good. An economical rifle, the Pumpmaster takes up to 10 pumps to send BBs 625 fps and pellets 600 fps. The checkering on the grip and the indentations on the pump handle make it that much easier to get a grip and stay on target.

Ideal for shooting very small rodents (at close range), plinking and target shooting. (Never shoot BBs at metal objects!) It's so light that you can shoot all day! Suitable for younger shooters (with adult supervision) and smaller adults.

Pellets are loaded into a 5-shot clip, while BBs have an 18-shot magazine, which is fed from the 200-shot reservoir. It comes with standard sights, but you can get even more accuracy by mounting a scope or red dot on the 11mm dovetail.

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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity625 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets & BBs
  • ActionPump
  • Barrel StyleFixed Barrel
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Overall Length33.5
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismMulti-pump pneumatic
  • UsePlinking / Fun / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Crosman 760B Pumpmaster, .177 cal
80 Reviews
61% (49)
25% (20)
11% (9)
1% (1)
1% (1)
39% Recommend this product (31 of 80 responses)
By herman
quincy, IL
Not what I expected
June 1, 2019
This gun was not all black and does not have or use a pellet clip!
ConsI thought the pellet clip was a great feature of the gun!
By John A.
Lawrence, MA
I'm impressed!
April 17, 2019
I'm definitely impressed by this little air gun. The first night after unpacking it and sighting it in, I seriously injured one rat, killed another, plus a mouse. I wounded another mouse but before I could finish it off a cat came out of nowhere and scooped it up. I purchased it because my old Red Ryder BB gun wasn't powerful enough for the rats we discovered we had (only outside so far) after moving a few months ago, but this little rifle is just right.
Thank you for the solid engineering.
Best UsesVermin/varmint reduction.
By David H.
Lindale texas
760 revived.
January 14, 2019
I bought two for my twin daughters in 2008. Recently removed the front sight on one of them and installed a pvc suppressor, mounted an old Daisy 3-7 scope. 15 pumps and popping squirrels in the noggin out to 25 yards with a lot of power. Great little pumper for the price. These were the earlier style with the faux brown woodgrain pump and stock.
ProsModifiable like the 1377 and 1322. Accurate.
Best UsesPest control and good accurate target practice.
By Jeremy
Syracuse, NY
Most accurate gun that I can stay there right now that is for cheap right now
October 12, 2018
I love how it's a BB gun pellet gun at the same time but probably going to do the Ohio fishing good things and killing squirrels
By James T.
Never had a crosman that I could use much. Pumps too hard.
September 17, 2018
760 pumps too hard. Can hardly get more than one pump.
Had a co2 model. Blew up after one cartridge . Threw it away.
By Lee H.
Pest control
May 2, 2018
I purchased this pumpmaster because I have pidgens in the barn and a corragated metal roof. Wanting to be rid of the birds without holes in the roof I chose the varible power of a pump up air gun. As the shots are close at night I didn't need the most accuratee gun and found this one on sale. It does the job for which it was intended. Great item for the money.
Prosmagizine feed
Best Usespest control, plinking
By D D.
Homewood, Ill.
Know what you are getting!! Very little QUALITY here!!
April 17, 2018
When this gun arrived, the bolt would NOT come back far enough to feed BB's from the magazine on top. My wife and I disassembled the gun and repaired the problem!! Something not many people could or would

have done!! Gun works fine now.
Pros Small, light, neighbors if they see it at all, don't recognize it as a gun! Quiet. and at close range will do the job. Starlings at the bird feeder!!
Cons Needs to be more like it used to be. some wood and more accurate.
By Tim
Halstead, Kansas
Crosman pump .177
January 26, 2018
Great gun for the price. Had a Crosman pump that finally wore out after over 30 years. This one shoots straight and does what I need it to do, scare off critters.
By Chaco
Pretty good gun for the money
January 1, 2018
Some parts of the gun are plastic and, therefore, feel a little flimsy. I understand that some of this is done to reduce the weight for younger shooters. Still, for the money its a good first gun and my boys are really enjoying theirs.
By Joe
New Mexico ranch country
Better choice for the buck!
November 6, 2017
I live in the very rural south west. I keep a BB gun for unwanted pests. I had been buying CO2 pistols for TWICE the price of this, mainly for the repeater availability. When I run out of CO2 cartridges though, it's a long way to the store for more. Accuracy with the pistols was basically crap.
For HALF the price, this air rifle beats the hell out of those previously owned pistols. When you buy an air gun at this price, you can't expect perfection, and you can't have unreasonable expectations. So, with that in mind, this air rifle has very good accuracy for the price, and it consistently holds it. I don't need a repeater with this gun. I KNOW where the shot is going to go, and so, I also waste fewer BB's. It is not difficult to pump, and it is very light. I do find that the rear sight can be "pushed off" (to one side or the other a bit), if you happen to grab the gun around the sight. For this price, that is not a problem. Just be mindful when handling.
This is a great gun, with plenty of power and fun to shoot.
ProsAccurate light weight holds plenty of bb's (about 200)
Consrear sight can be pushed off center (left/right) effecting your aim point. Just don't grab where the sight is. It will stay put if not handled.
By Dave
Rio Grande Gorge
Three Surprises: Accurate, Tiny, Bendy
August 20, 2017
The 760B is actually pretty accurate for a BB gun. Let's say better than average. It's somewhat tolerable shooting pellets, but don't expect pinpoint accuracy. The pellet "magazine" is really kind of a neat feature. Though barely big enough for adults, it will serve. It's a great size for a kid, but might be a bit hard to pump for all but the most robust. Unfortunately, the plastic stock -- especially the forearm -- is a bit too flexy. This doesn't really affect performance, but it leaves the shooter with a dissatisfying feeling. If you're not prone to that kind of tactile turnoff, it probably won't bother you. The sights are workable for the accuracy level of the gun, but some folks will find them just too vague. But let's get real -- this is pretty good performance for the price. The trigger pull is long and somewhat hard, but smoother than some other Crosman guns I've tried.
ProsReasonably accurate, good power, low price.
ConsFlimsy plastic stock and barely functional sights.
By Alan
New London , CT
Great Gift
June 21, 2017
Bought this as a gift for my friend and his wife so now they each have one and now they shoot together instead of having to take turns sharing one gun.
Works better than you'd expect at this price.
Great entry-level fun !
By Dave
Sharpeshooter special
January 7, 2017
Only had this bb gun for a couple of weeks but it seems like the pump action is tight and the gun is very accurate at about 30 feet. I could definitely kill a rat if I could hit it with only one shot (takes too long to pump it up and load another bb for sequence shots).
Conssingle shot
By Billyrob
Apalachicola, Florida
Lightweight, easy pump
December 27, 2016
Light and easy to pump. Bought for my 8yr. old grandson. DO NOT C L AMP A SCOPE OR LASER SIGHT ON THE PART WHERE THE BB's ROLL DOWN . You will squish it and bb's won't roll down to load. Had to grind it out with a Dremel tool. Took a 4power scope I had and mounted it forward of the breach. Have had a lot of trouble getting a continuous supply of BB's to load. Can get 2 or 3 I'll n a row then have to get a wire to probe in the track, jiggle the wire, shake the gun, on and on. Pain in the neck. BB's seem to jam.
This is a new gun, not the one I had to dream out with the Dremel. It actually works better. Can't get a consistent pattern with the scope. Probably take it off and go iron sights. If I can get grandson to even try it .
It is not a computer or a video game, you know
ProsCheap, easy to pump, light weight
ConsJams up.
By Jon
Keaau, Hawaii
my 760B
September 3, 2016
The 760B is so inexpensive that I decided to buy one. I have a fair number rifled airguns, but I wanted to see what a smooth bore was capable of for accuracy with pellets. Since I'm 63 years old, and my eyesight is not good, I wasn't too surprised that I found the open sights wouldn't cut it. The sight picture with these is actually pretty good. But, with my eyes and using my newest prescription eye glasses, I saw one too many front sight posts. Also, my 760 shot about an inch left at 11 yards with no way to correct it.
I ended up putting my BSA RD30 red dot sight onto the dovetail mount. Seems to be a very good combination.
After sighting the airgun in, I began testing pellets. I want to have enough accuracy to use this to shoot rats at night that go into our chicken coop and eat the food. Testing began at 11 yards. I shot a number of groups with various pellets. I win't mention yet the results, because the 760's pellet preference changed after breaking in the barrel. I cleaned the barrel fairly early, and it was pretty dirty. It has me wondering if a smooth bore shooting lead pellets gets dirty quicker than a rifled barrel??
I tried the following pellets. Gamo Match, Crosman Premier Match (wadcutters), Crosman Premier heavies, Crosman Destroyers, Crsoman Hunters, Swiss Arms pointed, Daisy wadcutters, RWS Hobbies. I've got about 300-350 rounds passed down the barrel, and the most accurate, and most consistently accurate are the Crosman Premier Match wadcutters.
I moved the target to 7 yards, as that is the distance I am going to set up to shoot rats at night. Since the BSA is a red dot, I'll use a rechargeable light with a green lens on it for contrast. I moved to 7 yards not because the gun won't group well at that distance, because it does. But, because the BSA is one power, non magnified scope.
Best group at 7 yards, from a rest, using 6 pumps, and shooting five shot groups is 3/16". That ain't bad even for a rifled barrel. Lots of groups at about 1/4" too. Destroyer do the same in this gun as they do in my rifled guns. That is, make crappy groups. The Crosman Hunters show promise also, but with the match pellets being much more consistent.
I like this fast handling little carbine very much, especially for a $32.00 airgun. The trigger started off with a pretty stout pull, but has loosened up nicely with shooting. I like the 5 round magazine very much. I have the same one in my Model 66. As always with a plastic airgun, I wish there were more metal and wood. But, I am very pleased with how well this shoots pellets.
One day, I moved the target out to 17 yards, up against a brick fire pit I made. I only shot two groups. One with the Match pellets, and one with the Hunters. I was again pleased with the Match wadcutters. The 5 shot group measured 15/16" in height, and 3/8" in width, with no shots touching. Remember this is with an unmagnified red dot sight. Also, wadcutters are not known for good accuracy to hold up much past 10-12 yards.
I think this is a good little airgun, as long as one keeps the distances reasonably short. If this were a $100 airgun, I wouldn't have given it 5 stars. But, for the $32, and considering how much fun I'm having shooting this, and the level of accuracy it has, it gets 5 stars. How long will it hold up? Unknown. I will say this. I have read reviews where the owner broke the stock off while pumping. First, I take my time pumping it up. Second, I use a method which puts no strain on the stock when I pump this. If you attack the pumping up of this airgun like it was an Olympic event, you may very well break the stock off. I like my stuff to last forever, so I go easy on it.
I like multi-pump air rifles a lot, and own 5-6 of them. I like that you control the power, and you don't have to buy CO2 cartridges, or an expensive hand pump to fill it. 3 pumps is usually great for target shooting. I have not tried varying the number of pumps, to see how that effects accuracy. I find that 6 pumps should do for 7-11 yard ratting, and it's not too loud either.
I picked up an NCStar 4x30mm compact rifle scope, which I intend to try on the 760B. But, it's doing so well with the BSA red dot, I hate to mess with it.
ProsPrice, accuracy with pellets, fast handling, light, it's a Crosman!
ConsToo much plastic. Open sight not adjustable for windage. My other air rifles are getting jealous. I haven't shot another airgun since I bought this 760B. Unknown longevity. But, parts are readily avialable from Crosman, including a rifled barrel from another model that is a direct fit.
By Curtis
great needs upgrade
October 31, 2015
best deal in a pellet gun, easy loading, small light, I would pay 3x the money for a rifled barrel and a materials upgrade to make it more accurate, a scope is a nice addition
ProsGood design, pellet clip, light, cheap, did I say designed well !!!!
ConsNeeds rifled barrel, material upgrade
By Ken
760 Pumpmaster/ Good Started
May 19, 2015
First thing one needs to do is sight this thing. Out the box it is "out the box" and way off target. The next thing is one needs is to get use to the trigger. Major downfall here. Hard to teach trigger control when this has a lot of play before engaging and then one has to "pull hard" in lieu of "squeezing" the trigger which of course causes one to pull off target. Good starter. There are better. Research first. Bought this for my snake problem in the yard. The old garden shovel worked better. Still fun for shooting cans and stuff.
ProsAffordable. Easy to use. Fun if one is not too serious.
ConsSighting off. Trigger needs redesign. Smooth bore decreases the effectiveness of the gun.
By Jerry W.
Brevard, NC
Pumpmaster 760
February 5, 2015
Overall a very good Air Rifle, but with one serious defect. As bought, BBs struck very significantly low and to the left of where aimed. The problem of striking low was easily solved my raising the elevation setting on the rear sight. But there was (is) no adjustment for correcting the right to left strike. The only remedy I could come up with was to physically bend the rear sight to the right. This was also unsatisfactory because my attempts to bend the V rear sight to the right resulted in slippage of the entire rear sight assembly at the point where it is attached to the top of the air rifle. This is a frustrating and very significant and unfortunate example of what is otherwise a good product having a single weak point which renders it impossible or nearly impossible to use accurately. Simply put, a good rear sight assembly, properly attached, would have made this an excellent product at a very attractive price.
ProsA tight and durable air rifle.
ConsAs described above, an obvious attempt to save money by the company has resulted in a rear sight assembly which is not firmly attached and which has no lateral adjustment. I hope this problem has been addressed since I purchased my air rifle several years ago. Unless this problem has been resolved, I wouldn't recommend it to a friend. It is has been addressed and corrected I would definitely recommend it.
By Brian T.
Loads of fun against my grandma's wishes
November 5, 2014
As a child, my older cousin and I would sneak the BB guns out of the living room closet and go shoot anything we could in our grandma's huge yard. One was an old school Red Ryder (without the safety) and the other a 760 Pumpmaster. It was obviously the better of the two so we would always fight over who got to use it. We never had access to BB's so we had to use popcorn kernels (which our grandmother conveniently had many bags of). One day we (inevitably) ended up going after each other with them instead of double-teaming the environment. I had the Pumpmaster, my cousin had the Red Ryder (for once) and it was war. We both ran separate ways around the house and made contact behind the shed, him taking cover behind the trash can on one side while I took cover behind the AC unit on the other side. I foolishly peeked over the unit just to be sniped from six feet away in my left temple. It ricocheted with quite a bit of a sting but it was quickly replaced by extreme anger as I pumped my weapon to full power and fired back from the same distance. He was hit. My courageous kernel lodged into his upper arm and he surrendered. With blood trickling from his wound, he retreated to mammaw. That popcorn kernel is still in his arm to this day.
Pros-Very comfortable to hold -Control of amount of power -Sufficient velocity to penetrate cousin's arm -Scope-friendly
Cons-Sufficient velocity to penetrate cousin's arm -Ass whippin' from my grandmother
By Isaiah
, Virginia
Nice little gun
May 30, 2014
Not as powerful as some of the hundred dollar guns but deadly accurate could kill a rabbit at about 30 yards I'm rating this four stars
By stephen
very accurate
March 9, 2014
this BB gun is very accurate and has a decent amount of loudness to it. I use it all the time to shoot the loud blue jays in my backyard and for target practice. I use it almost every day. I would really recommend all parents who are looking for a starter BB gun for their kids to buy them this one because it is light and very useful. That is all I have to say . Happy hunting.
Medford, Oregon
This Generation's "Red Ryder"...
December 16, 2013
This was my first air gun, once I moved past my little, childhood Daisy BB gun, and it is still going strong almost 40 years later (I passed it, still in almost pristine condition, despite years of use and abuse, to my granddaughter, who, at 11, loves it). Cheap to buy. Cheap to shoot. Surprisingly rugged, requiring almost no maintenance and a minimum of cleaning and oiling. It works with and is forgiving of a huge range of ammo, from the cheap stuff to the top of the line pellets. And it's accurate - with average weighted pellets (6-8 gr.), one can shoot decent groups easily at 20 and even up to 50 yards, depending on how much air is pumped (another nice feature, namely the ability to adjust the power to the circumstances - real handy for kids who want to plink in a suburban backyard). With an average muzzle velocity (at the full 10 pump capacity) of 600-615 fps, it is quite capable of downing varmints and small pests, and tho' it is not really a hunting gun, it's taken its share of squirrels, birds, and a few rattlesnakes and even water moccasins of not inconsiderable size (tho' make sure you get a good head shot and a deliver a coup de grace before you get within striking range - sometimes they are just stunned). I think this is the perfect trainer gun for young shooters, whether they go on to something more substantial or not. The gun's size is just right for kids (tho' the ergonomics are so well thought out that it is equally comfortable for full sized adults to shoot). Put simply, this one is a classic. I've moved on to much more powerful air guns, as well as firearms, but I still pull this out and plink with it. Great bonding with the grandkids.
ProsPrice, reliability, accuracy... pretty much everything.
ConsLots of plastic, tho', in fairness, it's proven far more durable than it looks (not so much as a chip or crack in it). I understand that the latest models may have dispensed with the rifling (in order to better handle BB's). If so, Crosman needs to rethink that one. This isn't and shouldn't be a BB gun, but, rather, the next step up.
By douglas p.
tucson az.
it's no longer a rifle
May 25, 2013
The old 760's had rifled barrels. The smooth bore barrel causes pellets to go every where. That being said, it is still the best bb gun. Made in USA!
Prosmade in USA, low cost
Consno rifling
By Marc
Pueblo, CO
1st Airgun
May 15, 2013
My 1st airgun and it works as advertised. It's so cheap to shoot I almost feel guilty. Had to choose between BB's and .22 rimfire. I thought it came with the pellet clip but am using BB's anyway. I searched for pellet clips and they were (big surprise) cheap and affordable.
ProsDoes what it claims and reasonably accurate. I'd buy it again.
ConsWish the kit had included a pellet clip.
By sean
The best rifle for the price.
April 18, 2013
Awesome gun!! One of my first guns and it worked out great for plinking and taking care of small pests. You cant beat it for the price!!
Prospowerful(625fps) accurate(30-70ft.) high capacity bb's I like the 5 round stripper clips for pellets affordable, both to own and shoot very light and simple
Cons none.
By Caleb
Great for a cheap bb gun
April 8, 2013
This gun is very accurate, as far as BB guns go (especially if scoped).
ProsAccurate Durable Easy Fun
Consplastic, terrible sights
By Dustin S.
Huntington, West Virginia
Amazing pellet rifle
January 16, 2013
The 760 is a very good pellet rifle. However, the BB function is terrible. Like all BB guns, the BB turns and gets off target. I have killed many birds with just the pellets and only one bird with BB's becuase the BB's are never on target. Overall, great for backyard carnage.
ProsFun to shoot Accurate Powerful Drops birds with easy
ConsHard for people under 15 to pump. Newer models are plastic. The iron sights get easily messed up or damaged. Usually needs a 4x scope for maximum accuracy.
By immanuel
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Nice gun
December 27, 2012
My first air gun and I killed many birds and it is accurate.
ProsWeight Accurate easy pump
ConsFront sight moves around.
By Matthew
Long Beach, CA
Not like I remember it from my childhood but a good compromise on price and quality.
September 25, 2012
I had one of these as a kid and I remember there was a lot less plastic involved. You have to expect that to keep the prices down, changes had to be made. For a starter rifle you have something that works as it was intended and can help you decide if this is for you for a very reasonable price. Good rifle to keep as a spare for a friend to use when they come over, you don't feel bad if it gets banged up a bit then.
ProsPrice, ammo capacity and the ability to shoot bb or pellet ammo.
ConsPlastic parts.
By Elliot
cedarburg, wisconsin
Great Gun
May 3, 2012
This is an amazing gun for beginers and its very fun! I love this gun and it shoot well.
ProsShoots well, Powerful, Accurate, affordable price, and easy to pump.
By Evan
1964 version
April 23, 2012
a few days ago i was at my great grandfathers house and we were taking items from the house after he died and we found my uncles old 760 pumpmaster air rifle and he gave it to me. we later learned that it was from 1964 and it shoot like it was brand new so i can only imagine what a brand new one is like seeing as this one is a good 50 years old so i do recommend this to a friend
Proseasy enough to pick up and learn how everything works in 5 minutes
By Hugh W.
Whitefield, Maine
Crosman Airguns- Model 760B- Pumpmaster Air Rifle
February 22, 2012
great product,, more than i expected..
Prosi like everything about the 760B air rifle.. i'm sure everyone would be pleased with it.
By Mike
pumpmaster 760
February 7, 2012
I can't tell you how this one shoots, because I bought it as a gift for someone else but I can say that if it performs as well as the older model that I own it will make the recepiant extreemly happy.
ProsI like it
Cons the plastic
By Glenn P.
Brooksville, Florida
shooting and accuracy
January 29, 2012
It's light, shoots very well, and is very accurateunder 100 feet...
Prosweight and balance acuracy ease in cocking ability to shoot BB's and Pellets
Consfor the price, I don't dislike anything...
By Mark S.
760B Pumpmaster
January 14, 2012
Great gun, lots of power! I like the large 200 BB storage reservoir, because even though you have to pump up the gun after every shot, the BB's goes very fast in the 15 BB magazine! I shot up 200 BBs in no time! Great price too!
ProsI like the large BB reservoir with the easy reloading magazine! Fairly accurate, too!
ConsMy only regret is I wish it was a CO2 Rifle so I wouldn't have to pump it up after every shot! I used to have a Crosman CO2 rifle with a 16 BB magazine that was ackward to load. If only I had this newer loading system with that rifle, then it would be perfect! Can't find a CO2 rifle like that anymore, it was extremely acurate! I shot bumble bees flying right out of the air with that rifle!
By Charles
my old 760
November 28, 2011
When I was around 10 or so I got my 760. It was a great gun.I learned to shoot with it. My dog and I would head off into the woods and be gone for hours hunting squirrels. I always managed to bag several sometimes 8 or 10 at a time. I had that gun for several years, I still used it for hunting small game when I was 15 and 16, after all it worked as good as a rim fire, the bbs were cheaper and to me it felt more like hunting, when you had to be on your game to make the shot. I let my cousin use the gun one day and he decided it was a good idea to put dirt down the barrel, he was as old as I and knew better, but ohh well he did. That ended my old 760s days, the sand got into the seals and well that was that. He didnt bother to tell me it happened just put it up and by the time I got too it..kapuuut.. Now it is time for my daughter to graduate from her Red Ryder to a gun she can use for something other than paper targets from 20 feet away. I can only hope her 760 will bring her as much joy and fond memories as mine did me....
Prosgreat item
By Dean
July 21, 2011
This gun is an amazing gun. I had mine for about five years and then gave it to a friend and it always shot great. Pretty powerful and has great accuracy. I pumped mine WAY over the limit and nothing ever lived when it was hit by this. Does feel very plasticy and is very light but I highly recommend it for any ages
By shooter
April 24, 2011
Begged my dad to spend my birthday money on a 760 in 1985, moving up from my red ryder as I turned 11. It has survived thousands of rounds. my little brother then took it over when I left for the Marines in 92', I grabbed it back around 10 years ago for my oldest boy. He just left for the Marines as well(18) and my 11 year old and myself shoot it all the time now. I remember saving my money to buy a scope back then wich was destroyed but we just replaced it. So far this rifle has survived 4 of us boys and still can hit a can at 30 paces.
By Pro s.
Great gun
April 5, 2011
I am a person who was very impresed by this gun. I bought it for my 10 year old son to teach him the fundimentals. I shoot all kinds of weapons and was surprised with this plastic rifle. Very precise for the money. It's also lasted over 5 years and thousands of shots
By george
model 760B
March 30, 2011
After sighting it in, it was accurate & easy to use. Good teaching tool for young shooters.
March 1, 2011
well iv had this gun for over 15 years great guns hasnt ever failed on me once i would recomend this gunto the world if i could everyone buy this gun
By No- n.
Great rifle
February 5, 2011
This is a very good rifle for what the price is set at. If u r looking for a very good BB/Pellet gun, this is your gun!
By Hunter12
December 22, 2010
Great gun, if your looking for something that can take small game and has good accuracy this is the gun for you. wonderful price its lasted a while for me .
By jack
good gun
December 16, 2010
This gun is really accurate. the only thing that bothers me is that almost the whole thing is made of plastic. I did nail a bottle from about 70 feet away though!
By Robert
760 Pump Master
December 3, 2010
Very powerfull but it's all plastic except for the chamber and barrel. This makes it light weight which some people may like but it feels cheap to me !!
By alaw
November 7, 2010
I recently found my 760 packed away in the attic. Honestly, I bought it over 35 yrs. ago! Even though it's been 10 yrs since firing it, still works like a champ! Now my grandkids are practicing their aim..all target NO KILL
By chris
October 1, 2010
this gun is a lot of fun and im not trying to put it down but it dosnt last after 1 year the air chamber leaked and now i threw it away but overall its pretty accurate and is incredibly fun so for the price i think its worth to buy but just take good care of it to get longer usage than i did
By Adam
Crosman Airguns- Model 760B- Pumpmaster Air Rifle
July 26, 2010
great price. great product.
By Big b.
pretty good
July 2, 2010
My stock broke of after a couple years oh well its a inexpensive gun. otherwise its was pretty accurate and held up good
By Keith
Crosman Airguns- Model 760B- Pumpmaster Air Rifle
June 5, 2010
Nice little rifle I bought 2 of these for my grandkids to shoot when they visit this summer 1 wood grain and 1 pink
( boy & girl ) and they think it great. I also bought a Crosman C-11 pistol for me to shoot. There is still a little kids left in us all. Be SAFE these thing have a lot of power and could hurt someone bad
By gabe3232
June 5, 2010
this is best gun in the wold. you cant buy a gun better then this its low prist and holds a lot of bullets i cud stay her all day telling you how grat this is but i have to go = (
By Sparrow S.
Awesome gun
May 13, 2010
I got my 760 this spring and it has great power and accuracy with Gamo Magnum Pellets. I've allready shot over 20 grackles and some sparrows.
By vol 9.
April 8, 2010
By mark a.
March 25, 2010
im back and this gun is still insane. i have had it for four years and just took a squirrel the other day with the RDA raptor pellets. with those pellets its super accurate, quite and totally lethal. u can probly take a rabbit but only if ur within 5 yards and hit it in the head
By bradley
March 5, 2010
it is a great gun amazing i love it#
By guy
January 31, 2010
great gun a little hard to pump at first but you get over it. I shot 300bbs the day i got it good gun buy one NOW
By Nick
January 30, 2010
this gun is not good too hunt cant kill any thing
By casey
December 15, 2009
this is a great gun ive had 3 of them and all of them lasted about 2 years. is has plenty of power, i have killed at least 200 birds with this gun and about 10 chipmunks.the only problem i had is that all of them broke at the stock wen i was pumping it but it is still great after 2 years
By awsm
greatest gun ever
November 20, 2009
I love my 760 its just amazing with its quality for the low price of 40 buks. I do youse this for pest control like it can take down up to a squrile with pellets but the biggest i have taken is a humming bird at 20 feet wich means its accuret. It has a lot of meatle like the barrel the inner pump and all the other moving or important parts. Also great for plinking in only 2 pumps it will pirece thru both sides of a can. If i could fx one thing about this gun it would be more wait in the stoke wich is hollow but sturdy.
By mark
Great beginner
November 15, 2009
this gun is the best beginner gun u can get. i can take small annoying birds easy out to 20 yards and i was thinking of taking the rabbit in my side woods. i once left this gun outside for three days and brought it in and cleaned it. not a bit innacurate. i almost shot a bird out of a 100 ft tree a day ago. i missed by about 3 inches and knocked the branch from under its feet.
By Silent O.
Great Gun!
October 17, 2009
This was my first air rifle, and it I have to say it's still one of my favorites! The good things are that it is extraordinarily light; I can literally hold this out at arms length like a pistol and hit targets 20-30 yards away. Also, it's an incredible low maintainance gun; had the thing for years and not once have I had to oil it or anything (though it's still a good idea). There are a few bad things about it though, mainly with the iron sights. The front sight is a bit loose and isn't actually attached in any way other than by friction, so if it gets knocked you'll have to reset it and the pellet magazine is a bit fragile, so you may want to buy more than one. Other than that, great gun, and a great buy!
By Ned
August 29, 2009
this was my first gun i got it in the 70's it still works good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)
By Lance
really good gun
August 14, 2009
This was my first gun, and let me tell you that it is still my favorite. I shot countless pests and targets with it, and it was great. It took very little practice to master and it was durable. All around, an excelent gun.
By sean M.
great gun
July 30, 2009
this was my first pump bb gun it is awsome. its still just as powerful as it was the day i got it. its good for taget practice but its also good for some small bird hunting with pellets. ive killed 3 squirrels and alot of english sparrows with it. if your just starting out or just want a little pest control gun i recommend this one
By Bails
July 19, 2009
Ive had this gun for a good 2 years and it is just now going down hill. Its range in the beginning was fairly good for a cheap gun and its accuracy was amazing. Ive killed countless birds, squirrels, and rabbits. Rabbits take more than one shot which is a little inhumane, but its worth it. Its is very quiet and i shoot it in my backyard in Downtown in a medium sized city. The only problem is the pumping. I only pump it 3-5 times when target shooting but when hunting 10 pumps is necessary. It gets annoying after a while and is fairly loud. Overall its a solid little gun great for target shooting and bird hunting close range
By kyle
April 26, 2009
Tthis is my first pelt gun and I use it for target practice and just to have fun its a great gun
By airgunmasterMN
760 pumpmaster
April 10, 2009
This gun is the best yet! I use it for getting critters out of my yard and when im not hunting pests, this is the most accurate gun you could get for target shooting!! And to those people who have had problems with theirs,well I guess you are unlucky for getting the 1 with problems. and accurace is great, you can get a dime size group @ 25-30 yrds. and under that,(25 yrds. and under) , I swear I have gotten pellets and bbs going through the same hole!!! simply awsome and if you dont have 1 get 1!!!!!!!
By airgunmasterMN
April 9, 2009
this gun is ta bestttttt!!!!!!!!!
By Person
March 9, 2009
All my friends have BB guns and I have this one which is the best ever.
By Crossman A.
January 31, 2009
Its a good budget minded gun, can kill birds, rabbits, squirrels, and other rodents at an effective range of 30 yards. Nice that you can choose the power but it also is a downside to the gun, when you need to get the shot off but the annoying pumps are scaring away your targets. Would recommend a scope for this and hollow point pellets.
By Reggie o.
target shooting and hunting
August 4, 2008
This is mighty powerful shooting at 600fps. This rifle can easily kill a rabbit 30ft away. Would easyly recommend it
By John C.
Crossman 760, June 17,08
June 17, 2008
The 760 has power to spare. The 1st few pumps were difficult but after break in period has now become easier. The only gripe is the front sight is slightly right of center, making aiming the gun a little tough.
By homes
great gun for everything
June 8, 2008
this is very powerful u could use it for hunts and target practice
By T
Crosman 760
May 16, 2008
My gun is around 20 yrs old and still works. Poor accuracy with BBs but they go through a heavy soup can at 30 paces. I have a Tasco 4x32 Pronghorn scope on it although mine has the old metal sites that work well too. Pellets should give better accuracy even though its a smoothbore. It gets hard to pump after awhile too. But all and all this is a great gun and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive gun.
By Firewalker
May 11, 2008
The 760 is fine for a youngster learning the basics of sight picture and trigger squeeze. 7-8 year-olds can manage the 3 pumps required for a 10-foot paper target. The receiver/barrel lock-up is very flimsy and easily knocked askew with a bump.
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By Becky from MS on December 11, 2011
We have a squirrel problem in our neighborhood. Will this kill them?
By Staff on December 29, 2011

this gun is fairly low power and it is meant for shooting bb's. You would have a hard time killing a squirrel with this.

By yogsa from india on March 17, 2012
did i need to get lisence to buy this ?
By Staff on March 19, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

By CB from Waukegan,IL on January 7, 2012
is this gun made out of plastic?

By Staff on January 10, 2012

Hi CB,

The barrel is made of smooth bore steel and the stock & forearm are made of a durable synthetic.


The Airgun Depot Team
By taylor from pc, Utah on July 12, 2012

Yes, everything but the barrel is plastic. Its very high quality tho and very durable + makes the gun lighter.

By Larry Guest from Orlando, FL on January 8, 2012
Is this BB gun capasble of killing squirrels at 40-50 feet?
By Staff on January 9, 2012

40-50 ft is a bit far for lethal range.

By steven from philadelphia pa on March 5, 2012
does it come in the black

By Staff on March 6, 2012


By Connor from New Zealand, Wellington on July 20, 2012
Hello everyone
I was wondering how long would this last if I were to use this everyday?

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