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Air Venturi Avenger

Available in .25, .22, .177, Regulated PCP Air Rifle
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One of the hottest and most talked about guns in recent times, the Air Venturi Avenger is at the top of many wish lists and in high demand. No other gun on the market gives you this combination of versatility, quality, and affordability, which makes it the entry level rifle to beat.

First things first: the Avenger delivers on its promises. The gun goes toe to toe in accuracy against premium guns that cost 5 times as much. It could even be the most accurate airgun you'll own, and certainly at this price point.

What makes the Avenger so different is its adjustability. It has an externally adjustable regulator and an adjustable hammer spring. You can tune this rifle almost any way you want, from a lower power hand pump setup, to a high power compressor setup. There's never been a gun like it anywhere near this price level.

There are two gauges for your convenience, one for reg pressure on the right side and one for fill pressure on the left side. There's also a light and crisp 2 stage adjustable trigger, and the male quick disconnect fitting at the end of the air cylinder makes for easy fills.

The airgun with many setup options also has 2 holes for swivel studs and a Picatinny forearm rail for stock accessories like lasers, bipods, and lights. Also, your choice of optics mounts easily using the 11mm dovetail and Weaver combo scope rail.

Rounding out the features is a silky smooth sidelever that operates one of the two included auto indexing magazines, giving you more time shooting with less time reloading. If you're looking for an incredibly accurate PCP air rifle that can be set up however you want, the Air Venturi Avenger is your answer.

Air Venturi Avenger Features:

  • PCP
  • Sidelever
  • Max velocity: 1000 fps (.177), 930 fps (.22), 900 fps (.25)
  • Max power: 22 fpe (.177), 34 fpe (.22), 45 fpe (.25)
  • Synthetic stock
  • Externally adjustable regulator (up to 3,000 psi/210 bar)
  • Easily accessible hammer spring adjustment screw
  • 2 stage adjustable trigger
  • Max fill pressure: 4,351 psi (300 bar)
  • 180cc air cylinder
  • Fully shrouded barrel
  • Picatinny rail on fore-end of stock
  • Holes in front and rear of stock for mounting swivel studs for a sling
  • Dual gauges - reg pressure (RH Side) and fill pressure (LH Side)
  • Male quick disconnect fill fitting
  • Easy access degassing screw
  • Manual safety
  • 11mm dovetail/Weaver combination scope rail
  • Magazine capacity: 10rd (.177 & .22), 8rd (.25)
  • Barrel length: 22.75"
  • Overall length: 42.75"
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs.
  • Includes two magazines and single shot tray
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  • ManufacturerAir Venturi
  • Caliber .25
  • Velocity 900 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 6.40
  • Overall Length 42.75
  • Barrel Length 22.75
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 8
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver & 11mm dovetails
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 24
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/target practice
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By MartyJune 30, 2024 Verified Purchase

First PCP and this thing is a good time for plinking in the yard.

Have only shot 4 magazines and 1 magazine has already failed. Need to follow up on warranty. Also, hand pumping is more of a pain than would have thought. I am in decent shape but time consuming and you will sweat. 😅

By NoybJune 17, 2024 Verified Purchase

GREAT customer service and pricing can't be beat.

LOVE this air rifle!!! It replaces a break barrel I have had for awhile. Not just a step up, it is a GIANT leap up.

Large, 4350 psi tank, adjustable internal regulator, adjustable hammer and trigger, single shot OR 10 round magazine that accepts standard or long pellets AND side lever action for follow up shot if needed or have multiple targets. The squirrel population has greatly diminished on my property who were eating a lot of chicken food and blue jays that were breaking and eating MY eggs.

By JeffreyUSAMarch 26, 2024 Verified Purchase


Accuracy is great.

Feeding is beyond terrible. It's like all the 5 star reviews were for a different rifle. The bolt is very narrow at the tip, about 1.5mm. I punches straight through both pellets and slugs. Extracting is an excercise in frustration. Removing the magazine with a jammed pellet sticking halfway into the chamber is near impossible. The bolt does not travel forward enough. It's about 2 mm short. This leaves the o-rings unseated. On firing, the o-rings are blown back over the bolt and have to be manually reseated.

By JohnDecember 22, 2023 Verified Purchase

very nice balance, easy to chamber. want to put scope on it. haven't had time yet.

i would like to have more time to be able to see what i would improve

By mattSeptember 26, 2023 Verified Purchase

Buying my avenger was my first experience with airgun depot and I will probably go back to using the other mail order supplier. I got the impression from talking to airgun depot, they really don't care about customer service. I will be getting a higher end PCP at Christmas. Very fun to shoot these air rifles. For everyone considering one, also get one of the electric pumps. They make all the difference in the world! I can sit on my back porch and have a great time shooting in relative quiet.

Great gun for the money. Shoots accurate, fairly quiet and has great adjustability. It is also very lightweight compared to others such as the gauntlet. The side lever is one of the best things about this. So easy to load compared to bolt actions that have really stiff actions. I can get a follow up shot off really quickly with this one.

I have no complaints with the gun, just frustrated a bit with airgun depot. My avenger came in a seriously damaged box. I suspect I got a refurb which I paid full price for. Emailed airgun depot with pics of the damage and all they said is they would pass it on to the warehouse. I didn't want the expense to ship it back at my cost so I am just forced to accept a product that has a mangled box. Not impressed at all the the customer service here.

By David July 30, 2023

I like everything about this gun. It's accurate and powerful.

I wish it was about 4 inches shorter in length.

By BasilJuly 24, 2023 Verified Purchase

Not inexpensive, but it is affordable. Excellent gun for someone new entering into the shooting sports. With no recoil and very little noise, it avoids the firearms recoil anticipation many new shooters have to deal with.

The Avenger is enjoyable to shoot. No issues with the gun or any accessories. With a Hawke scope, it's almost impossible to miss. Very glad I purchased one.

Nothing I've seen yet.

By CraigJuly 8, 2023 Verified Purchase

put air in it scope on it, hade it sighted in at 40 yards in ten shots. in side a quarter , at 80 yards, it took me 7 shots to find the second mil dot 3 bullseyes running 2100 psi and got 38 shots before pressure drop below set pressure 25 cal. my neighbor like ti so much he bought one but 22 cal. Love it !

I like everything about it

No Con's

By Daniel FUSAJuly 7, 2023 Verified Purchase

To All Airgunners..The Air Venturi Advenger is a must have to your collection

Crazy accurate,,light ,,, affordable. The list is endless.They it out of the on this one

I can't find any Cons on this one other then I wish they make a Dirty 30

By Mark GrantJuly 7, 2023

Love the lightweight stock , very low noise firing .25 caliber pellets. The 8 shot repeater cartridges are somewhat cumbersome to load properly, but once you figure it out, it makes sense.

Just has a rail to sight have to invest in a scope to target something.

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Can you change out the the barrel to a different caliber? If so is it possible to put a Lother Walther on it?

asked Lincoln from USA

If i order from Philippines is there any assurance that i can receive the item and how long does it take before it arrive? Thanks

asked Leonard from Philippines

What can i realistically hunt with the 25 cal version of this? I've seen a lot of people say it has great power but how does that compare to what animals can i take down with a well placed shot? Would a deer be reasonable?

asked Tyler from USA

A deer would absolutely not be reasonable. I think that your upper limit for game should be raccoons or skunks. Much bigger than that, you run the risk of injuring the animal without killing it. Deer is too big.

Ethan from USA

Do you make it for left handed?

asked Christian from USA

What is its bore size? What is the depth of rifflings? Is it a choked or straight bore? What is the recommended pellet weight?

asked John from USA

New to this. Any stores in FL. where I can get hands on info and setup on an eventual purchase? Definitely like the Venturi Avenger. Live in Tampa, willing to travel FL.

asked Chet from USA

i have the 25 cal when i use my hand pump ii here air comming out of the frount of the gun where the fill conector is at

asked charles from USA

Can nitrogen and or co2 be used

asked Ralph from USA

Anytime I attempt to adjust my regulator it leaks. Why? What do I do to fix it?

asked Jesse from USA

I have owned three of the new Avenger baffle models and all had regulator creep. The regulator gauge would creep up 200 PSI in seven minutes and 600 to 800 PSI overnight. Has anyone experience regulator creep with their Avenger? Was it with the new baffle model or the non-baffle model?

asked Lawrence Berns from USA

I have the avenger in a .22, and very please, very accurate, but it doesn't have enough power to kill a squirrel! Any suggestions, does anybody know what I should do?

asked Otto L. from USA

I would make sure its shooting at the right fps. It could just be heavy of a pellet for it to shoot at speed to kill. Havinf said that the right placement for the shot is equally important. I usually shoot for the head or heart. It will drop them without any issue. Usually I go for the head if the set up is right otherwise i go for a vitals hit and that will do the job.

Tyler from USA

my avenger 22 @ 1600 reg psi, 3000 psi plenum, 2 turns in on hammer spring, using any 15.89 gr pellet will knock him dead if hit anywhere in the chest area at 30 yds. head shots are comical. be careful not to over-rev the 14.3s as accuracy will fall off at longer ranges. i muffed a shot once with a gut shot 15.89gr. @20 yds and his guts were hanging out the exit side. he didn't go 5 feet! read your manual on tuning

Dennis from USA

regulate psi to 2500

william from USA

I have killed 5 squirrels and 1 rabbit with my avenger since september 4th (opening day) and it has never let me down. Always one shot one kill. If you have a chrono, and its going over 800fps with a 14.3gr crosman, you may just be hitting them in the wrong spots. They will run away with anything less then a heart shot

Owen from USA

which is better .177, .22, .25 pellets i see .177 gives 1000fps

asked vernawn from USA

Don't be lured by higher FPS, Speed doesn't kill - accuracy kills and very often higher speed kills accuracy


.25 is best for anything from squirrels to coyotes

Owen from USA

The multi pellet clip is hung up with pellets in it. It won't line up the pellet with the cocking lever so you cant load a pellet in the chamber

asked Steve from USA

return clip for new one

william from USA

What type of silencer should I use?

asked Leroy from USA

I just received one from Buck-Rail and it works great and installs in two minutes. (That's out of the shipper to shooting). It's made from 3d printed polymer and cost about one fifth (or less) than most brand names. Only adds 4 inches to length and doesn't interfere with fill nipple.


DonnyFl Sumo I think

Owen from USA

what silencer would you recomend for this rifle

asked Jon from USA

I just received one from Buck-Rail and it works great and installs in two minutes. (That's out of the shipper to shooting). It's made from 3d printed polymer and cost about one fifth (or less) than most brand names. Only adds 4 inches to length and doesn't interfere with fill nipple.


DonnyFL Sumo

Owen from USA

Is the end of the Barrel Tapped to fit a front sight. So that a Diopter type sight can be used?

asked Norton from USA

Front of barrel is covered by the shroud and silencer. There is no provision for attaching a front sight.


suggest a compatible scope

asked David from USA

I use a gamo 4x32 on mine, works perfectly

Tyler from USA

UTG 4x12x40

william from USA

I HAVE HEARD THAT THIS GUN IS A BIT LOUD. Which moderator should I get for it? I do not want to spend more than 1\3 of the cost of the airgun (100$)

asked Terence from USA

I've been using the moderators from. Much more affordable and just as quiet IMO.

Riccardo L. from USA

I have been using products from DonnyFL. Nice products. I use them on pcp's from air venturi and benjamin, they allow you to go unnoticed while urban hunting....

Ian from USA

What do u need to charge up the gun ?

asked Michael from USA

Any type of high pressure air pump; bike style if you're not doing it a lot, Small electric ( I use a Benjamin), Air bottle if you have a large HP air Pump or local dive shop to fill it. All will do the job.

Richard from USA


Mike from USA

Hi folks..... I'm pleased with this rifle and it surpasses all expectations. How long can it safely hold 2-3K psi ? Must it be de-gassed after each use? Thanks!

asked Jack from USA

Actually leaving a pcp devoid of air can be detrimental and as for holding pressure, ,without a leak it will hold air until it is released , no problem.

Ian from USA

Do you think this gun in .25 can dispatch a hog?

asked Mark from USA

With a head shot

Owen from USA

With the right shot I'd say so but to do it humanely I would think you'd want at least .357 at minimum. Id check with your states D.N.R office to see what they recommended .

Mark from USA

I saw a video of a guy killing a hog with a break barrel.22 / ear shot

Colin from USA

Had question....can you use a air compressor to fill the gun?

asked Mark from USA

no you need a high pressure compressor,one capable of putting out 4500 psi. i just bought the benjamine compressor,im going to use this with a 3000 watt inverter to make it mobile

Steve from USA

What is the Muzzle energy ft/lbs? On the .25

asked Chris from USA

With 34 grain pellets you can tune for 57 foot pounds and 25 shots as per AEAC


45 ft/lbs

Mark from USA

Hey mark. What size air cylinder is on this gun? Thanks

asked Chris from USA

Cylinder Size 180 cc

Mark from USA

Can I kill adult iguana with this gun that have invaded my yard, if so what caliber

asked Michael from USA

With good shot placement, .177, .22, or .25 cal can dispatch iguanas humanely. I own the .22cal and it is extremely accurate with reg set at 1200psi using JSB Hades at 860-895 fps.

William from USA

22 cal will do. 25 cal for sure,

Mark from USA

I'm trying to find out what the receiver is made out of (ie aluminum or polymer)? Are parts/ o-ring sets going to be available to be purchased for this rifle since it is made in china from the distributor (Air Venturi or this site) or are we going to have to get parts from the country of origin? Thanks for any info.

asked Randolph from USA

The receiver group is aluminum. Once the gun is in general production there will be parts,service,and technical help thru Air Venturi.

Mark from USA

Hope everyone is doing great. I preordered 7/1 and I'd like to know if I can expect a this rifle in the mail soon or not. Have a great day.

asked Steven from USA

The next batch of Avengers are due to be shipped in mid to late Sept.

Mark from USA

What all needs to be purchased with gun to start shooting?

asked Billy from USA

An air source to fill the gun. 3000-4500 PSI.Ammo .and a scope and rings.

Mark from USA

8/2/20 Hi have you guys got any of these guns in yet at all or is everything still on hold?

asked Chris from USA

The second shipment is on it's way.

Mark from USA

what would be a good scope and rings for this airgun

asked John from USA

A 3-9 x or 4-12 x will work fine. Look at the Athlon.Hawke,MTC.or UTG scopes.

Mark from USA

What size is the air reservior?

asked John from USA

how many psi to charge it fully?

asked Roger

will it accept an after market moderator like a donny fl ?

asked don h

Yes. Donny sells an adapter for his moderators that fits the Avenger.

William from USA
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