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Definitive Guide to AirForce TalonP Carbine

The TalonP Carbine is an extremely powerful and compact single-shot PCP carbine with a collapsible buttstock and a remarkably efficient removable moderator, making it a perfect truck or backpacking gun. Putting out up to 55 foot-pounds of energy with only a twelve-inch barrel, it is incredibly powerful, and the Lothar Walther barrel means you are getting accuracy to match. Get it in a bundle with a 3 MOA Hawke red dot and critters are going down!
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Detailed Review
With the moderator removed and the buttstock collapsed, the TalonP Carbine measures 23.25 inches in length. The moderator adds 5 inches to the length. The buttstock adjusts to accommodate a length of pull (LOP) ranging from 10 to 14.5 inches so that shooters of any build will be able to shoot it comfortably.
The TalonP has always been an excellent gun that suffered from the one defect of being very loud, but with the addition of the proprietary moderator it is now remarkably quiet! To attach the moderator, remove the two screws that retain the end cap and insert the ring that comes with the moderator into the shroud and fasten it in place with those two screws. This moderator is extremely efficient: in our testing, it dropped the sound level from 111.2 dB without the moderator to 88.4 dB with it!
The TalonP uses a smaller tank than the Condors and Texans, however, it can accept those tanks if you want to increase the shot count. The TalonP features the new Ring-Loc valve system that allows you to change the orifice of the top hat to adjust the power of the gun and increase (or decrease) shot count. It comes with the largest orifice, which is one of the reasons that it puts out so much power, but if you want to tune it down, you can buy the Ring-Loc kit to get the other orifices. The trigger on the TalonP Carbine is the standard AirForce trigger found on all of their guns, which means it breaks nicely at around 2 pounds and isn't adjustable. For a hunting trigger it is just about right.
The safety is automatic but is located at the fore of the trigger guard and is easily pushed forward before each shot. An 11mm dovetail rail provides plenty of flexibility for mounting optics, and if you need a picatinny rail AirForce has an adapter for you.

Power and Performance
If you are familiar with PCPs, you know how remarkable it is that a gun with a 12" barrel can put out the amount of power that it does. In fact, it puts out more power than most full length .25 cal PCPs! Like most of AirForce's other guns, the TalonP Carbine has a very wide range of power adjustment. By just moving the power wheel you can tune it for virtually any pellet, ranging from the 16.54 grain Predator GTOs at 25 foot pounds of energy to the 33.95 grain JSB King Heavies MKII at 55 fpe! With a medium-high power setting and shooting the JSB Kings, the TalonP Carbine got an average of 880 fps over 23 shots. This is very respectable, considering the power that the gun is putting out. If you tune down the power wheel, you will get more, and you can also buy the Ring-Loc kit to neck down the tophat and get more shots that way also.
We tested the TalonP Carbine at both 50 and 100 yards. At 50 yards, we used the Hawke 3 MOA Red Dot that comes in our Hawke Red Dot Combo, and we were very impressed with it! The TalonP Carbine put 5 shots into just over half an inch, which is astonishing, especially considering that dot sights don't have any magnification! The red dot on the TalonP is a killer combination for any shooting at 50 yards and under.
At 100 yards, we put a Hawke 4-12x50 Vantage scope and the TalonP Carbine continued to impress. The first 5 shots went into about an inch and a quarter and after 10 shots the group still measured about 1.25" wide and about 2" tall. That is crazy accuracy, especially for a compact gun sporting a 12" barrel!

We have created a exclusive combo with a Hawke VantageRD 3 MOA red dot sight that will not only save you some money but it's one we highly recommend. It keeps the weight and the profile down, and red dots are a lot of fun to use!
You will need some way to fill your gun. The tank is not too large and only fills to 300 bar, so a hand pump like this Hill pump is a good option, but a better option is a small carbon fiber bottle like the 100cu in carbon tank, or a large one like this carbon charging station. Spare tanks for the TalonP Carbine are also available and they fit easily into a backpack or a gun case and can be easily switched out in the field.

Summing Up
With the TalonP, you get a heck of a lot of gun in a very small package! It is powerful, accurate, and quiet. The power is easily adjustable for a variety of shooting conditions and projectiles, the stock adjusts for a length of pull from 10" -14.5", and the whole gun collapses to only a hair over 23". This combination of power, accuracy, and shot count is very hard to find, so if that is what you are looking for, pick up a TalonP Carbine now!