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Barra Air Pistols

Barra air pistols are replicas with excellent authenticity, whether it's a modern training pistol or a historical replica from the wild west. Not only do they look and feel like the "real" thing, but they shoot like it too. Get the best of Barra air pistols at Airgun Depot.
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These CO2-powered Barra bb pistols are sleek and sophisticated keeping to the essence of the guns they embody. They are fun to plink cans in the backyard, for target practice, or for pistol handling training. The realism of these bb revolvers goes all the way down to loading the cartridges, which hold the bbs ready for action.

The simple design of Barra air pistols lends them well to new shooters who want to learn more about gun handling and marksmanship. Their easy loading, easy shooting, and realistic action help new shooters manage their nerves and start handling with confidence.

Buy your Barra air pistols from Airgun Depot where you get great prices and free shipping.

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