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Schofield No. 3 BB Revolver, Nickel

Available in .177
Only $125.99
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  • Code: AGD-41797976 · $125.99 · .177 · 445 fps
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Major George W. Schofield, a U.S. Army ordinance officer assigned to the 10th Cavalry, sought to improve on Smith & Wesson's Model No. 3 design and it became so popular that the U.S. Army ordered 8000 of the Schofield No. 3's, and many were used by the 4th Cavalry in the Geronimo campaign and by the Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry. Later on the pistol was favored by members of the James-Younger gang.

The Barra version of this legendary gun features the same top-break design, 6 realistic cartridges, and an authentic single action hammer. Powered by one 12 g CO2 cartridge, our version is capable of shooting BB's out at 430 fps through its 7" barrel!

Schofield No. 3 Nickel CO2 BB revolver
  • Full metal receiver with polymer faux wood grips
  • 7" barrel
  • Shoots at velocities up to 445 fps
  • 12g CO2 powered
  • Authentic single action hammer
  • 6 round cylinder
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  • ManufacturerBarra
  • Caliber.177
  • Velocity445 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • ActionRevolver
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight2.40
  • Overall Length12.50
  • Barrel Length7.00
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity6
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailNo
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade
  • Rear SightsFixed
  • Shots per Fill0
  • Trigger Adjustability0
  • Trigger ActionSingle-Action
  • UsePlinking/Fun
  • Warranty30-day limited warranty
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By PeteDecember 31, 2019 Verified Purchase

Can't say enough about this revolver. Fun to shoot and a great deal for money. I've been looking at the air guns on your website and plan to order again soon.

By Paul AUSANovember 16, 2019 Verified Purchase

Great reproduction, look and feel of the real thing, and exultant fit/finish. Fun to shoot and fairly accurate with back loaded pellet cartridges. Wood grips would be nice, but probably not practical due to the large CO2 cavity and attachment issues. The plastic grips have good coloration and texture, A light coat of Tung oil gives them a semi-gloss, hand rubbed, burlwood appearance. The rear loading pellet cartridges add the length of the shell to the barrel to improve accuracy and should be offered as an alternative to the front loading BB cartridges. The blister pack is an abomination. A gun of this quality deserved a BOX for display and storage.

Great reproduction, quality, price, fun to shoot.

Blister pack, another different sized cartridge, lack of rifling.

By EddieUSAOctober 27, 2019 Verified Purchase

Beautiful gun. Nice to have in your collection of air guns. Very accurate for a fixed sight gun. I would recommend to anyone who loves to shoot.

Quality made All metal construction Accurate

None that I could see.

By Burt G.October 23, 2019 Verified Purchase

Having both the 1875 Remington and the pellet only Peacemaker revolvers, I bought this Schofield with great enthusiasm and expectation of the same remarkable accuracy and power of my other 2 air guns. This replica however has real problems. The BB cartridges must be removed from the revolver to be re-loaded, a time consuming and awkward procedure compared to both the Peacemaker and the Remington; they can easily re-load with the cartridges staying in the cylinder. Another problem is the hard plastic tip of each cartridge holds those BBs with a hard, tight grip. The slightly smaller Black Diamond BBs are far more accurate than say Copperheads in this weapon, but the system isn't as good as the Peacemaker's or the Remington's rear bb/pellet placement.This rear loading also enhances projectile velocity due to the length of the cartridge added to the barrel's length. This is partly why the Remington and Peacemaker revolvers are so amazingly accurate. But in the Schofield's case, this isn't so, and with the tightly gripping plastic tipped cartridges, feet per second and reliable accuracy suffer greatly. Now this is really unfortunate, but worse with some BBs, than others. The slightly smaller (how do I know they're smaller than the copperheads? They slip into the tips of the cartridges easier and are held less tightly) Black Diamond BBs are pretty good but do not come close to the effective accuracy and distance for both the Remington and the Peacemaker. (I shoot from 70+ feet, most of the time) So hoping for better performance from my new Schofield, I bought the $13.00 set of 6 pellet cartridges, of the Bear River brand, and my revolver would not cycle them at all. The cylinder balked and felt gummy, ultimately jamming the works and preventing the single action cocking function. They were rear placement of the pellet and I was so looking forward to the additional speed and possible accuracy of pellets with this revolver, but alas, the damn pellet cartridges are useless in that gun. On a more positive note, this is one of the most beautiful reproductions I've ever seen, and in that sense a full equal, and possible superior product, than my other 2 reproductions. That's worth a full extra star in my rating 'cause this is one fine piece of hardware, it really is. I think this weapon has remarkable potential, but a redesign of the BBs to rear loading, and not shipping useless pellet cartridges to owners would be a great start for what could be here. I don't think air gun companies are listening or paying attention to their customers. I say this because I often read that a replacement magazine or clip, "was made of cheaper plastic" or didn't fit or perform correctly. Same for these 'optional pellet casings'for the Schofield. On another concern how many times have you read ' if only the grips were real instead of plastic', 'I'd gladly pay more', or 'at least of fer them as an option'. Com'on Umarex and Crossman, you could charge big! The "real" gun companies do; $30.00-50.00, sometimes way more for nice grips. But I digress, the Schofield is no exception; the grips look OK, but feel like plastic. So, my solution is to engage a fine wood-worker, who says he can fashion a fine functioning set of wooden grips, god knows at what cost. I want to summarize my review with a possible scenario; if this gun were to simply stop shooting, it would have a place in my life as the most beautiful of my paperweights. Happy shootin'!

This is one fine looking and holding and really unimaginably beautiful reproduction, you have to hold it in your hands to appreciate what I'm writing. For the money spent, I'm glad I own this piece, but it could have been (and may be in the future) an exceptional shooter. It isn't now, not at least compared to the Remington 1875 and Peacemaker single action revolvers.

said 'nuff already, read my review

By JeffJanuary 23, 2019 Verified Purchase

Accurate and solid! A faithful copy. Big on looks and feels good in the hand.Get the pellet cartriges. You don't need to remove the shells - just push in the pellets! I put custom grips on mine as seen in the pics.

Great trigger pull - nice easy to use safety.

None. The Peace Maker copy is good. This pistol is great!

By RickOctober 14, 2018

Looks great nice feel. Sits on the dresser lookin good. Fires straight. Only way to afford one.


By arthur p.September 25, 2018

the size and weight of this pistol is very realistic. I bought this just to collect.I will probably never shoot this.The only thing i don't care for is all the safety warning printing on the side of pistol.

By GregoryUSASeptember 18, 2018

A bunch of folks have said it and I will add to their voices; very nice replica gun. I have a friend who has an Uberti replica S&W Schofield #3 and he assures me this is virtually identical in weight, balance and feel to his Uberti version chambered in .45. Shoots nicely one handed (cowboy style) despite the weight of the pistol. Young shooters might have trouble with the weight but the fairly light trigger makes it very shoot-able for young shooters if they can handle the weight. Not a fan normally of chrome revolvers but this metal work is clean and smooth. The fit and overall finish are excellent for a replica at this price point. Since it is a smooth bore I'm not sure what advantage you would gain with pellets other than the weight but at short range this is a very accurate pistol which always make a gun more fun. I also have a Peacemaker and thee two guns complement each other nicely in a western pistol collection. And this is yet another pistol where the manufacturer had the good sense to incorporate the hex wrench for the CO2 screw into the grip. I have included two photos just to give some scale to the gun for potential buyers. I am 6' and wear size L gloves so you get some idea how it looks in-hand.

Very nicely built and finished realistic replica pistol. easy to load BBs and easy to chamber the rounds. Top latch engages with a nice positive feel and releases easily. The whole feel of the pistol is very realistic and should provide a certain pride of ownership.

Really can't think of a single one. The cylinder has a tad more play than I would like but I wouldn't expect it to be a closer tolerance at this price.

By TonyUSASeptember 4, 2018

Aside from cheap plastic packaging this a sweet pistol. Good quality, nice weight and feel. Accurate to 15-25 ft. Get extra shells if you buy this sweet thing! Pellet shells are preferred by me.

Excellent quality, really well made. Fun to shoot! Get pellet shells, you will like it. Getting some for Christmas gifts.

What? None.

By RandallUSAAugust 28, 2018


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Ok I've read the reviews and my question is this....(DOES IT SHOOT PELLETS OR NOT) person says don't bother waste of $. And 4 others say buy the pellet shells u won't regret. I just want to hear from someone whose actually has bought the pellet shells and shoots them too. Thank you very much to whom ever answers me as I'm waiting before I buy. Don't make me wait plz.

asked David from Canada

will the Schofield No. 3 BB Revolver shoot darts?

asked James from USA


Mark from USA

How easy is it to remove the text on the side of the revolver?

asked Robert from USA

There is no way to remove the text without removing the finish.

Mark from USA
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