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Bear River Air Pistols

When shopping for your newest airgun, it can be tempting to stick with the top names for a trusted outcome. If you do this though you might miss out on a manufacturer well worth your time and investment. A great example of this is the quality and performance of Bear River air pistols which offer new innovations sure to excite despite being newcomers to a well-established field. Bear River Outdoors is relatively new in the airgun industry with a small number of products to offer. Don't let that fool you though. The first air pistol we've received, a Schofield replica, bears a striking resemblance to the original with the same top-break design and authentic look and feel. These airguns will bring you hours of plinking fun at a lower price than some of the bigger, more established names in the industry without sacrificing performance and quality construction.
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We are pleased to bring this name to your attention by way of our selection of Bear River air pistols. The main option we offer is the Schofield replica in several options which allows you to experience firsthand the level of quality and performance you can expect from this manufacturer. Choose from options with nickel and either walnut or ivory grips as well as a darker model with ivory for a pleasing contrast in appearance. While the matter of appearance is evident with just one look at these Bear River air pistols, the real draw is how well they perform. Made with elements such as top-break designs, 6 realistic cartridges, and authentic single action hammer for an option that feels good to shoot and gives you the performance and power you need, these Bear River air pistols are great for beginners and experienced shooters alike. When you want an option with a classic style and performance with modern tweaks, this is a great lineup for your needs. Add one to your personal collection today.
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