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Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup Combo, .357 cal

Available in .357, Includes CenterPoint 4-16x50 PLT Rifle Scope!
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  • Code: BPBD3KA · .357 · 910 fps
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The innovative Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup PCP with the added value pack of everything you need. This pack includes one of the best scopes we have seen paired with a refile for the Bulldog; the CenterPoint 4-16x50 PLT Rifle Scope. This pack also includes a bi-pod, Benjamin sling, and Benjamin bag to store everything and take on your hunts.

Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup PCP Features
  • 5rd auto-indexing rotary clip
  • 28" rifled barrel
  • SoundTrap baffle-less trapezoid-shaped sound suppression
  • 26" long Picatinny optics rail
  • 5.50" long Picatinny accessory rail
  • 2-stage non-adjustable trigger (stage 1=2 lbs., stage 2=3 lbs.)
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 3000 psi max fill pressure
  • 340cc reservoir
  • 10 max shots per fill (going from 800 fps down to 670 fps and from 3000 psi down to 2000 psi by shot 10)
  • Foster male quick-disconnect
  • Includes cleaning tool with lube, CenterPoint 4-16x50 PLT Rifle Scope, Benjamin Bag & Sling, bi-pod, and Benjamin Nosler Air Rifle Bullets
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber .357
  • Velocity 910 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Sidelever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 7.70
  • Overall Length 36.00
  • Barrel Length 28.00
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 10
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty 5-year limited warranty
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By jamesMay 4, 2024 Verified Purchase

You will have to sight it in for yourshelf

Great gun tight groping

The hand pump takes a bit but a compressor

By JeffUSAMarch 18, 2023

I would recommend this gun to any one. I hunted with it this year and shot 2 deer one at 30 yds and one at 55yds and both dropped in there tracks.

Bought this for my first big bore air gun .The gun is very accurate out 75 yds. The 5 shot clip is great. Easy to use. The scope works great, the sling is a must for hunting. Very pleased with this gun.

Its loud, heavy.

By mattFebruary 10, 2023

I get about 10 lethal shots. At 30 yards using 66gr round balls About 15 shots. The 200ct 66gr or 68gr round balls are great and Inexpensive for "plinking" but be careful as these retain there mass and over penetrate like crazy. Also be careful as about 30 or so out of 200 will need to have there casting stubs smoothed out or they can mess up your breech O ring. I use a medium sanding sponge, takes 10mins. I burnished and polished the hammer and Interior surfaces. Installed a Pitbull Arms Heavy hammer spring for more power at slightly higher fill pressure, and also Installed Pitbull Arms depinger with plenum tube, and a DonnyFL threaded adapter and a Gorgeous DonnyFL Ronin. Its now pushing over 240ft-lbs and Its quiet, very quiet. I dont understand why Benjamin/crosman tout this baffle-less trapezoid "shroud" which does nothing. Get a Depinger and a DonnyFl Ronin or Emperor and be amazed at where It can take you. I chose the shorter Ronin but can add the extension If needed.

Very powerful, ability to push it higher, capable of large game, easily tunable, extremely accurate, well balanced, plenty of rail space for various optics and accessories. Let me clarify. The trigger is not plastic as others said. Its a 2 stage metal skeletonized trigger like .45 pistol. It breaks at about 3 oz's. The safety is plastic but It works and Is better than no safety. Its not loud, its about the same as a balloon popping but with more metal "clang" or "Ping". Mine was the realtree kit. It seems the scope has changed unfortunately, because mine came with a brilliant 4-16x56 30mm tube, laser etched mil reticule 2nd focal plain scope with resettable zero turrets and side wheel adjustable turret for parallax from 10yds to Infinity. Now there showing the kit comes with a 6-20x50 1" tube. My scope is not Illuminated so the nice fine reticule can be challenging at dawn or dusk. The case and sling are nice, but bipods cheap, went for a UTG recon 360 (the better full range older 1)

The stock Is NOT hollow feeling or chinsy at all. It feels solid. Another awesome feature, EVERYTHING IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE FOR ONCE! The fill port and pressure guage are at the back and by each other so no looking down the muzzle and making yourself look like putz at the range. The magazines are what make this gun amazing and so powerful. Where most pcps only can load tiny pellets or slugs, these mags can fit up to 175gr slugs. They are Inexpensive, work perfectly, are easy to load and hold a vast assortment of ammo, Huge slugs, pellets and Round balls. They can also be easily modified with a holding "O" ring around the middle. Single I can routinely and easily hit golf balls and clay pigeon fragments at 100 yards using the 81gr jsb pellets, 127gr flat points and the 145gr nosler extremes. The noslers are great but very pricey so I now go with Mr Hollow point slugs and there the best hands down. Get a 3d printed Single shot tray as they are great for loading bigger slugs.

By DavidUSADecember 23, 2020

After about a month of shooting the Benjamin Bulldog I can say that I am pleased with its performance. I get good tight groups at 20-25 yards. At 50-60 yards I noticed a drop in some of my shots between 2500-2000 psi. I can pop off a good 10 shots (JSB Diablo Exact .35 cal 81.2 grain) on a fill which takes me down to around 1600 psi. I have taken 15 shots on a fill. The final 3-4 are obviously weak (JSB Diablo .35 cal 81 grain). The Center Point scope works ok. The bipod in this package isn’t the best, but does the job. I like the soft Benjamin storage bag. It has plenty of room for your rifle, ammo, and other accessories. The sling definitely comes in handy because the bulldog can get heavy after toting it a while. The 5 shot mag is a must. You may want to purchase an extra mag. Also search for a single-shot tray for longer rounds that won’t fit the mag. Overall the I have had a good experience with the bulldog. I watched several videos before purchasing and wasn’t disappointed.

Powerful, easy to use, sleek bullpup design, has many after market upgrades and options available.

Plastic trigger and safety. Loud pop then ping in your ear due to the location of the action (bullpup design) in relation to where your ear rests while shooting. Plastic picatiny rail below shroud at the end of the barrel. Loses pressure in reservoir when in short term storage (about a week). Plastic lower assembly has a cheap toy gun feel at the seam. Out of the box the pistol grip had a sharp edge (where the two halves join at the midline) that I shaved down with a razor blade. Cheap feeling and clumsy-to-remove plastic fill valve cover.

By JeffUSAAugust 22, 2020

I have Benjamin Air Rifles and Pistols that are more than 40years old and Still Work Wonderfully!

Putting bullet holes into bullet holes at 100 yards!!! Excellent Rifle very acurate BUT EVERY TIME the rifle gets slightly jarred I have to Re-Zero the scope. My friend that Owns a gun shop said the mirrors sometimes get knocked loose in shipping because nothing is made like it used to be - so the plan is to get ahold of Customer Service this week ad return/exchange the scope! I Just Got A Bad Scope - Not AirgunDepots Fault They Did Not Manufacture The Scope! I will let u know how good or bad Customer Service is.

Would Like To Know How To Buy Several More 5 Round Auto-Indexing Rotary Clips!!!

By JimUSAApril 24, 2019

The bulldog is my first PCP. I bought the combo package. The centerpoint scope is great. I actually had it fall off of my shooting bench my first day with it. Figured I was going to have to replace it. Nope. I got the same groups on my next 5 shots. It's air thirsty more than some reviews. 82 grain grizzlies at 10 rounds drops it to 1800psi. At 50 yards, I'm getting about a inch and a half group with an occasional flyer. Punches right through my 3/4 inch plywood backstop and leaves divots in the gravel pile another 10 yards down. Only things I don't like about it are, the fill cover is kind of difficult to remove. I always feel like I'm going to break it. My biggest problem is, it just doesn't feel comfortable putting it to my shoulder. It kind of feels awkward. After 100 rounds, I'm getting the feel for it but, it just doesn't throw up like I would like. Overall, I am happy with it. Fit and finish are great. The picatinny rails offer so many options.

Accurate. Well priced. Well made. I have unfortunately drop tested mine and other than a tiny scratch on the scope, you wouldn't know. Serious fpe. The magazine is good. The combo package is excellent. If you are into spending money on customizing your gun, maybe just get the gun. If you are like me, good scope, decent bipod, nice soft case etc. Get the combo. I'm going to hunt coyotes, and marmots with it. I could throw money at it but I don't see the point. It's set up perfect.

Ergonomics just don't feel comfortable to me. Cheek placement and finding my target takes more effort than I'm used to. It's more air hungry than some reviews say. Dust cover is a pain to remove, afraid that I will break it. I don't like the safety. I prefer something that my trigger finger can't just flip. That's personal preference though. Bit more air hungry than some reviews say. 82 grain pellets gets me 10 shots. 3000 down to 1800.

By John s.October 24, 2018

Very accurate quarter size one hole groups at 25 yds . 1 1/2 to 2 " at 50 yds Have a Donnyfl empior moderator and is now back yard friendly Good looks and feel perfect hunting pcp for deer size game.

Good price point , accurate pcp , multi shot great looks dependable.

Loud without moderator , could use larger air tank , otherwise excellent pcp

By JohnUSASeptember 11, 2018

In California there is not a single gun range that will accept this pcp bulldog for target practice. Some say too powerful some say not real firearm and were in disbelief that a PCP can fire those size bullets and pellets 0.357 and finally one gun range indoor pistol range worried about metal ricochet and despite spending all the $ for my own safe target range,neighbor complained about the noise and sound of projectiles hitting metal 3/8 inch target plates with spring shock absorbers. so since I can�t use it,gun was thrown in metal inciinerator. also no one wanted To refill Benjamin air tank so all I can do is use hand pump. California has extremely strict gun laws. yet we have more gun violence in this state than most

Great accurate gun fun to fire but too many neighbors scared of sound

Can�t use in California

By PaulUSAJune 8, 2017

I perchased this rifle in December 2016 it been about six months now and all I can say is awesome. I get 2 1/2 inch groupings at 50 yards with velocity between 925fps - 1022fps first clip. Second after clip it drops to 673fps - 857fps. Beautiful peice of machinery; figuratively and literally. The Benjamin Bulldog .357cal. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Accurate, Powerful, Easy to handle and use. I LOVE THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too loud depending on the environment. Could use more shots per fill. Cocking mechanism it's a bit hard to cock and I'm a big guy who works out.

By AdamUSAApril 27, 2017

By far my favorite rifle, even versus powder rifles!

Accurate, very powerful, great look, great feel, easy to operate. This rifle can be handled with a feather touch. Likely the best pcp on the market.

Short stock (it's a bullpup). Loud. Could use a mod to attach a suppressor. Otherwise, perfect.

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asked Anthony from USA

how to fill air

asked zijun from USA

With a high-pressure air source.

Adam from USA

With a high-pressure air source.

Adam from USA

Yeah my cocking lovers jammed I can't get the clip out how do I fix it

asked Mike from USA

Pull the cocking lever back and use the rod that came with it to push the ammo back enough to release the clip.

Jeff from USA

Do they sell any spare parts? Need a new loading handle, the aluminum one broke.

asked Michael from USA

Pitbull Airguns sells parts and upgrades for the Benjamin Bulldog.

David from USA

does this gun shoot at 910 fps or 800 fps? The sites information says both.

asked William from USA

800 max fps with a 145-grain Nosler bullet (910 fps max with a 81-grain pellet) lighter slugs the gun shoots faster.

Mark from USA

Can you fill it up with an air compressor?

asked Christian from USA

If the compressor generates 3000 psi. Yes.

Mark from USA

What is the effective kill range for a large varmint, say a coyote?

asked Buddy


Michael from USA

Is this semi automatic or do you have to use side lever to load after every shot

asked Dustin Arnold

Has too be cocked every time.

Jeff from USA

Can iron sights be mounted on the picatinny rail?

asked Gilbert Middlebrooks

Has anyone taken an animal with this rifle? If so, how did it preform as far as quickness and mercy of the kill?

asked Matthew from USA

Shot two bucks this year one at 30 yds and 55 yds both dropped in there tracks

Jeff from USA

I took a coyote a couple weeks ago. Clean shot in the neck, dropped instantly, no kicking or moving I'm pretty sure he died instantly. I'm guessing it was between that 50-75 yard distance (my brother swears it was 100). I used venturi arms 115 grain hp.

Robert from USA

How do you refill the tanks? And if someone has been involuntarily committed due to mental health are their laws about owning air guns

asked Christopher Carlie


Paul from USA

I've read people are using a foot pump for this gun, but I haven't read where/what pump people are using? Can anyone help with this? I'm thinking for practicality for extended trips. Please help, thanks!

asked Steven Shepard

3 or 4 stage foot pump on Amazon works fine little work out but it will work.

Steve from USA

Can you shoot bolts/arrows with this air gun?

asked Jeff from USA

What is the propellant and availability

asked john diment

I'm new to PCP big bore air rifles and I was debating to either get the Benjamin Bulldog .357 which has great reviews or the Epox Badger .40 cal which is still somewhat a prototype. Any suggestions?

asked Bernie from USA

how do you pressurize it

asked keith

will this bring down a deer

asked nathan
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