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Benjamin Trail NP2 SBD, Wood

Available in 0.1770.22(SBD) Silencing Barrel Device sound suppressor

Benjamin Trail NP2 SBD, Wood

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The Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 (NP2) quickly became one of the most popular breakbarrel air rifles on the market, when it was released in 2014. With the updated Nitro Piston 2, Crosman was able to get 30% more air into the piston through a patented split piston design that includes Tail Guides and a Recoil Assist, which equates to more energy with less recoil. There was also a ten pound weight reduction in the cocking force. Features also include the new Clean Break Trigger (CBT) and a baffling system made from a single piece of nylon fiber.

After three years of success with the NP2, Crosman has raised the bar again by introducing the Trail NP2 SBD (Silencing Barrel Device). Crosman engineered the SBD to improve the barrel shrouding, which resulted in the NP2 SBD being three times quieter than other breakbarrels its class. With the shroud's asymmetrical design, the included CenterPoint 3-9x32 scope's field of view won't be hindered at all. And there's no need to worry about the cold weather as the Trail NP2 SBD will operate at full capacity regardless of the time of year!

Assembled at Crosman's manufacturing headquarters in Bloomfield, New York, the Trail NP2 SBD is currently one of the most technologically advanced air rifles available for hunting, target shooting, pest control, or just plain fun and it's backed by American workers!

Benjamin Trail NP2 SBD Air Rifle Features
  • Nitro Piston 2 (gas piston)
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Adjustable 2-stage clean break trigger
  • Picatinny optics rail
  • Manual safety
  • Hardwood thumbhole stock
  • Recoil pad
  • SBD sound suppressor
  • Includes 3-9x32 scope and sling mounts (rear post/front loop)

Benefits of the Nitro Piston 2 over a metal mainspring
  • Smoother cocking
  • Smoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue, even if left cocked for hours
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Lasts longer than a metal spring
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Benjamin Trail NP2 SBD, Wood
11 Reviews
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100% Recommend this product (11 of 11 responses)
By Neil
Haslett, Michigan
Quality built, Fast
August 16, 2019
I purchased a Hatsan 95 originally and was not impressed. The wooden forearm was bent so much that the cocking arm was rubbing against it. Also, the Hatsan seemed to shoot very slow. I ordered the NP2 and was impressed with the build quality, and very impressed with the velocities that Iā€™m getting with .22 caliber pellets. It is fairly accurate out to 30-40 yards with the factory scope and the Crosman Premier Hollow Points.
ProsQuiet (after break-in period) Fairly accurate Quality built
Best UsesSmall Game, Plinking
By Bob
Grand Rapids Mi.
early review
August 15, 2019
I have only put 300 or so rounds through it.I own a ben nps and don't find this model to be much different.It does not seem to much easier to cock and it is just as loud.I'm having trouble finding a pellet it likes and have tried about 8 different types.I'm not sorry I bought it but I find myself grabbing my nps when I need pest control.I'm not trying to bash this gun but so far it will not be a favorite.I'll update later. thanks Bob
By Nagloc68
Arlington Heights, IL
Incredible value, accuracy, and fun!
July 7, 2019
This is my first rifle of any kind, and my first airgun of any kind. My usual firearm is a Benelli shotgun or a H&K 45ACP. I am having so much fun with my Benjamin Trail I wonder what took me so long. Purchase intent was something to plink with at home so I could scratch the itch between hunts and without an expensive trip to the range, and also target varmint such as skunks. This rifle is incredible value, inexpensive to shoot and accurate. I have not yet had the chance to shoot anything other then paper targets or empty cans. I have about 200+ rounds down range so the gun is broken in. I fired five heavy grain 10.34gr Heavy Diabolo and look at the pattern @about 45 feet.

When you read the other reviews most people trash the optics. This is my first time using optics, but I think they are incredible. Sure, maybe not the best money can buy, but for back yard plinking and the occasional varmint shot, really good. You have vertical and horizontal adjustment and good magnification. I have dialed it in, but I think it needs some fine tuning - yet see the photo's pretty good!! The only criticism I have is the scope mounting rings. The bolt heads are a little flimsy, so if you were using this in a serious shooting use I may invest in a better set of rings. However, do not let this dissuade your purchase. The quality of the rifle is excellent and I can find no obvious criticism of the workmanship - I believe this model is manufactured in America.
ProsAccurate. Quiet. Inexpensive to shoot. Fun. Suitable as a learning platform for new or non-shooters. See photo's for a 5 shot pattern at about 45 feet.
ConsHeavier then I expected, although not really a con. I may have selected the synthetic stock if it saved a pound or two. The scope ring bolts are a little flimsy so be careful tightening/loosening them.
Best UsesBackyard plinking, target practice, new shooters. I have not yet tried on varmint, but am confident it will perform as advertised.
By Chris
Great for the price.
January 1, 2019
Stock is nicer than. People make it out to be. FPS is on point always 900-1100 depending on pellet weight. Very accurate, shooting 1" groups after breaking in. Scope that comes with works, but isn't very nice. Gun is extremely quiet. The pellet hitting target is louder than the gun. Only draw back is this thing is heavy.
ProsAccuracy, noise, build quality, FPS
Best UsesHunting
By Francisco B.
Great gun, but Newton wins, again.
September 16, 2018
To begin, I did not buy it from Airgun Depot, but wished I did. I cannot believe the power in this 22 caliber using the 14.3 Crosman Accupel with a BC of 0.0260, but I can not, for the life of me, get it to go anywhere near the advertised velocity of 1400 fps, which is one reason I did not choose the 0.177 because it shoots at the advertised velocity of 1100 fps, probably with a 4.4 alloy pellet, and maybe it's destined for England (12 fpe)?. I am getting 17.43 fpe with the 14.3 grain at 741 fps. Though the velocity may sound low "741 fps", I am more than pleased with the accuracy delivering 14 fpe at 24 yards within 1 MOA, still within the 1 inch kill shot group, which extends to 26 yards, at 27 yards the group opens up to 2 MOA. Now, here is the ridiculous kicker: this air weapon;s platform can still kill a small furry animal (rabbit, squirrel, unshaven critter- has to be furry) with a head shot out to 166 yards, but who is stupid enough to attempt that? I have; though I missed "by a mile". At said distance, the said pellet still carries the necessary minimum energy of 4 fpe, but the pellet would have dropped 140 inches (40 MOA), or 11 feet 8 inches, which using ratios and proportions, you could get a group of approximately 12 feet (reminds me of the longest sniper kill at 3,540 meters, but that's another laugh for another time). Last I checked, not even a huge jackrabbits head approached 3 inches, let alone 12 feet, if it did, you can take the shot, but we are going to need a bigger gun (taken from the Jaws movie).

In essence, I am more than satisfied with this gun in 22 caliber, and what I know of it today, I would have paid over $1,000 back in '68; even though, I was only making $168 a month, I would have saved all of my combat pay, hazardous duty pay, and overseas pay to pay for it instead of throwing it away in Bangkok on R&R, but every penny thrown away was worth it! What I do not understand is how they decrease the cocking energy by 10 pounds without mentioning Archimedes rule of the fulcrum, or a class 2 lever? Also, how do you get 30% more air into the piston? Are these pistons made out of some sort of spongy material, or was the density decreased by 70% by some new and improved erotic, or exotic material, I know its one of those two. I might have to get me a really smart lier, or lawyer, they're both the same, to go sue MIT for my education in physics. From my analysis, with this gun, mine of course, I need to stay with a pellet of 9.9 grains or higher to get a better power/efficiency combination; also, for best accuracy, I say again, with my gun, I need to stay with a 24.334 grain pellet, or lighter for punching holes in target paper at 10 meters. somewhere in between I will find the best of both worlds, and it is not the average weight because there are a myriad of other known and unknown, measurable and not measurable variables involved, and that is why every school should have one of these, starting in Texas, of course.
Prosit is inexpensive, especially when comparing it with historic timelines and the airguns of yesterday. It is money well spent, It looks futuristic. It packs a wallop! It is accurate, the shooter, not so much, anymore.
ConsEven though it is lighter than the one I humped with 50 years ago, it feels heavier at my seasoned age. I think I'll built me a side rifle holster for my walker, since my horse died many winters ago. The advertised 1400 fps should include another variable, at least such as kinetic energy, or pellet weight used to obtain the 1400 fps. It comes with a 3-9X scope when it needs a minimum of 4-12X 30mm to get the full feel for the rifles capabilities and find the right air/mass combination that will give the ultimate best accuracy.
Best UsesThe best use I find for this gun is for the demonstration of the laws of physics, kinetic energy, and geometry in mil-dot, and MOA, nature and the weather. My best shooting has always been from the sitting position, even compared to prone, and it still is, only I shoot from my walker now, it has a folding chair. Thank you tax payer as the Veterans Administration provided it, of course, with your well earned tax monies. Proud to have served, and would have been prouder if I knew I was going to get a walker with a built in chair. The walkers of yesterday did not have chairs and could only be used like a quad-pod (as opposed to a tripod) with a towel on the front rail. Lastly, for significant statistical analysis, which means that I shoot no group of less than 20 shots, or else, it is not a significant statistical analysis, but a leak into the wind, so don't get your shoes wet unless they need polishing.
By Randy S.
Dallas Texas
Great gun but there is some play when the barell is in the cocked position.
July 4, 2018
I'm an accomplished shooter, I can keep all the pellets in the same hole at 10 m. This air rifle seems to be very accurate, but occasionally it would throw a shot 6" out. I didn't think that would be normal for a rifle, so I looked at what I was doing different. If I put the sand bag under the suppressor at the end of the barrel, all the shots were right on, but if I placed it under the stock, the shots were 6 " low, but grouped. This tells me that there is some play when the barrel is locked in the cocked position. The problem is that I cant always shoot with a support under the suppressor, and if the support is under the stock, I don't know if its in the up or down position. I haven't found any adjustment screws to tighten the barrel when it is cocked. I'll call the tech support at Crossman on Thursday to see if there is an adjustment. Other than that, the trigger is smooth, the stock is comfortable, it is super powerful using the destroyer 14.3 g pellets. If anyone has a solution for this issue, I would really appreciate some feedback. If I get some suggestions from Crossman, I will be sure to post them here.
ProsVery well made.
ConsThere seems to be some play in the barrel when it is in the cocked position.
Best UsesThis rifle drops small game with just one shot. It is accurate enough to place the shot anywhere on the animal. I shoot head shots, and they don't take a second step. I have been using destroyer 14.3 pellets, but have ordered some Jumbo Monster 25 g pellets. I cant wait to try them out.
By Tommy B.
Winnie Texas
benjamin trail NPX2
July 3, 2018
gun is a lot of fun to shoot. Does Benjamin offer a silencing device sound suppressor for this gun? Can I get just the suppressor or barrel with suppressor mounted or do I need to buy a complete new gun?
By david
west bridgewater ,massachusetts
benjamin trail np2 sbd, wood.177cal
June 27, 2018
have not reached the break in point .i have 2 inch groups ,at 40yards ,i think the gun is a lot better its undoubtedly my skill that lacks ie steady hand threw the fairly long smooth trigger pull. i love it!!
Prosvery quiet ,i like the workmanship.
By Starling B.
So far, so good...still breaking it in.
June 3, 2017
Very nice rifle...solid and well built. When they say "not a toy", they aren't kidding. Its a legit rifle. Just got it and still breaking it in but accuracy seems good. Currently using Crosman premiere domed hollow points and this thing packs a PUNCH. I use it to control starlings on my feeders and one one shot it was a cloud of feathers. Measured the impact diameter and feathers were scattered between six and eight feet! Its not a lightweight but I'm getting used to it and my Gamo Big Cat .177 feels a bit like a toy now.
By Gary G.
San Francisco, CA
Still trying
May 29, 2017
After 15 shots I;m still trying to Zero in.
Other than that it;s a great gun.
ConsHard to Zero in the Scope.
By bob
tacoma, wa
Benjamin Trail NP2 SBD, Wood .22 cal $259.99
May 22, 2017
Was shipped very quickly.
ProsWas VERY quiet, easy to cock. Took very few shots to bring in the scope in aliment. VERY GOOD gun, plus got it for $20.00 of list price.
ConsNONE as yet!
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Benjamin Trail NP2 SBD, Wood
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1400 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 1100 fps
    Loudness 2-Low-Medium
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