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Browning Leverage .177 Air Rifle w/3-9x40 Scope

Browning Leverage .177 Air Rifle w/3-9x40 Scope

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  • Code: 2252290 · 0.177 cal · 1000 fps ·
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The Browning Leverage Air Rifle has a lot to offer with traditional styling, rock-solid scope platform, fixed barrel, accurate and easy to cock. Just 28 lbs. of cocking effort, but you're still getting magnum hunting power. With so little effort, you can shoot all day, carry it in the woods (not too heavy, even with the scope!) and hunt or eliminate pests. Don't hunt? Shoot some targets, kill some tin cans, flips some spinners...the list is endless.


  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity: 1000 FPS
  • Weight: 8.60 lbs
  • Stock: Wood
  • Barrel Length:18.90"
  • Overall Length: 44.80"
  • Capacity: 1 round
  • Cocking Effort:28 lbs.
  • Barrel: Rifled
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Scopeable: Weaver/Picatinny
  • Trigger: Two-stage adjustable
  • Apprx. Trigger Pull: 5.20 lbs
  • Buttpad: Ventilated rubber
  • Suggested for: Small game hunting/plinking
  • Action: Underlever
  • Powerplant: Spring-piston
  • Safety: Automatic
  • Repeater: Single-shot


  • Fixed Barrel: Underlever
  • Fiber optic sights (adjustable rear)
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Monte Carlo Stock With Right-Hand Raised Cheekpiece
  • Ventilated Rubber Buttpad
  • Automatic Safety
  • Weaver/Picatinny Scope Rail
  • 14.25" length of pull
  • Includes: 3-9x40 Scope, Mounts and .177 Caliber Browing Leverage Air Rifle
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  • ManufacturerBrowning
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity1000 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionUnderlever
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Cocking Effort28 lbs
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • Gun Weight8.6
  • Overall Length44.8"
  • Barrel Length18.9"
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity1
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • RailWeaver Mount
  • SafetyAutomatic
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage and elevation
  • Trigger AdjustabilitySingle-stage
  • Trigger Pull5.2
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Browning Leverage .177 Air Rifle w/3-9x40 Scope Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
Davis, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Heavy, but good
August 9, 2015
My first air rifle. After spending an hour in the field, I find it gets heavy. But easy to load, and accurate. And it fits like a glove. I don't find the 0.177 has as much stopping power on rodents as I had hoped, and may have to move up to a 0.22.
Accurate. Feel good.
A bit heavy.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Verry accurate and quality made.
March 12, 2015
Rifle is very accurate and quality made. You may need shim the rear portion of the scope but once corrections are made accuracy is no problem. Compare this under lever rifle to the next comparable rifle and take a look at cost difference. Are you getting a better rifle? That's for you to decide.
Accurate and quality made. Great price for an under lever rifle.
Heavy and does suffer from barrel droop. Droop is very easy to fix.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Some Comments, and the 4 star for accuracy
October 21, 2014
For all that have trouble loading this gun. I use the RHINES method to load it, which makes it almost as easy as a break barrel gun I.) cock it as you would a break barrel II.) take it and flip it up so that you have the barrel pointing down and the forarm in your left hand i.e. you are holding it in the middle and it is vertical III.) the top of the gun sight is facing you, the butt plate is in the air, so the chamber is now easy to load a pellet down into with a thumb and a finger IV.) seat the pellet like with the break barrel V.) flip it back around and release the cocking lever the RHINES method is simple but effective but looks a bit odd. as loading it while it sits on a bench is almost impossible = see tweezers comment
1.) The gun is pretty accurate considering how it looks (quality) 1/2" groups at 25yards with good ammo and 1.25" with so so pellets 2.) The under lever Is much better than a break barrel 3.) The but plate is very nice 4.) For the price you get a no so great assembly (some rust, lots of burs, miss alignments, trigger creep, and allot of wood ) but a good shooting gun for less than 200
a.) The trigger creep will need to be fixed! it has more than 5/16" draw to fire = a whole lot of movement! b.) Over all quality is not that good (I bought it knowing that I will rework it = rebuild the gun completely for some improvement) c.) stock machining is most likely NOT done with a cnc = not done well (Note other's comments on the center being off in the bed area) d.) the scope is not as good as others have stated; it is a scope of D+ or C- quality and not at all clear. e.) it is heavy f.) The stock is shaped like a 12 year old did it out of a 2x4.

Lowell, Michigan
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Worth every penny!
June 4, 2014
Out of the box performance accuracy with regular/cheap pellets! While this unit is a bit awkward to load, following the advice of other posts should assist in minimizing some of the frustration. Mainly, mounting the scope to the rear of the scope mount. Overall, I'm very pleased with this rifle and will not seek another unless it fails to hold up over time. I had previous bought one of those Crosman black ops type of break barrel units that couldn't give a group of any type, $200.00 wasted! So this unit is a true blessing in comparison.
1. Accurate, 22 rim fire accuracy at 25 yards. because of fixed barrel design. 2. Reasonable price 3. Once the storage oil is fired out, the report is quite quiet. The initial shot will sound just like a 22 rim fire round, with each following shot having a greatly reduced report. 4. Safe and straight forward operation.
1. Heavy! 2. Drop of comb is very thick and almost uncomfortable. 3. This is a adult rifle and should not be purchased with a youth of less than 12/13 yrs in mind. Mainly due to the mechanics of cocking and firearm length and weight. Smaller frame youths of such age would have a very difficult time with this item. 4. Because of it's weight, sling points should have been added.

2 Stars

lever sucks dont buy it
May 16, 2014
I had it for 3 mouths my end of the lever what pops in worn down when you fire it pops out I emailed browning about it

Olympia Wa
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Fantastic pellet gun
November 10, 2013
I have been firing this gun daily and I love it. It is well balanced, easy to load and a pleasure to shot. This airgun has the same character as all airguns the first couple of shots are really loud. Once all of the excess oil is blown out it settles down with hardly a sound. I would recommend this gun for the first time pellet gun owner.

Bob Wasson
Statesville, NC
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Browning 'Leverage' Air Rifle, .177
June 10, 2013
I read reviews of a lot of air rifles before choosing the Browning, which is Browning in name only. It's made by Umerex. My reasons for picking this rifle over the others was primarily that I didn't bend the barrel to cock it. It just seemed to me that a fixed barrel would be more accurate. A constant or consistent thirty pound pull on even a steel bar will eventually compromise it's trueness. Another reason was the reviews of the scope that comes with the rifle were much better than others, it has a wood stock, and that it is relatively quiet. First impressions of the rifle are that IT'S HEAVY! It's also BULKY! I suppose the stock is so bulky because of the stresses put on it from cocking, but the stock is twice the thickness in foregrip and hand grip of any .22 rifle that I own. I would prefer a significantly lighter and smaller composite stock even at the loss of wood, which I love. I may reduce the grip sizes and refinish my rifle at some point, just for comfort and 'feel'. Review reports indicate that it is hard to load. It is not, even with my short, fat fingers. It's just less easy than a break-barrel. The open sights are quite good. However, my old eyes just don't focus as they once did. One pair of glasses are good for the target but not the sights. With the other pair, the sights are clear, but I can't see the target. So the scope is mandatory for me. It is easy to mount, and of good quality. To zero, though, is a different matter. Trying to set it in the back yard has been a total failure. My groups average 4 inches at 30 yards. No consistency. Is it me, or is it the rifle? I don't know. I'm going to the gun club this afternoon and shoot it from a bench rest to find out.
Fixed Barrel Good open sights and scope Relatively quiet
Heavy Bulky

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 21, 2013
Heavy,easy to cock, and dificult to load with scope mounted (I had to use a pair of tweezers). Nice finish, good scope, good velocity, and good accuracy.
Accurate, well made, easy to cock, cheap and fun to shoot.

Finn Goodwin
Easton NH, USA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very good rifle for the money, good scope, accurate, well made.
December 14, 2012
Very well made air rifle, some parts feel cheap but overall the build quality is excellent for a $200 dollar gun. The Picitiny rail is an excellent addition to any air rifle.
Scope is excellent. Accurate. Good price. Well made. Picitiny rail.
Plastic section on end of muzzle feels cheap. Trigger could be better, suffers from creep. Can be hard to load. Heavy, should come with shoulder strap connection points.

Dr. Boom
Cape Cod, MA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Browning Leverage (.177) Awesome!
July 14, 2012
This is one heck of an air rifle for this kind of money! Made in China under Browning specs, very high quality. Browning is pretty fussy about what products it puts it's name on. Groups under 1" at 35 yards not uncommon from bench rest. I started using RWS Super-Point 8.3 gr pellets, which were on the light side. Switched to Crosman Ultra Magnum 10.5 gr, and Beeman Silver Arrow 11.57 gr and I'm putting pellets in pellet holes at 35 yards, incredible groups. The heavier weight pellets stabilize better, less fliers. Nice rifle overall. Being a fixed barrel it's a bit heavy at 8.6 pounds, however one of the lightest fixed barrels on the market with the exception of Gamo's CFX, which is lower quality. Power is good, terminated a couple of woodchucks with it so far with 1 shot, one out to 30 yards. Picking off mice off my better half's suet cakes hanging off a fence out at 30+ yards. I miss a few being 60 with slight hand tremor, but not many. Cocking is relatively easy at 28 pounds. I've heard some complaints about the Browning scope, it's fine, high quality. Actually I love it, especially with the AO, it's crystal clear and holds zero perfectly. I'm into it now for roughly 1100-1200 rounds, and the more you shoot it the better it gets. Some say it's tough to load, I didn't find to be being a fixed barrel. Scope mounting position is the key there. I mounted my rear scope ring on the last rear notch, then my front ring on the 3rd notch in from the front using the Browing provided scope it came with. That leaves plenty of room for loading pellets even with my stout fingers. That also provided the perfect distance eye relief as well. So don't mount your scope too far forward, and there is no need too with the original items supplied. Quiet too, a lot more quiet than what I thought it would be. No twang on mine when it fires, quiet. Very little muzzle jump as well, hardly noticeable. This is not a cheaply built unit, and well designed. I'm very impressed with this rifle for my use, pest control. This is an awesome rifle for $200! Great buy! Review by FFL dealer in business for 30+ years.
Everything - it's just a kick butt rifle for this kind of money. I've owned far more expensive air rifles with far less quality. The Weaver style Picanny rail is awesome, makes for a rock solid mount. Dovetail mounts are terrible compared to these. Smooth safety, nice. This rifle definitely grows on you. The more you use it, the easier it is to use. So give yourself time to get use to it and you'll LOVE it.
The wood stock. A more streamlined synthetic stock would cut down the weight and bulk. Some people say an adjustable trigger, which one stage of it is, however I left mine at factory settings. Once you get use to it, it's decent. A little bit stiff at first, then smooth once it starts to wear in. Browning should offer a synthetic stock model in the near future.

XBolt 1216
sandersville, ga.
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Browning Lever
March 12, 2012
All good. Packed well, went together easy, sighted in easy, quality good.
hard to load.

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By tony from central, illinois on April 9, 2012
is the trigger adjustable? if not, how would you describe the trigger action? light, heavy, creeping, predictable, consistent fire point, smooth/stiff...scale from 0-10, zero being the worst action, and ten being the best action.

the scope, any problems with fit, and durability with regards to staying put after recoil?

in your oppinion which ammunition seems to work best with this rifle? brand, grain, point type.

are there any other concerns with the Browning Leverage .177?

By Cecile Dean from Elmira Heights, NY on April 12, 2012

ok first off, my girl freind bought this for me. great gun,the trigger is great,every time i shoot it it immpresses me more and more. ive got a bitch about it though.and here it is....out of the package the gun came cocked...not good,sorry im anal about care of my air rifle..second the trigger is NOT AJUSTABLE,however its the best trigger action i have felt to date...complete surprize every time i shoot it,as it should be. if it had an adjustment id leave it alone,yea that good. the scope? fish eye at all,love the retical can make adjustments with the quickness while looking threw it....just to cool,hell dad was impressed! recoil? not bad at all....the scope should live for a long time,this thing is smooth...not sure about its velocity rateing,but it seems close,im useing a heavyer pellet than i like,still breakin her in!!! the group? its shrinkin the bench at least....bottom line,its no wonder browning put there name on it.....a fine peice....should be a head hunter...ive got a squirrel problem. lose your break barrel,be patient,and dial this in correctly and it wont dissapointed, mutch better than the remmington vantage 1200 that i sold. love this thing.
By John from Wilmington, NC on April 13, 2012

I would describe the trigger action as heavy but predictable. It is not adjustable. I would definitely like a lighter pull force. The scope instructions are poor. The scope that came with the rifle is not depicted in the instructions and I took me quite a while to get a good understanding of the different parts. There is no definitive focus witness line, only a small white dot which is not at the top of the scope where one would expect it to be. If this dot is the witness mark then the scope calibrations are off quite a bit. The scope aiming adjustment took several tries as it did not stay in adjustment until the fifth try. I am still concerned about this. All my shooting so far has been in a gentle environment but I'm afraid that in the field where the rifle is more likely to be bumped the scope will lose its setting. I could not turn the adjustment dials with my bare hands and it looks like a special tool, not included, should be used to engage the dials. There is no screwdriver or coin slot on the dials. I made a makeshift tool which took two hands to operate but it did not damage the dials. Also, the scope needs to be located far back on the receiver to give access for loading the pellet. This gives only about 1 and 1/2 inches of eye relief, much less than the recommended 3 inches, but since the recoil is small it has not been a problem. I do not have a lot of experience with air rifles but this one is much heavier than I expected. According to my scale the rifle weighs 9.8 pounds with the scope. I am disappointed with the repeatability of the gun. At 10 yards I will often get a wild shot more than an inch off the aiming point and that is with the gun in a vise. Perhaps its the ammo. I don't know. Could you recommend a competition pellet for me to try?

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