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Browning Leverage

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The Browning Leverage Air Rifle has a lot to offer with traditional styling, rock-solid scope platform, fixed barrel, accurate and easy to cock. Just 28 lbs. of cocking effort, but you're still getting magnum hunting power. With so little effort, you can shoot all day, carry it in the woods (not too heavy, even with the scope!) and hunt or eliminate pests. Don't hunt? Shoot some targets, kill some tin cans, flips some spinners...the list is endless.

Browning Leverage Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Underlever
  • Fiber optic sights (adj. rear)
  • Monte Carlo stock with right-hand raised cheekpiece
  • Ventilated rubber buttpad
  • Automatic safety
  • Weaver/Picatinny scope rail
  • 14.25" length of pull
  • Incl. 3-9x40 scope & mount
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Browning Leverage
31 Reviews
48% (15)
39% (12)
6% (2)
6% (2)
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84% Recommend this product (26 of 31 responses)
By Horntoad
Texas high plains
Good gun
May 8, 2018
Real firearm, powerful , accurate, very, very very, heavy. Did I mention it is heavy. In reading the manual I was informed, to oil this firearm I needed to remove the stock by removing three screws, which I did, and spent the next two hours putting the two pens back in that hold the safety that had fallen on to the floor. That was interesting but not fun. The gun got oiled and put together and it works. To cock the firearm requires a LOT of strength. To load, is difficult, l have never experienced a pellet gun this difficult to load. Once loaded a button must be pushed to release the cocking lever, which I personally have difficulty with. I would recommend this rifle only to strong, experienced people. I feel it's not for the inexperienced or beginner.
ProsShoots hard
ConsLet me list the ways. Heavy, hard to both cock and load, if you oil it ( witch it will need) one must be ever so careful to keep the barrel vertical, and watchful of the two pins witch hold the safety, trigger pull poor, Heavy .
Best UsesBench rest shooting.
By Tony
Longview, TX
Great $200 combo
December 1, 2016
This was my first air gun and first purchase from Airgun Depo. I was extremely pleased with their service but not so much with this rifle. I chose it for the name and the fact that it was underlever. It did not live up to my expectations so I exchanged it for Hammerli 850 and cannot be happier. Overall, it is a decent $200 combo. I knocked down one star for the poor trigger.
ProsWooden stock (if you like them), great value (with scope combo), powerful, fairly accurate.
ConsVery heavy, mediocre wood and metal finish, poor unadjustable trigger (lots of creep), heavy and loud recoil (for an air gun).
By Bob a.
Powerful and accurate
November 5, 2016
Out to 30 yards very accurate and powerful - best I've seen in a .22 cal air rifle.
ProsEasy to cock - weight handles recoil - accurate with or without scope out to 30 plus yards -
By Bruce
Decatur, GA
Overall a decent rifle
August 24, 2016
It seems to be performing well especially after a 50 pellet break-in period. Shoots very accurate at 15 meters. Scope is not the best but for the price it's not too bad. The iron sites that come with this rifle cannot be used in tandem with the stock scope. That is about my only negative point with the rifle. It's not very light as well.
Prosprice, accuracy, value
Consiron sites not compatible with scope heavy rifle difficult to load for large hands
By Henry
Raleigh, NC
Accurate Shooter
July 19, 2016
I have had great success shooting this gun right out of the box. I have not mounted the scope as I prefer to use the sights to shoot in my garage. I have encounted a bit of a problem in that the cocking lever comes unlatched and drops down after each shot. This not much of a problem since I have to unlatch it anyway to cock it for the next shot. I have also noticed it does not have the power of many of my other guns. It does not shoot thru a tin can as easily as most of my other guns. Because it lacks power, I have to be a bit more selective when choosing my targets for this gun to avoid ricochet.
ProsI has a nice look and feel to it. It shoots very accurately and it is easy to cock and load.
ConsTurning the sight adjustments seem to have an effect reversed from most of the other guns I have. I usually have to think about adjusting the sights before I turn the screw. It does not have as much power as I would like for punching holes in tin cans.
By Mark
Armington, IL
Fine rifle when underlever release works.
June 17, 2016
After cleaning the barrel well, I fired about 100 shots and was happy with grouping at 20 yards. Had a couple instances when the cockling release button (plastic) would not move to release the lever, but pulling on the underlever a bit let it release. I did note the rifle came apparently over-lubricated from the overseas manufacturer, as after inserting my first pellet my hand came out covered with oil. I wiped out all the excess, but more oil returned during the first few shots. I wiped it out and cleaned the barrel again for good measure. The rifle was idle for 3 weeks and when I went to use it again, after 3 shots the cocking mechanism jammed tight. It took considerable effort to un-cock the rifle and fire the pellet. I returned the rifle to Umarex for repair and it was declared unrepairable, as USER ERROR (what user? It wasn't me!) of over-lubricating the rifle caused the jamming as well as ruining the chamber seals and spring. Replacement parts were not available to repair my "under warranty" rifle so I was offered a replacement new rifle at 70% of the cost I paid for the original. I agreed to the charges as I wanted a functional underlever rifle. So far the replacement rifle (still came with too much oil) has been fine after a thorough cleaning and break-in.
ProsGood accuracy, heavier than several of our .177 spring and NP rifles but it shoots fine from a sandbag at 25 meters. I had to replace the scope with an AO to compensate for my aging eyes, as I often shoot with my son at 10 meters and the supplied scope was a bit fuzzy with close in targets. If you get a good one, it's a keeper. Just watch that underlever cocking release.
ConsUnreliable cocking mechanism on my first one in 2015 which was returned and the warranty declared void due to "obvious user abuse" when all I did at that time was clean the barrel and wipe all the excess oil out of the pellet loading chamber. Make sure your rifle cocks and releases/uncocks smoothly each time in your first 3 weeks of ownership. I was past my 30 day reseller return window due to bad weather limiting shooting opportunities so had to depend on Umarex for a replacement under warranty. Since the rifle was declared unrepairable, this was a costly experience for me,. although I was allowed a 30% discount on a new rifle.
By carl
Fayetteville, Texas
Fantastic Rifle but Quality Control is Lacking
May 24, 2016
I spent a month looking at and reading reviews, watching videos and narrowed my results to two guns. Although two reviews mentioned the failure of the underlever release button ( intermittently ) I chose the Browning. The rifle right out of the box, after 17 cleaning patches to remove oil from the barrel, the Browning shot 1 inch groups at twenty five yards. I never mounted the scope the open sights worked so well. I hunt with a Browning 308 so the recoil was not even noticed. The rifle is heavy as noted in other reviews. On the 25th pellet the underlever release button jammed. By jiggling the lever in the full cock position the release button worked. Hmmmmm 20 or so shots later the same thing happened. I called Umarex and talked to the repair guys who have seen this before and were willing to fix it under warranty. Theres just something about the failure of a brand new item so soon and after reading previous owners complaints I decided to return the Browning to Airgun as they have a 30 day return policy.

The best part of the story was they way AirgunDepot handled the problem. Lots of emails, return postage paid and replaced it with another rifle of my choice. Even a phone call letting me know that they agreed to swap out the rifle. NOTE: when purchasing a rifle on line save everything shipping box, rifle box, every scrap of paper packed with the rifle as they wanted everything back don't throw anything away.

The buying and service events with Airgun Depot were outstanding. My only wish is that Browning, Airgun Depot or Umarex wont stand up to the Chinese manufacturer and demand better quality oversight. If the gun can be repaired after it is sold why cant it be built as to not need repair service in the first place.
ProsDead bang accurate. Great open sights.
ConsUnderlever release button wont move so underlever can be locked . Happened twice in 50 rounds. the instructions say never dry fire the rifle, so you cock the lever, put in the pellet and now find the underlever wont release. You don't know if the lever will suddenly release or what. the trigger safety goes on so I don't imagine the rifle will discharge but the problem exists and the companies are aware of it but the gun is still being sold. Trigger pull is very long and creepy.
By Retired C.
Crystal River Florida
Much better than a break barrel
December 8, 2015
This is my second purchase from Airgun depot. This under lever Browning is far superior to the Gamo Bone Collector Whisper that I purchased for more money. It shoots tight groups, the scope is nice and it has "iron Sights (plastic)". I've read other reviews that talk about barrel droop but find that hard to believe because of the fixed barrel design. I've put over 500 pellets through it without a single problem. Highly recommend.
ProsEasy to cock Plenty powerful for squirrels Nice scope included Nice stock Consistent pellet groups
ConsLouder than a nitro piston On the heavy side
By Don
Blue Grass, Iowa
My favorite 12 gauge makes a premier .22 cal underlever
August 21, 2015
Easy cocking compared with break barrel and the factory scope has performed flawlessly thru about 70 shots.
ProsHandsome rifle with ease of loading, firing and scoring in the bullseye
By Raphael
Davis, CA
Heavy, but good
August 9, 2015
My first air rifle. After spending an hour in the field, I find it gets heavy. But easy to load, and accurate. And it fits like a glove. I don't find the 0.177 has as much stopping power on rodents as I had hoped, and may have to move up to a 0.22.
ProsAccurate. Feel good.
ConsA bit heavy.
By Randy
Browning leverage .177
July 2, 2015
Received my leverage as promised it is everything all the reviews talked was a little crunchy for the first fifty rounds then smoothed out.i like the scope did not take long to site in.seems to hold zero although I only have 250 round through it love everything about the gun.
By David C.
Shoots well
June 8, 2015
Only problem it is hard to load with scope
ProsVery accurate for cost
ConsHard to load Spring noise is loud when fired
By Larry G.
Honolulu, HI
Browning Leverage vs. Benjamin NP Trail...No Contest!
April 24, 2015
I have had the Browning Leverage rifle from Air Gun Depot two days now and am VERY IMPRESSED! I had a Benjamin Nitro .22 for the last two years and was ready to give up air guns forever until I saw the reviews on this "under the radar" Browning rifle. The BLUF (Bottom LIne Up Front) is that the Benjamin is an absolute worthless piece of crap compared to the Browning. If I can't find someone who will take the Benjamin dog off my hands, it will be banished to the gun safe and never see the light of day again!

Here's the basics:

1) Both are VERY heavy rifles and not for the weak in either cocking or carrying. The Benjamin comes with a sling and the Browning does not, which is the absolute only advantage the Benny has over the Brownie.
2) The Benjamin has no fixed sights and the scope is a piece of junk. The Browning has fixed sights which on first glance appear very appealing with the bright orange and green optic system. This is deceiving. See cons below. The Browning scope is TERRIFIC! I used the plastic shim that came with the scope to mount it to prevent barrel droop and it was perfectly effective right out of the gate.
3) Noise. Neither rifle makes much noise but the difference is that the Browning hits what you air at and the impact is a wallop. With the Benjamin you never know where the pellet is going and seldom hit anything you are aiming at.
4) Accuracy is unheard of with the Benjamin with any type of pellet (I tried seven different types and could finally keep the CPHP on a 8 X 10 piece of paper at 20 yards, making hits on small game a fluke more than a sure thing. The CPHP was the best pellet I found to feed the Benjamin and I was able to hit a barn on the broadside most of the time.
5) Accuracy with the Browning was immediate and phenomenal! Within 20 shots I had the scope sighted in and fired a six shot group from a bench rest at 20 yards that measured a spread of six tenths of an inch...yes...0,6 inch! And that was with the lowly CPHP. The Browning loved the Predator Polymags and JSB Jumbo Heavy. It even liked the Crow Magnum and H&N coppers, just not as well. None of these shot the same point of impact but the widest group was 1 3/4 inch at 20 yards with the Crow Magnum.
6) Consistency with the Browning was perfect! No flyers! You see it, you hit it. No guess work. The Benjamin is a fire and pray rifle with a flyer averaging every 5 or 6 shots. You can tell when you pull the trigger by the sound of the frequent flyers with the Benjamin and you might as well not even look at the target because your pellet has flown to the moon.
7) Trigger. The Benjamin is like a long slow root canal. The Browning is crisp and smooth in comparison. It breaks at the right time, every time.
8) Finish was nice with both rifles but the Browning clearly has the better wood.
9) Scope. Again no comparison. Much, much better with the Browning. I followed the previous review suggestions and used Locktite on all the screws and cleaned and oiled the Browning when it was received. It simply can't get any better so I don't foresee much of a break end period for the Browning. After two years of very bad shooting, I am still waiting for the Benjamin to break in...before I just break it over a telephone pole.
10) Price. I paid a LOT more for the Benjamin than I did for the Browning. Stupid me. Air Gun Depot was fast, informative, and Fed Ex tracking was dead on. The bonus coupon for a BOGO tin of pellets was a plus. I've already used it for two more tins of Predators. That's 400 rabbits, squirrels, crows, or whatever I shoot at because it's darn near impossible to miss with the Browning!
ProsIn three words on the Browning...Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy! The pros for the Benjamin...hmmm...the picture on the box was nice.
ConsMy one complaint with the Browning was with the fixed sights. The orange and green optics looked great and should have worked but did not. The sights are made of plastic and wobble and wiggle all over the place. It was impossible to get enough left correction. I simply removed the rear sights with a Phillips screw driver and put all my faith in the excellent scope. No one should but this rifle thinking they will use the fixed sights anyway. The scope will knock your socks off! There are far, far too many cons with the Benjamin to even begin listing. The greatest of which is that it appears impossible to shoot it straight.
By Martin
Verry accurate and quality made.
March 12, 2015
Rifle is very accurate and quality made. You may need shim the rear portion of the scope but once corrections are made accuracy is no problem. Compare this under lever rifle to the next comparable rifle and take a look at cost difference. Are you getting a better rifle? That's for you to decide.
ProsAccurate and quality made. Great price for an under lever rifle.
ConsHeavy and does suffer from barrel droop. Droop is very easy to fix.
By Rhines
Some Comments, and the 4 star for accuracy
October 21, 2014
For all that have trouble loading this gun. I use the RHINES method to load it, which makes it almost as easy as a break barrel gun

I.) cock it as you would a break barrel
II.) take it and flip it up so that you have the barrel pointing down and the forarm in your left hand i.e. you are holding it in the middle and it is vertical
III.) the top of the gun sight is facing you, the butt plate is in the air, so the chamber is now easy to load a pellet down into with a thumb and a finger
IV.) seat the pellet like with the break barrel
V.) flip it back around and release the cocking lever

the RHINES method is simple but effective but looks a bit odd.
as loading it while it sits on a bench is almost impossible = see tweezers comment
Pros1.) The gun is pretty accurate considering how it looks (quality) 1/2" groups at 25yards with good ammo and 1.25" with so so pellets 2.) The under lever Is much better than a break barrel 3.) The but plate is very nice 4.) For the price you get a no so great assembly (some rust, lots of burs, miss alignments, trigger creep, and allot of wood ) but a good shooting gun for less than 200
Consa.) The trigger creep will need to be fixed! it has more than 5/16" draw to fire = a whole lot of movement! b.) Over all quality is not that good (I bought it knowing that I will rework it = rebuild the gun completely for some improvement) c.) stock machining is most likely NOT done with a cnc = not done well (Note other's comments on the center being off in the bed area) d.) the scope is not as good as others have stated; it is a scope of D+ or C- quality and not at all clear. e.) it is heavy f.) The stock is shaped like a 12 year old did it out of a 2x4.
By Dan
Lowell, Michigan
Worth every penny!
June 4, 2014
Out of the box performance accuracy with regular/cheap pellets! While this unit is a bit awkward to load, following the advice of other posts should assist in minimizing some of the frustration. Mainly, mounting the scope to the rear of the scope mount.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this rifle and will not seek another unless it fails to hold up over time. I had previous bought one of those Crosman black ops type of break barrel units that couldn't give a group of any type, $200.00 wasted! So this unit is a true blessing in comparison.
Pros1. Accurate, 22 rim fire accuracy at 25 yards. because of fixed barrel design. 2. Reasonable price 3. Once the storage oil is fired out, the report is quite quiet. The initial shot will sound just like a 22 rim fire round, with each following shot having a greatly reduced report. 4. Safe and straight forward operation.
Cons1. Heavy! 2. Drop of comb is very thick and almost uncomfortable. 3. This is a adult rifle and should not be purchased with a youth of less than 12/13 yrs in mind. Mainly due to the mechanics of cocking and firearm length and weight. Smaller frame youths of such age would have a very difficult time with this item. 4. Because of it's weight, sling points should have been added.
lever sucks dont buy it
May 16, 2014
I had it for 3 mouths my end of the lever what pops in worn down when you fire it pops out I emailed browning about it
By Ryan
Schwenksville, PA
So close to good, but...
April 8, 2014
I had to return it. Something about mine - the rubber gasket that rides in the cylinder and engages the cone breach where the pellet goes in was out of place. The cone must have grabbed it off center and sort of tore it and jumbled it up right where the air would move to the breach. I suppose that made air regulation very inconsistent or worse maybe air leakage. Anyways, I couldn't get good groups out of it. Could not consistently hit a soccer ball from about 100 feet, and I'm not that bad.
It's a shame. I wanted to like it. It seems well made for the price point. The optics were shockingly good. A lot of good things about this rifle - but if it doesn't shoot...
I'm tempted to try again on another example since others have had such success with it apparently. But also considering socking away more money to get a Discovery or RWS or waiting for the NP2.
AirGun Depot was great throughout. No problems getting or returning.
By Tom
Caveat Emptor
March 3, 2014
If something is on sale, there is a reason. The rifle shoots well enough but the open sights are garbage. The front sight assembly is plastic and it mounts using a light press fit onto the barrel. There is a set screw in the top of the front sight assembly, but it's useless and does absolutely nothing to lock the sight assembly in place. I could not sight the rifle in by adjusting the windage on the rear sight. I adjusted it to the far right, but the rifle still shot left. I had to twist the front sight on the barrel to sight it it. I don't know if the "fix" I used to sight in the rifle with the open sights will hold the adjustment, time will tell. I sent an email to Airgun Depot about the sight issue, but received no reply.

The scope seems OK, but I could not use it due to barrel droop. I ordered a B Square, 1 Piece Adjustable Riser and when it arrives I will try to sight it in.

I would buy a better rifle if I knew what I was getting from Browning. If you buy this rifle, expect to spend time and money correcting the deficiencies and don't expect any tech assistance from Airgun Depot. Spend another hundred bucks and buy a better rifle I gave it two stars because the rifle mechanism is satisfactory, but the cheap sights and excessive barrel droop ruin what could be a fine rifle.

ProsReasonable price
ConsMade in China always means quality issues. Scope droop is excessive and the open sights are junk
By Jonathan
Temple, Georgia
Best pellet gun under 200 period
January 24, 2014
I finally got around to sighting it in and with cheap Walmart cphp's this rifle shoots one ragged hole at 20 yards. I am nothing short of impressed. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice .22 caliber to add to their collection
ProsJonathan and finish. Not extremely hold sensitive. Comes with a very nice optic.
ConsHad to make shims for the scope to get it dialed in, but for the price it was just a minor inconvenience. The trigger has a lot of creep out of the box but gets better the more it is shot.
By Timmysixgun
Southeast PA
Very nice.
December 26, 2013
For less than $200 this under lever can't be beat. Shoots straight and groups nice when the person pulling the trigger cooperates.
ProsBuilt solid, easy to see sights,
ConsTakes some getting used to loading the pellet into the gun.
By Don
Olympia Wa
Fantastic pellet gun
November 10, 2013
I have been firing this gun daily and I love it. It is well balanced, easy to load and a pleasure to shot. This airgun has the same character as all airguns the first couple of shots are really loud. Once all of the excess oil is blown out it settles down with hardly a sound. I would recommend this gun for the first time pellet gun owner.
By Mark W.
Good for hunting and shooting for fun!
November 9, 2013
Great deal for the money,the more I shoot it the more accurate it gets,had to put some metal shims in the rear scope cradle and pull out the rubber shim and dialed the scope in and it is way better with the metal shims.The only problem I have with it is that this gun needs an adjustable cheek piece since the scope is so high up or at least make it an option. All in all, a great gun for the money, one shot to the body or head and it easily kills a squirrel at 30 yards!
Proshits on target every time after break in, scope is a good one not junk like you get on some combo's.
ConsWish it had a adjustable cheek piece or maybe I can find a stock to fit the gun that has one.
By Bob W.
Statesville, NC
Browning 'Leverage' Air Rifle, .177
June 10, 2013
I read reviews of a lot of air rifles before choosing the Browning, which is Browning in name only. It's made by Umerex. My reasons for picking this rifle over the others was primarily that I didn't bend the barrel to cock it. It just seemed to me that a fixed barrel would be more accurate. A constant or consistent thirty pound pull on even a steel bar will eventually compromise it's trueness. Another reason was the reviews of the scope that comes with the rifle were much better than others, it has a wood stock, and that it is relatively quiet.

First impressions of the rifle are that IT'S HEAVY! It's also BULKY! I suppose the stock is so bulky because of the stresses put on it from cocking, but the stock is twice the thickness in foregrip and hand grip of any .22 rifle that I own. I would prefer a significantly lighter and smaller composite stock even at the loss of wood, which I love. I may reduce the grip sizes and refinish my rifle at some point, just for comfort and 'feel'. Review reports indicate that it is hard to load. It is not, even with my short, fat fingers. It's just less easy than a break-barrel. The open sights are quite good. However, my old eyes just don't focus as they once did. One pair of glasses are good for the target but not the sights. With the other pair, the sights are clear, but I can't see the target. So the scope is mandatory for me. It is easy to mount, and of good quality. To zero, though, is a different matter. Trying to set it in the back yard has been a total failure. My groups average 4 inches at 30 yards. No consistency. Is it me, or is it the rifle? I don't know. I'm going to the gun club this afternoon and shoot it from a bench rest to find out.
ProsFixed Barrel Good open sights and scope Relatively quiet
ConsHeavy Bulky
By Allen R.
Clearwater, FL
Great Rifle, Some Issues
June 3, 2013
I received my .22 cal Browning Leverage air rifle June 3, 2013. The fit and finish is very good except for an unsightly knot on the stock which I am willing to live with. I am impressed with the raw power of this rifle. I blew right through the 1/2" plywood I was using to mount targets. Although the scope provided with this rifle provides a clear sight picture, my early efforts to sight in the scope were a bit frustrating. I was shooting at 20 yards, using good spring gun holding technique, but the results were inconsistent. Groups were always within 1 1/2" but just when I thought it is shooting a little left, it would start shooting a little right. I always made sure the stock screws and the scope mount screws were secure before shooting. I have now shot over 1,000 rounds and I have seen a marked improvement in accuracy, but there were some noteworthy obstacles along the way. The main complaint is that the leverage hinge-pin which connects the cocking lever to the spring carrier link worked loose and damaged the stock (in the slot). I take pride in the way I care for my gun and this disturbs me, but beyond the cosmetic aspect, this could be a safety issue. While I was investigating the problem, the pin actually fell out. If this had happened while cocking the gun, an injury could have occurred. The pin is a solid steel rod about 1/2" long with the ends hollowed out for flaring. In my gun, only one end got flared, allowing the pin to fall out under its own weight when the gun is tilted to one side. While breaking in this rifle, I was constantly contending with trigger pull inconsistencies. At the 1,000 shot mark, I broke down the gun to perform a normal maintenance lube job. When I removed the stock, to my surprise, several pins fell out of the trigger mechanism. Turns out that the pins are designed be held in place during use by the interior walls of the stock. Nothing wrong with this unless you lay the rifle on its side during disassemble like I did (don't make this mistake). With some difficulty, I was able to figure out where all of the pins belonged, but there was a problem. One of the pins was designed to retain the outer walls of the trigger assembly. This pin utilizes two "C" clips (one at each end). My rifle was missing one of these clips allowing the main trigger pivot pin to "float" at one end, creating the erratic trigger. After reassembling the rifle, she shoots like a dream. The trigger is now very smooth and predictable and my 20 yard shot groups are within inch using 22 cal JSB Diabolo Exact pellets. This is a very well engineered rifle, using high quality materials. The fit and finish is excellent. Too bad assembly quality control was not up to par on my rifle. If it was, I would rate the Browning 5 stars instead of 4 stars. In my opinion, the Browning Leverage Air Rifle is an exceptional value. The rifle is very powerful and accurate. The included scope presents a clear site picture and stays zeroed-in well (make sure the hardware remains tight). I would definitely recommend this rifle to others. The gun is a little on the heavy side and a little noisy but tolerable for my back yard shooting. Over all, I like this rifle very much.
ProsExcellent value, Very Powerful, Accurate (after break-in), Well Engineered, Good Fit & Finish, Quality Scope, Good Trigger (but not adjustable)
ConsHope accuracy improves with break in
By pwhitlo
Monroe, LA
Perfect for me
April 17, 2013
I did a lot of research before buying this gun. When AGD put it on sale for $170, I jumped on it. You will want to consider spending enough to get the free shipping, but you will not need to spend another $100 on a scope,mounts, and a trigger because the ones that come with this combo are great. See Rick Eutsler's video review of this gun at Everything he says about this gun is true including the need to shim the rear scope mount which he tells how to do on his "Take Aim" video. This is a top quality Chinese gun made by Xisco, also known as BAM (best airgun made). Browning does not put their name on junk. This is an outstanding value on a fixed barrel gun and, as usual, the buying experience from Airgun Depot was great. I have owned this guns for a couple of months and the more you shoot it the better it gets.
Prosaccurate easy to cock for the power scope and mounts low recoil fit and finish nice trigger (I like it better than quattro)
Consa little heavy no checkering on stock
By john p.
Morganton North Carolina
A little hinkey at first, but then wala, this turns into a keeper
February 24, 2013
Takes some time to get use to push this, pull that, then loading the pellet blindly. Sounds like this could go bad, but after just a few shots this gun will not miss. The lack of recoil and comfort of the stock and this gun, will probably impress anyone with its effortless accuracy. Power seems too adequate for hunting small game. Best of all I have consistent performance from pellets of extreme difference in weight. Really surprised overall and the absolute best surprise was the price. This gun was offered by the folks at Airgun Depot. Way cool guys, do not know how they do this but this has become the norm and will aide in collection expansion.
ProsScope, I did not mention for most guns the included scope is a throw-away. However, this too is top notch and is more than enough scope to hunt or plink away.
ConsHard to find especially at this price. I suppose less plastic on the front sight assembly.
By Mike
January 21, 2013
Heavy,easy to cock, and dificult to load with scope mounted (I had to use a pair of tweezers). Nice finish, good scope, good velocity, and good accuracy.
ProsAccurate, well made, easy to cock, cheap and fun to shoot.
By Finn G.
Easton NH, USA
Very good rifle for the money, good scope, accurate, well made.
December 14, 2012
Very well made air rifle, some parts feel cheap but overall the build quality is excellent for a $200 dollar gun. The Picitiny rail is an excellent addition to any air rifle.
ProsScope is excellent. Accurate. Good price. Well made. Picitiny rail.
ConsPlastic section on end of muzzle feels cheap. Trigger could be better, suffers from creep. Can be hard to load. Heavy, should come with shoulder strap connection points.
By Boom
Cape Cod, MA
Browning Leverage (.177) Awesome!
July 14, 2012
This is one heck of an air rifle for this kind of money! Made in China under Browning specs, very high quality. Browning is pretty fussy about what products it puts it's name on. Groups under 1" at 35 yards not uncommon from bench rest. I started using RWS Super-Point 8.3 gr pellets, which were on the light side. Switched to Crosman Ultra Magnum 10.5 gr, and Beeman Silver Arrow 11.57 gr and I'm putting pellets in pellet holes at 35 yards, incredible groups. The heavier weight pellets stabilize better, less fliers. Nice rifle overall. Being a fixed barrel it's a bit heavy at 8.6 pounds, however one of the lightest fixed barrels on the market with the exception of Gamo's CFX, which is lower quality. Power is good, terminated a couple of woodchucks with it so far with 1 shot, one out to 30 yards. Picking off mice off my better half's suet cakes hanging off a fence out at 30+ yards. I miss a few being 60 with slight hand tremor, but not many. Cocking is relatively easy at 28 pounds. I've heard some complaints about the Browning scope, it's fine, high quality. Actually I love it, especially with the AO, it's crystal clear and holds zero perfectly. I'm into it now for roughly 1100-1200 rounds, and the more you shoot it the better it gets. Some say it's tough to load, I didn't find to be being a fixed barrel. Scope mounting position is the key there. I mounted my rear scope ring on the last rear notch, then my front ring on the 3rd notch in from the front using the Browing provided scope it came with. That leaves plenty of room for loading pellets even with my stout fingers. That also provided the perfect distance eye relief as well. So don't mount your scope too far forward, and there is no need too with the original items supplied. Quiet too, a lot more quiet than what I thought it would be. No twang on mine when it fires, quiet. Very little muzzle jump as well, hardly noticeable. This is not a cheaply built unit, and well designed. I'm very impressed with this rifle for my use, pest control. This is an awesome rifle for $200! Great buy! Review by FFL dealer in business for 30+ years.
ProsEverything - it's just a kick butt rifle for this kind of money. I've owned far more expensive air rifles with far less quality. The Weaver style Picanny rail is awesome, makes for a rock solid mount. Dovetail mounts are terrible compared to these. Smooth safety, nice. This rifle definitely grows on you. The more you use it, the easier it is to use. So give yourself time to get use to it and you'll LOVE it.
ConsThe wood stock. A more streamlined synthetic stock would cut down the weight and bulk. Some people say an adjustable trigger, which one stage of it is, however I left mine at factory settings. Once you get use to it, it's decent. A little bit stiff at first, then smooth once it starts to wear in. Browning should offer a synthetic stock model in the near future.
By XBolt 1.
sandersville, ga.
Browning Lever
March 12, 2012
All good. Packed well, went together easy, sighted in easy, quality good.
Conshard to load.
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Browning Leverage
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1000 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 1
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 800 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 1
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1000 fps
    Mag Capacity 1
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 800 fps
    Mag Capacity 1
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