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Colt Peacemaker SAA BB Revolver, Nickel

Available in 0.1770.177Colt Peacemaker Replica, Nickel-Plated Finish, CO2

Colt Peacemaker SAA BB Revolver, Nickel

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The highly revered Colt Single Action Army .45-caliber revolver feels and handles like the firearm it looks like. Like the firearm it copies- the cylinder does not swing out. Each shell is loaded separately through a loading gate on the right side of the cylinder. To make the cylinder turn you have to pull the hammer back to the half-cocked position. Then- rotate the cylinder to either load a full shell or remove an empty one (by pushing on the ejector rod).

Since the shells are loaded singly, speedloaders cannot be used. To load BBs in the shells, insert one steel BB in the bottom of each.

There's an error in the owner's manual. It says you must first put the gun on safe and then pull the hammer to half-cock to load the gun. That is incorrect. Once the safety is applied, the hammer does not move. So don't put the safety on to load the gun.

Colt Peacemaker Revolver (Single Action Army) Features
  • 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 6-rd cylinder
  • Fixed front sight
  • Notch rear sight
  • White plastic grip panels that imitate the original ivory
  • Single-action only
  • Manual safety
  • Working ejector rod
  • Nickel-plated finish
  • 2.10 lbs. (the owner's manual incorrectly states a weight of 1.10 lbs.)
  • 5.50" barrel length (the owner's manual incorrectly states a 6.87" barrel length)
  • 11" overall length (the owner's manual incorrectly states an overall length of 11.50")
  • Includes 6 shells (each shell is loaded with one steel BB)
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Colt Peacemaker SAA BB Revolver, Nickel
55 Reviews
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100% Recommend this product (55 of 55 responses)
By Tony
Excellent Replica
December 12, 2019
This revolver has a wonderful weight and feel to it. The action and trigger are very crisp and smooth. Loading and unloading this replica is exactly like the real steel version.
ProsGreat weight, excellent fit and finish, feels great in the hand.
By stan
calimesa, ca
colt 45
February 23, 2019
fantastic! Couldn't be happier!
By Steven
Charlotte, NC
High quality!
January 14, 2019
If it didn’t shoot, it would be worth it just to hold and look at! I tried pellets through it, and it shoots both pellets and bbs just fine, and accurately.
It’s worth every penny. It’s beautiful, accurate and fun.
ProsEverything, but...
Cons...Necessary hammer placement when resting. Only flaw, as it were.
By Jesse
, Houston, TX
So real
December 19, 2018
this is a beautiful gun, out of the last five that I have bought this is the most accurate and its also the one all my friends want to shoot.
By Jonathan
, Oklahoma
An Amazing Model
December 18, 2018
A great replica. Strong to shoot and real weight to it. Nice attention to detail. And fun to shoot/twirl/ and hold. Highly recommended for western fans, revolver enthusiasts and replica collectors.
Pros-close real weight -strong shot -very detailed -nice collectible
Cons-loading small ammo
Best Usescosplay/plinking/practicing aim
By Rodrigo P.
October 14, 2018
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By Frank
Colt Peacemaker .45
August 24, 2018
Very nice replica. Feels and looks good. A bit slow to load, but so is a single action. This is the BB model, and it appears 1 cylinder does not fire as accurate as the other 5. But nonetheless, a blast to shoot!
ProsEasy to use, very safe
ConsNone that I can think of. Don't try to cock and use like a real gun. It is a BB gun and a replica. Just go easy on it.
Best UsesPlinking, pest control.
By Jim
Oklahoma City, OK
July 19, 2018
This co2 bb pistol is so finely made, well b as lanced in the hand, smooth operating, and so attractive that it has become my favorite co2 airgun. This is my second Colt Peacemaker. One is great to shoot, but one in each hand is great fun for plinking.
By Paul
March 19, 2018
Looks Great, Feels Great, Nice SMOOTH Action.
Best UsesJust a Nice Piece to Look At. Mounted mine on a Walnut Planck and Hung it over Fireplace.
By Jim
Oklahoma City, OK
December 4, 2017
Great feel, accurate, dependable, and looks like the real thing.
By Jon
Colt Peacemaker SAA Revolver
November 8, 2017
This was the first gun I ever purchased from Airgun Depot, and I have to say I am completely impressed with the quality and care that goes into making these guns. From the moment I took it out of the box I knew this was a purchase well spent. The look and feel of the gun is terrific and the nickel finish on it is just beautiful. The grips are made of plastic and are made to replicate the look of ivory grips. I think the grips could be made of a more durable plastic, but that is just my opinion. Aside from the plastic grips, the entire gun is made of metal, which is what gives it that authentic weight and feel. The only complaint that I can see someone having is that the hammer doesn't rest fully against the frame of the gun, which I believe has something to do with the firing mechanism. To me that really isn't a deal breaker considering this is the best replica of the gun you can buy aside from owning an actual peacemaker. Overall I would say this gun is well worth the money spent and is a great collector's piece for anyone who likes peacemakers or Western films.
Pros- Full metal frame - Authentic weight and feel - Beautiful nickel finish - Realistic shell loading - Great price
Cons- Grips could be made of a stronger plastic - Hammer doesn't rest against frame
By Audrey
Everett, WA
Handsome six-gun
January 27, 2017
I have friends who have had Colt SAA revolvers in .45 Colt and 44-40. Loved firing them both. Unfortunately, I can't afford the "real McCoy", but this bb-gun is certainly the next best thing. I can shoot it in my basement and pretend I'm the Annie Oakley from my childhood days. Quick-draw practice is also fun, but these days my "quick" draw is much slower. Still barrels of fun to shoot.
ProsAuthentic look, weight and feel.
ConsNone noted.
By Lee
Couldn't be happier!
December 23, 2016
Never know this gun was refurbished. Beautiful looks and feel. My son saw it and wants his own, I know, even though he didn't say so.
By James
Hastings, MN
A must have for any serious airgunner!
December 12, 2016
Simply awesome!
One of the most realistic replicas out there and very well made.
Nice weight, great trigger, looks fantastic.
ProsTrigger is very good, realistic operation, high accuracy, very well made, nice weight.
By Tod G.
Excelsior Springs,Missouri
Very high quality,finish and function are superb!
November 21, 2016
First off, I chose to go with the refurbished unit, because I have ordered previous refurbs from AGD and they were just as good as new. To look at it and use it I cannot tell what was refurbed on it!! This Colt SAA is such a nice replica of the firearm that if you see it from 5 ft away laying on a table, you would swear it was the firearm!! The distinctive "4 click" hammer action just sounds awesome and the chamber moves smoothly and with great fit. When I received mine it was missing the casings for the bbs, but an email later the great customer service guys at AGD sent me a set at no cost. Overall the product fires well and true at 25 ft. The CO2 installs very nicely and haven't had any problems yet. I have been through 2 CO2 fills and probably close to 150-170 rounds... So much fun, who's counting,right? The whole purchase process from is fantastic. (Always is) I would recommend this pistol and definitely to anyone wanting quality and value in one stop with great customer service.
ProsHIGH quality replica of Colt SAA. Finish is absolutely top notch and for a refurb, I can find no faults with it. The individual casings for the BBs makes for a realistic operation and function.
By EdB
New York
Colt nickel SAA
November 21, 2016
High quality replica of a historical gun.
ProsExcellent finish
By Carlisle W.
Picky isssue
November 18, 2016
This is a beautiful replica of the good old 1873 Colt! However, and I know this is a picky issue, I do not like the fact that the hammer does not rest fully into the pistol after it is fired. It looks like it is resting at half-cock. Just sayin'.
By cowpoke b.
Elk Grove,CA.
peace maker
November 18, 2016
I liked my first one so much ,got another.I have the real thing ,put them side by side,hold them by hand,what more could an old cowpoke want
By mo
westville ,new jersey
colt peacemaker saa
September 29, 2016
i bought 3 of these bb guns and they are 1 of the best investsment i have made . i shoot them in my yard and they are pretty acurate up to 70 feet, they are so real looking my friends thought they were real, having a lot of fun ,also have holsters for all of them. oh yes just bought the schofield bb gun today can't wait to get it . if u like western guns its a must to get one,you'll love it. this review is no BS
Proslove all 4 that i have
By Aaran
Great gun for the price
September 7, 2016
Recieved as described. Works great. Pretty accurate for BB..
ProsAccurate. Look feel and weight. Loading co2 and BB are easy. Does well on co2 usage
ConsWas refurbished ... Not a huge con .. Barrel was a little wobbly .. If your mechanically inclined it was an easy fix.
By Cowboy J.
Long Island, NY
Great value even at twice price
July 29, 2016
The heft of this pistol us surprising. The fit and finish is better than "military finish" of real firearms that cost many times more. You will be hard pressed to find any tool marks, burrs or seams on this pistol. Very well balanced. The cartridges feel like real rounds. The accuracy out of the box is very good. Six rounds at 15 feet can be covered by a quarter - honest! Very repeatable accuracy.
ProsVery reasonable price for a highly accurate good looking replica.
ConsReally no cons on this pistol.
By bill
best bb gun
July 29, 2016
Very, very accurate! Loved so much i bought two. I have one new and one refurbished, both are the same as far as works. Hours of fun with quick draw. Need more work shooting with my left hand. Cheeper than 22 bullets, just as fun..
ProsVery accurate and about 70- 80 rounds to the co2 cartridge
By Cj
Lodi, CA
Quality and Cool Factor!
June 20, 2016
This is an awesome air pistol. I love the looks and heavy weight! It is accurate at shorter distances but takes some practice. The hammer action is a really cool feature. Comfortable to hold. Reloading is a bit of a buzz kill but that is why I bought extra load shells and will be getting some more. Also note that pellets need to be pushed in slightly passed the rim of the inner rubber of the shell/holders for best results.
ProsRealistic looking pistol. Well made metal body. Accurate at shorter distances. Super fun to shoot. Cool factor is way up there but be very careful flashing this one around as it does look very real from all angles.
ConsPlastic handle/grip is a bit thin and cheap feeling. Reloading is a slow process. No rear site.
By John
June 10, 2016
I have a pistol permit, and many pistols including a Peacemaker. This replica is more beautiful and satisfying than the real thing. I was and am in awe from the moment I opened the box. The quality is due to its being a Colt, which my powder burner is not. If you own one gun, this should be the one. A work of art and an incredible bargain. No I have not shot it yet, still just admiring it.
ProsBrilliant way of holding bb's at tips of replica bullets. More beautiful than real thing. Proper weight and balance. Everything else I own pales in comparison.
ConsAfter you watch the video at Airgun Depot you won't be able to live without it.
By Steve K.
Winter Springs, FL
May 17, 2016
I like everything about this revolver. The nickle color, the grip color, the heft, everything looks and feels authentic. Shoots well too!
By Larry T.
New Albany Indiana
Almost as fun as the original
January 15, 2016
This gun handles and feels just like the real thing.
I have had a ball shooting cans and targets.
Groups pretty well once you shoot about a dozen shots on a co2 cartridge..
I fully recommend this air gun.
ProsShoots great Handles great Loads easy
ConsWorried about the plastic grip that comes off to load the co2 cartridge
By Paul
Fun To Shoot
January 10, 2016
Had this Peacemaker for a couple of months. More fun than a barrel of monkeys.
By Ronald
La Plata, MD
Great Gift
January 3, 2016
I purchased this airgun as a gift for a graduating college student and he absolutely loves it. In between looking for a job after graduation he was out shooting. I think he loves this gun so much that he is most likely shooting more than looking for work. I don't think his parents are very happy with me right now.
ProsGreat gift
By Todd
Magnolia, Texas
Colt Peacemaker SAA Revolver - FANTASTIC AND FUN GUN
November 6, 2015
Wow, yet another fantastic deal from airgundepot. This beautiful revolver is the fourth air gun I purchased from airgundepot and I must say it is another great looking and shooting gun. I love the realistic look, feel, weight and functionality of the gun. The loading of the BB's is unique and adds a most realistic feeling to the overall experience. The gun shoots straight and true. It feels and handles just like the real McCoy. Anyone interested in SAA and/or cowboy western reenactments will love to own this piece. It truly is a special gun and shoots like a dream.
ProsIt is extremely realistic looking and functions exactly the same as a real SAA. The overall weight and feel of this handgun will surprise you. Shooting this gun is a lot of fun and provides a true sense of shooting a real Single Action Army. The loading process is the most unique I've ever seen and it really add to the realistic experience of shooting this classic handgun. I highly recommend this revolver for any level shooter and BB gun enthusiast. You will literally have a blast with this gun.
ConsNot much negative to say about this revolver. If I had to identify one "Con" it would be like most of my reviews on the guns I purchased. I would really like to see this gun be fitted for genuine wood grips given its realistic look and feel. This is not a reason not to buy this handgun because the standard grips are fine, look good and function wonderfully. I cannot think of any justifiable reasons why anyone wouldn't or shouldn't buy this great looking single action army revolver.
By Maneck
Torrance, CA
Colt Nickel SAA
October 21, 2015
Beautiful gun, very high quality. Highly recommend the purchase of this gun to add to your collection or use for shooting.
ProsVery well made with excellent details and super finish. Just like the real thing
By Spike
Outstanding airgun
September 14, 2015
Only one aesthetic flaw of this otherwise outstanding airgun, which is that the hammer is designed to NOT lay flat against the pistol when decocked (as you can see in the picture). Except for that oddity, this is a really outstanding design that has the full feel of the real peacemaker. Very smooth operation.
ProsSmooth mechanics; accurate; feels like the real weapon.
ConsHammer always sticks partially up and has cheap(ish) plastic handles.
By Wild B.
outstanding product.
August 31, 2015
looks like the real thing. easy to operate and well put together. all positives, no negatives
By Gary C.
Sidney, Ohio
Colt Peacemaker.
August 25, 2015
Feels remarkedly like my real Peacemaker in my hand. Shoots well, its a favorite with my sons.
ProsShoots well, fairly accurate, and even though it's a BB gun, you can shoot pellets!
ConsHammer doesn't close completely, three click hammer instead of the traditional Colt four click. Bullets bare .357, not .45.
By Reynaldo
Vallejo, CA
Awesome Colt Peacemaker SAA Revolver, Nickel
August 23, 2015
This Colt Peacemaker BB revolver looks awesome and shoots accurately like the Dan Wesson BB revolver that I purchased from Pyramyd Air. With nickel looks as real as the original firearm. I would recommend this to a friend.
ProsAccurate at ten feet (my shooting distance indoor in my house...)
ConsNothing. It is worth the money...although I got it free from my purchase of the well known AirForce Talon SS from Airgun Depot.
By Charles C.
Colt Peacemaker SAA Revolver, Nickel
August 21, 2015
Great gun !
By Ken
Westminster, MD
Bang for the buck!
August 20, 2015
This is a great action revolver for those who seek accuracy and great quality. You will enjoy every feature on this gun, especially the four clicks as you pull back the hammer. At about fifteen yards, it shoots about a four inch group. For a five inch, smoothbore bb handgun, that is phenomenal for target practice and other recreational activities. This has a five and a one half inch barrel, but the real .177 bb barrel has a five inch barrel do to a half inch of a .45 diameter recess for realism. It also takes .45 diameter "cartriges".
ProsIt is so real, I handed it to AVID handgun handgun shooters, and they thought that it was the real deal. Don't buy this through any other company except Airgun Depot, they are the BEST to deal with.
ConsI am abosutely pleased with its quality, none at all.
By William
La Quinta, CA
July 9, 2015
This Colt Single Six Peacemaker is so realistic, my friends thought it was the real thing. You'll LOVE this gun :-)
ProsThe weight is heavy, feel and action is so-o-o like the real Colt. And, the most accurate of all my BB guns. And POWERFUL... OMG, the BB's went through both sides of a tin can and numerous layers of boxed cardboard. The action, loading, ejecting and cocking is absolutely like the real thing. You will LOVE this gun.
ConsMy only Con is that the hammer does not close down. But, I'm very picky, too. It really doesn't effect anything and most people never even notice.
By Oscar
Miami, Florida
Much better than expected
July 8, 2015
Great BB gun! Super accurate fits great in my cowboy holster, Co2 system is amazing and last for ever! And no leaks!
ProsBest BB gun I have purchased to date. Great price!
By lee
Very well made
July 7, 2015
I am very impressed with the workmanship and martial in the gun. I has the feel and balance of the Colt 1873.It can be placed in a display case and fit right in with any 1873 fire arm.The only thing lacking is it's inability to shoot pellets.a rifled barrel and pellets would greatly improve the value.
ProsGreat balance and trigger pull.Real stainless steel construction.The appearance of a rare colt peacemaker.a real show piece.
ConsSmooth bore.steell BB only.
By Warlord
Lubbock, Texas
Great copy and fun to shoot
July 7, 2015
A nice well made copy of a classic fire arm. Well balanced and handles well
ProsLooks realistic shoots fairly accurate for a smooth bore
ConsThe only thing I dislike is the hammer will not close all the way. Small thing but looksike the designers could have done better
By Jim s.
United States
The Real Thing
July 7, 2015
I love this Colt Peacemaker it is very realistic, size, weight and apperance. Great gun to own.
By Jed N.
Extremely accurate!
June 23, 2015
From 25 feet I hit 3 bulls eyes out of 6 shots when I sighted it in using an armrest. The other 3 were within one inch of the target center spot. I got 102 powerful shots from just one CO2 cylinder (Umarex cartridge). It feels great and looks great - beautiful workmanship and so easy to load and fire. The built in hex driver inside the grip is not only clever but works really well too. This is the best Peacemaker BB replica ever made I'll bet. I have the Hahn 45 made in the 70s and 80s by Crosman and this tops it by leaps and bounds. You can load without removing the shells - at half-cock the cylinder moves so easily and surely to enable you to load BBs swiftly through the loading gate. I am so impressed I am buying another for an old friend of mine!
Pros1. Great weight and feel. 2. Very accurate. 3. Easy to load and fire. 4. Looks like the real thing (an understatement) 5. Great low price!
By Jim
Very happy!!
June 20, 2015
I have a pair of Ruger Vaqueros that I use for cowboy action and reenacting but don't have a place close that I can shot .38 shells. After 2 hrs. of shooting the Colts in my back yard I felt that, except for the cost, noise, and recoil, it was very close to what it was like shooting the Rugers.. GREAT GUNS!!!!

ProsWeight, balance,size, cost. Accuracy much better than expected.
ConsHammer spring light, trigger pull heavy.
By Ron
Morrristown NJ
Colt Peacemaker BB pistol
June 15, 2015
This gun is incredible! It is made of metal and looks and feels like the real thing, with cartridges and all. I shot over a 100 "rounds" at about 35 feet, and the accuracy was very good. Shooting it produces very little sound, which means you can shoot it in you back yard or basement. The best part is my wife, who is not a gun lover, likes it and even asks to shoot it. I highly recommend this revolver. Colt also makes a Python DA BB revolver, which I plan to buy as well.
"Collector's Dream"
June 5, 2015
Purchased this item along with amenities, knowing full-well I would never shoot it... I am a SERIOUS COLLECTOR, and judging from what I saw when I opened the box - I really can't put into words, just how impressed I was at the weapons likeness to the real thing.... I will be passing this baby on to my children, when the good Lord calls.... Nice job, Airgun Depot - please - keep producing MORE precision replicas so I can add to my collection!!!!!
ProsEverything about this piece is fantastic......
ConsAbsolutely nothing, at least from a collector's point of view....
By kj J.
May 29, 2015
Feel in hand almost like a real Peacemaker firearm. Pretty accurate for a short barrel, I got 3 inch groups at 10yards off the bench on a rest. Very nice nickel finish. Great to practice shooting skills in back yard or in garage.
ProsAccurate, Realistic, Well made, Feels nice in hand.
Consnone for me.
By Richard S.
Woodbury, N.Y.
Beautiful piece of history
May 22, 2015
This is so realistic, the feel you get in your hand brings you back to the day in history in the old west.
At 20 feet from my target I was able to hit the center circle 3 out of 6 shots.
ProsGreat looking, realistic weight and loads and shoots like a Colt Peacemaker should. Great details and priced affordable too. Good accuracy at 20 feet, hitting center 3 out of 6
ConsShould come with Allen Wrench for loading co2
By Bob
Grand Junction, Colorado
May 7, 2015
I think Umarex, out did themselves!!! Just got it today. Opened the box and was blown away. The all metal nickle finish is right on. Looks to be clear coated very lightly as not to notice. All cast seam points of the castings are buffed out. Details are left very crisp. It is very tight unlike the Colt Python which mechanical's are loose. It sounds just like the real thing when cocked. This is well crafted. It shoots like a dream and with the extra cases was able to put 24 rounds through it. It doesn't do 400fps but more like 300fps but time will tell and shoots 2" groups at 20ft. I only got 24 shots before power dropped off but then every new CO2 pistol gets better after 200 or so shots. I want another and a western gun belt. I will be truly ready for a showdown.
ProsNo question, this is a fine well designed, tight, and smooth operating machine.
ConsThat I remember, the trigger guard is just a tiny tad too small and the cases measure .42 not .45. There are 4 small assembly screws on the left side of the frame that could have been done different but, it doesn't matter because everyone I hand the gun to thinks its real! Its that well done. I'm just picky. Should have been packed in a plastic bag. The bubble pack slipped away and there are fine scratches in the cylinder. Not bad though.
By Joe
Green Valley, Arizona
A must have for any collector.
May 6, 2015
I give this gun a 10 rating. I plan on buying another so I can have a match set.
By Nick
Oakland, California
Can't stop fondling it~
April 20, 2015
This is, hands down, the best replica BB pistol I've ever seen. The weight, feel, trigger, even the sounds it makes when you fiddle with it are all incredibly satisfying. Even the plastic grips are pretty damn good. It's a really soft feeling plastic, similar to piano keys or recorders. The nickel look, besides being fancy, also helps to make the ugly warning blub on the other side of the gun stand out much less than the blued variant.
Pros- Close to the weight of the real thing - Build seems to be really high quality with tight-ish tolerances, with the only thing wiggling is the cylinder - Every click and snap has weight to it, and the sounds the gun makes is half the fun
Cons- The shells can and will slip out on their own when at half cock with the loading gate open, making the fully functional ejection rod little more than decorative - As good of a replica it is, it's still not perfect. The grip, hammer, and shell/chamber diameter (more like .38 Special than .45 LC) are different, but considering it's made to load CO2 and shoot BBs there's going to be some engineering compromises to be made - Comes with 6 and only 6 shells. And Umarex just doesn't seem to care to supply more in any way. Intentional shortage? Made with Unobtainum? Thankfully Dan Wesson / TRR8 shells DO load and fire from this gun, with a bit better accuracy even. However it's more CO2 hungry this way and has less power. If your CO2 is running low, it won't fire unless you switch back to the original Peacemaker shells.
By Lenny G.
Virginia Beach, Va.
Great gun
April 19, 2015
Just received the Colt gun, Everyone I have shown these guns to, is impressed. I have shot bought of the guns and they shot great. Can not complain. With one co2 charge in can get about 65 good shots in, after that they drop pretty fast. They did a good job making this gun, thanks
ProsStraight Shooter
Consnone at this time
By Unclemike
Melbourne, FL
Very Nice! True to the West
April 16, 2015
I sent the 1st one I got of these back because the cylinder did not rotate properly and often, the hammer would get stuck and not be able to cock. I'd been a dead gun-slinger!
The replacement finally came in and it works great. There's only couple tiny imperfections in the finish that I don't like, but they are very minor and it looks like copper below the plating is showing through. It's definitely not worth sending back and otherwise, the finish is great!
I don't have much to ad from the other reviews. It shoots great, seems to have good power, is very accurate and so far, I'm very pleased. I do wish I would have bought extra bullets, when I got the pistol, because the shipping costs as much as another set of bullets!
ConsExtra bullet availability and price.
By Jamie
Columbus, Ohio
Great replica
March 30, 2015
I have had this for a few days now and it is awesome. Weight is nice, well balanced, and accurate to shoot. Only thing I would change is the hammer. It doesn't rest on the frame but it's minor. I would buy another.
ProsWeight, action, feel, looks
ConsHammer (still not a big draw back)
By Morley
Calgary Alberta Canada
The "Colt"...
March 30, 2015
Great pistol... has the look and feel of the original...nice weight and well built...
A must for any Western gun enthusiast or pistol lover..
By William C.
New Fairfield, CT
You Won't Get Any Closer to the Real Thing
March 21, 2015
Is it really nickel plated? Yes.
Does it operate like the real thing? Yes.
Is it about the same weight? Yes.
Is it awesome? YES!!!!

UMAREX Hit a home run on this BB Gun! You literally could not get anything closer to the real thing! It looks and feels exactly how it should and is presented in a beautiful box. I actually could not believe that this BB Gun did not cost more money! If you are looking for a American classic for a very fair price, look no further than UMAREX's Peacemaker!!!
Pros+ Weight + Finish (Nickel Plated) + Three Part Cocking System (To Original Spec) + Ejector + Pearl Imitation Grips
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Colt Peacemaker SAA BB Revolver, Nickel
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    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 410 fps
    Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 410 fps
    Loudness 4-Medium-High
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