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Colt Peacemaker SAA BB Revolver, Nickel

Available in .177, Colt Peacemaker Replica, Nickel-Plated Finish, CO2
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  • Code: 2254048 · $124.99 · .177 · 410 fps
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The highly revered Colt Single Action Army .45-caliber revolver feels and handles like the firearm it looks like. Like the firearm it copies- the cylinder does not swing out. Each shell is loaded separately through a loading gate on the right side of the cylinder. To make the cylinder turn you have to pull the hammer back to the half-cocked position. Then- rotate the cylinder to either load a full shell or remove an empty one (by pushing on the ejector rod). Since the shells are loaded singly, speedloaders cannot be used. To load BBs in the shells, insert one steel BB in the bottom of each. There's an error in the owner's manual. It says you must first put the gun on safe and then pull the hammer to half-cock to load the gun. That is incorrect. Once the safety is applied, the hammer does not move. So don't put the safety on to load the gun.

Colt Peacemaker Revolver (Single Action Army) Features
  • 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 6-rd cylinder
  • Fixed front sight
  • Notch rear sight
  • White plastic grip panels that imitate the original ivory
  • Single-action only
  • Manual safety
  • Working ejector rod
  • Nickel-plated finish
  • 2.10 lbs. (the owner's manual incorrectly states a weight of 1.10 lbs.)
  • 5.50" barrel length (the owner's manual incorrectly states a 6.87" barrel length)
  • 11" overall length (the owner's manual incorrectly states an overall length of 11.50")
  • Includes 6 shells (each shell is loaded with one steel BB)
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  • ManufacturerColt
  • Caliber.177
  • Velocity410 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • ActionRevolver
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight2.10
  • Overall Length11.00
  • Barrel Length5.50
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity0
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailNo
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade
  • Rear SightsFixed
  • Shots per Fill100
  • Trigger Adjustability0
  • Trigger ActionSingle-Action
  • UsePlinking/Fun
  • Warranty90-day limited warranty
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By VinceJune 2, 2021

Great bb gun for the price

The real deal when it comes to replica I thought i was holding the real thing

I wouldn't change a thing

By BrianUSAFebruary 10, 2021 Verified Purchase

Plastic grips would be changed if I had my way. However, nothing stopping me, but me, from making a nice set of Walnut grips for this, and I have a nice piece of scrap wood that I have been saving for something special. I forgot to get any silicone oil for the co2 cartridges, and wouldn't you know it that the local hardware stores that sell co2 airguns had no co2 oil! Anxious to use the gun, I went to the local auto parts store and found a tube of silicone lubricant (like a grease) that is safe for rubber and silicone o-rings. Was hoping it wouldn't hurt anything and so far so good.

Realistic shells for loading. Nice weight. Fairly smooth action. LOTS of shots from one co2 cartridge.... I got in 84 rounds before the accuracy stared getting wild and I still had a little air when I unloaded the cartridge after 108 rounds!

Plastic grips. For the price on these replica co2 guns, they could include a little silicone friendly oil for the co2. First time co2 users like me may forget to get some.

By FrederickUSAAugust 3, 2020 Verified Purchase

Make it with a 7 and 1/2 inch barrel!

Shocked at how fine a shooter this pistol turned out to be! I shoot at liter water bottles suspended from string at 7 and 10 yards. Have the Schofield and the Remington 75- this gun consistently outshoots them. The sights are great and the action is smooth, Buy it and shoot it!! I have the Tanfoglio 1911, the Umarex PO8, Walther P-38, MP-40, Tommy Gun, Mauser 712, M-1 Carbine and many others, but this is now my new favorite,

you can add a small wedge (plastic or wooden) behind the hammer forcing it a bit forward to cause it to look more like an original when it is at rest negating the hammer gap on BB gun replicas.

By MelvinUSAApril 27, 2020 Verified Purchase

This is the first Co2 pistol I've had in forty years and I am stunned at how nice the technology is now. Add that to the real authentic look and feel of this new generation of shooters and man, you have got you a neat man toy to play with. On rainy days or times when you just don't feel like driving all the way to the gun club this is the ticket. Top it off, this seller is great, has good prices and delivers fast.

Feels very like my real six shooters. Good trigger. Bought some pellet cartridges and used those first. I have a ten yard range in my barn and the pistol is quite accurate at that range. It does seem to like lighter pellets like the non lead ones best. I was amazed to get over a hundred good shots out of a single Co2 cylinder. About 45 minutes of great fun for really cheap compared to shooting the real thing. Very pleased with the shooter so far.

As others have said, I wish they went a bit more expensive on the grips and used some heavier polymer with a bit of texture.

By TonyDecember 12, 2019 Verified Purchase

This revolver has a wonderful weight and feel to it. The action and trigger are very crisp and smooth. Loading and unloading this replica is exactly like the real steel version.

Great weight, excellent fit and finish, feels great in the hand.


By StanUSAFebruary 23, 2019

fantastic! Couldn't be happier!

By StevenUSAJanuary 14, 2019

If it didn’t shoot, it would be worth it just to hold and look at! I tried pellets through it, and it shoots both pellets and bbs just fine, and accurately. It’s worth every penny. It’s beautiful, accurate and fun.

Everything, but...

...Necessary hammer placement when resting. Only flaw, as it were.

By JesseUSADecember 19, 2018

this is a beautiful gun, out of the last five that I have bought this is the most accurate and its also the one all my friends want to shoot.

By JonathanUSADecember 18, 2018

A great replica. Strong to shoot and real weight to it. Nice attention to detail. And fun to shoot/twirl/ and hold. Highly recommended for western fans, revolver enthusiasts and replica collectors.

-close real weight -strong shot -very detailed -nice collectible

-loading small ammo

By Rodrigo P.October 14, 2018

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Is this gun compatible with bbs and pellets?

asked Bentley from USA

Since there is NO dates on the below questions, Has anything been done to correct this trigger issue and the fact that the grips are of a flimsy plastic?

asked Edward from USA

Would this fit a 22 revolver holster?

asked Vincent from USA

este revolver atira pellets(chumbo) ou esfera metálica!

asked Eduardo Rommel from Brazil

Pellet shells aren't necessary. The BB shells shoot pellets very well and very accurately at 30 feet!

Hawk7 from USA

This model comes with BB shells. You can shoot pellets with the pellet shells in this gun as well. AGD-6590 $9.99

Mark from USA

This will shoot .177 pellets?

asked Kevin from USA


Hawk7 from USA

Can you shoot BB’s or pellets through here with the correct brass?

asked Dean

If you buy the pellet brass can you fire pellets in this gun?

asked Dean

It shoots lead pellets just fine through the BB don't have to use the pellet shells.

Hawk7 from USA

can you send on India?

asked zoramchhana

can you buy the pellet loadable cartridges and shoot pellets in this gun

asked jim robinson

It shoots lead pellets just fine through the BB shells...and very accurate at 30 feet!

Hawk7 from USA

Has anyone fired copper BB's through the Colt Peacemaker?

asked CJ Copeland

I used two co2 and now wont shoot. what to do

asked walter

What is the average number of shots per cylinder?

asked David Werner

Can you use the Colt SSA pellet cartridges in this gun and shoot 177 cal pellets?

asked Doug


Hawk7 from USA

Does this ship to toronto?

asked Paul

Do you have the peacemaker that comes in nickel with ivory handles that shoots bbs and pellets.

asked Winford Porter

can this gun use plastic bbs like a hardball gun

asked seb

can the gun use plastic bbs like a hardball gun

asked bbs

may i put it in the airline bag?

asked mauri

Is it ok to dry fire this gun or will it damage it?

asked Slim

Dry firing this replica will do nothing. It actually helps to break it in more.


Is there any wooden grip?

asked Adam

They will be coming out in the next 6 months

Scott from USA

Will there be a 4 3/4" model? If so, when will it be available?

asked Ike

If I am measuring correctly, it has a 4 3/4 inch barrel already. And on the box it says that it's 5 inches. I believe the box is inaccurate.

Jed Niederer

Not to our knowledge, Umarex has not released any plans to offer different barrel lengths.

Scott from USA


asked TRBill

Should be like this for a while, we don't anticipate any changes in the near future.

Scott from USA

Can I buy additional shells, if yes, how much do they cost?

asked Adrian

They cost under $15 as of this date...Nov 3,2021

Hawk7 from USA

Yes, they are available on our site, part #2254049

Scott from USA

Will the colt peace maker fire a pellet?

asked Lb. from USA

Yes....just poke one through the base and seat it past the rubber seal. See review by Mak Cho Sii. The performance is much better. Shot groupings reduce diameter by 1/2 even with a smoothbore barrel using RWS R10 pellets and Crosman Premium.

steve from USA

I have fired Crosman SSP 4gr pellets (vs 5.1gr BBs). After loading into the "bullet", they must be pushed about 1/2 inch further into the "bullet". Penetration into plywood was about the same as a BB. Accuracy was similar. I used the lightweight SSP to compensate for the added drag through the bullet and barrel.


It fires BB's only

Scott from USA

Is this gun full metal

asked george

also can i use plastics bbs in all the pistols


will the colt fire plastics bbs aswell as iam in the uk



Scott from USA

are extra shells available?

asked duane from USA

These should use the same cartridges as the other air revolvers that we carry. As far as I know the are not proprietary, but we have not got a test gun in from Umarex yet to check. Once we do I will update the description with a part number for the additional shells. Thanks for your question.

Scott from USA
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