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Dan Wesson 8" BB Revolver, Black

Realistic Revolver, 6rd Swing-Out Crane

Dan Wesson 8" BB Revolver, Black

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  • Code: 16183 · 0.177 cal · 426 fps ·
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Dan Wesson BB revolver
  • 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 6-rd BB cylinder
  • Fixed front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Textured grips
  • Double-/single-action
  • Manual safety*
  • Working ejector rod
  • Includes detachable Weaver rail, speedloader and 6 Shells

*If the gun is cocked, the manual safety will not engage. For the safety to engage, the gun must be uncocked. If you cock the gun and then try to engage the safety, you will still be able to pull the trigger...and the gun will shoot the projectile!

**Each shell is loaded with one steel BB. The shells are loaded into the gun's cylinder.
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  • ManufacturerDan Wesson
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity426 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionRevolver
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackNo
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight2.29
  • Overall Length13.3"
  • Barrel Length8"
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity6
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailWeaver Mount
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage and elevation
  • Trigger ActionDouble-action and single-action
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty90 Day Limited
  • ManualDownload & View
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Dan Wesson 8" BB Revolver, Black
29 Reviews
69% (20)
14% (4)
7% (2)
7% (2)
3% (1)
79% Recommend this product (23 of 29 responses)
By Ronnie
Rome, GA
Top Dog
December 14, 2011
I have lots of pellet pistols and bb pistols and this is, without a doubt, the best shooting and most realistic looking pistol I have ever owned. I purchased this gun from Airgun Depot several weeks ago and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. It did not disappoint in the least. This one is really hard to put down. I've been shooting the lead balls in mine, no steel bb's yet, and the accuracy is GREAT. I don't know how much it would change by shooting steel bb's, but I like the idea of nothing but lead cruising down that barrel. This is a wonderful recreation of a beautiful firearm and I intend to make it last as long as possible. Don't know if any of you other owners are using the lead balls, but I highly recommend them.
ProsThe feel, the looks, the accuracy, and the price. Not many BB pistols are up to the caliber of this gun for the price.
ConsThere's nothing to dislike about it, yet. Time will tell about the workings, which are few. So far it gets the highest rating possible.
By Gene
hickory, nc
Pretty darn close
November 11, 2011
I own a real Dan Wesson .357 mag and side by side it looks pretty darn close, weight is a might off but this is not a problem. I use this for practice sessions when I can't get access to the range.
ProsDetail, the way it loads, its just plain fun to shoot, I have converted some 38 cal shells as its hard to get the real ones and the 38s fit perfect Ebay has them and they come from the UK and are costly. It is built very well for the low price (Lowest price is on this web site trust me I have shopped around prices range from this low price to over $200) so save some dough and order from Air Gun Depot.
ConsI just don't like the long winded warning on the frame. Maybe tone down the bright white letters to something that blends in. Need to be able to get additional rounds without speedloader
By David C.
Dan Wesson 8" barrel black
November 20, 2019
Well... The gun is quite impressive... Just one rather large problem developed after about 50-100 shots... The hinge that the cylinder is attached to... The cast cylinder area that the hinge rod goes thru has too much play in it making it wobbley... That makes it not ingage with the part that pushes cylinder up to align gor next shot... It wont push it because the play doesnt allow contact with the mechanism that advances it, just stays in last position... What a disapointmentI was hoping that I could enjoy as much as the colt revolver I bought... I have shot HUNDREDS from it without mishaps. No more revovers gor me... I'll stick to single shot from now o... No such problems... Less cheap mechanics involved.
ProsWhen it worked... It was a great accurate, powerful gun
ConsThe cylinder housing and casting loosens and will not forward to mext chamber, rendering pistol usless, unless you roll by hand... The curewould he a brass bushing where the ejector rod passes thru cylinder AND ESPEBIALLY wheyecyle? Der is attached to pistols block just above the trigger and to the left... Thdt one is the WEAK LINK !!!! F ix that and no more promlems.. Ever.!!
Best UsesPaper weightwsll art.
By Anthony
Sunny Florida
Accurate, solid, realistic
June 18, 2016
I've enjoyed this pistol for several months now, and shot it again today. It's really very nice. I think the extra length in the barrel gives it more accuracy, at least it does for me, over my two other revolvers that have 6" barrels. I'm using a red dot on this one and don't find the gun heavy at all. It is muzzle heavy a bit, but it adds to the solid feel. It's right on the money off a rest, but OK two-hand as well. I'm getting about 12 loads with it, 72 shots on one cartridge. So far it has shot all brands of BBs with no issues. Never a jam, never any issues. I like it and recommend it.
ProsQuality construction, accurate, nice trigger, SA and DA too. Revolver experience makes it a fun shooter.
ConsI dislike the fiddly grip attachments on all of these pistols.
By mike
appleton, wisconsin
looks and feels like the real deal
August 4, 2015
I've had my airgun for a little while now and i am satisfied with this gun. Its accurate and awsome to shoot. I had one problem with it. The hammer is loose... It wobbles pretty bad and it seems to hit the right side of the hammer when i shoot in single action. Idk im really trying to find a way to fix this because other then that it would be one of the best co2 guns i had. The hammer being loose like that really makes it a problem for me. I just hate taking it out and hearing the hammer and other people notice it too. All i hear from people is what is the clanking piece of crap. Get rid of that.. I dont take it out too much these days, but if there was a way to fix the hammer to sit on place i wouldnt be so edgy taking it out..
ProsLooks real
ConsIts honestly not worth the money with all the loose problems. I wouldnt recommend getting this unless there was a guid or easy way to fix these clanking noises the gun makes while holding it.
By Brian
Boston MA
a finely crafted piece
October 24, 2014
this gun looks and feels like I spent 3x the money!
Proscomes with a case
By Bryan
First Impression
December 19, 2013
Upon first impression, I must say that this revolver is a beautiful addition to my collection. It is nicely crafted and very realistic with both weight and feel. It is an intimidating gun and I love the fact that the shells are removable. That really makes it a fun gun because it adds to the realism. I own the 8", the 6" and recently purchased a 2" for my collection and they all look great.
ProsCame with a speed loader and case.
ConsI would prefer that the barrel was wider to look more realisitc and it kills me to have so much writing on the gun.
By Cris E.
The best of all. Ever. Get this now!
July 30, 2013
I have had mine a week. Solid as a rock. Sad for the people with barrel issues. My hammer seems crooked too, but I think its in the casting of the part. Not really an issue for me. Super accurate too. Can ring the bell at 25 meters. I want them in all sizes and colors now. I'm obsessed with all airguns though, and want them all.
ProsWeight. Accuracy. Happiness. So much fun to reload. Powerful.
By Maggie
Windham, NH
Nice Revolver
April 6, 2013
Excellent shooter! Easy to change cartridges. Wish the cylinder swung out a little further to make the speedloader fit better. Other than that, nice pistol!
Totally satisfied with purchase.
Prossee above.
Conssee above.
By Bengt
The ugglyest example of a gun ever!!!
April 6, 2013
The gun is not handling as a normal revolver. It looks dreadful. It has poor mechanics inside it. Not a product made to last.
ConsEverything you can think regarding to a revolver !
By Bob S.
Worth, lL.
Dan Wesson CO2 BB 45 Revolver Air Pistol
March 18, 2013
Dan Wesson is a really good pistol. Looks like the center fire pistol. Natural pointer. It was very accurate out of the box. Very powerful. It is worth the price. I have always loved wheel guns:-). I plan to buy the Snubbie next.
ProsThe price was just right. Authenticity is outstanding. It handles just like a real one. Single Action trigger was okay. Love the wide hammer easy to thumb it back. Really liked the shells and speed loader. Love the fact that made replica with different barrel lengths. If you love to shoot revolvers this is one pistol to buy.
ConsDouble Action trigger was stiff. I'm hoping that is will improve as it breaks in. The attachment for the scope mount isn't easy. Too Bad that hey didn't make it with convertible barrels like the old Dan Wessons/
By George
Maine USA
Intitial impressions
March 12, 2013
I have owned a .357 Dan Wesson revolver with an 8 inch barrel before. I must say, this all metal replica comes very close! The weight and handling are so close I swear I am holding the real thing. While the finish is nowhere near the depth and shine of the real firearm, it's still great. Won't show fingerprints like the bright blued finish though, so that's a plus. Love the Dan Wesson signature on the barrel. The grips feel great, almost like the Hogues I had on my gun. Loading the Co2 was a snap and the shells rock! So easy to load BB's. I used H&N Sport Rundkugel 7.7 gr round lead balls and they shot well. Love how easy it is to load and unload the gun. Fully adjustable sights are good too. That white dot on the front sight is easy to find. I like the wide trigger and hammer. Your thumb and trigger finger will love them.

Now for a few negatives. First, is the speedloader. What a piece of garbage! Won't unlock smoothly so you can dump the shells in the cylinder. For some reason I could not get the shells to line up so I could dump them in. I think that is because the cutout in the grip is wrong. It interferes with the loader. This is not a deal breaker though, just manually load them and all is well. Secondly, the trigger is heavy. I was rather surprised that shooting single action does not help. The pull weight is actually more than double action. In double action, you get some creep and the weight seems less, plus you get a feel for where the trigger breaks. I hope this improves with use. Again, not a deal breaker, but be aware of it. I have read about some owners having issues with the grip coming loose, but I have not encountered that yet.

My first impression is that I love this gun! Looks tough enough for Dirty Harry! Go ahead, make my day! Well, this Dan Wesson has made mine! So go ahead, let Dan make your day too.
ProsLooks Dirty Harry mean! Fit and finish are top notch. Love the shells. Co2 is a snap to load. Grips feel good. Handles and feels like the real thing. Reasonably accurate and fun to shoot.
ConsThrow away the speedloader. Trigger is heavy but manageable. Shoots better in double action than in single.
By Kenneth K.
Bloomington, MN
Great Gun, Good Seller
October 20, 2012
I was disappointed when my gun arrived with a lose barrel (seems to be a common problem with this gun). It wiggled up and down and side to side. Airgun Depot sent me a prepaid shipping label and within two weeks, I had my replacement. I am thrilled. The barrel on the replacement was mounted nice and firm, as it should be. This gun looks real, has good weight and is very accurate. I mounted a Red Dot Sight on it. At 18' I can shoot a 3/4" shot pattern with several shots in the 3/8" bullseye. I can't wait to see how accurate it is using a pillow rest at 25'. I would have given the gun 5 stars if the first gun shipped hadn't had a lose barrel. I give Airgun Depot 5 Stars for customer service and pricing.
ProsGreat looking gun. It has a realistic weight and feel. Very accurate with good power. Fun to shoot.
ConsLose barrels seem to be a problem.
By Jojo A.
Loose barrel
September 14, 2012
I just recently purchased this very realistic looking gun. I have owned a real one in the past with interchangeable barrels. I really hated wheel guns then, because of bad influence from a friend. I regret it so much now because I have disposed of all my wheel guns. It's a very realistic looking gun and similar to the real Dan Wesson .44 I used to own. I have to exchange mine because of a loose barrel. I guess the eight inch barrel is a bit too heavy for the frame. I got a replacement in no time, thanks to the fast service of Airgun Depot. Thank you guys for your commitment to your customers. I will recommend you to my friends. I shoot this gun at a range of 20 yards using the TQ-5/1 Crosman paper target, official 25 ft. qualification target. Not bad at all, just too many loose connections.
ProsIt handles just like the real Dan Wesson. I'm really more impressed with the service I got from Airgun Depot than this gun itself.
ConsIt's kinda flimsy, the hammer is cock-eyed and crooked. Whenever I shoot double action, the hammer pulls to the right. The cylinder in the gun I returned is tight and sits well in the gun. The cylinder on this one is also loose and if I lay the gun to it's right side, the cylinder starts popping out. I have not noticed that in the gun I returned, simply because my problem with that gun was a LOOSE barrel. Too many loose connections.
By Brady
March 18, 2012
I have bought a couple of air guns, but out of all the guns I have ever bought this one is easly the best gun I have. It is very powerful. It broke a beer bottle easly from about 10 yards away. It is loud enough to be pleasing to the ear but not so loud that it will disturb anyone else in the neighborhood. It looks and feels exacly like a real .45 calaber revolver. There are no cheap materials on this gun. Overall, I love this gun and I would sugest this product to a friend.
ProsLooks and feels like a real gun Powerful
By philip
stoneham, MA
dan wesson co2 bb 45 revolver air pistol
February 27, 2012
great accurate pistol at a great price,comes with easy loader,well built grip is perfect,i really enjoy
Prossmoothness,easy loading,great looking pistol,
Consthere are no things i do not like,as nice as my more expensive pistols
By StavrosX
Alexandria, VA
Not for accuracy...
February 13, 2012
This is a nice looking gun, all metal/well built.
But this is this worst shooting gun I've ever shot,
as far as accuracy. BB's come flying out of the
barrel sideways half the time. Beats all the fun
out of shooting. (Even spent the $ for the recom-
mended Avanti steel shots...what a waste of $)
By kraig a.
February 12, 2012
i realy like this gun its looks its weight the way it shoots the speed loader. i like every thing about it. its abeautiful gun.
By arturo
Calexico, CA
Best revolver yet
February 3, 2012
This is one of the best airguns you will ever have in you hands. It is just so powerful that when you start shooting it you will feel the veolcity and the power this revolver has. Another cool thing is that this gun looks very real because of the bullets that are in the chamber. Also because most of the airgun is made of steel. I highly recommend this gun.
By April
corona, CA
good Effin Gun
January 22, 2012
gee were to begin ..affordable thanx to AirGun Depot i have a baby and money is just sometimes tight, and AirGunDepot makes it easy to treat myself.. first of all this gun surpassed all my expectations in every way , the look the feel to it the kick to it is beyond what i imagined .. trust me on this one i own many co2 pistols but this one jus stands out, in its own way..! its one of a kind, in its own class.. this is my baby out of all my toys! :D I named her lucy .. if your looking for a co2 revolver look no further this is what youve bin looking for and some... thanks AirGun Depot for giving for all you do!
Prosabsolutely everything.. the power the look the feel ...! the signature of Dan Wesson jus really adds to the beauty of this gun ;)
Consnothing just a perfect revolver... itss too dammn good
By Dalton
New Richmond, WI
January 14, 2012
Very Nice gun. and i don't say that often
ProsLooks great.
ConsDon't see a thing I dislike.
By Jack
Chicago, Illinois
Dan Wesson CO2
December 25, 2011
I have been dying to get this gun since november and finaly got it. I like everything about it, it is accurate, powerful, fairly easy to load and does not leak co2 as much as some of the other guns out there, its also a good deal heave and extremely realistic so dont go wavin' it arout at anybody.
Prosaccurate powerful realistic good weight nice fps
Consplastic tab on co2 screw hammer wobbles
By Tina
Great gun
December 15, 2011
My son loves it!!!
By Jimmy
Trussville, AL
December 6, 2011
an awesome looking gun and i love it
By Randall
Lebanon, CT
Thoroughly impressive
December 6, 2011
As soon as it arrived, I installed the accompanying 5/8" Weaver rail (Allen wrench included) and mounted a red dot sight. Shooting a target after zeroing it in, this pistol exposed its pedigree as a very accurate shooter. The balance is quite nice, and the gun is not as heavy as it may seem. I've been informed that the gun is made from cast aluminum, with a steel bore. I used Daisy zinc coated BBs, and they are easy to load and perform well. Quite a pistol!
Consany gripe would be the clam shell packaging, since a gun of this quality would do nice with a box.
By Brett
St. Louis
Great gun
December 5, 2011
I just got this gun in the mail yesterday I I haven't been able to put it down since!
ProsFun to load Easy to shoot Long barrel provides accuracy Fully metal except hand grip Adjustable sights
ConsIt leaks co2 sometimes
By Daniel
Gahh! okay
December 2, 2011
I don't know maybe i am expecting too much from an airgun, but i am definitely unhappy with it.. not putting airgun depot down for it.. thanks for this gun at a great price much cheaper then anywhere else i have seen.. as quality goes for wesson i expected it to be better constructed on the cylinder and hammer but oh well..

although there are probably alot of people that would love this gun
Proslooks realistic and heavy, makes me miss the dan wesson 375 i used to own
Conscan already tell the cylinder and hammer are going to be a problem cause they are both loose in the gun and i just got it, the hammer is done badly atleast on my gun... dont think i am going to be purchasing any more smith or wesson look alikes after this
By Sol
one of the, if not the MOST, realistic airgun ever
November 24, 2011
this is by far the most realistic air gun i've ever come across. It shoots very accurately and very hard. The only gripe i have with it is the co2 leaks occasionally.. but i can get a good 90 shots out of it before the bbs start dropping
Merchant Response:Try using some Crosman pellgun oil to stop the leaks. Put one drop on the tip of the CO2 canister before inserting it into the gun. Do this for every 7-10 cartridges and it should keep your seals nice and lubed and prevent leaks.
Prosfull metal realistic copper shells hard hitting accurate
Consco2 leaks sometimes
By Ian M.
I am thoroughly impressed.
November 13, 2011
I don't actually have this gun, however, I have placed my order. The very moment I layed eyes on this BB gun I became obsessed with it. I knew I would have to have it.
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By John from Bloomington, IN on November 27, 2011
Here is a general question or two for any DW CO2 Revolver owner ... have you seen or heard anything at all, even an ugly rumor, regarding the 8" in silver? (Chrome-ish?) And, secondly, are there any of you who would give up your 8" in exchange for a 6" if it were possible? I am wondering just how much in love with the 8" you really are.

You can tell that the version that I would much rather have is the 8" in Silver. But, so far, I can't even determine if there even is such a beast. So, any comments would be appreciated.

By Staff on December 12, 2011

We are looking at bringing in more of the Dan Wesson pistols early next year. I'm not sure if they have 8 inch in silver but we will look into it.
By Gene C from North Carolina on December 10, 2011

I spend alot of time on various forums on air guns at present there are no plans that I can find for the 8" chrome, I have the 8" gun metal speckle tone gray version at least this is the color I call it. If you can get one of these I highly recommend it. Gene C
By Rohan from Pembroke Pnes, FL on January 3, 2012

I would exchange my 8" for a 6", I think the chrome / silver finish looks great, While I'm very happy with the 8" i think a slightly smaller barrel would be more comfortable and they are too close in size for me to justify getting both, I think I will get the 2.5" in silver when it is available.

By luis from Chicago, Illinois on November 29, 2011
is this a good gun to shoot from a far distance

By Jimmy from Trussville, AL on December 6, 2011

good for short and middle, i haven't try it on long range yet but this is still a great gun for this price
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 8, 2012

The farthest you could hit something with this would be 30yds or so.

By M. Nannini from Florence, Italy on December 18, 2011
Hi, how much does it cost to ship it to Italy?
Thanks a lot!

By Enver from Turkey on June 1, 2012
when you will have silver Dan Wesson Co2 45 Revolver Airpistol?

By Staff on June 1, 2012

I am sorry but we don't have any orders for Silver Dan wessons any time in the near future.

By adamt from Calgary, Alberta on February 14, 2012
Can this pistol shoot 6mm paintballs? (Note: These are supposed to be the same size as a 'standard' airsoft round)
By Staff on February 23, 2012

No this is a .177 cal BB gun. it will only shoot the smaller metal bbs.

By neil from neil on May 15, 2012
is it a multi shot airgun or a single shot n hows the working mechanism of the gun
By Staff on May 15, 2012

This gun can be fired multiple times without cocking the gun. that's all multi-shot means.
By Staff on May 15, 2012

This gun can be fired multiple times without cocking the gun. that's all multi-shot means.
By Staff on May 15, 2012

This gun can be fired multiple times without cocking the gun. that's all multi-shot means.
By Staff on May 15, 2012

This gun can be fired multiple times without cocking the gun. that's all multi-shot means.

By brayan from miramar, FL on January 29, 2012
I HAVE BEEN DOING omega research on this revolver , my biggest question is , can u put airsoft bbs into the tip of the shells besides putting copperhead bbs????? Like for instance crossman .20 or .25 bbs? I was looking forward to be using it when i play airsoft with my team and it wuldnt be pleasant shooting my friends with metal bbs :\
By Staff on January 30, 2012

This gun will only shoot the metal bbs and not the airsoft bbs.

Please play safe while playing airsoft as metal bb guns can break skin and cause real harm to those you would play against. This can also get you in alot of trouble with you local law enforcement as metal bb guns count as a real weapon in some areas.

I would recomend taking a look at some of the airsoft revolvers that we have to offer, you can find them under the airsoft tab and clicking airsoft pistols link.

By Jacques from South Africa Sasolburg 1947 on December 23, 2011
Can you please calculate shipping to South Africa Sasolburg 1947

[email protected]
By Staff on January 9, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For question about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

By Jojo Afable from california on August 6, 2012
I used to own 44 mag. Dan Wesson. At that time I was in my 20's. I hated wheel guns, so I of disposed it. SUCKS!!! Stupid of me. I think it also have a interchangeable barrels if I'm not mistaken. My question is CO2 wise, I have encountered so many problems w/ the rubber seal even when using pellet gun oil. Like the MP5 HK, Umarex Glock looking bb gun, and colt. I do love the looks of this gun, I just hope it will not end up as paper weight just like my other ones. Has anyone encountered the same problems as I did?

By jake walker from phx AZ on March 24, 2012
do you have it in silver

By Staff on March 29, 2012


By marshall from hawaii on May 17, 2012
can you add a laser site or other optics for accuracy.
By Staff on May 21, 2012

this gun doesn't have any rails for mounting lasers and other optics.

By Alexander Christensen from Slagelse on March 7, 2012
How many bullets can it fire with each canister of Co2
By Ken from Holyoke, CO on March 7, 2012

58 shots and counting
By R. Colbourne from Lebanon, CT on March 7, 2012

I've never actually counted, but I would say 50 - 60 shots before the BBs start dropping. I shoot targets, and it's very obvious when a canister is on its way out. Hope this helps. RC
By Stavrosx from Alexandria, VA on March 7, 2012

Around 75/canister if the gun is shot same day.
By Sergey from Hartville, OH on March 8, 2012

With each 12g Co2 canister I've managed to fire off on average 73 to 79 shots, after that the gun will either skip shots (the BB will stay in the shell) or shoot low pressure shots. Not as many shots that I would have liked to get per each Co2 canister compared to other guns, but still a much better gun out there none the less.

By Thomas from Pfafftown, NC on March 10, 2012

The description says it has a high efficiency power management, you can believe it. I've consistently gotten 96+ (12 speed loads) high velocity shots. Absolutely the most fun and real action air pistol I have fired. You don't need to over tighten the CO2 and I've learned my lesson (other air guns) on keeping seals lubricated. Enjoy!

By Jesus from Cleveland, Ohio on December 27, 2011
Do you think it would be suitable for small game plinking? Squirrels, perhaps?
By William from Racine, Wisconsin on January 11, 2012

while this is a vary nice gun it is not really sutible for hunting or pest controll if hunting or pest control is what your looking for then i personaly would recomend the 1377C American Classic Air Pistol from crossman i own one and i have used it very efectivly on squrls and racoons.
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 8, 2012

I wouldn't use this for squirrels, but perfect for plinking.

By cody from kitchener waterloo ON on April 12, 2012
When will there be more of these and where would i be able to get one??
By Staff on April 16, 2012

Hello, unfortunately, we ordered more of the dan wessons in February and we still have not received our shipment. We really don't know exactly when we will have them in stock again.

By Wayne from Nj on December 9, 2011
Is this a fun weapon to shoot?
By Carter from Sunnyside, WA on January 29, 2012

Yes, these guns are awesome and fun, if you can handle the low(er) power compared to the real thing! ;)
By arturo from Calexico, CA on February 3, 2012

Yes, absolutley this is very fun to shoot with because it shoots like it was a real weapon.

By matt from warren,IN on December 27, 2011
can it also shoot pellets?
By Staff on January 9, 2012

No this is a bb pistol.
By arturo from Calexico, CA on February 3, 2012

No, it cant becasue this is only for bbs.
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 8, 2012

Nope, bb's only.

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