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BB Pistols

A bb gun pistol is a great way to shoot on the cheap. There are many models available that can replicate the feel of a real firearm and is a great way to target shoot without having to go to the range.

These bb guns use CO2 to propel the steel bbs . They normally have a magazine that is fed into the grip of the gun and are semi-automatic (fire as fast as you can pull the trigger) CO2 is a compressed gas and the performance in increased in warmer weather. CO2 pistols are best used when the temperature is above 60 degrees . The number for shots you get per CO2 cylinder is dependent upon temperature. The higher the temperature the more shots you will get.

Another fun feature of CO2 powered bb gun pistols is that some models offer realistic blowback action. When you fire a blowback bb gun the slide is forced back by the gas cocking the gun for the next shot. This adds to the realism of the gun and increase the fun factor. Use the blowback filter above to see which models have this feature.
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