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Diana Stormrider

Available in .22, .177
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  • Code: DIA-1900001 · $199.99 · .22 · 900 fps
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Rain down a shower of lead with the Diana Stormrider!

Diana has been a leader in the airgun industry since 1892 and the Stormrider marks the company’s first foray into budget-friendly PCPs—and they’ve really created a real contender! With repeating shots, great features, and a no-frills design, the Stormrider is sure to create a new generation of PCP shooters.

The first thing airgunners will note is the sturdy and sleek design of the Monte Carlo beech stock. With a unique checkering on the grip and forend, shooters should have no trouble finding a secure hold. The stock is only 1.5 inches thick, so airgunners young and old can easily maneuver its lightweight 5lb body.

Airgunners get into PCPs for their ability to fire shot after shot and the Stormrider does not disappoint. Simply load up the magazine and slide it into the breech where it clips into place magnetically. With 9 shots in .177 and 7 in .22, cycle to a new round with a quick flick of the bolt action. Once you charge up the 200 BAR (2900 psi) cylinder you can send rounds downrange at 1,050 fps (.177) and 900 fps (.22). Additionally, if you want to shoot one shot at a time, a single-shot tray is included. To sight up your shots, use the included open sights or mount your own optics to the 11mm dovetail rail.

If the price point has held you back from diving into PCP shooting sports, the Stormrider is sure to please with its price point and reward the shooter with features that hold up to Diana’s standard.


Diana Stormrider Gen 2 Air Rifle Features

  • PCP
  • Bolt-action
  • Repeater
  • Up to 26 FPE in .22 / 20 FPE in .177 with lead pellets
  • Up to 900 fps in .22 / 1050 fps in .177 with lead pellets
  • Manual safety
  • Two-stage, adjustable trigger breaks at ~3 lbs
  • Checkered beech stock
  • Raised cheek piece for right-handed shooters (stock still usable for left-handed shooters)
  • Fully adjustable rear sight
  • 11mm dovetail
  • Integrated manometer (pressure gauge)
  • 200 BAR/2900 psi fill pressure
  • 9 shot magazine in .177 / 7 in .22
  • Includes fill probe with male quick disconnect fitting
  • Includes rotary magazine and single-shot tray
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  • Manufacturer Diana
  • Caliber .22
  • Velocity 900 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 5.00
  • Overall Length 40.50
  • Barrel Length 19.00
  • Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 7
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 30
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/target practice
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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29% (11)
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By MichaelMay 13, 2024 Verified Purchase

I emailed Mark asked for help never received a reply.

Nice gun

The directions are very minimal not much help in getting the gun ready to shoot.

By seanUSAMay 5, 2024 Verified Purchase

For those who think this gun needs a barrel ban: No its sturdy enough. Unless you thinking using it in War Time Battlefield? As for a Free Floating Barrel: A free-floating barrel is one where the barrel and stock do not touch at any point along the barrel's length. The two reason for this is 1) A wood stock can warp and bend the barrel. 2) When a projectile travels down the barrel it causes oscillation vibrations to occur at a natural frequency along the barrel, if anything is to touch the barrel ( especially closer to the tip) it could dampen the vibrations which in turn could slow or affect the projectiles accuracy. I believe this Diana Stormrider is a Simi-Floating Barrel because its attached to the PCP at the Rear Sights.

-Integrated manometer (pressure gauge) Not seen in pictures. Its on the bottom. -German Company, Great solid feel! -Real Beech Wood.

Doesn't say "Made in Germany" nor does it say made in China. But everything in and out of box says it came from Germany.

By DaveApril 20, 2024 Verified Purchase

Fast shipping, great packaging.

Fun to shoot. Easy to refill.


By Cary April 16, 2024

For $200 .... Everyone Should Buy One!

This rifle is a PcP BOSS for $200!!! There's a few lemons in every batch, but it gets old hearing about the whines from the new and picky shooters. And it's a free floating barrel...Yes the barrel moves! As long as you aren't trying to bend your barrel on purpose to make it not shoot straight or turn sharp through doorways with your barrel winged out hitting everything you possibly can...Don't worry!!! Go on YouTube and watch some airgun competitions and see all the thousands of dollars of air rifles with free floating barrels!!! And they hit fly lice turds at 100 yards!!! Quit griping it's just a $200 airgun! Well, well worth the money....So enjoy! With PcPs there is a little bit of work and maintenance. RELAX & ENJOY!


By Rajveer USASeptember 17, 2023 Verified Purchase

I like this gun very perfect aim and smooth shooting

By RaymondUSAJune 20, 2023 Verified Purchase

This is my favorite rifle of all, even including rimfire and center fire.

I got the .22 one. I like it so much I am tempted to buy it again in .177. Light light light, very nice birch stock, I get quarter size groups at 50 yards bench rest. usually. And there is plenty of power. If you are gunning for starlings, it is devastating against them. I scoped mine with a cheap 4x30 Simmons. Easy to fill. It's way less work to shoot this than to shoot a multi-pump pneumantic like my old Crosman 2100, which I also love.

I guess a barrel band would make me feel better ... as it is I handle this thing very carefully, like the precision instrument that it is. Others say, "Hey, this IS afloating barrel, like an FX, so stop complaining". Since mine is working well, I don't install the barrel band I bought. I'm not sure what "floating barrel" really means, lets face it.

By JackJune 11, 2023

Just like a normal rifle.

Love it as you advertised.very accurate.

HARD to pump up.thought at first not taking air. Have to use body weight to get any pressure in gun

By MarceleneUSADecember 10, 2022 Verified Purchase

If you are on the fence on buying this in my opinion this is the best rifle by far for under $500

I normally dont leave reviews but I am so impressed with this rifle that I feel I have to. I have several other rifles including a dragonclaw and a high end hatsan. I would rate this gun right up there with my best guns. The accuracy is amazing ,its light weight,and the sound is so quiet that I wasnt even sure it was working properly til I shot a pellet through a 1x4 board. It literally sounds like a stapler Picture is from 35 yards. .

Would like if they would include 2 magazines.

By LESLIEUSAJuly 23, 2022

All in all the Stormrider Gen2 is a good buy. It has enough power and accuracy for hunting small game - rats, squirrels, rabbits, Quiet enough for backyard plinking. Price has gone way up. (So has everything else). I recommend the gen2 with the wood stock because the pressure guage is located under the stock rather than on the end of the pressure tube. This is a better arrangement if you want to add a regulator

Light weight and easy to operate. Seems to hold air very well. My .177 sits in my enclosed porch for eliminating squirrels that come to my bird feeder. It is only shot a few times a week and it always has enough air to do the job. I bought my gen 2 on sale with the regulator which has been very consistent from day 1. I get 20 regulated shots with CPUM 10.5g pellets at avg 876fps and extreme spread 16fps (that's less than 2%). Capable of sum MOA accuracy at short range - definitely good enough for headshots to 20-25 yards.

Magazines are not great quality. Some mags affect accuracy. Single shot tray is very accurate. So buy extras mags. I had one mag that consistently jammed on the 7th shot.

By Harold January 15, 2022

Quite, light, adjustable trigger, magazine and price

Absence of barrel band

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Can you get a peep sight as an option?

asked Michael from USA

Does the gen 2 rifle have a regulator or just a pressure gauge?

asked William from USA

The Gen 2 only has a pressure gauge.

Adam from USA

Can the open sights be removed?

asked William from USA

The rear sight yes, the front sight no.

Adam from USA

can you mount a tri-pod to this gun ?

asked George from USA

Is the Diana Stormrider Gen 2 Cal .177 come in 495 fps?

asked Raymond from Canada

You would have to do an unsupported modification to decrease your .177 cal rifle to 495 fps, and this mod would be pellet specific.

Raymond from USA

Can you use a c02 tank to fill

asked Gary from USA

No. Co2 tanks aren't high enough psi.

Raymond from USA

Please specify if the Wooden Stock version of this rifle is Gen2 or Gen1 ... You state Gen2 for the synthetic stock version, but not this one. Thank you, Robert Volpe

asked Robert from USA

Yes, this is a Gen 2 rifle.

Adam from USA

Is the gen2 real wood ?

asked Orlando from USA

Yes, it's birch. It's really nice if ya ask me.

Raymond from USA

Is the stock real wood?

asked Orlando from USA

Can I use my own Pancake roofing compressor for these PCP rifles?

asked Ric from USA


Raymond from USA

Only if it pumps up to 3000 psi


Can a pressure gauge be added to the wooden stock model like the synthetic stock model has?

asked John from USA

Yes, I did, So I have two gauges -one for fill pressure one for reg pressure


Can I use CO2, to charge this rifle?

asked Christopher from USA

No. CO2 only produces 900 psi. You need 2900 psi.


Airgun Depot's photos of the Stormrider show the front sight in one instance directly above the muzzle on the muzzle brake. Another photo shows it several inches back at what is likely the end of the rifling. Is this perhaps a difference between the .177 and .22 models? Either way the one above the muzzle appears to be problematic for the rear sight to have sufficient elevation.

asked John from USA

The older model we sell as refurbs have a muzzle brake w/sight on top. The Gen II model has a effective moderator that mounts in front of the sight on the barrel. That is the difference in the guns. The sights work well on both models.

Mark from USA

I see a mention of a "barrel band" for this air rifle .. but I cant see it on the website. Where is it listed?

asked Bernie from Canada

You have to order thru Pyramyd Air. Diana Stormrider Barrel Band... $9.99

Mark from USA

Which is the best pellet for this pcp air rifle?

asked CARLOS from USA

Every airgun different, eve in the same make and model. Variations in bore diameter, barrel harmonics, etc. Testing different pellets is needed even in the most expensive airguns. My Stormrider works best with the cheap Crosman pellets - lucky me


what is the best type of .22 for squirrel or rabbit

asked Jacob Simpson

PCP. This one works fine


Can this rifle air tank be charged with an air compressor

asked Daniel Johns

Probably not the one you already have in your garage. Gun requires 2900 psi


is there a dust cover for the air port. I understand if this get clogged over time it may cause serious damage to the rifle.

asked Manuel from USA

Yes, it has a rotating dust cover


Did AG stop selling the 9 round magazine? I thought of giving it another try, after chucking the one it came with into the woods out of frustration.

asked George from USA

It is very apparent that none of the owner, / reviewers went through Sniper / Marksmanship School! I, we, are trained and schooled in "barrel lash/whip" . If you look at long-range sniper rifles/target rifles the barrel will NOT touch the stock/handguard. This allows the barrel to whip and return to the same place each time it is fired!

asked Force Recon-USMC from USA

How do you pressurize the reservoir?

asked William Huntley

Hi, is this the gen 1 or gen 2 ? Diana Stormrider KC

asked Kevin Crosby

Has anyone found a .22 pellet that loads smoothly every time? jd

asked John D from USA

These guns have feeding problems. In many cases the problems are resolved by polishing the "lead" at the breech end of the barrel. In some cases a bad magazine is the problem. Any gun in this price range (under $200 -$1000) will have some issues. If you are not a tinkerer, expect to spend big bucks to get what you are looking for. I had to do a little work on mine and it is working well. One out of my four mags was bad. Mine is a .177 and I think these mags may be worse than the .22


can it take down a raccoon or beaver

asked chase smith

That will probably never happen. Stick with rabbits, squirrels, starlings and rats


The $199.99 is the Gen 2 version ? Thank you for your answer

asked jorge a martinez soto

Can anyone please let me know if this gun is legally allowed by government?

asked Shekhar Chhetri

Is the larger diameter on the muzzle a suppressor or just a weight?

asked Art

Suppressor and it works well


I'm rilly curious to know if i can get a bicycle tire pump setup for this and if so what is it called and were do you recommend i buy it?

asked Zack

High pressure pumps are available anywhere from $100 to $300, Here. PA, Amazom, etc


stupid question, but how does one re-charge a PCP air gun? Break barrel is becoming cumbersome for this 73 yr old trying to keep the locl squirrel population in check.

asked David Carnahan

Hand pumps are very hard to use. Electric pumps are very expensive and/or unreliable. A CO2 rifle is easy and may be close to the power level of many break barrels. My first (of many) airguns was a CO2 powered .22 Benjamin QB78D. Beautiful, very accurate and good for squirrels out to about 20-25 yards.


I have da 22 i use a 39$ handpcp pump and in less than 25 i wasable to fill itto 20 bar but a small leak in da intake port any advice and howvmuch is 20 on rifle cus on pump it saya ×3000 but i ben gointo 2000

asked 'shyne

Doe anyone know what the average maximum distance shooting a .177 average pellet and being accurate?

asked Clifford Villados

In the .177 caliber model, what is the shot count per fill roughly? I'm wondering whether I will have to bring the pump with me when I go out hunting for the afternoon, or if it can stay at home instead.

asked nate from USA

I get 14-15 shots per fill on my regulated Stormrider .177. I refill mi


Is this gun worth the money. Seems cheap for a pcp . realistically how accurate is this weapon at 40 yds

asked Michael Lum

Where is this made?

asked Sam

Can I change the barrel from .177 to .22 cal?

asked Hans

Where is this gun manufactured?

asked Deano

What's different with current model versus Gen 1?

asked Leslie from USA

will it be better to use 0.177 or .22 to kill rabbits?

asked swredtfg

What's the difference between this and the Gen1 ?

asked Leslie Schaub

what are the differences between this newer version and gen 1? thanks.

asked David Lee

What is different in a Gen 1 gun and the one not designated as Gen 1?

asked John from USA

I recently purchased the Diana Stormrider airgun/pump combo. After mounting a scope and shooting a few times, the scope rail became loose and rocks from side to side. I've tightened all visible screws with no improvement. How can I tighten the rail so that it does not move?

asked Betty Perry

I can remove the rear sight!?

asked Felix Maganda

how hard is it to pump up to full capacity

asked bill

Will a scope interfere with the rotary magazine >

asked Dave

First of all...I bought a stormrider in November. Love the gun ! My problem is mounting a scope. The video review mentioned that the rear sight was removable...HOW? Ive removed the side screw and the screw from the bottom of the stock...I thought that would do it...I was wrong ! What's the secret to removing it ? Oh and looking at the scoped picture you are showing now makes me ask ...where did you get that front mounting ring ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


There's a screw on top of the sight.

Orlando from USA

looking at buying this gun is the pellet loading area made cheep do you think it loads hard thank you

asked jeff

can the air tank be filled to full capacity with a 12 volt air compressor that has a 350 psi capacity.

asked cliff

Is this rifle made in China? if not what country is it made?

asked Gary from USA

Does the mag get in the way of the sites

asked Olen

How many shots can be done in single fill?

asked soban yousaf

How does this compare to the marauder? Does it have a foster fitting, and is it available in synthetic

asked Bmack

Does the muzzle break come off? Also what is the outer diameter of the barrel?.

asked gregg from USA

Can I use a regular compresser to charge this. By regular compresser I mean an automotive one used by mechanics

asked Anthony from USA

Diana may have put their name on it but... This is a PR900W made by Shaoxing Snow Peak Airgun Factory in China.

asked Billy from USA

What is velocity of 22 cal.

asked Mike

Is the .22 caliber accurate to at least 75'?

asked Michael Robertson

do I need a pump for this? and If I do how much is a new one

asked dennis

Can the 22 Diana stormrider be regulated Can a Diana stormrider be regulated 9

asked Steve

How do you fill the chamber with air without using an air tank?

asked Nick

Can a pop air rifle be stored with the reservoir pressurized without harming it? Specifically the Diana Stormrider.

asked Gary

I am going to buy this gun soon. Which has a larger shot count, the .177 or .22?

asked E.x.

I am a lefty. does it come configured for a lefty

asked chip

how many shots can you shoot on a charge shooting .22

asked wesley from USA

Does the pump come with the dryer?

asked Michael R from USA

How much Will it cost with silencer and scope combo

asked Steve

What country do these guns come from

asked Roy from USA

Will the pump get it to the pressure you need to shoot and how long does it take to pump it to the max? and it worth the price?

asked Tom Banks

How many shots per fill in .177?

asked Waldemar from USA

What pump does this rifle require ?

asked Paul from USA

What is the country of manufacture?

asked ram from USA

can you put a scope on this gun

asked Sionan

Price magazine

asked Julio from USA

Can you fill a Diana Stormrider with a pump?

asked Norman from USA

How many good shots it can make per single fill at 200 bars?

asked Felix Lemuel Jurao

are there any power adjustments? Hammer spring or transfer port or something similar?

asked Brad from USA

I would like to have a catalog before to buy this item, maybe in the future I can fixed. Can I recive this catalog?.

asked Carlos R. Vigil

Why isn't a air tank included with this rifle?

asked Larry from USA

Can a pump be used to fill air reservoir? I like PCP idea but the air tanks and other are more expensive than the air guns.

asked Frank from USA

where is it made ?

asked Bill from USA

How is the 2900 psi charged?

asked Charles

Where is the new Diana made?

asked Dean from USA

the price is great,BUT all the ancillary stuff !!!

asked richard from USA

Anyone have a review on the accuracy of this gun

asked Alan

Where is made ? Germany

asked Miguel from USA

What do you need to charge up the 2900psi chamber? Does the gun come with it or do you sell it? How much is the charger?

asked Jeffrey from USA

Is the Diana Stormrider able to accept an optical scope? If yes, does the Diana Stormrider come with a mount for a scope. Is a combo alternative offered for the Stormrider?

asked Russ from USA

It goes without saying that Diana will sell a million of these. It also goes without saying that most of those people will, at some point, ask about a regulator. Since there is none mentioned, it looks like there isn't one. So, I'll be the first of many to ask: "Are there any rumors or any talk about providing some kind of regulator for it? If there is, even if it costs up near $100, I might be talked into trying one of these. So ... a regulator for it?

asked John Emm from USA

What does the pump cost?

asked Robert

What pump do I need? How much will this pump cost?

asked Force Recon-USMC from USA
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