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Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex

Vortex Gas Piston Underlever Air Rifle w/ Turkish Walnut Monte Carlo Stock
  • Code: HG155177VORT · .177 · 1250 fps
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The beautiful Turkish walnut stock will be the first thing that gets you. Then, you'll notice the highly adjustable trigger and the lack of vibration due to the unique shock absorber system. The Hatsan Torpedo 155 airgun is best suited to those that like to hunt, eliminate small garden pests, shoot spinners, pop some paper targets or just plink.

Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex Air Rifle Features
  • Under lever cocking system with break open loading port
  • Quattro Trigger is a 2-stage fully adjustable match trigger system
  • Elevation adjustable comb
  • SAS Shock Absorber System significantly reduces vibration
  • High quality genuine Turkish walnut stock
  • TRIOPAD butt system for maximum recoil absorption
  • Truglo fiber optic sights
  • Heavy-duty secure 11mm / 22mm Weaver style scope mounts
  • Sling swivels on the butt and forearm
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1250 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Underlever
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 11.00
  • Overall Length 47.60
  • Barrel Length 17.00
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Gas-piston
  • Rail Weaver & 11mm dovetails
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Fiber Optic
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By MichaelUSAJanuary 3, 2022

Upon receiving and opening my awesome gun I was very impressed/excited to be owning my first air rifle. Quickly mounted a scope and went to my local outdoor range to see what it can do and was very impressive with the power & accuracy. The max range I’ve shot was 50 yards but it can easily reach double that. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and thank you to Airgun Depot for the great customer service you’ve provided.

-Durability -Accuracy & Power -Underlever

By DonnieUSANovember 28, 2020

I absolutely love this airgun. Mine is chambered in .22. I plan adding a bunch more airguns to my collection. But if you’re looking for a underlever airgun that’s generating pcp like energy, then this is it. I’ve had no issues with accuracy with a ton of different style pellets. I mostly use the CPHP 14.3gr and the Crosman pointed 14.3gr. The Crosman pellets will take down any small game with ease out of this rifle, and easily take racoon, opossum and groundhog using the same pellets. I honestly believe this airgun can take coyotes out to 25-35 yards, especially using a H&N Hornet. So if you don’t want a pcp and all the extra gear that goes with them, and want a airgun that can take up to racoon sized game, then this is must buy!

Accurate, Powerful, Beautiful wood stock.

Heavy for average build individuals and too heavy for kids.

By Steve K.June 12, 2018

The Hatsan 155 Torpedo .25 magnum spring air rifle is my second Hatsan product and most likely my last. Both Hatsan air rifles I own, have had issues due to the same problem. Poor assembly quality and/or poor component quality. My first Hatsan is a 125 Vortex gas piston .25 break barrel air rifle. After about 1 year 8 months of great power and accuracy, I began to have issues. I started to notice my shots were becoming erratic and inconsistent. I could not get consistent and good grouping. At first I thought it was me, not holding the rifle correctly or poor aiming. Then I thought maybe the scope was bad. After multiple testing and inspections, I discovered the Barrel bore had worn so bad, the pellet began loosing pressure and the volocity dropped from 750 to 386 fps. The pellet will fall threw the entire barrel length. I also found my piston seal was also starting to fail as well. I confirmed my findings with an air rifle repair shop and spoke with Hatsan. They would not do anything for me, since the rifle was no longer under warranty. The cost of replacing the barrel and piston seal is more then 2/3 the cost of a replacement rifle. So I decided to purchase a second rifle in 25 cal., thus the Hatsan 155. At first I was quite impressed. Great power and accuracy. But shortly after the purchase, things started to go down hill. The first was the SAS attachment bolt, which attaches the piston assembly to the front section of the wood stock. This bolt broke into two (2) pieces, shortly after purchase. Since then I have replaced the bolt two (2) additional times. (This is with less the 225 rounds shot with this rifle). Every external knob, screw or threaded items has loosened and/or fallen off multiple times. Cocking release knobs, breach bolt knob, breach tension post, trigger screws, etc... I have cleaned all the treads each time and added the correct thread locker compound, but they continue to loosen. Since the rifle was only eight (8) months old and the third SAS bolt was broken, I contacted Hatsan and filed a warranty claim to have the rifle repaired or replaced. Hatsan decided they would repair the rifle, which I sent to their factory service center in Arizona. After six and half (6 1/2) weeks, I finally received the rifle back from the service center. They told me after they replaced the (third) broken bolt, they tested the rifle and the fourth bolt broke. They decided the wooden stock was the cause, due to the holes were not 100% straight. They also replaced the piston seal, since it was also not producing the enough power. They re-secured all the loosening hardware with thread locker (again) When I finally received the rifle back, I was shocked to find it very poorly packed in the shipping box. If fact, they did not return the rifle in the original factory box, that I was required to ship it in, to the service center. They just wrapped it lightly with some bubble-wrap and placed it in a plain cardboard box, which the gun was able to slide within. Completely loose in the box, no packaging to secure it. So after I unwrapped the rifle I found the new stock that was just installed by the service center, scratched and damaged in multiple places. (The ORIGINAL stock was in perfect condition when the rifle was sent in). Some of the damaged appeared to be caused during re-assembly and some looked as if the damage had been there for some time. So I contacted Hatsan four (4) times, three by email and one voice mail. I even sent photos of the poor packaging and stock damage. I have yet to receive a reply from anyone at Hatsan. I even sent an email to the factory in Turkey, with no reply. So now I have a ten (10) month old air rifle thats damaged by the Hatsan factory service center. I also checked the fifth replacement SAS bolt that the service center just installed. It is already bent. I noticed every SAS bolt breaks in the same place. I discovered the SAS bolts shoulder section is too short, placing the threaded portion of the bolt within the SAS bushing and breaking from the recoil shock. Also, the threaded portion of the bolt is drilled and tapped to allow installation of the locking screw. This causes the threaded section of the bolt to be very weak. I found several complaints by other customers with the same issue of the SAS bolt breaking. I wish Hatsan would address this issue and resolve it. Hatsan produces a beautiful looking air rifle with impressive power, but Since Hatsan has shown that their quality is not where is needs to be and that their customer service and factory repair service is very poor, I have decided never to purchase another Hatsan product. Since Hatsan has not replied to my emails, not repaired my air rifle and caused more problems and damage, I had to refurbish the damaged wood stock the service center installed and install my own custom heavy duty SAS bolt assembly, so the rifle is at least functional.

Beautiful looking and great power air rifles.

Very poor quality, that causes premature component and parts failures. Very poor customer service and factory repair service. Worst I have experienced in the industry.

By CaseyUSANovember 15, 2017

Still sighting it in just received it today. But already put a hole through a 3/4" piece of plywood and a large dent in another piece that I had behind it. It shoot great and only having break barrels prior to this it shoots much smoother totally different felt recoil. Not nearly as loud as my other stringers. This thing is heavy though on part with a mosin nagant or m-14 seriously. But it is great looking smooth shooting and with more time and better back stop I will get it zeroed.

Quality, performance, and a really nice finish


By BrianUSAFebruary 17, 2017 Verified Purchase

This powerful .25 cal beauty was delivered on New Years Eve. We've enjoyed over six feet of snow in Maine since, so this old boy hasn't ventured out on to the 200 yard range yet. My brief trip to the 15 yard backyard range, even in the +5 degree F temp, was enough to prove this rifle can shoot. I can't wait until I can see its capabilities when I can feel my fingers. Cocking effort and recoil were not as challenging as some reports led me to fear, just enough to underscore its " I'm not a toy reputation!"

Looks, feels and shoots like an adult rifle. My rifle came with a real sling ( leather and buckle attachment to the stock) instead of cheap spring clips. That was not even listed as included in the online catalogs. I love the Walnut stock.


By AnthonyUSAJanuary 26, 2017

When I unboxed this rifle I could tell it was more than I expected. The Walnut stock, very nice finish, and the gun itself is just heavier than any of the others I own at 10 pounds, it's quite hefty. But It sighted in nicely, at 20 yards, and held it after 20 rounds through it, I love this rifle! The extra weight seems to helps absorb the recoil.

Powerful, and I MEAN Powerful!

Maybe a little on the loud side, other than that none.

By DennisUSASeptember 8, 2015

Once I got the open sights dialed in it was on target with 5 shots at 30 yards with a 2 1/2 group (I'm older & shakier with open sights) but once I put the scope on a Leapers UTG 3-9x40 True Hunter Rifle Scope (which I also bought at AirGun Depot) I was hitting 5 shots penny size groups. This rifle liked many different pellets Crossman Hollow Points, Gamo Rocket, & Gamo Dome Copper which are great for penetration. At 30 yards 1/2 gal frozen block of ice went 3/4 of the way through the 4inch block of ice. I am replacing my Gamo Bone Collector with this Hatsan Torpedo because Gamo doesn't have open sights, & the scope is of NO quality, & because of the "Break Barrel" which all have "Barrel Droop". I even removed the scope with the thumb screws on the mounts (that came with the scope) shot with open sights and still on target, than replaced scope and it to was still on target. The only issue was the cocking release button wasn't releasing correctly so I am taking advantage of AirGun Depots 30 day replacement. (Manufacture issue I hope) I actually bought 2 of the Hatsan Torpedo 155 at the same time & gave 1 to my friend, and he also loves it and has had NO issues with it.

Powerful, accurate, great stock & finish, easy to cock lever, easy loading pellets for people with fat fingers.

A bit heavy at 11 pounds but very usable.

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Twice a gas piston simply failed loosing pressure, is this normal and how difficult is it to replace with a spring? Gary

asked Gary from USA

Bonjour je suit très intéressé part ce model et il possible de me l'envoyer en France merci

asked Yoann

How much cocking effort is required? Similar to a break barrel?

asked Jorge from USA

Not bad for this size gun. Probably less than 40 lbs.

Joseph from USA


asked RICK
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