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Hatsan Edge Vortex

Available in 0.1770.220.25The lowest priced Hatsan Vortex Gas-Piston Breakbarrel
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Hatsan's excellent Vortex gas piston technology in a price friendly package. The most affordable Hatsan Vortex gas piston rifle to date. The benefits of the Vortex gas-piston powerplant over a metal mainspring is smoother cocking, smoother shooting, and no spring torque or fatigue (even if you leave it cocked for hours). The powerplant will last longer than a metal spring and won't be affected by cold weather either. What are you waiting for? Critters, pests, cans, little green army men and paper targets await!

Hatsan Edge Air Rifle Features
  • Vortex gas-piston breakbarrel powerplant
  • 11mm optics dovetail
  • Truglo fiber optic sights
  • Monte Carlo synthetic stock
  • Textured pistol grip and forearm
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Includes 3-9x32 Optima scope and mount
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Hatsan Edge Vortex
131 Reviews
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18% (24)
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4% (5)
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95% Recommend this product (124 of 131 responses)
North valley,California
Awesome received the hatsan
July 13, 2019
Received the Hatsan undamaged and excellent condition. Package was very good use of their Styrofoam barrel and butt stock end‚—
ProsExcellence in blueing. Great value for what you get including scope.once barrel clean,very accurate.without scope mounted;i achieved quarter inch grouping. Better in time with barrel break in.
ConsThey put a little too much preservation grease on it. For this 👧 girl cocking somewhat difficult:that's just me.maybe too heavy to carry stalking in the fields all day with scope added.
Best UsesSmall game up to coyote. Not too bad for plinking.
By Ronin
Murray Kentucky
Worth more than what you pay!!
June 8, 2019
My new go to pellet rifle. It was fairly accurate out of the box. mine loves Jsb exact king heavy diabolo 33.95 gr pellets. It knocks squirrels out of trees. Thinking about buying a spare.
ProsHi vis open sights. I don?t like scopes on my pellet rifles.
Best UsesTree rats and rabbits.
By Greg
May 11, 2019
This gun is powerful...worth Evy penny
ProsVery accurate
Best UsesSmall to medium game
By Ron W.
South Carolina
Accurate out the box!
May 6, 2019
I‚€™ve only run a few shots so will leave another review after 100; .(25 cal)very accurate out the box 45 yards out. Lite weight and easy to cock; my trigger is fine. Powerful tac driver!!!...
By Kelly
Centralia, WA
Best Bang For The Coin
May 1, 2019
Seriously , $89.99 ,,how is this even possible ‚§
This is my 4th Hatsan , I'm pleased . My most expensive Hatsan is an AT44 PCP Long .25 in Walnut , the upper end of Hatsan , and this Edge Vortex is my least expensive . I'm impressed with this rifle . This one I got in .25 also , love this Caliber . I also own a .25 , Model 135 The Hammer ūŸ˜Š
Yes , 3 .25's , not sure how that happened ? I also have a Dominator Carbine with the Lothar/Walther barrel option in .22 , Fine Rifle ...
For the money , you can not beat this Edge .25 , w/scope , seriously , under $100 ? I don't know how they can sell such a nice rifle for this price , but I'm very pleased to own one . Birthday Present to Self , and I'm not disappointed , I'm very pleased at the quality ‚§
ProsNice Stock , not too heavy , good trigger , very good after adjusting out the slack in 1st stage 😊 Decent crispy break now . Pistol Grip stock feels nice in my hands . Sharp Checkering , nice touch . Pretty easy to Cock it , and I'm a Girl . ❤
ConsStock is too short by 1" , for me , but that's not much of a Fault . The stocks drop & heel & Comb are not low enough to get my head down naturally to use the iron sighs without bending my head down slightly . I will only use a scope on here , which it is perfectly dropped and combed for the scope , but if someone only Wants to use Irons , this matters . Other than those menial items , I have no real complaints..
Best UsesHunting under 30 yards . Plinking With Huge Lead 😊 Accurate enough for informal targets , but no way for serious 10 Meter . This gun is meant for hunting and Fun .
By Tony
southern Il.
March 3, 2019
I recently bought a HATSAN EDGE VORTEX .25 Cal.
I was amazed at how smooth the shooting cycle of this rifle is.
After a very short number of pellets I was shooting 5 shot groups at 25 yards that could be covered by a quarter with jsb 25.39 gr. pellets. It's quiet easy to cock light weight and overall just a fun rifle to shoot. If I could shoot 2 at a time I'd buy another !
Hatsan service was also spot on as there was a small tear in the the "O" ring seal at the breach, I sent an E Mail to Hatsan ,they replied right away and sent a replacement that I received in 3 Days !! GREAT SERVICE !!
By Richard
Powhatan, VA
Awesome gun!
January 8, 2019
Awesomely gun, great quality and very accurate
By Cart
Albuquerque , New Mexico
Great rifle to own
January 2, 2019
I have put fewer than 250 rounds through this rifle, but I am impressed with it‚€™s sheer power and ease of use. I have the .22, without any optics attached. This rifle comes up to your shoulder quickly and easily. It has a very light weight when used without a scope. The trigger is sweeter than rock candy. Very powerful with a easy break action.
ProsSweet trigger. Light weight. Easy break action.
ConsShoots consistently high after cleaning barrel and taking elevation adjustment to it?s max.
Best UsesThis is your perfect sub $100 rifle. It?s a powerful 25 yard rider. Haven?t shot further than that yet, but I would believe it to be a very accurate, powerful hunting rifle.
By Dominic
Glenolden, PA
December 27, 2018
I bought this for plinking, and the occasional squirrel, or rabbit in the garden. I must have a thousand pellets through it without issue. Barrel breaks easy, shoots straight. I'm using the open sights, but it hits what I point at. Just a touch of barrel droop so far. But, worth every dollar.
ProsEasy like Sunday morning (to shoot)
ConsStock feels cheap. But, the gun is cheap, so....
Best UsesKnocking stuff off of the fence. Shooting small animals. Exploding shaken beverages.
By Mick
Southern, MI.
Serious Power - Solid Performance
December 15, 2018
The Hatsan Edge Vortex is no child's toy, it has serious power for a 22 cal air rifle and it shows!

The cocking force must be well over 35 lbs., it's not something most kids could cock and some adults may have trouble cocking it many times.

The fit and finish of the gun is far better than you would expect in a budget priced air rifle. I haven't mounted the scope, but it shoots pretty good with the open sights. I really like the fiber-optic sights for low-light shooting, because raccoon and possums tearing up the bird feeders come out when open sights are hard to see.

So far I couldn't find anything that isn't better than you would expect.
ProsPowerful, solid, nice open sights.
Best UsesHunting, pest removal, plinking.
By john
walker la.
25 cal.edge vortex
October 24, 2018
I tried 31 gram h/n heavy pellets,rounds were all over the place,no penetration,just knocked the plastic bottle off the perch,,have switched to 20 gram lead pellets,very accurate ,and still hard hitting you need a pneumatic magnum rifle to get those 30 gram pellets to perform.
By Byron
San Simon, AZ
what a waste
October 21, 2018
Purchased the Edge Vortex on a lightning sale. was originally happy with it, seemed to be VERY POWERFUL, sending 25 grain JSB pellets completely through a 3/4 inch plywood backstop from 35 yards.

After initial use stored in a hard case until my nephew came over. when removing it from the hard case about 60 days after purchase noted there was quite a but of rust on the barrel just in front of the moderator.

After checking with Air Gun Depot I contacted Hatsan USA and they had me ship it back to them. it took a while, but the replacement FINALLY arrived.

I have been complaining to Hatsan ever since. NOWHERE NEAR AS POWERFUL, pellets bounced off the plywood backstop at 25 yards. got out the chronograph, 10 shots varied from a low of 311 to a high of 572.

Hatsan says to check the seals, breech and plunger as the spread indicates a bad seal. The breach was easy to check,I have no idea as to how to locate the plunger, repeated requests for a service manual have beenignored.

They state that the JSB 25.4 grain pellet was heavier than their "VORTEX SUPREME" pellet which they use and was the cause of the lower velocity.

I also have a FLASH QE, which is consistently about 40-60 FPS slower than listed velocity with the heavier JSB pellets so there is definitely something wrong with the EDGE but Hatsan USA still has not responded to my request for a service manual (made on 10-17-2018)

anyone interested in a nice HATSAN FLASH QE (less than 90 days from purchase)and an EDGE VORTEX? both are going to be replaced with a different makers weapon due to the inability of HATSAN to address issues in a timely manner.

Byron, AA7BM
San Simon AZ
ConsHatsan has quality control issues, and they do not really address customer complaints. Actually they tend to just respond with STOCK ANSWERS and hope that their customers accept this.
Best Usesdump in the trash pit.
By Jonathan
Sparta, NJ
What's not to love?
October 12, 2018
This .22 fires true right out of the box using iron sights (I have yet to attach the included scope). The gun's grip feels comfortable and breaking the barrel resistance is acceptable. The trigger can be tweeked which is on my to do list. I would recommend a good barrel cleaning and screw tightening before use. The gun is rather loud and does have a bit of a kick. But to me these are acceptable given the quality of the gun. Couple that with the price and it is a home run.

So... what's not to love?
ProsAll of the above.
ConsThe trigger is a little stiff but acceptable.
By John
Walker la
Hard hitting rifle
October 11, 2018
Love the pistol grip. Feels nice and balanced. Shot my first squirrel. it knocked him off the tree limb he tried to run but he collapsed. I would recommend getting this rifle to anyone
By Raymond
Houston, TX
Hatsan Edge Great Deal
October 9, 2018
I purchased the Hatsan Edge Vortex in .22 Cal. on sale. It came with a 3 - 9 Optima scope. After break-in, I'm able to shoot groups I can cover with a dime at 20 yards using the cheap Crosman 14.3 gr. Premium Hollow Point pellets chronied at 740fps. It does shoot the RMS Hobby pellets at 804 fps. The kit scope is surprisingly good, but I took it off to shoot open sights.
Fixable Problems: 1. I had to saw the front sight hood off because it was so close to the top of the front sight that it blocked the target.
2. The breech hinge pin continued to loosen because the head scallops did not line up with the lock screw. After I machined the hinge pin to line up with the lock screw I had no more loosening problems. This may not be an issue with other guns as the screw driver slot may not line up with the set screw as mine did.
3. The trigger was horrible until I replaced the adjusting screw with a 3x10mm screw. This made a nice trigger.
4. The scope mounts are way to flimsy. Get better mounts and the scope will serve you well.
The performance of this gun is incredible given the price. I did not give it a 5 star rating because of the issues I had to fix. If you want a great deal for the price and are willing to do the fixes I did, this gun is an exceptional deal.
Pros1. Great price 2. Great power 3. Great accuracy for the price
Cons1. Trigger pull 2. Scope mounts
Best Uses1. Plinking and small game hunting up to racoon size.
By jerry j.
nice price,very powerful,would recommend it to others
September 26, 2018
nice balanced grip,fits my hand like a pistol,,optics are dead on,don't need the scope for what I will use it for,,small game ,killer dogs,,opossums,armadillos,I have been using a RUGER YUKON 22.,but it lacks the punch this beast has.It needs breaking in to soften it up so I can't say anything negative about it yet,,,,
Prospowerful,affordable,,lightweight,great sights,comfortable handgrip,,nice trigger,kind of loud,which I like
Best Usessquirrels,snakes,rabbits,opossums,coons,rabbits,dillos
By John W.
I was surprised and very pleased with the quality and accuracy
September 17, 2018
I found at H and in hunting pellets work the best
By Tom
September 9, 2018
Very happy with my purchase. Plenty of power .. Scope is a very nice addition and was easy to sight in.
Best UsesPractice shooting targets
By Dave
Alpharetta, Georgia
Good bye Crows
September 6, 2018
Great quality and accurate. Solid feel and fun to shoot!
By Jason
Hat San edge
August 31, 2018
Really accurate air gun with an extremely long trigger pull. The scope is just ok but it works. Overall good gun especially for the price.
ConsTrigger pull Scope
Best UsesHaving fun
By David Y.
Great rifle to start with and more
August 28, 2018
Great for the inexperienced shooter and fun for the experienced. Accurate and nice trigger pull. Love the open sites
By Eldon
Tooele, Utah
Best Value
August 24, 2018
This gun is a great value. I feel I got the best bang for the dollars spent.
By Rob
Power! Worth every penny!
August 16, 2018
I am a firearms owner and I own a couple ARs. I was skeptical at first. I have never owned an air rifle. I saw the .25 Hatsan edge Vortex on sale for $99 and ordered it. I bought some 1/2‚€ maple plywood and put a target on it. When I pulled the trigger it blasts through the plywood every time. I am impressed at the power this has for an air rifle. I highly recommend this rifle!
ProsPower. And feels heavy like a real rifle.
ConsNot a fan of the plastic stock or plastic sights but stock is very comfortable
Best UsesShooting, hunting
By Terry D.
Escalante, Utah
Best Break Barrel I own!!
July 28, 2018
About a year ago I bought a Hatsan Edge Vortex in .25 caliber from right here at Airgun Depot, I think I gave about $120.00. I didn't know what to expect, I was putting my trust the reviews I had read about it, and for that matter the reviews I had read about Hatsan, it paid off. It wasn't a love affair to begin with, I put 300 rounds through it before I even looked at a scope. I think the piston seal was a little tight when I got it, because it seemed a little on the slow side. In fact I took a shot at a Jack rabbit at about 25 yards, it connected knocked the rabbit off its feet, and put a knot on it's head, then he was right back up and making a fast get away (I am pretty sure he was giving me the finger from his briar patch). Then all of a sudden velocity started coming around, just had to break it in a bit I guess. It was a different story with the next rabbit I hit him with a 31grain pointed Newboys, he was facing away from me, so I put it at the base of his skull and squeezed, It all but took his head off, he did not suffer, neither did the racoon I head shot with a 24.3 HN at 30 yards, or the skunk I managed to head shot at a paced off 45 yards. The gun has a taste for heavy ammo it will put 5 in a 3/4 inch circle with the 31 grain Newboys, and while speed drops off as projectile weight goes up, it makes up for it in kinetic energy, after hunting with the 19.1 HN target points, HN 24.38 gr Silver Points, and 31gr Newboys, the 31 grainers were the most accurate, and the 24.3's were a close second. This all sounds cool but as if the accuracy wasn't impressive enough the preformance of the heavy weight on game is something you have to see to believe, this thing is a sledge hammer, I love it, so much so I bought another in .22 caliber for those lazy squirrel hunting days. I got 200 rounds through this one it's a tack driver.
I have heard a lot of complaints of cheap scope, it's a heavy gun, trigger is horrid, and I kinda have to just duck my head. OK the scope isn't the best, but it will work, I usually don't put a scope on a break barrel until I have put at least 200 rounds accross iron sights, generally the gun has settled in enough to keep a scope on it. Then there is the guns price both my guns were bought for under $150.00, the first one cost me $120.00 and the second I got for around $90.00 shipped to my door from Airgun Depot prices like this and they throw in a scope and mounts why complain. That's like complaining about the flavor of free ice cream. This, gun is heavy my .22 weighs in at 91/2 lbs with a hammers 3x9 on it, and the .25 is at about 9lbs with a tactical 4x32 on it, that sounds like a lot until you factor in the guns recoil, I had a springer one time that was nice and light, I watched the recoil from that gun knock the rear lense right out of a brand new Red Dot sight, weight in a break barrel in my mind at least is a asset, so pull up your big boy under wear and go have fun with it.
Now a bought that trigger, this one I found while I was reading about this gun. Directly behind the trigger is a 3mm x 5mm philips head screw, this screw takes up trigger travel. Replace that 3mm x 5mm screw with a longer one like a 3mm x 8mm or 3mm x 10mm and then be careful you can adjust too deep and the gun won't cock, or it will go off unexpectedly, or cause a bear trap situation, where the gun goes off with the barrel open. If done carefully you will take the safety off there will be a lot of trigger travel then it gets solid after that it's like breaking a tooth pick, it stays consisstant, and predictable, it turns the gun from, to a tack driving hunter. If you do this trigger mod you do so on your own I take no responsibility at all, this is what I have done and it worked for me. I have seen guys on youtube polishing every part of the trigger, installing bearings, special lubes. Look if being cooped up in your shop doing tedious work is your idea of a good time then have at it. Me I like pulling one screw replaceing it with another make a couple careful adjustments then it's time to go hunting.
Bottom line get your hands on one of these especially the .25 caliber, you won't be sorry, low price high quality, deadly accurate, a good lethal hunter, I love them, my hats off to Hatsan I am a huge fan!!!!!!
ProsBuilt and handles like a tank. Good inexpensive magnum pellet rifle platform. Great price, solid built, accurate. With the .25 caliber that adds a whole new power level for shooters to enjoy.
ConsThe trigger is horrid, you'll have to do something with it, but it is fixable. Maybe in the future Hatsan, or maybe some aftermarket company will make a kit to make the trigger truly adjustable. For now, for me at least, it was fixable I fixed it twice and turned a ok gun into a fun to shoot keeper.
Best Uses Hunting small to medium sized game, I hunt everything from Jack Rabbits, and squirrels, to fox, and racoon. So far with my .25 I have taken a couple ferrel cats, a crow, acouple skunks, and a garbage snoopy racoon one shot in the back of the head and he didn't move, and the shot was at a paced off 40 yds. I have no clue how many Jack rabbits or squirrels I gotten. Personally I am looking forward to finding out how many more me and my trusty Hatsan Edge will get.
By Fred
WA State
Entry Level Perfection
July 24, 2018
First off: This is not difficult to cock. It's not easy, but most adults can handle it, no problem. Second, this rifle is not heavy. It has just enough weight to rest comfortably in your hands. The weight actually helps keep the rifle steady while firing. Also, the scope is not "junk". It works. You can get better optics for your $99 rifle, but the Chinese scope it comes with is adequate.
I like the fact it is a Turkish company making a rifle in Arkansas. With a Chinese scope, shooting German pellets. 'Murica.
I built a pellet trap out of denim, straw and a press-board frame. It worked. But a flier missed the box, and hit my 1/4 plywood backstop... oops! Now I have a hole in my shed. The .25 cal at 650 fps is no joke. The .17 pellets in my other rile went through a soda can filled with water. The Hatsan in .25 literally ripped the can in half. Do not underestimate this pellet. Plan accordingly.
After getting the sight zeroed, I let the kids have fun. My 16 year old nailed the bull (+/- 2mm @ 15 M) first shot. I'm using the Jumbo 25 grain pellets at the moment while I break it in. The best thing is, after the next 50 shots, it will only get more consistent.
I may eventually swap out the ChiCom scope for a Tasco or Bushnell. But it's not immediately important.
Now, the trigger does, quite frankly, suck. I own and shoot Mosin Nagant rifles, so I know a bad trigger when I pull one. I'll play with the adjustment screw later. I know the Quattro trigger is better, and for "A Few Dollars More", it's worth looking at an upgraded model. But $50 to $75 more for a model w/ a better trigger? You be the judge.
i have a lot of long guns. I think some of "the haters" don't own a centerfire or even a rimfire. But I can confidently sat that this air rifle has earn a spot in my collection. It does what it's supposed to do. In today's world, that's saying a lot.
ProsSimple, robust mechanism. Idiot-proof safety. Hard hitting. Accurate 'nuff.
ConsAdd a Picatinny rail for the scope, please. Dovetail is for the birds. And maybe some sling swivels?
Best UsesTraining, Pest Removal, Small Game
By Bernie C.
Hatsan Vortex Edge .22 caliber
July 15, 2018
A very well made airgun. The only thing I would improve upon is cocking effort is fairly stiff. All in all it's a greatpowerful and accurate gun. Hatsan makes a great product!
ProsWell made gun.
Best UsesBasically I use it for plinking, metal targets. I don't shoot animals here, squirrels and other critters are well behaved , a very accurate gun.
By Lon
Best of 4 breakbarrels I have tried, but...
July 9, 2018
I am clearly a fan of compressed air/gas over a compressed spring/piston, so there is admitted bias here. I gave this review an extra star to compensate for my bias. I have tried 4 breakbarrels and this unit is clearly the best of the 4. With the .25 Hatsan I have tried several holds and 3 different pellets, but I cannot do better than about an inch at 10 yards. Could be me. But I cannot be held responsible for the sharp edges on the stamped metal trigger, or for the velocity of 535 fps with 25 grain pellets. I am aware that manufacturers' claims on the box are generally bogus, but what I have read on the Hatsan brand left me with expectations to meet or beat advertised velocities with lead. I expected 19 fpe and got 16 fpe. That was disappointing. The bundled scope seemed to work fine for my application (until I broke it, but that part was all my fault).
ProsI bit more power (16 fpe) than i can get with CO2 (13 fpe). And clearly the price of the gun.
Conswell under powered.
Best UsesAbility to scare off backyard critters with loud report.
By Wyatt
Etown pa
Best air rifle for the money
July 6, 2018
I bought the .25 version of this air rifle and it was shipped promptly. Let me tell you, this thing hits like a rock and is accurate enough to hunt with out to 45 yards. I only have about 250 rounds through it but out of the box it performed flawlessly. It is fairly easy to cock for me(surprising because I‚€™m a very small person) and seems to operate fairly smooth. The only complaint that I do have is the ‚€œadjustable‚€ trigger, it‚€™s a complete joke. The pull is long but fairly light so for an air rifle in this price range that‚€™s normal. I put see through scope mounts on it from day one and the iron sights are wonderful. The included scope is nothing special but definitely usable so I traded it out for a 2.5-7x32 black powder scope. So far it has dropped anything I have shot with it on the dime. I can‚€™t wait to try it out on groundhogs. Also, mine likes the Benjamin domed pellets. I am yet to try any others yet.
ProsHits like a rock and is easy to operate
Cons.25 pellets can be a little pricey and trigger is not the best.
Best UsesHunting/pest control Also good for plinking
By Toocooltogiveout
(.25 Vortex Edge )
July 2, 2018
Just received it .took a week, so pay the extra postal .
Out of the box, shot free handed didn't mount scope using H&N .25 20.6 g field trophy , against 3/4 ply wood.20 ft shot 5 rounds 3 of which went on top of each other.! very impressive only 1 didn't make it all the way threw. Though. I looked at several other hatsans for more money but same break barrel. Same type of piston. So I got this for 79.99 great friggin deal just open site shooting and bam ! I tell yah that this is just simply totally bitchin from when I was a kid with bb guns.I'm just enthralled about this gun ! you should definitely get one especially here at airgun Depot they answered all my questions straight and forward and a very quick reply thanks Air Gun Depot ! Next will be poly mags ! Caint wait to see the impact they will do! This will kill coyotes!
ProsShoots right out of the box stright on ! Not loud not hard to cock, light, well balanced, got the scope but really don't need it .
ConsWould of like some ammo with the gun , and possiblely a cleaning cloth for the scope.
Best UsesCritters /coyotes rabbits ground squirrels targets cans fly's on a butt . lol
By Lon
Get what you pay for...
June 29, 2018
This is my 4th attempt at a breakbarrel from multiple vendors. The other 3 all had serious defects and were returned. This Hatsan is clearly the best of the 4. Over 100 H&N or JSB pellets through it. Getting the hang of it. 10-yard groups are shrinking. However... the power is well off the advertised velocity. My shooting ability might be a factor in group size, but not velocity. Even with light pellets 650 fps would get about 19 fpe. This one is running about 535 fps with 25.3 grain pellets. About 16 fpe. Not what I expected from the advertising. Great price. Uninspiring shooter.
ProsGreat price. Fairly accurate.
ConsLoooonnngggg trigger. Under powered.
By Michael C.
tallahassee, FL
Best Buy for a .25 cal.
June 27, 2018
When I first saw this gun for $99.00 I thought it was a misprint. I own a .25 cal. Hatsan striker that I like but it is a springer,you know, noisey to cock and sounds like a boxing ring bell when it‚€™s fired. Not this gun, easy and quiet to cock and just a thump when it is fired. It was loud for the first 20-30 rounds but settled down quite nicely to a moderate thump. Not as quiet as my .22 Benjamin trail np but real close. Now for accuracy, This gun is amazing, I can consistently hit a 2inch spinner at 70 feet using h/n barracuda pellets. The pellets I picked up around the spinner were completely flattened out.see picture below. Don‚€™t let the FPS fool you, this is a powerful gun. I took out an armadillo at 80 feet with 1 shot. The open sights are quite adequate fully adjustable with the orange and green night glow. The supplied scope is what you‚€™d expect for a gun this price. I just recently replaced it with a refurbished centerpoint 3x9x32 IR scope that I purchased from the guys at AGD a while back. At $39.00 I couldn‚€™t pass it up, I strongly recommend a lock down mount for the scope available at AGD because this gun does have a considerable amount of recoil both fore and aft.i had to remove the creep plate so I could get the right amount of eye relief when mounting up the upgraded scope. I couldn‚€™t keep the supplied scope from creeping back without the creep plate installed. Now I have $140.00 invested in a cool looking, fun to shoot, powerful tack driver. The only thing that is left is the trigger. Long pull having you wait and wonder when it‚€™s gonna go off. I‚€™ve read that you can replace the adjustment screw with a longer screw to make it a hair trigger, but it increases the trigger pull effort. This is a cool ,modern looking gun that is very satisfying to shoot. My hats off to hatsan and AGD for delivering a quality product that you can be proud to own. If you have somebody heckling you about Airgun‚€™s being toys let them shoot this ‚€œtoy‚€. Then give them AGD‚€™s contact info because they‚€™ll be wanting one. I‚€™m gonna buy me another one so I can have one with a scope and one without a scope. It‚€™s that good!!!

ProsLight weight, quality build,easy to cock, accurate both with or without modern look
ConsOnly thing is the trigger, but as everybody knows that is standard on all but the most expensive of Airgun‚€™s,but not a big deal, remember it‚€™ only sets you back 1 c-note($100.00)
Best UsesTarget practice, getting people interested in Airgun‚€™s, small game.
By Wally
Lake Whitney Texas
I like it!!
June 23, 2018
After reading the reviews on the Hatsan Edge Vortex and really liking the style of the Vortex. I purchased the 22Cal version . I've not taken it out for a session of sighting it in or done any distance shooting with it. I've only run 3 or 4 rounds thru it. only Just to get a basic feel for the Vortex........ I like it and I like it well enough to purchase the 25Cal version of this Air Rifle very soon.

My Son lives out in the country and there are plenty of rodents out where he lives. So it will be a good place to check both the 22 and 25Cal Air Rifles out.
Consnot yet
By James
Clearlake, California
Top Gun! Right out of the box
June 22, 2018
Today, three adults and one eleven year old grandson went out to the BLM land to do some target shooting and evaluation. All of us shot each air rifle. First was a .177cal. china rifle, an unisex NXG .177 cal. pump rifle, a Ruger .22 cal. break barrel spring piston, a Beman .22 cal. Nitro piston break barrel, and last but not least we shoot the Hatsan Edge Vortex, .22 cal. break barrel. I might add all of these air rifle were new. They were all shot for the first time on this outing. We were impressed by the Beeman and the Ruger air rifles performance until we shot the Hatsan. Wow! right out of the box it had more power, 3x9 scope was placed onto the air rifle and we all shot it. Pellet group was within 3 inches and on paper at 50 yards +/-. The remaining afternoon found us shooting the Hatsan .22 cal.. air rifle and as we smiled. Note that we shot the more expensive Ruger and Beeman .22 cal. air rifles along side the Hatsan with Crossman lead hollow points, 7.4 gr. HANDS DOWN, HATS OFF TO THE HATSAN. All three had good safeties, trigger pull varied, cocking varied. The Hatsan edge vortex, .22 cal. is the winner in all categories.
By Randy
Northwest Arkansas
Exceeded Expectations
June 20, 2018
Love this pellet gun. Looks amazing, excellent construction and a great value. Highly recommend it. Buying experience was outstanding.
By The H.
Lafayette, IN
Nice Air Rifle With Attitude!
June 15, 2018
I received this rifle after having to return the first one due to no air compression in the chamber. The people at AirGun Depot were very prompt and responsive to emails concerning the exchange. I had no problems with the rifle since I received it. I have to admit that I am not a fan of mounting the scope on top of the barrel without a scope base. I did not use the scope that came with it. Instead, I used my Barska 12 x 50 on it. After getting it sighted in at around 10 yds. it was dead on the bullseye. I then moved the target box (around 25yrds.) placed in front of a 3ft.x 3ft. frame made of 2x4's I found out that it stops the pellets (they go into the 2x4's) with no problem. Again, I took a shot and the pellet hit 1/4" above the bullseye. So I dialed it one click down and fired the second shot. It hit the top half of the bulls eye. I did noticed that after firing several shots, that it seemed that the air rifle was getting tighter to cock and building up good pressure. I used the Vortex Supreme 19.91gr.pellets. They seem to hit the targets with great velocity which it impressed me. The rifle is nicely balanced, long but actually light weight. Compared to my Ruger Impact .22 air rifle which is pretty heavy with the wood stock. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Hatsan Edge Vortex .25 cal rifle and how it shoots so far hitting the bullseye. My main concern is how long will it take for the scope to come loose from the vibration even after applying extra Loctite glue to the scope ring screws. Also, I may look into getting longer screws to replace the shorter screws that came with the scope kit and maybe look to see if a Weaver style or Picatinny scope base is available for this model. I will also call AirGun Depot if they have a scope base for it in stock. If you plan to get one, I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as I am shooting at different targets at various distances.
Pros It is lightweight which is nice. It does not put much strain on the wrists and arms holding it while shooting or carrying it around through the woods. Has great velocity for hard impacts.
ConsI think that it needs a more stable scope base to mount the scope on. Maybe a problem if the scope ring screws come loose after firing several shots ( I have shot about 20 pellets and the screws were still tight). The scope that came with it may be a good one but I like my Barska.
Best UsesThis would be a good small game rifle and maybe it could take down a deer using the hunting style pellet that is around 28-30+grain. It is great for target shooting as well.
By ken k.
for the price good gun
June 11, 2018
I have shot few rounds and it will penetrate 1/2 plywood at 20 yards also metal paint can I like the gun
this is my first brake barrel I have a modified 2240 C02 I like this one better
Prosno C02
ConsI do not know yet
By Richard B.
Sotheastern US
Great for this price!
June 11, 2018
Other than the trigger this rifle is awesome! Trigger can be modified easily with a simple change of the trigger adjustment screw ( see youtube vides). lots of energy for a break barrel rifle. just clean the barrel when you get it and shoot some to break it in and then set your scope system for sight in. I do recommend a scope up grade as the included scope is just OK at best!
By Peter
Hatsan Edge .25 Cal Air Piston Rifle
June 6, 2018
Powerful and smooth, the grass field exploded when pellet hitted it. Recommend heavy grained pellet use for the rifle. I use almost 26 and 34 grain pellets.
ProsFor the money, it is no doubt worth it for this powerful and smooth air piston rifle of .25 Cal. Airgun and rifle can improve your shooting skill greatly if one use it for practice.
Best UsesHunting and for fun safe shooting. Devastated to small game, even medium game at close distance up to may be 50 to 60 feet to the lung and heart shot.
By keith t.
304 east main street
Hatsan Edge Vortex .22 Cal
June 4, 2018
Bought for wife, but it was too hard to cock. Kept for myself because of very accurate shooting and longer range, even 1 pellet at a time. It is a great gun, I should have done more research to match something for her. I will buy her another for her either a pellet or Ruger 10/22. It is a great made gun,no problems with quality. Also great price.
ProsMade well and accurate with scope.
Cons1 pellet at a time and heavy pull to cock.
Best UsesTarget and small game.
By Larry
Milton, FL
This is the real thing. I tried to leave a review a day ago but it didn't go in
June 4, 2018
I received my Hatsan Edge Vortex .22 Cal. on the 1st of May. I started by breaking in the .22 Cal with the 14.3 hollow point pellets with open sights. After about 50 to 60 shots I started dialing in the sights. After about 10 shots I had it shooting 5 round groups of about 1.5‚€ at 15 yds. The info says this rifle has a cocking pressure of 30 lbs. well I have an Air Force springer that has a 31 lb. cocking pressure and this is above that I would say around 35 ‚€“ 36 lb. cocking pressure. So I tried shooting a ¬Ĺ‚€ pine boards and it went through that at 15 yds. and again at 30 yds. like a drill bit. This will kill. After another 40 ‚€“ 50 shots I installed the scope, this was an interesting job, first it shot to the right 5‚€ and 4‚€ high, having had problems with the mounts on other air rifles and turned the back mount around 180 so the tightener was on the left side and it shot 6‚€ to the left and 4‚€ high, though four different changes in the scope mounts nothing would bring it within 4‚€ of the bulls eye. So I found a set of scope mounts I had off the Air Force mod 94 and put them on and low and behold it was shooting 1 1/2‚€ high and 1‚€ to the right, with minor adjustment and 15 rounds this gun now prints 5 rounds at 15 yds. that can be covered by a dime. At 30 yds. it will print 5 rounds that can be covered by a nickel. I checked the rifling in the barrel and this has a 1 in 14 twist one of the fastest I have seen in an air rifle. I have been shooting rifles for over 50 years but this gave me fits on the trigger pull it was like pulling and twisting your wrist shooting a pistol, so I put my trigger finger on the side of the stock and used my middle finger to pull the trigger and this thing will shoot holes in holes.
This rifle really came into its own about 120 shots, it shoots consistent and it hits in my estimation as hard as or harder than the .25 Cal Air Force Model 94
ProsHard Hitting with superb penatration Good Rifling Scope is good, not the mounts
ConsScope Mounts My suggestion would be to go and get a separate set of Picatinny mounts for the scope if the ones that come with it do as mine did.
Best UsesHunting / Target shooting
By Larry
Milton, Florida
I received my Hatsan Edge .22 cal. today
June 1, 2018
once the rifle was inspected and everything look ok, I started the break in period using the 14.3 gr. crossman hollow point pellets. It has a heavy cocking to it as much as the .25 cal Air Force has. it is still in break in so the 1" group using open sights at 15 yds is understandable. I want to see the true power so I shot a 9/16" piece of pine board at 15 yds and it went right through it that impressed me.
ProsLike the stock, open sights are good, don't know about the scope yet
ConsI wish the would have made the check rest on the stock a little higher.
Best UsesWith the power it demonstrated I would say at 15 yds that will kill any small game. also with the power to punch through 9/16" pine board it would break bone in humans so it is no toy for sure.
By Bradley
Washington, LA
Purchased about 1 year ago
May 29, 2018
Very satisfied with this rifle in .25. Has great open sights, is light weight , easy to cock and accurate enough to kill armadillos at 10 yds. Scope is not the worst I've got in a combo deal but I put it on another rifle and it is clear and quite accurate . I like the stock Iron Sights on this rifle and have used ammo as heavy as Enjun 43.2 grains. This rifle packs a serious punch. H&N 19.91 grain pellets grouped the best at 10 yds .( 3/4" )
I shot JSB 33.95 grain heavy, Polymag predator and Hand Swaged 24 grain Nomad pellets. All Grouped at 1" or under at 10 Yds. Not too pellet fussy. I never put a scope on this rifle. For shooting over 25 yds I use pumpers or PCPs with a scope.
ProsIf shooting under 25 yds, Iron sights are terrific. Put the scope on another gun. I'm in my 60s and think this rifle is easy to cock and light enough to shoot quickly from a standing position.
Constrigger pull is not terrible but as with most rifles in this price range could probably be improved. Might be overkill for squirrels, not accurate enough for head shot on such a small animal.
Best UsesPesting, Armadillos & Racoons out to 15 yds. Rabbits in your garden maybe out to 25 yds. All with open sights.
By Walter
Hatsan Edge Vortex .25
May 24, 2018
Very solid rifle . accurate out to 30 yards. Likes H&N field target trophy. You will get the most from this rifle with that pellet. This is the best bang for your buck in .25 caliber break barrel.
Best UsesHunting and target
By Scott
Central Michigan
Tremendous value and performance!
May 23, 2018
I've been hesitant to try the larger bores due to low velocities; boy was I wrong to do so. This thing with the H&N Barracuda's out of the box was shooting under 1.5" at 25 yards off hand. After shooting about 25 or so, it started to dial in and I expect it will continue to do so. My last group of the first outing off hand was 3/4" I was shooting at an old school heavy duty paint can. When shot with .22's it just seems to punch a small hole straight through and to my surprise, this one was hitting just as hard or maybe with even better energy transfer. It actually tore through both lid and bottom easily while steadily caving in the heavy steel. This has definitely become a real asset to my arsenal. I really thought .22 was the way to go, but the way this thing hits I see myself reaching for it more often for pest dismissal. I took out a fox squirrel at 30 yards and it just dropped. I am putting a different scope on it though. I am getting another Barska 2-7x32 AO Mil-Dot airgun scope. I have one on my Ruger Air Magnum and it was a nice upgrade from the stock one.
ProsGreat power and accuracy!
ConsStill looking for one. I guess I am not super fond of the stock, but it works. 8) The only other thing is pellet selection is slightly limited.
Best UsesPest disposal, small game hunting and plinking.
By Chris
Stuart, IA
Loads of fun
May 21, 2018
I bought this for my son and I. Having a great time shooting it. Looking forward to are next one.
By Larry H.
Castile NY
Hatsan Vortex
May 21, 2018
Haven't shot this rifle enough yet to give a full review. So far everything is ok except some shots are erratic with open sights. Had to move rear sight all the way left to get near the bulls eye. Put scope on but haven't fully adjusted it yet. It is a little effort for me to cock due to my physical condition but I really enjoy this gun so far. Hope to try some different pellets that may help marksmanship.
By Rodney
lawrenceville, GA
May 11, 2018
Got the gun to sit and shot off my porch across the yard. Set up a few targets at various distances and adjusted the scope for 20 yards. Wow what a lot of affordable fun. The gun is very accurate. The scope is fine for a low end gun but does loose a little focus at at max zoom. Its my first break barrel and I think I made a good chose.
ProsVery affordable low cost to use gun
Consscope loses a little focus on zoom and has no hash marks to use as reference when shooting over set distance. Not a deal breaker for the cost and fun on the gun
Best UsesSmall game , plinking and target shooting
By Paw d.
Baytown, texas
May 7, 2018
Impressed with the appearance. Thumbhole stock awkward at first. 3 of 5 first shots touching at 30' with open sights. Loud and has recoil. Mounted scope and have a 3" group at 100'. Mostly me unsteady. I have no problems with scope or trigger. Well worth the money and it's 6 and a half pounds not 10 or 11 pounds like my Diana and Benjamin. For $100.... Buy it!
ProsGreat value , can leave in my garage.
Best UsesMaking you say wow, what a gun.
By Scott
Central Michigan
Hard Hitting and Accurate!!
May 3, 2018
I love this weapon already! Out of the box, after 25 shots to break in some, I shot a 3/4" group standing off hand at 25 yards. Really tore up a paint can and goes in one side and out the other, even the ends. Compared with my Ruger Air Magnum .22 it hits a lot harder and is more accurate. I'm using the H&N Barracuda's and the Eun Jin Domed and both were very close, a slight drop with the 35.8 grain domed version.
ProsGreat power and good accuracy too.
ConsOnly thing I didn't like was the scope. I prefer mil-dots and and adjustable objective, so I'll be putting another Barska Airgun scope on it with view under mounts for close up shots.
Best UsesTerrific for pest control, even up into the coon size at least.
By David
Snyder, NY
Really love it alot
April 18, 2018
Just got back into shooting, and got frustrated with my old 22 rifle, so I figured I would try this as there would be no misfires. Stumbled on this site, and ordered two of these one for me and one for my son. Like everyone says, the scope is not that good. Never been an iron sight guy, but hey, the sights on this gun may be plastic, but you can adjust them by hand no tools. What a plus! nothing to lose! So, shooting in an indoor range at 50 feet and with iron sights, I'm putting pellets thru pellet holes. Really pleased. Yes a bit of a chore to cock it, but you get used to it. I have put about 100 thru my gun, and about 75 thru his. His scope seems clearer to me, so I guess its a Quality control thing. Really happy, thinking of getting one in .25 for myself, not sure I need it but..... loads of fun.
Prosiron sights, looks like a high quality rifle
By Robert J.
Topeka Kansas
Best money I'v spent for an air rifle !!
April 17, 2018
For my uses it fits the bill, feral cats are my problem, this Hatsan Edge, in .22 is impressive enough, I'm considering the .25 as well.
Best UsesPest control
By Purvas
Columbia S.C
More than I expected
April 16, 2018
I received my Edge rapidly. It looks and feel like a hunting rifle. Light weight I am using the iron sights. I am pleased with this product. Hitting target out to 30 yards at this time. Very accurate. I fired about 200 pellets as of yet. I do not have any compliants.
ProsLight weight, powerful, accurate
Best UsesVarmint control, honing marksmanship skills, just enjoying having an air rifle.
Long beach california
Great buy!
April 5, 2018
Definitely a hunting small game/fun day out kinda gun. Its a real beauty of a rifle. Lightweight, easy cocking, and the .25 rounds got some punch to it! Gotta sat though this thing is freakin loud! It echoed in my neighborhood. Was so loud my neighbors came out and all thought someone was firing a gun. Very accurate though.
Pros-Accurate -Lightweight -Hardhitting -Easy to cock -Iron sights are amazing and i love the ghost ring.
Cons-Some may seem this as a plus or cool thing, but it is really really loud.
By Jack L.
Texas, San Angelo
March 19, 2018
I cant say enough praise about Hatsan's air rifles. The accuracy and the power right out of the box is also remarkable. Most air rifles requires around 500 to 1000 shots before it starts to shoot more accurately. But not a Hatsan rifle. It shoots dead on right out of the box. What a bargain price for this rifle.
ProsIt's a Hatsan.
Best UsesFor hunting squirrels even feral Hogs. This gun is so accurate that I can sit in a blind about 30 to 45 yards away and shoot the hogs right between the eyes They drop and shake violently and drop dead. I haven't miss one yet.
By Emiliano
Dallas, Texas
great rifle
March 15, 2018
this is an awesome rifle for target practice and pest control, the .22 caliber variant hits hard and with a little practice, this rifle will give you amazing groups. definitely worth considering if you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable gas piston air rifle in .22 caliber. i would also recommend using the Crosman ultra magnum domed pellets with this rifle, these pellets give me the best results.
ProsHits hard, reliable, consistent, inexpensive, gas piston, decent scope included
Best UsesTarget practice, plinking, pest control, small game hunting
By michael
I am really enjoying this
March 8, 2018
Received this on time as promised. Began using it almost immediately. I had some H&N Grizzilies that I was using that did not perform very well at all. I thought it was me but then after elimination it came down to the pellets. Switched to some JSB and H&N domed pellets and a WORLD of difference. Hitting targets with excellent accuracy in the 20-40 yrd range and even out to the 60 yrd range (less so at longer ranges). The included scope is not terrific but more than adequate for the gun. It does suffer some scope creep due to recoil so I have to keep checking to make sure it is tight. But the overall performance is fantastic.
ProsExcellent at close and longer ranges and relatively quiet.
ConsScope creep but the included strike plate helps a lot.
Best UsesI mostly go after pests and in my area that is the ground squirrel but this gun will take down larger game. I like using a 25 grain pellets but I have used up to a 34 gain and both of those many times go right through them and you can see the dirt fly behind them after they are hit.
By darren
South Idaho
very good knock down power
February 28, 2018
I did not put the scope on it as it shot out of the box perfectly dead on (with many different ammo varieties) and I am not using it beyond about 25 yards. Squrrils, rabbits, most pest birds cannot stand up to it.
Prosprice, power, performance
By Mike
February 14, 2018
This is the second one I purchased from AGD I liked it so much that I got one for my son and he likes it too.
It's not that hard to cock. The power is worth it and with the Vortex Piston you can keep it cocked in the field
unlike the conventional type.
Pros`The power, The price, Vortex Piston,
ConsThe scope is not that great. I don't know why they even include it, I would rather buy a better one of my choice That's about my main con.
By Greg
Burnsville, Minnesota
I'm becoming a fan of Hatsan
February 6, 2018
I received the gun in very short order by ground. Airgun Depot came through again.
The gun turned out to be better than expected.
Cocking is somewhat stiff but its getting better with use.
The trigger was as expected (stiff) too, but responded well to the 3x12 mm screw fix. Get it at Ace.
(Replace the trigger adjustment screw with it all the way in till the gun won't cock and then back it out until
it cocks and then you will have a hair trigger...........continue to back it off till it meets your preference.)
I should say that was my far as the trigger screw, be careful when cocking!!
It's not necessary to chuck the spring.
I was able to hit a teaspoon at 98' on the first shot without adjusting the sight.
ProsIt's loosening up as I shoot it (cocking wise). Would buy again....especially at Air gun Depots price
Cons.25 cal. pellets are pricey>
By Mike
January 30, 2018
I have three other .25 cal. air guns and for $.99.00 this was a steal.
I changed the scope and added the 11mm to Weaver mount.
ProsSafety is not in front of trigger, built in scope stop,I sighted it in with four shots using 20 gr. Webley ,Crow Mags and Predator Polymags. and even other weight pells Scope needed very little adjustment for the various brands. The gun has a little jolt to it and it is not that hard to cock.The power is very high for a springer. I am very happy and for the money you can;'t beat it
Consnone for this price I'll say it again a real steal"
By Thomas
Hatsan Edge Vortex 25
January 27, 2018
Love this Rifle Packs a Punch easy to use accurate !!! Will enjoy this Rifle for a long time Ty !!!
ProsGood Knockdown Power Accurate good fit to shoot all good !!!
By George S.
Richland ,Wahington
excellent air rifle
January 24, 2018
I have arthritis and need an air rifle that I can cock and comfortably load and it is!!!! great ergonomic fit for me at 6'3"....low noise, easy to cock. 775 fps with 14.3 crosman hp's. .groups are same as my hatsan 85 at 20 yards with average 1/2 to 1" groups...very impressive.... the trigger is way too heavy out of the box, I replaced the trigger return spring with a home made light weight spring which has made a very light trigger pull and even bigger smile..!!! thanks Hatsan and AIRGUN DEPOT .. for the money....this is the air rifle for you !!!!....:}
By Lance
Good for the money
January 17, 2018
Ive only sent a few pellets down the barrel but I really like this gun. Packs a strong punch and not too loud.
By Douglas
Nesonset, NY
January 16, 2018
Love this gun. Arrived faster than expected. Scope is adequate. Shoots clean through a stockade fence. Can't beat if for the price!
By Richard F.
poor quality..
January 9, 2018
Too start off with the scope didn't work, couldn't adjust it up or down, called/email Hatsan,,,,,, still waiting. The screws holes that hold the stock to the airgun was oblong with the washer embedded into the plastic stock, just about to pull through the stock. Starting to wonder if I got one that was refurbished, or just Poor quality control.
Prosstill thinking about this one..
Consabove statement..
By Robert
Desert SW
Great Value and accurate.
January 7, 2018
This is a great value for the money. I have both the .22 and the .25 cal nitro piston and I am very pleased with them. The scope, as you'd expect, is not that great, but it seems to be holding zero after being properly mounted using a torque wrench. The rifle itself is very nice (for the money) with a decent polymer stock that is stiff with good ergonomics (for me, anyway). Polymer stocks have the advantage of being light and scuff resistant, but don't look as nice as wood. Whatever, this is a pest control tool. The sights have decent fiber optic sights (yellow rear, orange front) with a large front sight post and windage adjustments. The trigger is a weak point, with a massively long travel before it breaks like a sponge. I have never been a trigger snob, and have used many "off the rack" triggers and this one is pretty bad. I can live with it, but if this is important to you consider the upgrade to the adjustable trigger. The break action is smooth after a few (say 15) cycles to work in. Mine is grouping decently at 10-12 yards after only 20 shots or so using artillery hold or sandbag. Yes, I know that isn't far, but I haven't had a chance to stretch the distance just yet.
ProsStock is stiff with good ergonomics that allow a decent cheek weld and comfortable pistol grip. Rifle is accurate. Scope is decent for money, but very basic.
ConsTrigger has approximately 1 mile of travel. Breaks like a wet noodle. Lots of plastic (trigger guard, safety selector, muzzle break/barrel protector).
By Denmon B.
LA - Louisiana
Awesome gun
January 7, 2018
Under $100? Yes please! Best rifle you can buy for the price. I got the .25 caliber and it is POWERFUL! I don't understand why some people are saying this gun is loud. The 'ping' hitting my steel shed is way louder than the gun itself! Great gun for a great price.
ProsPrice, power, quiet, good shooting right out of the box.
ConsWould have liked a picatinny rail, but really a huge complaint!
By Spike
North Central Ar
Great air rifle at any price
January 4, 2018
I've shot it twice. About 50 pellets. Without scope first. Shot dead on at 25 yds. Out of the box. Yesterday put scope on and zeroed in at 25 yds. Took me about 20 shots. Scopes are challenging to this dude. Next 5 really fun. Great gun, easy to cock. Unlike my Umarex .22. Takes me and three of my neighbors to cock that beast. Probably will look to sell the Umarex now. The Hatson works great for me. Fun to shoot. Accurate and easy to cock. Not much else is there.
ProsAccurate, easy to cock, weight is just right, scope good for price.
By bill
versalles mo
January 2, 2018
good right out box
Prosgood gun
By Titus J.
January 1, 2018
Very good gun.
By SteveFromTheSouth
Hard to beat
December 21, 2017
Fit and finish are fine, trigger works well, sights are easy to see/use, power is impressive. It's hard to believe this is a sub $100 gun. I would buy another in a heartbeat based on initial (100 round) impression.
ProsLight weight for the length Accuracy is good for irons (1.5"@20yds 5 shots offhand) Cocking stroke is smooth, moderate Trigger better than expected Price/performance ratio unbelievable
ConsApparently not available in .177 @ AGD, really want one!
By Titus
Maumele, AR
December 17, 2017
Ordered this rifle Dec 8th 2017, received it Dec 12th. I sighted it in at 20 yards. Bag rest grouping with H&N field target trophy= 1/4 inch group. With H&N hornet even better. Squirrel hunted with it Dec 16th and killed 8 squirrels. Longest shot was about 35 yards. All instant kills. So far I'm impressed with it using those two kinds of pellets. For the price I was expecting a piece of junk but I took the gamble and it has paid off. The only other air rifle that I own is a .22 cal crosman shockwave. I ordered the hatsan edge vortex in .25 cal. This rifle has impressed me so much that my next purchase will be a hatsan Pcp.
ProsEasy to cock, accurate, plenty of knock down power even though it isn't the most powerful .25. It is well made, great deal for $82.00( i actually cant believe it is priced that low should be around the$140 price range) . Great balance. It isnt too loud. Overall good gun. Even the scope is useable. It is way better than what came with my crosman shockwave.
ConsThe only thing I could find was that the safety on the gun functions the exact opposite of what the owners manual kinda funny but it works well.
By Ezequiel
San Bernardino, Ca
Hatsan Edge Vortex .25cal
December 5, 2017
I recently ordered a rifle after years of wanting one in .25 cal . I use them for target practice and the occasional pest. Over all i like it. Shots good right out of the box using the iron sights. The scope is horrible , i couldnt get it to sight in so i put a scope i had laying around and worked great. Im considering ordering another one but in .22 cal
It is a little loud but i dont mind . Cocking is not to hard. Easy to load.
ProsLike the look. The power is good. Price .
ConsScope is horrible, atleast the one i got
By Tom
Lebanon PA.
Great shooter
November 15, 2017
This is a great shooting rifle. Out of the box it was hitting tight groups. Very happy with the purchase. Plan to use this for small game hunting here in PA. THANKS Airgun Depot. Another great weapon with excellent service. Your number 1 in my book.
ProsSmooth cocking. Plenty of punch down range. Great accuracy.
By Matthew R.
Good gun for the money
November 13, 2017
Its a .25 caliber for about $100.00. I gave i a try and over all I'm happy with it. The scope was better than i expected. It is limited in power with the manufacturer giving this gun a generous 650fps. But it should be able to take small game at 25 yards but not anything beyond.
ProsIts cheap and a .25 caliber Scope better then i epected Light weight
ConsOn the loud side limited power
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