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Hawke Optics

Drawing from 34 years of experience doing business in the UK and in 54 countries around the world, Hawke Sport Optics is now available to the discerning sportsmen and sportswomen of the United States. Hawke Sport Optics strives to provide the consumer with innovative products tailored to their specific needs. Integrating creative features to provide the user with a product rich in benefits while still providing incredible value for the price.
For discerning Airgunners everywhere Hawke has enlisted three time world champion field target legend, Nick Jenkinson to design our reticles and associated supporting software: The Hawke BRC (Ballistic Reticle Calculator) and recent mobile version for iPhones and iPads (soon to be available for the Droid platform as well). Hawke’s software is a collaboration between our reticle designer and a software engineer resulting in the most sophisticated and user friendly ballistics programs in the world. All of this is free to any consumer simply by visiting the Hawke website or searching Hawke on the App Store for your mobile device. Unprecedented accuracy is the result of combining the Hawke BRC, Hawke scopes and your own firearm.
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