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Legends Cowboy Lever Action

Available in .177, Authentic feel and look!
Only $199.99
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  • Code: AGD-45668915 · $199.99 · .177 · 600 fps
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Designed by John Browning in 1894, the Winchester Model 1894 (aka the Winchester 94) quickly became the most popular hunting rifle on the market. The Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever action CO2 rifle is an almost near perfect replica of John Brownings original design, expect for the fact that is utilizes CO2 and BB's, vice black powdered .32-40 / .38-55 Winchester cartridges. The Cowboy Lever-Action features a realistic loading ability with 10 BB cartridges inserted into its under barrel tube magazine and powered by two 12-gram CO2 cartridges behind the hardwood stock's removable butt plate. With every cock of the lever each shell ejects, just like the real thing!

Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Features

  • CO2 
  • Eject-able cartridges
  • Realistic lever action
  • Full metal frame
  • Includes 10 BB cartridges
  • Fixed front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Faux-wood polymer stock
  • Compatible with Umarex Peacemaker BB cartridges
  • Powered by two 12 g CO2 Capsules housed in the stock
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  • ManufacturerUmarex
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 600 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type BBs
  • Action Lever-action
  • Barrel Style Smooth bore
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 5.96
  • Overall Length 38.00
  • Barrel Length 19.25
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety 0
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking & target practice
  • Warranty 90-day limited warranty
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By CameronDecember 30, 2023 Verified Purchase

Definitely worth the investment, make sure and keep the box and when/if u get tired of the gun I would expect you would make ur money back....and than some. Never selling mine!

Pretty sweet rifle. Surprisingly accurate. Wouldn't matter if it wasn't.....just being able to engage the the the shell discharge....and fire ur next shot as quickly as you can make it even better seeing/feeling those shells "spraying" around you. Creates an experience of the old West. Oh....Colt 45, Remington and Schofield (required) lol

Barra has similar set now with their Co2.1866 lever action. Given the accuracy of this rifle an optic would be fun. Barra has a pic rail that allows for that ability.

By StanUSAMay 6, 2023 Verified Purchase

Send messages to Umarex to produce a pellet rifle like the legends bb rifle.

The air gun shoots pretty hard for a bb gun & is very accurate at 20'. I have a few more misses at 60', but can still hit the target most of the time. The gun is a blast to shoot & seems very realistic comparted to the Winchester Mod 94 that I used to own. Loading & ejecting the brass cartridges is fun & realistic.

The loading "port" is blued & holds up very well, but the surrounding surface is painted black. After loading just a few cartridges, I notice some wear at the rear of the loading port. I put a small piece of gorilla tape at the back of the port to keep it from scratching any further. A rifled barrel would be great so the shooter could shoot both BBs and .177 pellets. I would recommend that Umarex put out a pellet version as done with the peacemaker pistol. I would however recommend this rifle to anyone as it's a blast to shoot......

By BertFebruary 12, 2023 Verified Purchase

It I a nice gun, gave 4 stars because of the price. I think it's over priced.

similar to the real gun, works without problems

The back is heavy, weight not balanced, no wood it's plastic, does not make too much of a noise when firing (I would like to be more loud, LOL)

By viniciusFebruary 10, 2023 Verified Purchase

Amazing rifle

By JohnathanUSAFebruary 9, 2023

There are four things I wish they made for this gun. More ammo casings, an ammo sleeve for the stock (I made my own and it looks awesome), a steel allen key in the stock instead of the cheap one that's in there, and the one I would buy asap is new lever and trigger options. I wish they made it so you can change levers because I want to put a loop lever on it to make it easier to spin load it. The lever it has is great for speed shooting but if you try to spin the rifle with force it'll break your fingers. A new trigger that is curved backwards on the bottom would be super fun for speed shooting like the rifleman. Right now when you charge it you have to remove your index finger first or you will jab it on the end of the trigger when coming back up. So basically the ability to accessorize it would be great, or even just replacement parts because of the allen key I broke.

It's very realistic and that's the main reason i bought it. The feel of the over all gun is almost worth the $200. I put it next to my grandfathers rifle and it took him a second to realize it wasn't the real one. The CO2 lasts FOREVER. When I say forever I mean forever. I've only ran maybe 10 cartridges through it in the couple years I've had it. It reloads kinda slowly for only 10 shots, but I think it's a good thing because you go through less co2 than you would with mag fed guns. I've left CO2 in it for up to a year with no leak or pressure drop, still 700fps. So if you're looking for something you can leave (CO2) loaded it's perfect. The lever action has gotten slightly loose but that's after I have repeatedly spun it around like Arnold from terminator reloading it lol (careful you don't break your fingers if you do this because the handle is not designed for it. I found one or two fingers is enough to still hold it when I spin load it). And rapid firing it like the Rifleman.

I've had the gun for a few years and it's been great but recently the allen key in the stock broke while trying to remove the CO2. It appears to be made of aluminum and is therefore kinda weak. Don't let that discourage you from buying it though because you can just use a regular allen key no problem. If you want to prevent this from happening I recommend using a hammer to first tap the plug loose before trying to remove it. The real issue you need to worry about is the fact that you can't hit the broad side of a barn with this gun. The lack of accuracy is astonishing. 4 inch grouping at 20 feet. Every shot is in a new spot even when locked in a vice. So if you want it for hunting don't buy it. The problem is that the functional barrel, a copper pipe, isn't securely held inside the fake/aesthetic barrel. So with every shot you take it moves. If I could open the gun it might be fixable with some wadding but from what I can tell it's permanently riveted together.

By DennisFebruary 4, 2023 Verified Purchase

Very nice lever gun

By Scott January 6, 2023 Verified Purchase

Great Fun BB Gun. Very authentic and love the ejecting cartridges. Lots of power and lots of fun.

By AndrewOctober 20, 2022 Verified Purchase

Looks and feels awesome. Love the lever action. Quite accurate for bb's. I've only had it a couple weeks so hopefully my seals will last longer than some others have reported. Really want this one to last. Great customer service from AGD! Very responsive.

The rear facing Co2 canister did not pierce for me the first time. I've seen others report this issue. I did get about 60-70 shots out of one canister.

By JulianJuly 7, 2021

Famous for breaking after just a short time.

Nice looking.

Umarex has terrible customer service. I'm never buying another product from them

By FrankUSAJune 20, 2021

Safety first!! please remember these could still do sone damage. Educate yourself and lived ones. These could be really fun to have around and teach the importance of gun safety. GUNS ARE NOT DANGEROUS, PEOPLE ARE.

Why wouldn't you like this classic gun. Everything is 10/10. Its a beauty to have. Also takes 11 (1in the chamber) bullets but comes with 10 bullets for BBs

Should have came with something to clean the inner Barrel or both type of bullets for BBs and Pellet

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I broke the allen key in the stock. Where can I buy a new one? I just want the part and not the whole gun, but I can't find it.

asked Johnathan from USA

How many shots out of the 2 CO2 cartridges before you need to "reload"?

asked Zuma B from USA

A lot of shots. like I mean A LOT. If you want a number I'd say 250-300 shots. You will get bored of reloading shells long before it runs out of CO2. Between reload time of the bb casings and only 10 shots at a time it lasts forever. You can also leave the extra CO2 in the gun when you're done for the day, and it will still be there next time. I've left CO2 in it for a year and it didn't lose any pressure at all. It was as if I just loaded it. It's actually quite amazing how great it is at keeping CO2. And the power curve is quite good too. You run between 550 and 700 fps for like 85% of the cartridge. After that it drops off fast. If you are looking for a gun that doesn't chew up your CO2 supply this is 100% the gun for you. It lasts FOREVER. I have a M712 full auto that could go through at least 100 cartridges in the time it takes this gun to go through 2.

Johnathan from USA

Fui facil e quanto tempo para chegar . Tem imposto a pagar quanto fui no total com transporte. Você gostou mesmo. Muito obrigado

asked Bitton from Brazil

would like to get the real wood kit can you help with info

asked anthony from USA

I thought about the same thing and I'm sorry I'm not sure where you might get one other than having to making it yourself. But I would also advise against it any way. Because the way that the stock torques when putting in CO2 and taking it out would crack any wood you put on it. The wood would have to be almost as thin as the plastic to fit all the components inside still. The ability of the plastic to flex it what keeps it from cracking.

Johnathan from USA

Does anyone know if you need to buy different shells to use pellets instead of bbs? Or will the shells that come with the gun load pellets AND bbs?

asked Joseph from USA

As said, pellets can be used if you order the pellet shells. I personally would only use bbs as the barrel is smoth bore for bbs. Most good pellet guns have a riffle barrel.

Jeffrey from USA

Yes BBs n pellets r two different sizes , order pellet shells for the Colt peacemaker If u wanta try pellets

Earl from USA

Are they plastic bbs or metal bbs because I've seen reviews were people use airsoft

asked Luis from USA

There is a pellet shell use the Colt peacemaker pellet shells

Earl from USA

Works great also with. 177 pellets

Patrick from USA

The gun was designed for .177 steel BB's. There are .177 cal plastic BB's available.

Mark from USA

How many bb's fit in each cartridge, and are all the bb's in any given cartridge simultaneously fired analogous to a shotgun? Or can only a single bb be loaded into a cartridge? Also, can pellets, instead of bb's be used? If so, what caliber/which ones, and same question regarding numbers fitting in each cartridge along with numbers being fired from any given cartridge. If pellets work, too, has anyone compared with bb's? Thanks!!

asked Chad from USA

You should order pellet shells use Colt peacemaker pellet shells

Earl from USA

The shells are single load. You can shoot pellets from the shells. Use light waddcutters 7 gr.

Mark from USA

can you shoot .177 pellets? Saw a youtube video on this. But not sure if it is advisable.

asked Charles (Mike) from USA


Patrick from USA

yes very well

anthony from USA

Where can I purchase additional cartridges for the Umarex Lengendary Rifle air gun?

asked Tracy Alderman

Does this rifle have a hardwood or plastic stock? The description says hardwood, features say polymer.

asked Jim Sansone

Real wood would be too thin. The way the co2 works flexes the plasctic a little and if real wood it would just crack. You can get real wood but it will not last. The original riffle used real wood and was solid since it did not need to be hollow to hold the co2.

Jeffrey from USA

plastic you can buy real wood check google

anthony from USA

Do you load all 19 cartilages at a time. For 10 quick lever pumped shots?

asked mike krauss

I am very interested in this gun. I love the old west and like the idea of the cartridge. My question is can you also use pellets as opposed to bb's since there the same cabinet?

asked David Cramer


anthony from USA

Can you store the rifle for days with active CO2?

asked Steve from USA

If you want to ruin your seals for your CO2, then YES. Otherwise, use them up and remove them to save your o-ring. Don't forget the silicone friendly oil to add a drop to each CO2 cartridge. I am not familiar with this two cartridge system, but I am pretty sure the same basics apply with any 12g CO2 cartridges.

Brian from USA

What is the kinetic energy impact of a typical .177 pellet fired from this beautiful gun? I have a racoon problem and don't want to use a .22 in my neighborhood.

asked Ted from USA

Will this gun kill a racoon? They are raiding my yard and causing a lot of damage. I'm concerned they will get under my shed. I plan to us racoon cuffs then euthanize them using pellets from relatively close range.

asked Ted from USA

How is the trigger? Smooth, light, gritty? Short take-up?

asked Anthony

Can you attach a scope to this rifle?

asked Lee Wells

Hi Mark or Gary--one of the customer reveiers did something to give the appearance oh aging tp the legend cowboy lever action air rifle-- Can you find out what he used or how he did it as i want to do the same / Thanks Steve

asked Stephen from USA

what are some extra shells i can buy for it? If there are any can someone link some shells that will fit and work in this airgun?

asked Bo Swan

To shoot pellets; will the bb cartridges work or do I need the pellet ones and what pellet is recommed? Thanks, Paul

asked Paul A from USA

could someone link extra shells? I see lots of shells but nothing under the name of legends lever action, i dont want to get the wrong ones.

asked Bo Swan

Best pellet to use?

asked Paul A from USA

What pellets work with the shells?

asked Paul A from USA

Hi there, I'm really interested to buy this airgun, but at now live in Infonesia. Can you send delivery this gun if I buy its to my country ? Thank's a lot. Bambang

asked bambang sasmita


asked David from USA

It says Hardwood stock and then it says faux hardwood stock. Which is it? Thanks.

asked jim sanderson

are the bb cartriges reuseable

asked Alex

When will the legends cowboy lever action be in stock

asked Kenneth Filosa

When will this be in stock

asked Kenneth Filosa

What are the true specs of this gun? Airgun Depot shows a rifled barrel and FPS in the five hundreds. Pyramid shows smooth bore and FPS in the four hundreds?

asked Ron from USA

Hi, hope all is well. All the reviews for this legends cowboy lever action are displaying a different type of ammo magazine (round silver metal) which is inserted after pressing a button. instead of the old style cartridges like peacemaker . Which are inserted in tubular magazine and ejected when fired. Is this an older model on your site or is info provided pertain to similar rifle. Ps the models being reviewed on YouTube uses 88/90 g co2 not 2 -12g . Think you

asked Isabel from USA

pellet or bb only

asked Vincent from USA

I thought the barrel was a smooth bore. The description states it's rifled, are you sure?

asked Erik

Will this gun also shoot pellets with a different cartridge?

asked jim sanderson

Correct specs on the Lengend Cowboy Lever Action Rifle. Umarex site states fps. is 410 not 535 and barrel is smooth not rifled.

asked Bob from USA

What material is the stock made of? Is it really wood as the specifications say? In the promotion video the wall (with the butt plate removed) looks pretty thin, so one might assume it could be plastic.

asked Hardy

Rifled barrel? Can you shoot pellet cartridges in this gun?

asked William from USA
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