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Colt Peacemaker SAA Pellet Revolver, Nickel

Available in .177, Replica of the original Colt Peacemaker Single Action Army Revolver
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  • Code: AGD-39097495 · $132.99 · .177 · 380 fps
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The highly revered Colt Single Action Army .45-caliber revolver feels and handles like the firearm it looks like. Like the firearm it copies, the cylinder does not swing out. Each shell is loaded separately through a loading gate on the right side of the cylinder. To make the cylinder turn, you have to pull the hammer back to the half-cocked position. Then, rotate the cylinder to either load a full shell or remove an empty one (by pushing on the ejector rod). Since the shells are loaded singly, speedloaders cannot be used. To load pellets in the shells, insert one pellet in the bottom of each. There's an error in the owner's manual. It says you must first put the gun on safe and then pull the hammer to half-cock to load the gun. That is incorrect. Once the safety is applied, the hammer does not move. So, don't put the safety on to load the gun.

Colt Peacemaker Pellet Revolver (Single Action Army) Features
  • 12-gram CO2 cartridge
  • 6-rd cylinder
  • Fixed front sight
  • Notch rear sight
  • Synthetic black grip panels
  • Single-action only
  • Manual safety
  • Working ejector rod
  • Nickel-plated finish
  • 2.10 lbs. (owner's manual incorrectly states a weight of 1.10 lbs.)
  • 5.50" barrel length (owner's manual incorrectly states a 6.87" barrel length)
  • 11" overall length (owner's manual incorrectly states an overall length of 11.50")
  • Includes 6 shells (each shell is loaded with one pellet)
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  • ManufacturerColt
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 380 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Revolver
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 2.10
  • Overall Length 11.00
  • Barrel Length 5.50
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 6
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade
  • Rear Sights Fixed
  • Shots per Fill 100
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action Single-Action
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 90-day limited warranty
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By KenMarch 25, 2024

I would recommend this pistol anyone raised on Westerns



By JohnJune 3, 2023 Verified Purchase

Many shooters fund it hard to get excited about a mere airgun, but these are not your childhood airguns. We shot groups at 16 yards using 2 inch orange dots. The shooting experience can be compared to a .22 rim fire pistol with less recoil and noise, but the similarity is there with the crack and the feel of the action rotating. Buy two. Set up twelve aluminum cans and challenge a friend to see who can knock down their cans first.

I bought two pellet versions, one for myself and another for a brother who owns a custom Colt .45 SAA. The revolver is an authentic replica in so many ways, except for a few screws and the unobtrusive safety. I'm pleased to see the the grip on the pellet version is extended to match the actual cutomized Colt that has an extended grip to make it more comfortable to shoot. The most common complaint is about the hammer not seating fully (looks like it's at half cock). That's insignificant, unless you're trying to punk someone. The action and operation is close enough to be real. The trigger is very good. One pistol shoots near very near point of aim, while the other one shoots slightly high left. Which is unfortunate because the sights are not adjustable. One advantage over the Gunpowder version is the pellet gun is more pleasant to shoot, because the trigger guards on the real thing can recoil against the middle finger. The nickel finish looks good and eliminates all the warnings.

One revolver shoots point of aim, the other shoots just a little bit left. That has to be accepted for authenticity; however, I believe it may be possible to carefully tap the blade to correct the problem. I like the durability and look of the nickel finish, but sighting can be hard in bright sunlight. For that reason alone, I want two more in 7 1/2 inch blue or weathered finish. Two to look at and two to shoot. The grips are flat black plastic, but it doesn't detract from the appearance or the solid feel when shooting. Unfortunately, the silver pellet bullets are currently back order. The other drawback is the blue versions are not available and I can't find any details for availability. Strange way to run a business. Wanting additional product and not being able to get updated info is the only negative.

By JohnMarch 13, 2023 Verified Purchase

Airgun Depot has great sells and services. They answered all my questions and are a good company.

I like the look of the Colt Peacemaker, the Colt has a nice weight and feel like a real revolver. All the action on the Colt are very smooth and free flowing . I Love the look of the shells and how the .177 fit into them.

I have not found any con with the Colt and not sure I will.

By ElroyUSAOctober 9, 2021

What a gun 10/10 (If you get extra shells) * I do downstairs plinking and this gun is amazing for: Sound wise, power wise, accurate and plinking!! * When i got my package, the weight of the package shocked me a bit. I got the gun out of the box and it felt amazing, what did shocked me though was the weight of the shells. These shells do not feel cheap at all or flimsy, the gun in it self is nice and sturdy and a lot of shine! * The sound of reloading, the pleasure of cocking the hammer and the clicks of the gun wauw! * The pellets that i used worked perfectly with this gun. +- Around 70-100 shots the CO2 cartridge needs to be swapped out. - The only "downside" of this gun is 6 shots ain't enough, i would recommend buying exta shells (what i did). With 18 shells in total this gun is 1 of my favorite guns to shoot. Beeman Wadcutter Coated .177 Cal, 7.8 gr - 250 ct Code: Beeman Wadcutter Coated .177 Cal,... · $9.99 Colt Peacemaker SAA Pellet Revolver Shells Code: AGD-6590 $12.5

Good Weight, accurate, good for plinking in the basement (noise wise), Fun to reload and shoot instead of burt shooting.

Nothing. This product is 10/10

By VaughnAugust 12, 2021

My Umarex Colt Peacemaker shipped fast! I only had one old tin of pellets lying around from years ago (Gamo Match 4.5 (.177). I screwed in a CO2 and shot about 80 rounds before noticing a drop in fps (didn’t chrono them, just visual observation). Still shot relatively good up to about 100 rounds. CO2 finally quite after unloading over 120 rounds. I was expecting about 25 rounds per CO2 so was really in awe! Definitely a keeper! I’ll try to be more scientifically observant and accurate tomorrow by breaking out my chrono.

Pros: How much closer can someone get to the real thing! I love loading “bullets” into the revolving chamber! Loading pellets into the shells is much easier than attempting to place a single pellet into the chamber of a single shot bolt action. It feels good in the hand, well balanced. The trigger squeezes easily, almost too easily but perfect. The nickel finish with the black grip looks good. I believe the .177 pellet version has a rifled barrel?

Wish they made it in a .22 caliber with 600-800 fps. Everything else is awesome.

By LukeUSAApril 15, 2021

Buy this if you love the old west

It’s a great gun, it looks beautified and realistic

I dislike the plastic handles

By NicklasUSAFebruary 21, 2021

Very fun to use. Good for cowboy action shooting

Sometimes pellets get stuck in the casing, but this is probably the type of pellets i'm using

By BenjaminUSAMay 30, 2020

This is a great revolver! The action is pretty similar to my Colt Peacemaker. The realism of the cartridges and the loading door makes this a good shooting experience similar to the real thing minus the recoil and noise. I was able to hit targets pretty consistently. I do recommend having several reloads worth of extra cartridges. Setting them up in a reload box makes it super easy to bulk pre=load the pellets.

Realistic feel. Good weight. Feels solid. Realistic cartridges.

Cartridges are expensive.

By Denny D.December 27, 2019

Good design and quite heavy for a pellet pistol feels almost like the real thing. Bought this for my grandson for Christmas gift. He really liked it and was surprised.

By ShaneUSAOctober 22, 2019

This is a high quality reproduction and would be great for theatre or re-enactments, except it is too much fun to shoot. Although it states in the description it is for BBs, the gun shows it uses pellets. Very accurate at 10 yds.

Quality and authentic appearance.


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can you fan this pistol

asked Ted from USA

I just received mine. Is the hammer always away from the back of the gun? mine won't rest against the rear, just looks odd. Is this normal?

asked Michael from USA

I have a Remington 1875 , and it does the same. If you force it forward (don't do this) it releases co2. It's just a design thing, but is normal to the gun, it's not broken or anything. Mine shoots about inch up and inch to the left, but I can put 12 ( all the loads I have) on paper touching each other at 20 feet.

John from USA

I have a Remington 1875 , and it does the same. If you force it forward (don't do this) it releases co2. It's just a design thing, but is normal to the gun, it's not broken or anything. Mine shoots about inch up and inch to the left, but I can put 12 ( all the loads I have) on paper touching each other at 20 feet.

John from USA

what is the country of Origin?

asked Gary from USA

how do i get a bottom screw as mine fell out. i need it for co2

asked Michael from USA

thinking of getting colt saa pellet revolver its rated for 380fps and was told i could expect 75--100 shots at what point will the velocity drop off and how much,is it ok to expell the remaining co2 w/o damage to the seal

asked Joseph from USA

You can loosen the CO2 cart in the pistol. The CO2 will exhaust.t does not harm the gun. There is no test of how fast the velocity falls off in a fill.

Mark from USA

if you dont use the entire co2 or find the velocity has decreased alot is it ok to expel the remaining gas. and about how many shot can you expect from ea co2.

asked Joseph from USA

You should get 45-55 good shots. You can ,and should ,remove low CO2 carts from the gun.

Mark from USA

What kind of pellets does this revolver use? The "flatnosed" ones, pointed ones, all the above?

asked Westin from USA

Any pellet will fit the shells. We suggest light pellets 8 gr or less. They will shoot best from the low power CO2 guns.

Mark from USA

The name of the product says Pellet, but the ammo description says BBs. Can someone tell me which one is correct?

asked Fer Flowers


Luke from USA

Can you use bb or pellet bullits in this gun

asked Michael Williams

Sorry no bbs will damage the barrel

Luke from USA


Luke from USA

I live in a neighborhood, but I do not have any houses behind mine. Is the gun loud enough to make neighbors mad?

asked Luca Newby

How do you get extra Pellet Cartridges for the Colt peacemaker? How much are they?

asked Robert from USA

does this peacemaker hopdup to the pressure of fireing fanning style?

asked Pat Orr III

Is this pellet revolver strong enough to with stand fanning style fireing?

asked Pat Orr III

i really want to get my grandpa this peacemaker. Hes a huge john Wayne/Western fan. Does it make a good collectible?

asked Brandon from USA

new to this, what are the best pellets for this gun? will any .177 caliber type pellet work?

asked Betty

Being that this is a .17 caliber pellet gun, is the bore rifled? And will it shoot straight? I understand these tend to shoot high, that's ok, but as long as it shoots straight, that's fine.

asked P.

Do you ship to mexico?

asked Joeymenchaca

can white grips be purchased

asked Darline from USA
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