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Ruger Air Magnum

Ruger Air Magnum air rifle with 4x32 scope & rings
  • Code: 2244029 · .22 · 1200 fps
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Great power doesn't always come with a great price. This time it does! The Ruger Air Magnum delivers pounding power at a price that most magnum spring-piston air rifles can't touch. Mount the included 4x32 scope or use the fiber optic sights to home in on your target. The all-weather stock is ambidextrous, with textured forearm and pistol grip. Ruger has a great reputation in firearms. Now, they have a great rep in airguns.

Ruger Air Magnum Air Rifle Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • All-weather synthetic stock
  • Ambi Monte Carlo stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Fiber optic sights (fully adj. rear)
  • Weaver scope rail
  • 42 lbs. cocking effort
  • 14.25" length of pull
  • 3.5 lbs. trigger-pull
  • 9.5 lbs.
  • Incl. 4x32 airgun scope & rings

The spring piston break-barrel rifle is durable with its built in all weather composite stock. The high fps that is attained is high for this class of spring piston break-barrel rifle. The AirMagnum features a blued barrel and receiver and a rifled all steel barrel. The adjustable fiber optic rear sight allows for easy sighting adjustments and the fixed fiber optic front sight allows for quick focusing on the intended target. An automatic safety, rubber recoil pad for comfort, and adjustable trigger are all features of this quality gun.
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  • ManufacturerRuger
  • Caliber .22
  • Velocity 1200 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 9.50
  • Overall Length 48.50
  • Barrel Length 19.50
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail Weaver mounts
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Fiber Optic
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By bruce

great air riflr for the money

By Ol' S.

Dead on coming out of the box. Shooting it feels like a real gun. Nice bump and loud enough to remind you it's no toy. Scope sucked and broke with-in 30 min. This gun needs a better quality scope to equal the quality of the gun... I'm not a kid by any means and being closer to 60 than 50, I've owned alot of pellet rifles through the years. Very fun gun!

By John

Rifles GREAT! 4x16 ao ir centerpoint scope and consistent 5 shot one hole groups at 25 yards with premier ultra mags

By BennyUSADecember 13, 2022 Verified Purchase

First of all, airgun depot is the best company to purchase from period. And this rifle is a wonderful, accurate gun. I am sighted in at 40 yards, and shooting at about 5/8ths group. This rifle is my 9th in my collection of air guns, it is the second one of my break barrels, but definitely the best between the two!

Very nice hard hitting gun.

I don’t have any.

By JohnUSAAugust 1, 2022 Verified Purchase

Yet to site it in and check for accuracy. Make sure you clean the barrel before use. It is full of crud.

Seems to be well built. Scope mounts easily on the rail.

Opening the breach takes massive force. I am a big guy but I cannot break it open holding it in two hands like the illustrations show. I have to slam it over the back of a padded couch to open it. It should not take that much force.

By Michael March 12, 2021

Looks nice anyway

Mine I just got right out of the box the gun will not brake open It’s like it’s welded Shut Trying to get a hold of the company now hopefully they take care of it

Trying to get a hold of the company now hopefully they take care of it

By AndrewUSAMarch 10, 2021

right out of the box i absolutely could NOT cock this gun. not at all. not one single time. and don't tell me i didn't use enough pressure. the barrel looks bent now! pretty sure i got a piece of junk that sat around in a warehouse long enough to rust itself shut. this thing simply does NOT crack open the slightest bit. first purchase I'm truly disappointed with.


have some advice for troubleshooting beyond "slap it harder" for getting the barrel to crack open! i tried everything. this thing came rusted shut or something.

By AndrewUSAFebruary 4, 2021

A .22 spring-powered airgun sending decent weight pellets downrange at .22 long rifle velocities.It can't match the terminal energy or range of a .22 rimfire but it's not supposed to. A .22 Superdome moving at 1000 fps 25 yards from the muzzle for $200 is quite an accomplishment.

A beast. I love it.

For what it is, there are no cons.

By SeanUSAAugust 4, 2020

This is a great weapon for an adult, bit heavy and muscle needed to crank the barrel but it's just the way it needs to be to get the velocity you want out of this type of rifle, definitely a keeper, wouldn't change a thing.

Solid construction well made, feels nice, good looking hard hitting .22 break barrel rifle. A lot of options for slugs and hollow points, perfect for small game hunting, love the open sights, one of the main reasons I bought this model.


By ThomasJanuary 22, 2018

What a Monster @ 25 yds with CPHP 14.3 Blew a hole clean thru an old school folding metal chair back !!! way to loud for a back yard plinker !!! Love it great rifle Hits hard

Great Powerful Rifle Surprized by the Power it has !!!

Not a Backyard Plinker !!!

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Est t-il difficile a armer a 13 ans

asked Elouan from Canada

What kind of scope would you recommend for the air magnum 22 caliber pellet rifles

asked James from USA

How hard would it be to cock for a slightly smaller 13 year?

asked Camren from USA

A 13 year old will NEVER be able to open the breach on this rifle.

John from USA

Is the rail a Weaver/ Picatinny style that's able to accept a night vision scope?

asked Stephen from USA


Mark from USA

Anyone have experience on what diameter slugs can fit this rifle, .2215 or .223 diameter?

asked Sean from USA

I bought the Crossman Premier hollow points that were offered on the web site. 0.22 Caliber, 5.5 mm, 14.3 grams 500 cost about $12.

John from USA

where is this Ruger made

asked Dennis from USA


Mark from USA

do you sell to sure about the laws...ect. seems a fine gun and i cant find it in the uk

asked steve

Are the iron sights good? They look a bit strange in the pictures, but it never shows how it looks when you looks down the sights.

asked Brandon

what brand is the 4 * 32 scope that comes with it. or same scope in another name, is the walther the same scope ?

asked Bob

Is this rifle, based in your experience, reliable?

asked Luis Sanchez

Do this rifle really shoots the 1400 fps?

asked Luis

how this gun have J

asked Matas

What scope woulet you recommend getting for it

asked Ryan

I am in Tamilnadu, how to buy ruger air Magnus .177 caliber ..... plz friends give me a idea idea or way to buy pls contact 9843221189, 9789778238

asked Yoganandh from India

do you do shipping for philippines sir/mam?

asked norce

Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer your question a lot better then we can. thanks

Scott from USA

are these good shooting rifles?

asked Timothy Sturgill

If by shooting you mean for killing small animals then yes. This rifle is excellent for small game including squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, birds, etc. I wouldn't suggest it for just target practice, the gun is fairly heavy and have a very strong cocking pressure required to load the gun.

David from USA

The Gun is wonderful,the scope it comes with is terrible. I have ordered 6 of these for myself and friends .When we order I upgrade to the RWS 4-12x50 CL Scope. With the upgraded scope, its makes it one of the best shooting air rifles I have seen. Its a great gun and extremely accurate

Gene Condon

What is a P.A.L license and how do you get it? What is it for?

asked Mark

P.A.L. Possession and Acquisition License (Canadian) Go to WWW. look under licensing.


Not sure what that is but in the ma. No permit is required for purchase or possession of air rifle or muzzle loader . But do your homework i could be wrong .


hi can it be shipped to thailand?

asked mohderic

Mohderic, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

How far can this thing shoot. Is it pretty accurate at around 50-60 yards? Also, what powers the rifle?

asked Mark

Hi. Sir im interested in buying this Ruger. I just want to know. Can you ship it to thailand? And what is your payment methods? Thanks in advanced

asked eric dibble

Eric, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Has anyone found a see through scope mount to allow one to use the fiber optic sights?

asked oliver

Yes they make them you can buy them online.

Tyler from USA

Any requirement for buying this item or no?

asked Jin

Jin, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

I have 2 air pistols and am thinking about an air rifle. are the .22 caliber ammo pellets or other. also is this a good rifle for a first time user for plinking and varmints or would you suggest something else?

asked Bob Niedzielski

This gun uses .22 caliber pellets, I suggest using the masterpoint style rather than the wadcutters as there seems to be a significant difference in how accurate they are with this gun. As far as uses go, this gun can definitely be used for varmint hunting. I've got several squirrels with the gun with no problems at all with 1 shot. The gun has built in sights that are quite accurate. If you're looking for some longer distance shooting I would suggest buying a different scope than what comes with the gun, as it has issues keeping on target due to the kick of this gun. In terms of plinking, I really don't think this is the rifle to go with for that. If you're just looking for something to shoot at targets I would get a .177 that is lighter and has less force required to cock it. This gun is very heavy compared to my .177 and requires a significant amount of effort more to cock it. If you want to only have 1 rifle though, this gun is it. It's at a great price point for a .22 and after about 1,000 rounds shot it is still very accurate. I have mine fitted with a 3 rail system from NCstar, including a flashlight and laser sight. Although its heavy, I love this gun.

David from USA

I like to hunt squirrels at my farrm


It is a very good rifle. It shoots very accurate but it is not a bb gun. It has plenty of power to bring down small vermin quickly. It is also a springer so it does have a little kick to it and requires about 40 lbs of pull to cock it. Noise is about medium in the springer group. I love mine and use it every chance I get. very good value gun. F.Crawley

Fred from USA

I have only put a couple hundred round thought mine, it is still pretty hold sensitive, like most pellet guns. Lots of power. I plan to use mine to squirrel and rabbit hunt.

Aaron from USA

when this item comes back in to stock will it be same price as now or regular price and how many days will it take to ship and is it free shipping or if not how much

asked freddy

Freddy, Great questions. To answer, we do not have any restock date at this time. If there are no price increases from now to the point it comes back in stock it will be the same. Shipping to Maryland usually takes 4-5 business days. Also free shipping is any order over 179.00. At this time this gun would not be over that prepaid shipping. Hopefully that answers your question. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

How many foot pounds of force dose a lead pellet hit with this gun

asked Connor Bruffee

Realistic # is closer to 22-24 at the muzzle, but know that pellets slow down much faster than bullets so you could have half that at 50 yards. Best to choose pellets with good BC to minimize that.


It wont shoot anywhere near 47 FPE. Some guys report 1000 FPS with a 14.3 CP that's roughly 310 FPE...

michael from USA

formula to obtain foot pounds from velocity and projectile weight in grains: from Nosler reloading manual V x V x PW = X X devided by 450,240 = xx foot pounds example 1200fps with 15 grain pellets = 1200 x1200 x15 devided by 450,240 = 47.9744 ft lbs

john r. dedeian

I'm not certain on the exact force it will hit with, but this rifle does pack quite a punch. When shooting into a 2x4 a standard lead pellet goes about 3 times as deep with this gun as my .177 Gamo does. The bigger ammo definitely carries a larger punch. We tested the gun to see how many pennies it would shoot through and it successfully went through 2 and damaged the third 5-6 times in a row. Alloy pellets really don't seem to do anything but decrease the accuracy of this gun. Unless you're going for something you shouldn't be shooting at with an air rifle to begin with, this will take it down.


How accurate is this gun at 50 yards?

asked Jack Brandies

This gun is extremely accurate, I just acquired one and was impressed with it's action right out of the box, the scope that came with it is very low end and i choose not to use it, but used a Hammers 4x9x32 AO and this rifle is the most accurate one i own, you can drive nails with it, mine is .22 cal. and it does not lack for power, it sends the 14.5 grain hollow point Crosman lead pellet down the line at an easy 1000+ FPS, and at 50 yds well its like shooting a target at 10 yds., i cant miss!, and it is not real sensitive to the way you hold it like some of my other rifles, the gun is worth the money but order a decent scope at the same time you order the rifle,, you'll be glad you did.

Hank from USA

This gun is very accurate with the rails that come on the gun itself. The scope that comes with the gun leaves a little bit to be desired in that it has trouble staying sighted in with the recoil of this gun. If you're shooting at distance I suggest getting a new scope that can handle the kick. I have mine mounted with a 3 rail system scope from NC star, and I can get a tight grouping at 100 yards with it.

David from USA

This gun is extremely accurate. I currently have a NCstar 3 Rail illuminated scope mounted to this gun and can place 5-10 shots within a 3 in circle at around 200ft. The original scope that is included is ok, but it has a hard time staying sighted in due to the recoil this gun has. Ammo plays a key part in that as well. Gamo's masterpoint .22 ammo seems to be the straightest, their hunter line has a hard time staying straight in this gun.


what is the accuracy and distance?

asked Scott

When people say this gun is hard to cock, is it actually that hard to cock?

asked Tyler H

It is hard to cock the RAM .22. However, once I got the hang of it the steps to cock the gun were well worth the effort as I love this rifle.

paul from USA

if I was to guess... just based on feel... its like 15% more resistance than other breakbarrels I've tried. Not difficult, but shoot for a while, and you can get a little upper-body workout. This thing packs a punch, though, and I don't mind a little extra cocking force for the additional power.

Sean from USA

I also saw in the reviews that this gun is hard to cock and kicks like a mule??? No it does not. Unless you are a small female or a child under 10 you should have no problems. My 14 year old son went through a 1/2 a tin of pellets in one sitting with no problems.

Rick from USA

No, it is not hard to cock. You will be compressing a strong spring but if you bump the barrel right below the barrel sight the barrel will break open. Now use your hand just below the barrel sight to get good leverage and it is that easy. I am 64 years old and had a total shoulder replacement 2 years ago on left shoulder and rotator repair on the right one shortly after the first. Just think leverage. I can cock mine sitting in a chair. I love this rifle and have had a ball shooting squirrels out of my pecan trees. F Crawley

Fred from USA

very hard to cock, cocking is hard.

Jason from USA

Could this kill a coyote? This thing shoots faster than a real .22lr.

asked Nanodrew

I have one of these and have shot several coyotes on our ranch with it from as far 100 ft into as close as 35 ft (Yup!) and each time I was only rewarded with a yelp and a dust trail from them hightailing it out of sight. We have cattle and raise small breed AKC dogs and the local packs have been getting very aggressive the last two years so I bought this as a deterrent for those that come in so close. Mind you I am also a predator hunter in central AZ and use an AR chambered in .20 Practical and normally wouldn't shoot unless i can get a clean kill. I almost always use shooting sticks with this rifle and have hit right behind the shoulder each time. Didn't even phase them.

Philo in AZ

It depends on how many times you're going to beat it over the head with the rifle! Sorry, I've been wanting to say that for a long time. The short answer is, no. I don't know of any .22 air rifle that will take out an adult coyote from more than 40 or feet 50 feet away. The closest I've gotten to a coyote is about 100 feet.. The most powerful air rifles at that distance have about a 1 in 10 chance of taking it out with a clean head shot. They have no hope of taking it out with a body shot. Contrary to what the air gunners might say, the only thing a .22 air rifle will do to a coyote at less than point blank range is, piss it off. I wouldn't even attempt it with less than a 36 gr. .22lr hollowpoint, or a 40 gr. .22 lr solid. The 1200 fps is for a pba pellet, VERY light. It will fire a "standard" 14.3 gr. pellet at about 950 fps (still one of the fastest around, along with the Hatsan 135, and the Umarex). Let's do the math: 950 fps squared=902500; times weight in grains is 902500x14.3=12905750; divide by 450240=28.66 ft/lbs at the muzzle. At 50 feet you can expect a speed drop of 125 fps. That leaves us with 825 fps. Still damn fast for an air rifle. Let's figure its energy. 825 squared is 680625 x 14.3 grains= 9732938 divided by 450240 = 21.62 ft/lbs of energy. You cannot kill a 40 lb. predator with 21.6 ft./lbs. of force. That's like trying to to take out a 200 pound timber wolf with a .22 target pistol. Ain't gonna happen. And just to compare it. A CCI 40 gr. .22 caliber solid fires about 1200fps. 1200 x 1200 = 1440000 x 40 = 57600000/450240 = 127.93 ft/lbs energy. So please fellow air gunners, stop comparing the energy of a .22 air rifle to a .22 lr. It's not even close.

Ken B

Maybe it does shoot faster than a 22lr, but the pellet has very little weight and therefore very little knock down power. A close range, less than 25 yards, neck short will drop a coyote. Any other shot and you better be a master tracker with plenty of time to spare.


Although this is the most powerful airgun I have used to date, I think you would be hard pressed to use it for coyote hunting. I think to kill a varmint of that size with the ruger airmag, you would have to be in the 25 yard range, using heavy .22 pellets, and of course you would have to place your shot carefully. The biggest thing I have killed with mine is a turkey. The air magnum will not produce the same energy as a 22lr. Again with that being said the Air Magnum is the most powerful air gun you can buy in the sub 200.00 price range.

Rick from USA

As a User of the weapon and seeing the kind of damage it can cause, I would say it could kill a coyote under 50 yards with a well placed shot. I have shot a very large squirrel standing under a pecan tree the squirrel was at the top so it was an almost straight up shot of about 90 feet. The pellet picked the squirrel straight up about five feet before he started his trip down. Use a heavier than normal pellet to give greater impact and have FUN!!!! Fred

Fred from USA

nope, I have hit rabbits and birds that need to be shot twice in order to kill.. So shooting a coyote would only injure and is just cruel. If you need to kill something pick the right weapon, period. If you're just looking to wound and be evil to animals go in your basement and punch yourself in the face for an hour.

Jason from USA

what game could I kill with this gun (please list the biggest)?

asked Marwan from USA

Deer could be killed with this rifle, but you have to be an excellent shot and put it in its ear! A heart shot would work, but you'd have to chase it for quite awhile. If I can drop a deer with a Ruger 10/22, I could drop one with this! Don't know yet, but this rifle should be accurate and deadly at 100 +yrds.


and small pigs upto about 70 pounds

zane from New Zealand

You can hunt Birds, squirrels, rabbits, and small raccoons but nothing too big


What is the true velocity with light and heavy pellets......I am only interested in 22.

asked Jim

1200 fps with .22 version.

Marwan from USA

will you ever get any more in stock

asked Zach

Zack, When it comes to refurbished guns/rifles it is really up to the manufacturer on when they send us supplies. It could be a few weeks to months. It really depends on when they have stock. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. Continue to watch the website for any updated stock time. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

What is the best pellet for shooting squirrels around 35 yards away using Ruger Air Magnum 22 cal Rifle

asked Fred from USA

I prefer to use the masterpoint pellets as compared to the domed "hunting pellets". They are extremely accurate in this gun. You'll definitely be able to hit a squirrel at 35 yards with them.

David from USA

Is this a good rifle to hunt with?

asked some1

Yes for small game there are many videos online of bird hunting and squirrel hunting with this gun. Even a few big turkeys.

Vincent from USA

I bought one of these a couple of months ago. It has a LOT of POWER! I am having trouble with accuracy. I shoot at targets with a 1",2", 3" 6" ring (diameter) at 100'. I find that out of a 10 shot group I get typically 1 or 2 in the inner ring and a couple more in the next ring and the rest in the third ring or worse. That's only with certain ammo. I find domed pellets to be the best, wadcutters second best. Pointed projectiles are much worse with 2 to 4 projectiles missing even the outer ring. I have probably shot 1500 rounds total. I was having trouble with the scope coming loose but found it was ok if I kept it pretty tight. I recently bought a box of cylindrical pellets (15gr H&N Rabbit magnums) and some round balls--both of these turned out to be a disaster. I generally miss the entire target. I ended up shooting at 50' and still wound up missing the target--what's going on? I can throw a baseball better than that! I was sort of expecting groups all within the 1' circle at 100'. I have tightened up the mounting screw on the stock and the hinge seems to be nice and tight also. I am shooting from a bench resting on sandbags with the stock sight. I am also shooting without glasses. The focus on the scope is backed way out and I don't believe there is a way to adjust out the parallax on the scope, so that may be a problem but I can't see how that would change with different pellets.

asked Robert from USA

I forgot to say, as for your scope, invest in one that's shockproof and has an adjustable objective. This will rid you of your parallax problem making it so you can see clearly at closer ranges.

Kevin from USA

Heavy pellets work best,, my Ruger Air Mag loves the H&N pellets. Baracuda Hunter, Baracuda Hunter Extreme & Crow Magnums. Mine loves all three shooting dime size groups. You'll like how the Crow Mags expand when shot from the Ruger Air Mag. Also it's important to clean your barrel to get the burnt oil out from break in. If your barrel is fouled with burnt oil your accuracy will be erratic. Once you clean your barrel make sure you get all the cleaning solvent & gun oil out by running clean dry patches through the barrel until they come out totally clean and dry... Then if needed re-sight in your scope as your groups should be tight. Oh yes one other thing, MAKE SURE ALL your screws, bedding, scope, etc. are degreased and tight with blue lock tite. Loose screws will ruin your accuracy... Hope this helps,, it helped tune my rifle, and I Love it's accuracy and power...

Kevin from USA

Hi - send for the heaviest pellets you can find - your pellets are crossing the sound barrier which is chaotic and messes with accuracy a lot. You need a heavier pellet to stay subsonic for accuracy. Try several kinds to find what your rifle likes best. The right pellet will have plenty of punch even though it flies slower, due to the extra weight. Also, try the artillary grip, it works better with magnum air rifles - this is when you rest the fore stock on your open palm and fire without closing your grip - recoil with magnum rifles moves point of impact erratically if your grip is closed. Good luck


According to several reviews, this particular air rifle seems to be very hard to get accuracy from. Do you find them difficult to get good accuracy with, and do you have issues with the heavy duty cocking power needed?

asked David

This air gun will test your shooting skill. You MUST be very conscious of your artillery hold and you must refine it to find the correct way to hold this gun. Another thing you MUST do is use a heavier pellet. I've found that pellets in the 10.5 grain range work the best.It does not like light or cheaply made pellets.If you do these things I believe you'll be very happy with the accuracy this rife is capable of. As far as cocking this gun, yes it does take some effort, but it is about technique also.I'm left handed so maybe it's easier for me,but I kind of slap the barrel and pull it down all in one smooth motion.It's not a rifle for women or little kids.

Sharon from USA

Why only have 30 datos of guarranty? Thy

asked Santiago

Santiago, All refurbished items are guaranteed for 30 days. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Hi. do you send to Brazil? Thanks

asked RENATO

Renato, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Can this be shipped to India? if so what are the formalities?

asked Khriezotuo from USA

Khriezotuo, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They will be able to answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Through what can this rifle shoot? I'm no beginner with pellet rifles, but I have never shot a pellet rifle with fps of 1400. How many wooden plates should I use to stop the pellet?

asked yuri

For a backstop I use a cardboard box struffed with folded newpapers. As you shoot the bulls eye hold will get deeper and deeper so in time just replace the folded newpapers. And in the very back of the box just for safety I placed a 3/16 thick steel plate to make sure even after many many shots that no pellets would go further then wanted... I've heard tell that regular pellet traps come apart with the power of this rifle... The set up I'm using work great as a back stop...

Kevin from USA

Depends on ya ammo i used 4 grain bullets the other day and shot a 2 x 4 and it only penetrated about 3/8 to 1/2 inch n from 35 feet. But then i used the 8 grain predetor polys and they went close to a inch. And then the baracuda by h and n 16.36 grain n one went through so thts a 1 and a half of whitewood pine.

Vincent from USA

hi - what does refurbished mean for this item? thanks!

asked Leonard

Leonard, Refurbished items have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons. Refurbished products are repaired/tested for functionality and defects before they are sold. The main difference between "refurbished" and "used" products is that refurbished products have been tested and verified to function properly, and are thus free of defects, while "used" products may or may not be defective. Refurbished products may be unused customer returns that are essentially "new" items, or they may be defective products that were returned under warranty, and resold by the manufacturer after repairing the defects and ensuring proper function. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Do you need a P.A.L. / license for this gun?

asked rob

Yes, anything over 500 FPS requires a PAL


am intrest to bye but how can i import

asked Rajesh

Rajesh, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They will be able to answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

am intrest to bye this please send further details for my mail Id [email protected]

asked RAjesh

Rajesh, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They will be able to answer all of your questions. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

How loud is this when fired? I see one review that says it should not be fired in residential areas. Is it really that loud? Equivalent to a .22LR, for example?

asked Joe

Using BPA pellets this gun is as loud as a 22 lr because it breaks the sound barrier. Using heavy pellets its not that loud at all. I live in a residential neighborhood and I shoot it in the back yard all the time with no problem.

Beverly from USA

Can you use .22 PBA Ballistic pellets on the air magnum?I heard this type of pellet can decrease the lifespan on most rifles.

asked George

I tune, repair and restore air rifles of various makes and models. I would NOT recommend shooting light weight ammo like PBA in this rifle. Its a spring piston design and you could definitely wear out the piston seal prematurely and maybe damage the piston itself from the "piston slam" that would result. This happens when there isn't enough air resistance against the piston during the shot cycle after firing the gun. A heavier pellet will utilize the power of the gun better and cause just the right amount of air cushioning effect so that the piston wont "slam" when it reaches the end of its travel in the air tube.

michael from USA

How is the trigger pull and how powerful is it?

asked Movies

The trigger pull on this gun is on the loose side, not requiring much force. The trigger pull on most guns is adjustable to your liking, from the factory this one had just the right amount of give for me, so I haven't touched it. The gun itself is very powerful and has some serious kick. Its powerful enough to shoot through a couple of pennies stacked together, or a 3/4" sheet of plywood.

David from USA

I am thinking about buying this, although what caliber would be the best for it? I hear that the .177 isn't a great round for it, but what is?

asked Andrew

I own this rifle in both .177 & .22 calibers. Both rifles are equipped with Leapers UTG 6 X 24 scopes with law enforcement quick release medium height mounts. Both rifles have over 2000 rounds apiece through them and my overall preference for speed, accuracy. and fit is the .177. The .177 is easily capable of 1 inch groups at 50 yards using a heavy round nose pellet. The best I've ever been able to get out of the .22 at 50 yards is a 6 inch group again using heavy pellets in round nose configuration. I'm no "expert" but have been shooting air rifles for 50 years and I suspect that the .22 pellet is slower to leave the chamber and is profoundly affected by the double recoil of a spring rifle. Both of these rifles would benefit from the extra cost of replacing the mechanical spring with a gas cylinder. At 20 yards the .177 still out shoots the .22 . It's your money but if it was my choice I would opt for the .177.Good shooting to you.

Willie from USA

If you are just going to target shoot and plink at things, the .177 seems to be the hands-down choice. But if you are planning on hunting squirrels and such, then the .22 has the punch you will want. Either way, this is an excellent model.

Gary from USA

Hi, First I'll say that this was the first air gun I bought so I'm no expert. Now that I have three spring guns I can say with confidence that for the price the Ruger air magnum offers very good quality. As far as caliber it was only offered in .177 when I bought mine and now that I've been Shooting for a while I would get the .22 if I had the choice again. The gun is powerful and needs fairly heavy pellets for really good results. If you want to hunt go with the .22 but either way be sure of your's powerful!! Enjoy,I am.

Randall from USA

I shoot the .177 hyper velocity pellets through the same air rifle and I don't have a problem hitting a target at 120 feet. I'd try a longer range, but id need a longer back yard ;)

Randall from USA

the .177 caliber high Velocityrounds are the best way to go with this gun.

Andrew from USA

Are refurbished guns in good condition?

asked Mike M

Generally they look like new. It's the way to go imo, and if does have a problem you have 30 days to find it and return or try another. I suggest a crony test to verify power and accuracy testing. If it passes those it should be good to go.


I bought a refurbished gamo bone collector that was marked down $90 and the only difference from brand new was the packaging. It is in perfect condition. I will not buy new again!

Steven from USA

Yes,airgun depot refurbs are pretty much like brand new,if not actually improved in some way or another.Been very happy with my refurbished guns

Randall from USA

Generally they're like new except for a small letter "R" stamped on the barrel to mark it as a referb. I always buy referb when available. The problem with the Ruger is quality, lots of complaints but no parts available to fix if needed. I tried this gun myself, the first one was defective internally and power was down about 40%. Many people would never know it and think it's normal. Sent it back for a replacement which was better, but needed some work to make the power plant right. I sold it later and the buyer was very happy with it. A couple other friends have bought this gun as well and had accuracy problems. I suppose many of these get returned which is why there are many referbs available. This is why I prefer Crosman/Benjamin for cheaper guns because if something is wrong you can buy a replacement part for cheap. If you get lucky and get a good Ruger Air Mag for $100 on sale then the power to price ratio is unbeatable. Also know this gun is huge, sitting in a gun shop with tons of firearms this will clearly stick out as the largest gun. Not unusable, just different. I suppose it would not be for anyone smaller like a woman or child, it's clearly a man sized gun.


Yes. I bought a refurbished air pistol and it is in like new condition. No scratches or dings anywhere. If I didn't know it was refurbished I would think it's new. Shoots like new. It convinced me to buy a refurbished riflr today.

William R from USA

I am thinking of buying this air rifle or a hatsan model 95. What are your thoughts? What are the pros and cons?

asked john

I own both rifles and like them both. If I had to choose one over the other, I would go with the Hatsan 95. It's just easier to shoot well.

Jason from USA

The price was right, and the shipping was free. I picked it up during the free shipping agreement. It was very easy to sight in at 100 yards. It was off 2" to the right. The scope is fantastic. For the money, I would recommend this rifle to anyone looking for a good break barrel.

herbert from USA

About how loud is this gun in comparison to other typical air 22's? Does the noise reduction with the thick barrel heads really make a difference? Is this one loud enough to wake up the neighbors? Compared to an actual 22 firearm, it's got to be quieter. Any comments on any of these items would be helpful. Thanks. Nick

asked Nick

noise- low like a nail gun barrel head- no diffrence compared to a .22 rim fire- way quieter hands down

jonathan from USA

The gun is loud for an air gun, but with subsonic pellets it is much more quiet then a 22 firearm. This is a powerful air gun! If you get oil in the compression chamber the pellet will diesel and go super sonic, sounding very much like a firearm. It will quiet down with a few shots and it won't sound like a gun, but it is as noisy as clapping your hands once. If that would wake them up, then the answer is yes.

Doug from USA

This gun seems to have plenty of power. As for noise, it does seem to be about the same level as a 22cal rifle. It may not wake your neighbors, but if they are close enough and awake, they will probably hear it, especially if you are taking numerous shots, as in target shooting, etc. Overall I like the gun. After I zeroed in the scope, I was getting pretty consistent at hitting a 2" circle at 100', and at 200'. It would certainly be improved by the use of a bipod, and a variable 3-9 scope. Hope this helps. W.E. Woodland Hills, CA

William from USA

Hi, I live in Perth, Australia and I was wondering if pellet guns are legal to import or is this site based in Perth and also dovivneed a permit to have one?

asked Charlie

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

I bought one of these from AGD a little over 2 years ago in .177. I am in the process of converting it to .22 or .25. i haven't made up my mind yet. To you folks who own this airgun in .22, what pellet did you have most success with? Has anyone out there converted it to .25? If so, what was your experience with that? I also plan to put an aftermarket wood stock on it. Just for info, I mounted a CP4-16X40AO scope on it 2 years ago and it is still giving excellent service. I wouldn't use any other scope on this powerful rifle for the money outlay. Thanks.

asked gabe

You should try H&N barracuda match selected heavy pellets on 22 i got 1.77 and work excellent should work the same on 22

Roger from USA

Greetings: First of all, forget the idea of converting your .177 to a .22. It would cost you about the same amount to wait for a refurb .22 to come on the refurb site. Secondly I own both a .177 and a .22. I would not trade the .177 for anything and it's my favorite and most accurate shooter. Sadly I cannot say the same about the .22. It is the most inaccurate .22 I have ever shot. If you shop some of the forums you will find similar complaints from Air Magnum .22 owners. Seems all are inaccurate, cant shoot a group less than 2 inches at 10 meters regardless of what kind of pellets are being used and in fact there are instances of owners wanting to convert their .22s to .177s which will not work. I doubt if simply changing the barrel on your .177 to a .22 would work either as they have different size air ports and o-ring seals that would not mate up. By the way, using RWS Supermagnum 9.3 grain pellets with my .177 I can shoot 50 cent size groups at 50 yards all day. Stay with the .177. If you have to have a .22 go with the Crosman Venom Dusk with the Nitro piston. It's quiet , accurate to 50 yards and beyond and is presently on sale. Put a 6X24 scope on it to get full use of it's power and accuracy.

Willie from USA

I like the 22 cal. RWS Magnums. I hope you don't ever have to send it back to Umarex for repairs. My main spring fell apart after about 20 shots. Umarex refused to honor the warranty. The reason they said there was oil in the chamber and accused me of oiling the gun. The guy, with Umarex, on the phone also needs an attitude adjustment real bad. Good luck.

Bill from USA

I haven't tried the RWS pellets yet because I can't find them locally. But the crosman hollow points are really accurate with this gun. Also the Gamo rocket pellet is accurate and it has a lot of knock down power I took a raccoon with a rocket pellet straight through the vitals. And I shot a squirrel and flew back bout 6 inches.

nick from USA

Is this rifle really powerful?

asked bernard from USA

This rifle packs quiet the punch and once you get use to using the gun the accuracy becomes unbelievable

Anthony from USA

Can you guys read this and make sure I didn't not misinterpret it. Page 7 and quoted underneath. "firearm" means any lethal barrelled weapon from which ammunition can be discharged or any prohibited weapon, and includes any component part of any such weapon and any accessory to any such weapon designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by firing the weapon, but does not include any air rifle, air gun, or air pistol, of a type prescribed by Order made by the President and of a calibre so prescribed; Air weapons. SUBSIDIARY LEGISLATION FIREARMS (AIR WEAPONS) ORDER made under section 2 1. This Order may be cited as the Firearms (Air Weapons) Order. 2. In this Order "air weapon" means an air rifle, air gun or air pistol. 3. For the purposes of the definition of "firearm" occurring in section 2 of the Firearms Act, it is hereby declared that a firearm does not include air weapons of or below .177 calibre, unless the barrel thereof is rifled. So according to that I can own an gun of .177 calibre? Without the need of a permit or license? Just checking before the rage at me when I order it. Our laws are very mixed up :S

asked Jovan

It is your responsibility to know the restrictions of where you live.

Scott from USA

Can the forearm and stock be tapped for a sling without damaging it ?

asked Dean

If you are going to do that I would put some sort of cloth over the plastic before taping to prevent any sticky residue from sticking to the gun.

Tyler from USA

In past I have seen regular firearms with the front post for a sling mounted on the side of the forearm. I don't know the reason for this, and personally I did not like how it looked. But if you try it and it works let us know. Thinking about it if you do try it I'd mount the post far enough back past the barrel groove where the stock's underside wraps all the way around from one side of your stock to the other to help stability... Good Luck...

Kevin from USA

Description and specs conflict in velocity. 1200, 1000, or 800? I understand alloys shoot faster than metal, but they usually have a 150-200 fps difference. So my question is what's the real velocity of this gun?

asked Matthew

800 with standard lead pellets 1000 with high velocity pellets

Scott from USA

I am looking into buying a Ruger magnum combo .22 caliber air rifle and I was wondering if this rifle is powerful?

asked Ed

It depends on the one get I suppose. The first one I bought had a defect so it only made about 14ftlbs. The replacement was just above 20ftlbs, and after tuning (no aftermarket parts) I got it up to 23. I suppose if you dumped some money into it you could bring that up a little. The quality varies too much to say what you'll get, or if yours will be accurate, you just have to try one and see.


Greetings: I bought one of these last month and the RIFLE is nothing short of spectacular in it's performance. Couple of things you should know up front. First the scope that comes with the rifle belongs on a Daisy Red Ryder and once broken in with about 200 shots it is capable of 100 yard shots provided you have the right scope and are shooting match grade ammo. I bought a BSA Majestic 4X24 scope with high mount dovetails. I achieve 2 inch groups at 100 yards with H&N Match grade wad cutters. Nothing else I've tried would group this well at 100 yards. Second the barrel is almost two inches longer than the Airhawk and might droop a little bit. Mine did but I fixed it with two shims under the rear mount using plastic from a water bottle. First100 shots are LOUD but then it quiets down to an acceptable level. Want to know about power? First couple of shots sighting it in at 25 yards using wadcutters went all the way through 2 inches of floor mat rubber and the 3/4 inch piece of plywood they were glued to. Have since glued my floor matting to a 1X12 backboard to contain the pellets. Yeah it's a power shooter. What you have to decide is how much extra you want to spend on a scope to bring this rifle to it's full potential. If this one ever wears out I'll be buying another one in a heartbeat. Get one and spend the extra $ . You won't be disappointed.

Willie from USA

How loud is this gun?

asked Nicole from USA

To help with the loud shot noise use heavier pellets, especially during break in. Also If you use light pellets you'll break the sound barrier and there is no stopping that loud crack. Also with heavier pellets your accuracy will be better if you remain subsonic. I live in an area where noise can be a problem. To deal with the noise I set up a long folding table and placed several boxes end to end. I cut holes just large enough to place the front of my barrel in and still be able to see through my scope comfortably while aiming at my target setup on the other side of my yard. The boxes kind of act like a suppressor so to speak trapping much of the loud noise as the pellet exits the barrel and passes through the holes in the series of boxes. Its not perfect but it does help and allows me to shoot in an urban area. Also its hard to tell exactly how loud your own rifle is because when your face is over the stock as you shoot you hear much of the internal noise of the spring when firing. To know the true loudness of your own gun have someone else shoot it as you stand away. Later I built a long portable shooting bench so I could easily move it around my yard and set up the box system. My neighbor saw me making it and asked what I was doing. I showed him the setup & he asked me if it worked. I asked have you heard me shooting, he replied no. I told him then it works...

Kevin from USA

119 db about as loud as a 22 rim fire. That being said quite loud for a pellet gun if you use 9 grain or higher bullets the sound should be lower

Vincent from USA

It is very loud. It cracks the sound barrier with Crosman Premier Pellets, with heavier pellets it isn't as loud, but still up there.

Conor from USA

Hello, I wanted to ask whether the possible shipment to Lithuania? and that will not cause any problems of customs on this weapon delivery to my country? Thanks

asked irmantas

Go to that webpage, where the item you want is. Click on "Add to Cart." (There will be a pop up with other items if you want those) Then click "proceed to checkout" if that is everything you want. When your checking out at the sight and there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping costs will be presented before you finalize your purchase.

Scott from USA

I am wondering if this gun would be good for me. I am 12 and I want to hunt small game with it. Should I get a .177 or .22?

asked Bryon

As Gibby said, this gun is HUGE! Not for a 12yr old, not for anyone really. Also, I've tried four Rugers and they were horrible quality and all had serious problems so I'd stay away from them. A nitro Crosman/Benjamin like Gibby recommended is an excellent choice, but they are much harder to cock than the regular coil spring Crosman guns, plus coil guns are much cheaper. You can get a standard referb Crosman for about $75 with scope, that's probably the best deal in airguns there is. Look at the daily deal: and one will pop up sooner or later, also Crosman's website. Usually the Phantom or Quest will be the one's to pop up, both excellent guns for the money. They're normal size, normal weight, much easier to cock than the nitros, and substantially easier to cock than the Ruger Air Mag. They usually come in .177, but sometimes .22. Both calibers shoot very well so it's more of a personal preference really. However consider this; you can buy a barrel in the other caliber so you have both! That's the way to go imo, it's what I do. You'll need to order the barrel from Crosman (~$16) and a few parts to make it complete, plus the $4 flat rate shipping brings a complete extra barrel assy to about $28. When done you can convert calibers in less than five minutes, but more importantly you get to decide which one you prefer, or like me you might prefer one cal for this and the other cal for that. Crosman guns are very versatile so not only can you change calibers, but other parts. If you want a different stock someday just pick one you like and they bolt right on. Or maybe you want a quieter suppressor barrel like the Trail series has, and sling mounts. Just order from Crosman and bolt them on. Most all parts from Crosman are very cheap. You can even switch to nitro if have the urge, but it's probably easier to just buy a whole referb nitro gun for $100. If you or anyone has questions just ask me; chevota at hotmail


This gun is BIG and HEAVY!!!! Plus it takes a lot of effort to cock it. It is a game getter and I have had great luck with it. I would get the .22. If I were 12, I would go for something in the 6 or so weight range. Check out the Crosman Titan GP. Light and easy to cock and super accurate. Won't wear you out on a day of hunting. You can get a refurb from AGD at low cost.


What air cartridge is used for this gun? Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle- 1400 FPS

asked anthony from USA

This is a break barrel which takes a good amount of force to cock which compresses a spring and locks it n position which is used to power the awesome air rifle.

Vincent from USA

It's a spring powered gun, no cartridge needed.


Is this guns weight a problem, and is it good for small game?

asked Air gun hunter

Hi, Can you ship this item to south africa? Please reply

asked JP Prinsloo

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

hi just enquiring how much would it cost to deliver to england thanks

asked david stewart

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

Can you put a good scope on it and not that that piece they give you with the gun?

asked richard bronk

You can put any good air gun scope you want on it.It is a high powered air rifle with a lot of kick though,so a bottom line scope might not hold up very long.That being said,I'm still shooting with the scope that came with the gun and out side of having to change the rings and mount that came with it I've had no problems with the scope.It holds P.O.A. well and once I got it dialed in the rest is up to me!

Sharon from USA

do i need license to buy this air rifle - 1400 FPS

asked Viet

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden.

Scott from USA

How well does it perform with Crosman hunting pellets? The only pellets I can get where I live are 7.4 grains.

asked Anonymous

It should give you about 1100fps with that pellet. I can't comment on accuracy because I haven't tried mine yet, but as a general rule the heavier pellets are best, especially with magnums. Order some 10.5gr, like Barracuda/Kodiak, they're awesome. You'll probably get like 950fps with those.


Heavier would be better, but they should work good in this gun since there is plenty of lead for the lands inside the barrel to grab onto.

Conor from USA

This is a refurbished gun, is there any issues with it such as failures or manufacture defects I should know about?

asked Owen Bell

All the refurb guns I or friends have bought were indistinguishable from new, so I always try to buy a refurb if I can find it. Now, the Ruger brand is another story... I've had/tried four of their guns (new and refurb) and I was very disappointed with each one. The main problem with this Air Mag is the inside of the tube body is in such bad shape that the piston seal cannot seal against it which costs you power. My first one was horrible and power was pathetic as a result. The replacement gun was also horrible inside but the bad part was further aft so the seal could do its job. After I cleaned out the metal shavings, replaced the damaged seal and other misc repairs the gun actually worked, but power was much lower than advertised. It only shot about 40fps faster than my generic Crosman guns like my Phantom, not the 200fps faster they claim. So for its HUGE size, extra weight, increased cocking effort, poorer accuracy, etc etc, it's hardly worth the 40fps. Plus you will need to crony the gun to see if it works in the first place, and if it does you'll need to take the gun apart to verify it's ok and clean out the metal shavings and probably change the seal. Buy a Walther like I did, much better gun, about 50% more power and refurbs are about $175 (including scope), well worth it... If you want inexpensive, then I'd buy a refurb Crosman for $75. Sorry to rain on anyone's parade, but I've worked on a lot of guns and Ruger is at the bottom.


My gun was a complete surprise for me. It looked like a brand new gun! Everything looked as new. I did have trouble with the scope mounts, but that was an easy fix. I got new ones and it's been perfect ever since. This is a great gun and you won't regret getting one. Just remember it takes some time to get used to shooting it and use heavy pellets, not Wally World ones.

Sharon from USA

What kind of mechanical problems does this gun have?

Ray from USA

Is it worth it to buy a refurbished pellet gun?

asked Herbert



I wounder if there is a possible way of putting a silencer on this gun? This gun shoots very well and is very accurate but it is very very loud.

asked Paul L.

Stay away from pellets that are light. In .177 use pellets that weigh 9+ grs. In .22 stay above 14 grs and it will be fairly quiet. With light pellets it will sound like a .22 LR.


Ok, I'm looking for a gun with good power, quality, and accuracy. I was looking through Gamo, Berretta, and Hatsan when finally this gun caught my eye. Its not my first airgun though, I am around many guns and just came off my previous Hatsan striker 1000s which is an awesome and high quality gun but it did break.(great gun that was my fault) anyway before I blow $100 dollars on this gun I want to know if it's worth it.

asked John

I agree with Connor, Ruger guns are the bottom of the barrel. If you want a magnum get a Hatsan 125, or the cheaper referb Walther which is a 125 with Walthers name on it. If you don't need a magnum then I'd buy a Crosman/Benjamin which are great guns for the money, especially the referbs for $75 to 100


Personally, my experience with this gun has not been good, but maybe I just had a bad one. Accuracy was awful, the piston seal kept getting ruined with 10 grain pellets, etc. I'd go with a Hatsan 125 or something similar.

Conor from USA

Can someone please tell me if the Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle has a lesser cocking effort than the Remington NPSS?

asked anm

I saw your question and thought I'd offer this advise. Though I can't comment on the other rifle you mentioned,, for my Ruger Air Mag I put my hand on the barrel near the front sight and kind of bounce it over my knee and when the barrel breaks I use the weight of the rifle to help cock it. Saves the arm and I can shoot for long periods of time...

Kevin from USA

It will actually have a little bit more cocking effort than the Remington NPSS, this gun has a bigger spring (but the NPSS has a nitro-piston).

Conor from USA

I'm looking for my 1st air rifle. I want something that will bring down squirrels and rabbit without a problem. I am choosing between this and the remington vantage 1200. Can you help me?

asked will

I'd get the Rem Vantage without question, but if you want to save money you can get other Crosman guns for less. The Crosman Quest is the same as the Vantage except the stain is lighter. If you get a referb gun, which I always try to get first, you save even more money. A referb Quest with scope is usually $75 to 80 and probably the best deal in airguns there is. Even new they're only ~$100. I've had four Rugers and they all had serious problems and were of poor quality. The one Ruger I had which worked, this same Air Mag, only shot 40fps faster than my Rem Vantage, nowhere near the 200fps faster they claim. Also consider that the RAM is a HUGE gun, freakishly huge, it sticks out like a sore thumb at the gun shop next to all the firearms. It's much harder to cock than the Vantage (about 60% harder), and about 2lbs heavier to lug around, which you will feel after hiking around.


The Ruger Mag will do the job, but get ready to practice the artillery hold. This gun is very sensitive, plus it's very heavy and long. As for power it will run circles around the Remington. Use 10.5 grain pellets, I prefer the crosman premiers round nose, very accurate,and they hit like a brick. You can expect 900 fps plus with the 10.5 and 19 to 20 foot pound of energy,awesome power,definitely not a TOY... Be very careful how you shoot it's got power and range. The gun can be upgraded with a good tune up. As for use with open sights don't waste your time. As for the scope, it will probably not last long. The Ruger Mag is a scope demolisher,you'll have to get another one,I recommend Leapers 4x32.


Where is the gun made?

asked dave

Made in China.


I just recieved my rifle and I read the pamphlet, but I cannot get the barrel to cock. Is there a screw or a button you have to push to unlock it or am I just too weak?

asked Mike Hall

Give a sharp hard tap/hit to the top (by the end) of the barrel and that should "break" it open, then you exert the 45lbs or so to cock it.

Conor from USA

Is this air rifle easy to align to the scope?

asked jose from USA

All scope mounting is as easy as you make it, with proper tools. Use a metal bench rest, level the rifle when placed in it. Take time going back and forth tightening all screws with a good gunsmith screw driver. Use a laser without abore pin if you cannot find one for .177 pill. Adjust dead on at 30 yds., this will then be right on at 100yds., because of trajectory.


Depends on your experience with the Ruger mag. It's a very sensitive rifle, and this means you have to hold it the same way repeatedly . The rifle kicks very hard, because it has a lot of power. You should start the scope alignment at 20 yards to get the hang of it. Once you practice enough you'll be abel to hit 2 inch targets at 50 yards say the bottom of a soda can. I have other much more expensive rifles in my collection that are more accurate than the Ruger mag, but for $99 the Ruger is a ton of fun and super powerful, plus the parts are easy to get. I have to add one thing: this is one heavy gun most likely you'll be shooting it from a rest position, otherwise offhand is difficult .


No its hard.

Mitchell from USA

How big of game will this gun take down easily? Will it attract attention when I shoot it? (Like the cops?)

asked Frank

It can kill a swan at 10-60 yards with a head shot. Also, it may attract attention if you live in town.

Mitchell from USA

I actually just bought this and i was wondering how far do you guys zero in this air rifle? I googled it and I was told to zero it in around 20 yards and I'll have 50 yards zero in as well.. with the whole pellet projectile ballistics n what not... but im curious what you guys did / think is best for the gun?

asked Michael from USA

When I sighted in my rifle I started out close to make sure I was on paper, then moved if further and further out. If you have a nice area to shoot in you can also check for pellet drop at longer ranges using this method.

Kevin from USA

I sight mine in for 35yds. It is a good medium range for an airgun.

Conor from USA

does this ship for free, if not what would shipping be to 92064-5125 private residense Thank you gary

asked gecsr1 from USA

Gary, Unfortunately this item does not qualify for free shipping as the cost is below $200. Any order $200 or more qualifies for free shipping. If said item was shipped to 92064-5125 the shipping would come to approximately $13.82. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Service Team

Steve from USA

Gary, Unfortunately this item does not qualify for free shipping as the cost is below $200. Any order $200 or more qualifies for free shipping. If said item was shipped to 92064-5125 the shipping would come to approximately $13.82. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Service Team

Steve from USA

I was wondering what kind of grouping would you get out ofthis gun around 20-35 yards?And can this gun take opposum,doves, and crows?

asked Kyle Nolan

This gun is accurate at 30 yards if sighted in properly. Also, it can easily kill the 3 animals you listed. The opossum would have to be a vital shot though.

Scott from USA

I've been hearing this gun is very accurate with it's scope and powerful i usually use Pemier Hollow Points with my guns and was wondering before i get this gun could it take down a crow at 25-50 yards or a dove at 20 yards with the scope it aleady has?

asked Kyle

I would say 20 yards. 30-50 is a major stretch though. ]which is sad because crows are smart.

Scott from USA

What makes this rifle a combo?

asked Steven

The fact that the gun comes with a scope is the reason the manufacturer calls it a combo.

Scott from USA

will this kill a deer?

asked Jeff

No this would only work on small game, rats, squirrels, small birds.

Steve from USA

How quite is it when fireing?

asked joe jackson

Hello, to be perfectly honest this gun is a bit on the loud side when firing. I would give it a 6/10 or 7/10 in loudness

Scott from USA

How quite is it when fireing?

asked jo

Hello, to be perfectly honest this gun is a bit on the loud side when firing. I would give it a 6/10 or 7/10 in loudness

Scott from USA

I am buying this gun soon and i am wondering if the scope has some zoom, if the gun has good accuracy, and how loud the gun is.

asked Greg

Hello, Air magnum rifles tend to be a bit oin the loud side. Since this is refurbished, I am not 100% sure which scope it will come with, but usually they are 3x9-either 32 or 40. They are accurate though. Most of the refurbished look good as new too.

Scott from USA

can i put a tactical rail system on this?

asked zachary edwin tenan

you would be unable to put a tactical rail on this gun due to the rounded stock.

Steve from USA

Will this shoot .177 BB's? I had a couple large boxes of BB's when my rifle (It shot both BB's and pellets) got loaned out and never returned... :-(

asked Big Bill

No it shoots .177 cal pellets only.

Steve from USA

What grain pellet do you recommend? Trying to keep noise down

asked Daniel

All pellets heavier than 10.5 grains will leave the barrel at subsonic speeds and produce less sound. My gun likes Beeman Silver Arrow weighs 11.5 grains.

James from USA

The ruger mag is really noisy if you use alloy pellets and even so with lead pellets that weigh less than 10.5 I have had very good luck ,and quiet powerful performance with crosman premiers 10.5 grains, they fit this gun snuglly and hit like a brick at 30-40 meters.My Ruger mag is from AG depot-refurbished- took me a long time to tame and to get the hang of it. Now after a tuning the gun is performing very well, its a copy of the 350 RWS mag in .177 and those are big words. Copies will always be copies but for $99 this gun is worth the bet.--- p.s. kicks like a mule but you can get it to be very accurate.


I would recommend nothing lighter than 10.5 gr. I use 16.1 eun jin and am very happy with the accurracy, energy and sound level. I tried several kinds of pellets. I found the heavier the pellet, the smaller the group and the lower the sound level.

roy from USA

The heaver pellet is quieter. the lighter pellet is faster therefore being much louder. Try 8.44 grain to 10.5 gr. and see if they do what you are looking for.


A pellet weight in excess of 10 gr is necessary to reduce the muzzle velocity developed by the Ruger Air Magnum below trans-sonic speeds. The loud report often mentioned by users probably relates to use of more typical 7 to 9 grain pellets, which can develop a muzzle velocity in excess of the speed of sound when used with the RAM. Using the heavier pellets will reduce the sonic signature and should eliminate the instability which occurs when diabolo profile pellets decellerate below the speed of sound on their way to the target. Pellets offered by Airgun Depot which you might want to try include 10.7 gr Beeman Kodiak, 10.7 gr Beeman Kodiak Match, 11.6 gr Beeman Silver Arrow and 10.5 gr Crossman (Domed) for Silhouettes and Field Targets.

Raymond from USA

dou u send to uk

asked ken

Thank you for you interest. For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected]. This so we can better help you.

Steve from USA

I am thinking of purchasing this gun as a gift for a guy who wants to be able to hunt small game (rabbit and smaller). My question is about the cost of good ammo for this gun. I am trying to find a good pellet gun that is sturdy, reliable, accurate, easy to operate and inexpensive to use. Is this that gun? It sounds like a smaller sized pellet doesn't cut it and he wants to stock up on a LOT of ammo, so price is an issue. Thanks so much for helping a "newbie"!

asked Chris

This is the strongest pellet rifle I've owned. If you want power & accuracy this is a good choice. Though it is a bit heavy to carry afield. Another good choice is the Gamo Bone Collector with Bull Whisper in .177. It is accurate and much lighter in weight which makes for easier carry especially if hiking while hunting. As for Ammo, all guns like different ammo. One type ammo can be more accurate in one rifle then another. Find ammo your rifle likes and stick with it. As a general rule I've found you usually get what you pay for. I know I'd much rather say, "Boy I nailed that!" instead of "I sure missed that one."

Kevin from USA

Well, you can buy 1000 rounds for about 10 dollars so it's inexpensive;however, this gun is allitle bit bad on accuracy because of the recoil. I suggest buy a nitro piston air rifle because it will be less loud and also more accurate. This gun is good on power it dents steel just like a .22lr bullet would do. Well If u have anymore questions feal free to respond :) happy shooting

Andrew from USA

To add, it would be an excellent rabbit or squirrel rifle. Be humane and always try for the head and keep your shots within reason. Make sure to sight it in and get to know the rifle, it does kick and report with any type of pellet in either lead or non-lead that I have used so far. Good rifle for the money, good luck and take care.

Brent from USA

the pellets are avail ,everywere ,i ordered a box with my gun ,and as far as the gun taing down small game i think its the strongest pellet gun i ever owned and the price was great

dan palumbo

I have bought the Ruger Air Magnum with the scope as a rifle for vermin control. I baought in addition to the rifle the Beeman silver arrow .177 pellets those pallets are a bit heavier so there is a slight loss of velocity but the additional weight makes more then up for it. The standard pellet penetrates a ¾ inch particle boards but the beeman silver arrow goes throu an inch of plywood plus half way through the particle board. This rifle an excellent choice for small animals such as rabbit and vermin the size of possum and smaller. After adjusting and the scope for the heavier ammo I always hit what I aim at and the vermin does go down with a proper placed first shot. I have this rifle now for almost 6 month and I am very satisfied with it. Just be aware this rifle has a recoil so don't be surprised. I took this rifle to a shooting range to sight it in and the rifle turned head not because it was the only air rifle on the range but for its looks and accuracy

sven from USA

Will this gun kill a squirrel at 20-25 yards and what pellets should I use to do so?

asked Louis Toth

Absolutely! This air rifle has plenty of power to take large varmint, racoon, opposum, @ 30 - 40 yards, with a heavy grain pellet. I like the Eun Jin 16.1 grain pellet as it keeps the velocity below 1100 fps and has nearly the take down energy of a .22 long rifle. With lighter grain pellets I've hit about 1300 fps, but its much louder. I love this air rifle and would recommend it.


Yeah cause its very high powered. You can go with the standard hunting pellets(1200 fps) or for a faster velocity use the pba pellets(1400 fps). What I hate about the gun is sighting the gun with the scope because I still haven't been able to sight it. Get yourself some new optics with this gun, or even a laser. If you have another $100 to blow go get yourself the gamo hp varmint hunter. Both these rifles are made from great quality but the varmint has a scope, light, and I believe a laser all on one mount!

Kevin from USA

Beyond any doubt yes it would kill a squirrel at 25-30yrds. I have no doubt that if you can shoot you could kill one at 100yrds. It is the most powerful springer made in .177. You must use heavy pellets. Crosman Premiere Ultra Mags 10.5g's gave me superb accuracy at the 75yrds I was testing them with out of the Ruger Air Magnum.

Kayla from USA

Great gun. Kill rabbits & crows at 50 & 75 yards. Through water bottles at 100 yds. I changed the scope & use heavy pellets like the Beeman crow Magnum or RWS Superpoint extra. I'm pleased with it.

Earl from USA

YES this rifle is very powerful, I use 10gr copper coated pellets, at 30yds the pellet will punch through 1inch plywood and still hold shape with nice mushroom, this rifle Is capable of taking game much larger than squirl

john from USA

This gun will definitly kill a squirrel at ranges greater than 25 yards. The power of this full sized rifle is way up there. I shot some groups with 10.5 gr. and got under the sound barrier, but did'nt get the accurracy i wanted. I use Eunjin 16.1 gr. and get dime size 5 shot goups at 20 yards. Oh, almost forgot, killed a 40 lb raccoon last month with this rifle at a range greater than 25 yards.

roy from USA

This gun is very powerful. While I haven't done any squirrel hunting with it yet, I was putting holes through an old oil filter at 20 yards. I don't think a squirrel would stand much of a chance as long as you're accurate. I was using RWS Super Dome pellets. Very well made and consistent.

Kristopher from USA

Yes, this gun could easy kill a squirrel 20-25 yards, one of my friends kill a hare about 45 yards with out a problem I was very surprise to see that happen

Edith from USA

How do you set the 4x32 scope on the gun that came with it.

asked Jay Watts

I would recommend checking youtube for scope mounting and sighting in instructions.

Steve from USA

will this kill squirrels at 50 yards. and what kind of group should i expect. Thanks Sean

asked Sean

What they said in the other reviews is correct, upgrade the scope. I mounted a Bushnell 4-12X40 AO on my Ruger. The adjustable higher power really brings in the target. If you like to shoot long range you can even get more magnification scopes. Just make sure the scope you pick is shockproof and can stand up to recoil. The Bushnell I use is rated for break barrels. My first scope was not and did not last over a month before the reticle started to rotate within the scope. Also the aim/hold for longer shots is crucial, practice the artillery hold. But from a bench rest over a pillow my rifle shoots .5 inches @ 25 yards easily.

Kevin from USA

The two answers before mine are exactly what I would say. The rifle is powerful and if you have the ability and the right scope it will exceed 50 yard kills. I replaced the scope with a centerpoint 4-16X40AO. Great scope and this rifle has not turned it into junk like all the others I tried. I have had great luck with the AA Field Heavy 10.3 gr pellet and for squirrels I would use the RWS Superdome 8.3 gr. I have not had much luck with pellets <8 grs as they exceed SOS. GET ONE....They are fun to shoot!!!!

gabriel from USA

More than enough power with the Ruger air Magnum to kill a squirrel at 50 yards. At that distance i get about half inch group. You are going to have to upgrade your scope though if you want distance shots.

bryan from USA

You could kill the squirle if you could hit it. It has a massive recoil for an airgun so it is hard to shoot the same place twice. The grouping you can expect wih the iron sights is about 1inc and if you use the included scope, you can get that down to about .5inc about. It is hard to make It shoot where you want it to go. If you get a better scope than the Included one than you may get better shots and groups.

Andrew from USA

im thinking about buying this gun but i wanted to know how the people that have already bought this gun feel about it and if they would recremend it to someone who is looking to hunt small game such as rabbits, prarie dog, and birds. so if you have a answer to any of my questions please write back. thank you.

asked mitzi

Get it You'll love it... Or even an Umarex Octain in .177 whish is rated at 1,450 fps. But I Love My Ruger Air Mag... I'll say this though,, Upgrade the scope... Get a good high magnification adjustable scope rated for break barrels. I put a Bushnell Trophy XLT 4-12X40 AO on mine.. But a 4-16X40 would be even better. Really brings in the sight picture for good shot placement which is everything for a clean kill or drilling bullseyes. Practice the artillery hold and you'll be drilling your target in no time. On the bench rest this rifle will shoot 3/4 inch groups at 50 yards easily. I have about 500 rounds through mine and it shoots accurately and powerfully. It's Just Awesome!!!

Kevin from USA

It's powerful enough if it's working correctly, but it's a low end gun so don't be surprised if it doesn't. I'd buy a different brand, basically anything over this, but if you insist then I'd check the velocity and accuracy first thing. If everything is working correctly then you're good to go, but it not you'll want to return it asap under warranty. For the money, I'd go with a Walther Talon in .22cal, more power, better accuracy, better quality. I'd get a referb, they're cheaper and all the referbs I've bought were identical to new (excluding Ruger brand). Speaking of .22, it's probably better for what you're shooting at, but heavy .177 can work too. Lots of variables in deciding on caliber, so read up on it before you buy!


I am not going to show up as a verified buyer and I dont know why cause I bought one of these from AGD in the fall. This thing is extremely powerful and will kill anything you want in its capability. I use it to shoot everything you mentioned plus Nutria rats which can weigh up to 15 pounds. I use AA Field Heavy pellets at 10.3 grs and RWS 8.3 Superdomes. Less than 8 grains pellets do not work in this rifle as they exceed compressibility. The scope is not up to the potential of this rifle, but it works well on rimfire rifles and lower power springers. I use a Center Point 4-16X40AO and it handles the task. Buy this rifle, you will love it!!!!

gabriel from USA

I don't hunt but I enjoy shooting. I have BB and pellet guns and the real weapons. This Ruger Air Magnum falls in the class of a border line real gun. You'll be suprised and pleased with what a great rifle it is and how well made it's made. I give it the max # of stars.

Robert from USA

This is technically the first air gun I'm buying, and I want to know: can any .177 cal pellet be used, or are there types of magnum pellets that this gun is limited to?

asked Vinni

Be careful if this is your first air gun. First off, it's probably the lowest grade gun around. Yes, people brag about it, but I work on airguns and compared to the other guns AGD carries, this is probably the worst. If you get a good one then great, but don't be surprised if it's flawed. Check velocity and accuracy first thing while under warranty. Also, it's more of a mid powered gun, between the typical guns and the magnums, so if you want a magnum then I'd look at something like the Walther in .22. If a standard powered gun is enough then I'd consider a Crosman, they're very nice and cheap. Like a Quest, Storm, G1, Phantom etc, or their Nitro spring guns like the Titan, Vantage, and Regal. In that power level, you can use either .177 or .22, but I prefer .177. Just read up on them before you buy, and if possible shoot some different guns too. Another thing to note is the size, most magnum guns, this RAM included, are bigger and heavier than most people expect. A RAM compared to a typical firearm looks like a giant.


I have one of these and it was the most fun investment I ever made. I am old and retired so all I do is fish and shoot airguns. All of the answers before mine are 100% dead on accurate. Stay away from light pellets with this rifle. It don't like pellets less than 8grs. The lightest pellet I shoot is the RWS 8.3 Superdome which is very accurate and the AA Field Heavy 10.3. With a decent scope, this rifle will ding soda cans all day long at 65 yards. If you need the police, put a pba raptor in it, walk outside and shoot it and they will be there in a few minutes....that's based on if you live in a populated area of course.

gabriel from USA

To start, this is one Awesome rifle, Yes you can use any .177 cal pellet out there but I found that it performs best with a heavier pellet. I've been using Benjamin Discovery 10.5 gr. pellets and it is dead on, time after time.

Robert from USA

I am using two different types of pallets. I use the RWS Superdome .177 for target shooting and fun they are very accurate. it took me a while to sight the scope but after it was done it is a fun to shoot target with the pallet. I actually took the rifle to the Shooting range and sighted it in for 50 Yards this pallet works great and it gives you a nice geouping. I use the Beeman Silver Arrow for gridders because of the higher weight it slows down the speed but the additional weight makes more then up for it. You have to aim a liitle higher but when You hit the vermon it will go down. I used it on 1.5 inch particle board and the bullet goes through it. very good for vermon

sven from USA

You can use any .177 cal pellet. I have shot many different kinds with my Ruger Air Magnum. This a powerful air riffle and does best with the heavy pellets. For the price you can`t get a better riffle in my opinion. Good luck and hope you enjoy your riffle.

bryan from USA

There are no .177 cal pellets that this gun is limited to. My suggestion is to buy heavier pellets because the gun has a hard recoil and heavier would give you more accuracy on target. I would never recommend using PBA pellets in any gun as they are very in accurate on target, no mater what gun you have. If you have any more questions please contact me the same way you did the first time. Thank you

Andrew from USA

What is the power source for this rifle?

asked Luke

This is a single fire spring rifle.

Steve from USA

I know it might be silly question, but is it possible to take off the scope, and practice like that (I want to be able to practice without the some, just using the sight)?

asked Jozef

Jozef, One thing is for certain, you will definitely want to take the scope off that the Ruger comes with. This gun has A LOT of recoil for a scope and will rip that scope apart pretty quick. You can shoot it open sight for practice and for fun but I wouldn't recommend it for hunting. I recommend getting a magnum rates scope with a ONE piece mount. A Leapers 3-9x32 with a RWS one piece lock down mount will give you great results.

Preston from USA

Yes, It is possible to take it off and practice with just the sights, but it could possibly effect the accuracy of the scope when remounted. You might have to re-sight the gun in after putting it back on. Kurt

Kurt from USA

I have weaver see through scope mounts on mine. you need open sights up close. I have the option of open sights, scope or laser at any given moment. This has always worked for me.

roy from USA

This type scope mount allows easy removal and reinstallation of the scope. Just loosen 2 thumb screws and it comes right off.When you reinstall it you might have to resight it in, but it will be real close. You could also invest in a set of raised scope mounts and use both open sights and the scope.

Michael from USA

Yes. The scope comes off and on quickly with two screws in the mounts. The gun comes equiped with high quality adjustable fiber optic sights. I myself prefer to plink with the factory open sites also. If you take note or mark where the scope was mounted it can be reattached with very little resiteing required.

richard from USA

Yes you can shoot with open sights without the scope. The gun comes with day glow sights set accurately right out of the box.

Dale from USA

Yes you can shoot with the open sights. The day glow sights come sighted in right out of the box and can easily be adjusted if you like.

Dale H

Absolutely! I removed my scope as soon as I received it because my kids & grandkids havn't gotten acclimated to looking through a "tube" to sight their targets, yet. I use the scope & like it & when they do the scope will go back on. Additionally, I'm shooting 3" groups @ 50' without any adjustment; just havn't gotten around to it. p.s. If you're shooting in a sound-sensative location you can reduce the report by using the heaviest pellets available; I'm shooting 11-16 grain in my back yard. A typical 0.45gr wadcutter sounds like a 22cal LR+.

Bob from USA

Totally. The scope is not on the gun when you get it in the mail. And it's really easy to add or remove as desired.

David from USA

hola soy de colombia y quiero este rifle y no hay envios para este pais que puedo hacer


Thank you for you interest. For question about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected]. This so we can better help you. Gracias por su interés. Para la pregunta acerca de ordenamiento internacional / envío por favor envíenos un email a [email protected]. Esto por lo que mejor le puede ayudar.

Steve from USA

now would this gun be quiet enough for in town

asked matt

Hello Matt, Unless your in-town situation involves a very high level of ambiant noise, it would be difficult to dishcharge this rifle without attracting attention. Even then I suggest you check your state laws and town by-laws concerning restrictions on discharge of air rifles before you try discharging any air gun in town. The Ruger Air Magnum rifle would be a particular challenge to fire discretely in town, as it truly is a high velocity air rifle. Test results I have read suggest a pellet mass of about 12 grains may be needed in order reliably to reduce the muzzle velocity below trans-sonic speeds. Many comment that it has at least the sonic signature of a .22 lr rifle, part of this being attributed by some to mechanical signature as well super-sonic shockwave. In my view the Ruger Air Magnum is a fine, well made rifle, which Airgun Depot is offering refurbished at an especially attractive price. Even so, I believe it is better optimized for rural shooting and for shooting at ranges where sonic signature is not an issue. I am fortunate to have an indoor 10 meter range immediately available to me. I would not try shooting it outside in my town.

Raymond from USA

This is a loud gun. It almost sounds like a 22 when fired. I'm told that it gets quieter with use and if you fire a heavyier pellet, but mine is still loud.

Michael from USA

"Quietness" is all relative, sure it's more quiet than a rimfire, but much louder then my Remmy NPSS (which is shrouded), so it all depends on the pellets you select. If you use ones that are <10 grains, they tend to go supersonic so you hear a loud crack, so I use Crosman premier heavies 10.5 grains as they tend to be more quiet (they don't go supersonic). Also be aware, that my gun came from the refurbishment dripping with oil, it was dieseling quite a bit and the shots were very loud (sounded like gunshots), but after 200 rounds it quieted down somewhat.

Jamie from USA

Hey Matt, This gun is the loudest springer Ive ever shot. Im not sure if you have ever had a spring rifle before but they do generate noise.This gun will sound like a .22LR if you use alloy pellets(like gamo PBA or H&N field target trophy pellets) granted these pellets are how the manufactors achieve their high FPS marks, I would suggest to stay away from them.You will want to shoot at least an 11grain pellet. With this heavier pellet it keeps the pellet under the sound barrier and MUCH quieter. With the heavier pellets it is possible to shoot in urban areas as long as neighbors around you dont mind but if they are outside they will certainly hear the gun. If you don't use the heavier pellets I would not shoot this gun in city limits. Understand that this gun takes practice to get good with and if you plan to use a lot id upgrade the scope. I don't know if you are new to air rifles or not but right now you can get a refurbished gun for $99 and you can't beat that price for this type of gun! Good luck

Preston from USA

Is this a good rifle and does it last long. About how long does it last.

asked Jay Holmes

Jay, that's a hard question to answer! But I will say this, I bought one of these from AGD back in the fall and it is built like a bulldozer. I cannot imagine this thing not lasting a heck of a long time. My friend and I shoot this thing two to three times a week and it delivers with no glitches. Its a lot of fun to shoot and I think it will last a long, long time. Buy one....At the price its cheaper than playing golf!!!

gabriel from USA

Are these refurbished rifles dependable ?

asked dwight

I have not had opportunity to fairly assess reliability. The rifle is well finished, sturdy, and the action breaks easily and moves smoothly. The fiber optic open sights provide an excellent sight picture. These factors suggest to me that the RAM would likely be reliable in service. Unfortunately, it was missing the elevation screw/knob from the rear sight assembly when received, so I have not been able to sight it in. The reliability I can fairly report on is that of Airgun Depot. As soon as I notified them of the issue, their Customer Service reps were very responsive and helpful. My RAM is on its way back to Airgun Depot under a prepaid FedEx label arranged by Airgun Depot. I look forward to receiving the replacement and to further business with Airgun Depot.

Raymond from USA

I have found this rifles very dependable I have purchase two of them for the reazon

Edith from USA

I have purchased 4 refurb'd rifles in the last 31/2 months and all of them were better than new. No problems whatsoever with any of them performance and looks wise. 3 of them came from AGD, a Ruger Air Mag, Hammerli X2, which is a beautiful rifle with 2 barrels, and a Ruger Airhawk. I am a refurb buyer from now on, great price for rifles in NIB condition!!!!

gabriel from USA

Yes. I look at refurbished items as better than new. New things can have flaws not seen by quality inspectors and are then returned. These returned items are repaired, and I believe they then get a more through inspection before they are returned to the retail market.

Michael from USA

so far i have used it very little but it is like new and it shoots very hard . i would buy again. i am pleased so far.


I have had mine for only a month, But the dependability is there. I use 16.1 g eun jin pellets to deal with mice and rats. The power is such, that these pellets completely penetrate the largest rats. May be the pellets, but accuracy on mine is dime size 10 shot groups at 30 yards.

roy from USA

Mine works fine and looks essentially new. Additional comments on this gun.... the cocking mechanism has a lot of resistance. It will take a average adult to cock it. That is probably because of the 1400 fps muzzle velocity. It is a heavy gun and looks and feels more like a Ruger high powered rifle than a pellet gun. If you want to use this for a child or teenager - this is not the gun for you. Please feel free to ask other questions. Airgun Depot is great and I think their refurbished deals can't be beat.

Bill from USA

the ruger magnum is a very great gun since ive had mine ive fired about 1500 pellets thru it and it is very accurate so yes id recomend refurbished

david from USA

In my humble opinion, yes... I've had mine awhile now and have had ZERO problems with it.

Daniel from USA

how well is the refurbishing?

asked steve

Often times the guns are as good as new. But sometimes there will be scratches to the finish. They are always guaranteed to be in working order.

Scott from USA

I read the manual twice and have examined the rifle carefully. Now I'm ready to use the gun for the frist time. The break barrel is locked up. Am I missing something here? It woun't budge and I don't want to over force it.

asked Robert from USA

Sometimes you just have to put the butt of the rifle on your knee and give the barrel a good slap with an open palm. That's the easiest way to break the barrel .

Scott from USA
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