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Hammerli 850 AirMagnum, .22 cal

One of our most powerful CO2 rifles
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German quality and loaded with features, the Hammerli 850 AirMagnum is so much fun to shoot that you'll have a hard time putting it down. Let's start with the all-weather stock. You can take this gun anywhere and not worry about a fragile finish, because it's made from a durable polymer. It's ambidextrous, too, with a raised cheekpiece on both sides of the Monte Carlo stock!

This CO2 rifle uses an 88-gram AirSource cartridge, giving you about 200-250 shots before you have to change cartridges. The fiber-optic sights will help you acquire your target, but feel free to mount a scope on the 11mm dovetail rail. (Umarex also makes a dovetail-to-Weaver mount) The checkering on the pistol grip and forearm will help you get a good grip while you plow shot after shot from this 8-shot repeater. This gun is everything you ever hoped for in a CO2 repeater!

The fun never stops with this rifle! Ideal for plinking, shooting targets and spinners.

Hammerli/RWS is known for standing behind their guns, and their warranty has always been viewed as the best in the business. Made by Umarex for RWS.
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  • ManufacturerHammerli
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity650 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight5.65
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismCO2
  • SafetyAutomatic
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsFiber Optic
  • Trigger Pull3
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Hammerli 850 AirMagnum, .22 cal Reviews
5 Stars based on 27 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

What Are You Buying? German Quality & Accuracy!
May 17, 2012
My 850 .22 arrived today and I am blown away (pun intended). I own over 30 air pistols and air rifles (not to mention more than a dozen firearms) and the 850 quickly rose into my top 5 favorites. Here's why: PROS: The all-around general feel of the weapon is superb. It looks, acts and feels like a quality product. And it is. The best OEM trigger of any of my 30+ air guns. I actually had an NG (negligent discharge) as I was bringing the rifle up to my shoulder to fire (still hit the target, but I wasn't ready to fire). I am very used to hard triggers on these <$1000 guns, but the 850 trigger is very light and crisp. It is a true joy to shoot. The action appears to be all metal, aside from parts of the safety knob and the magazine is partially plastic, too. The rest, however, is all high quality, well-painted steel. The bolt operates and slides smoothly. I haven't had a jam or issue yet with 100 shots fired so far. The magazine is easy enough to load and insert into the weapon. The sights are great! They are glow in the dark and provide great ease in identifying your target. Accuracy was spot-on, right out of the box, at 50'. This is my first purchase involving 88g AirSource rifles. I'm pleased with it. A high shot count with consistent fps. CONS: I personally can't stand synthetic stocks. Yes, they have their advantages, but give me a good old wooden stock any day. Had the 850 been offered with a wood stock variant, I would have gladly spent $100 more on it. You can adapt a wooden stock to this, but you often lose the AirSource cover functionality. The sights sit pretty high on the barrel. This is the first rifle I've ever found, I think, that would benefit from a cheek riser for me. Folks are complaining that the butt stock feels hollow and flimsy. Some have filled theirs with expanding foam from the hardware store. I may end up doing exactly that. A little more weight on the rear wouldn't hurt anything, anyhow. The safety engages after every shot. It's a politically correct, unnecessary, pain in the butt. I'm sure that can be modded out, but it's a frustrating "feature" to have out of the box. I don't expect any manufacturer to offer both left- and right-hand bolt action pellet rifles, but it'd be nice. If I could get this with a left-hand bolt, I'd pay $1000 for it. OTHER: Despite my CONS, which are more personal grievances and peeves than anything, you should 100% buy this rifle and now. If you are looking for a quality, recoil-less, extremely accurate bolt action repeater, you need not look any further.

Longview, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great CO2 rifle!
December 1, 2016
I got this as a replacement for Browning Leverage and I cannot be happier.
Repeater, Made in Germany, powerful, light, plenty of accessories, extremely accurate, quite.
Plastic stock

Lighthouse Point, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect for eliminating varments
November 4, 2016
We have an iguana problem here in Florida. The Hammerli 850, 22cal is perfect for this. The construction and balance of the rifle is exemplary. The lizards are basically no more than 25-30 feet away. It is nice to have an eight shot rifle. On one say I was able to eliminate 3 of 4 iguanas in a few seconds. The accuracy of the rifle is excellent. After mounting a scope from an older dysfunctional rifle it was even better. Iguanas are not indigenous to Florida. They destroy allot of different plants by eating the new leaves as they come out. My Hammerli is curing the problem of the uninvited guests.

Bass Lake, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 18, 2016
This is my second 850, it`s supposed to be a gift but we`ll see. ?? Very accurate , great for backyard pests .... Deceptive power !! This one was a bundle, I didn`t get a scope with mine and this one was cheaper ... OH WELL
Quality Accuracy
It would be nice to not have auto. safety , but still a great shooter !!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Air Rifle
October 5, 2016
Right out of the box this rifle showed quality workmanship. Nice easy to see fiber optic sights. Easy to load clip and easy action. Almost dead on out of box. Fired to clips and pellets were almost on top of each other shooting off hand. I have several nice air rifles but not with this accuracy out of box. Seems powerful enough for small game. Very pleased and price was great.
Easy to load clips Nice sights Good balance

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 3, 2016

Orange County California
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Outstanding Value
February 17, 2016
I was incredibly impressed with the accuracy and range of this rifle. I bought my father the .22 and myself a .177. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the .22. My father was able to take down a crow at about 100 yards. The rotary mag functions flawlessly and the bolt cycles quickly. For the price, it's an outstanding value.
Hi accuracy. Good range and power. Smooth mechanics.
CO2 can be costly and hard to find sometimes. The .22 is prone to jamming with some pellets. The .177 eats anything.

Sunny Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

If you want accuracy, this is the one
November 19, 2015
First, the good. It is very accurate. At the indoor range at 60 feet, it took about 8-10 shots to adjust the 3-9X32 scope. Since the scope has 3-9X variable power, after settling on 7X using the full length of the range, I could see the pellets were hitting exactly at my point of aim. So, the rifle is accurate which is it's biggest selling point. The trigger is excellent. I didn't touch it from the factory setting. The CO2 adapter is also excellent. Easy to load, at least 65-75 shots on two cartridges with consistent power. The adapter can be left 'loaded', and it unscrews easily from the rifle. If the gun is shot regularly it will pay for itself quickly. The rifle handles well. It is heavy compared to some others I have, but with a rest it is very stable. It's also seems quiet, even without quieting the muzzle even more with tape or heat shrink. The bolt is relatively easy to cock, but it does take a good pull and push to operate it. Once I started using the palm of my hand, it was fine. If you don't let it know who's boss, you will be rewarded with either an apparent jam or a misfire. It only happened a few times to me early in the game. My fault, I didn't cock it properly with enough authority. I think it's pellet sensitive. That fault can be overcome easily but I think guns should eat up all pellets. The Ham would not allow me to cock it consistently with one of the Crosman round-nose pellets I used today which immediately put the pellet on my 'do not use' list for this gun. Loading the cartridge requires gently pushing of the pellets with a plastic pen tip until they sort of 'lock' into the clip. Not a big deal, but if you don't lock the pellets in you risk a jam if one falls out into the gun's action. On the second set of cartridges I was tearing the bulls eyes out of the targets with the occasional flyer because I pulled the trigger instead of squeezing it. The gun will reward tight groups if you do your part consistently. German engineering gets a good grade on this gun. All the parts fit, it looks nice, the clips slide right in and lock OK every time. Finicky pellets need to be watched. I have more RWS pellets on order. Overall, I'd give the gun an A-. It has a personality. I'm happy to have it. It's nice quality and I'm glad I bought it. The Hammerli is an accurate gun, quality trigger, quality features, probably will be durable in the long run, and well-engineered. The Ham is heavy. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the two QB78 rifles I have, one a 22, one a 17. These are also quality guns, bolt action, one pellet at a time loading. Accurate, maybe as good as the Ham even. Easy to handle. Weigh about the same or a bit less. Not pellet sensitive. Quality, adjustable triggers. Nice looking guns with wood stocks. And the best part... $112 DELIVERED from Air Gun Depot!
Trigger, quality engineering, accuracy.
Eight pounds fully loaded, long gun with the suppressor installed, pellet sensitive (likes RWS), has a personality you need to figure out.

Mason, Ohio
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Fantastic rifle after some work.
September 22, 2015
First problem is that when the CO2 gets hot the gun will not fire or lose power. Out of the box it shoots 550fps 14.3gn. On a hot day it will drop to 430. The reason is valve lock. The hammer spring can't hit the valve hard enough to open the valve. The trigger is very light but it's NOT a 2 stage trigger! I wish ALL these companies would quit lying about the triggers. 88gram CO2 is too expensive. $5 a bottle for 200 shots. First thing you need to do is tear it down. Don't even bother to fire it out of the box nor put on a CO2 tank. Remove all the grease and lightly lube it with a light quality grease. Polish the valve hammer. It scrapes in the action housing. You'd think we'd get better for a German made rifle. Add three small orings inside the hammer where the spring sides in. This adds .2" preload on the spring to hit the valve harder. If want a two stage trigger now is the time, I think it's a 5/32 drill bit glued onto the trigger to hit the sear first. Now you have a good rifle that fires 650fps to 700fps. If you want to save some $, get the 9oz bottle adapter. Pack the rear stock with foam since it's hollow. Now your ready to go.
Super accurate. Repeater.
Needs work out of the box.

SS Armament
Salt Lake City Utah
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 30, 2014
This air rifle is a real sweetheart, a real tack driver. With the Hawke scope I can easily hit 1/4 moa @ 25 yards. It is not hold dependent and easy to shoot. The trigger breaks easily and is crisp and clean. I added the TKO Hammerli suppressor and it is now whisper quiet.
Clean trigger break, Accurate, Not hold dependent, lightweight
power is a bit low. Loud without a suppressor

Atlanta, GA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great squirrel gun.
July 10, 2014
I haven't used an Airgun since I was a kid some 40 years ago. How they have changed! I read many reviews and narrowed my choice down to 3 and asked Airgun Depot support for their help in deciding the best gun for my squirrel problem. The Hammerli 850, Benjamin Discovery & the Hatsan AT-4410 all .22 cal. The other choices were great guns in their own right, but the Hammerli 850 fit my requirement for ease of use using the 88gr. CO2 cartridges and the 8 shot rotary clips. I equipped mine with a Centerpoint 4-16x44mm scope and compensator. Not only is this gun deadly accurate at 35 yards it's quite as well. This gun may not have the fastest fps rating at 650 fps, but paired with the RWS 14.5 gr lead pellets in dome, s-point or hollow point it has plenty of knock down power. Thanks for recommending the Hammerli 850 Airgun Depot!
Accurate, ease of use, excellent quality

Chas DiCapua
Hardwick, Ma
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This Gun Is Fantastic
June 12, 2014
While my more expensive PCP's spend more time traveling back and forth to AGD because of problems (thanks AGD for making the process as painless as possible), I just keep shooting, quite accurately with open sites I might add, and enjoying my 850. This gun is the Honda that sits out in the driveway while the Ferrari stays in the garage. Sits in the driveway and gets driven every day with no problems. This gun cycles smoothly, is very accurate, not to heavy, and with a couple of not to expensive items from the 850 store, I'm able to refill the used 88 gr. bottles of CO2 for about $1.50 a bottle. And with about 200+ shots per bottle, it's very inexpensive to shoot. Oh, nice crisp light trigger. Under 2lbs!
Well made Cycles very smoothly Very accurate even with open sites Feels good to hold and shoot Nice light trigger 8 Shot repeater Not cocking!
A bit low on the power. The 850 store can give it a bit of a boost. I have the .22 and with the boost, it will be up to about 17 FPE. Definitely a 35 yard and under gun. But that's what it is and it does it beautifully.

Pineville, WV
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 8, 2014
I bought mine from Airgun Depot as a refurbished unit after reading good reviews on this rifle. I'm sure glad I did! Gun looked BRAND NEW when I received it. After mounting a scope I started testing to see which pellet it preferred. I was amazed at how many types and weights that shot accurate from it. I still haven't decided which one the gun likes the best, (I tend to stick to premium pellets and NO alloys).
Very accurate and mine is not pellet fussy. Also, plenty enough power if you hunt to take rabbits and squirrels. Very quiet gun as well. Loved the fact it came with two magazines.

plano, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect for Eliminating Rat Problem
December 11, 2013
This gun is great! It is exactly what I was looking for. Every shot is accurate. I was hunting rats with a Gamo Whisper Deluxe .177, but the pellets kept going through the rats giving them the opportunity to escape and die in a impossible to reach location. The Gamo is a little loud and has tons of kick. It was difficult to place the pellets at the rats' heads from a distance because of the recoil. The .22 cal Hammerli 850 solves these problems. It has no recoil, so shots are dead on every time. Also, the .22 cal pellets inflict more damage for better results. The trigger is also much better than the Gamo. I love shooting this gun.
accurate quiet no recoil

0 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great gun
February 21, 2013
A great quick shooter. I would like a little more punch but overall a great gun!!

5 Stars

Penny sized groups
January 3, 2011
THis gun is fantastic! when i git this gun i knew that it was going to be great but i never could have imagined it being this amazing. i got penny to quarter sized groups out of this gun at 20 yards without useing a res or a bipod. With the added stopping power of a .22 pellet, I hope to soon be able to go get some spring squirrels with this gun. I scoped this gun right out of the box with a leapers 3-9by 40mm scope. this is a great combination for me. Buy this gun and it is impossible to be dissapointed!

5 Stars

great gun
September 30, 2010
This is a great gun, have cleaned up my property from the varmits that were eating all of my fruits. The only issue I have is I need some work done on it now as it is leaing co2. Anyone have this issue? If I cannot make repairs I will buy another as it is awsom!

5 Stars

RWS/Hammerli 850 is quality throughout...
July 22, 2010
Simply put, this is the finest and most accurate airgun I own. With Beeman FTS 14.6 grain pellets it will print 3/8" groups at 25 yds. Probably better with a little practice and more powerful scope. I was using a 3-9x32. The action and mechanical build exudes quality in all areas. A couple minor complaints. The stock feels/sounds flimsy at the butt end and the magazines seem a little expensive for being plastic. I guess they are this new high tech composite but still, plastic is plastic. I was so happy with this gun I purchased a second one.

Dale H.
5 Stars

Best value pellet gun for serious pest control!
February 10, 2010
Purchased this little 'jewel' about a year ago and it just seems to get better with time. In the past couple of weeks, I have taken out 13 House Sparrows out of 13 shots from about 25' using the .22 caliber Hobby pellets that come with the rifle. Never before have I shot with that kind of success ratio at that small a pest bird. This .22 caliber pellet rifle can also take out pesky wascal wabbits from 20 yards or less and European starlings from the same range. Use a good scope, sight it in, and I must agree with the sales video that it is highly unlikely that you will miss your target. This pellet gun is amazing, fun to shoot, and great for taking out the "Trash"! This quality RWS Hammerli 850 air rifle is a great value and worth every penny!

5 Stars

May 3, 2009
Plain and simple, I love this gun and the squirrels don't !!! I am very happy with this purchase. Before purchasing this gun I had trapped and relocated over 130 squirrels away from my Mom's bird feeders. It was a pain in the butt driving them over 5 miles away so that they would not find their way back, but more would just replace them. Now I just sting them with RWS 850, and they have a new found respect for our front yard and my Mom's Bird feeders. And I am having FUN!! Buy the scope as well, you will not be disappointed.

5 Stars

Exceeded Expectations
March 2, 2009
I have/had a squirrel problem living in a space in the attic where it wasnāt accessible, even exterminators threw up their hands and decided the only way to possibly eliminate them was to trapāem at $75 an extraction. I had a better idea, did a lot of research, (reading reviews), over the past 4 months and made the decision to (A) purchase the RWS 850 AirMagnum .22 cal, (B) to buy it from Airgun Depot, both turned out to be great decisions. I ordered the gun with a CenterPoint Adventure 3-9x50mm scope, compensator, extra magazines, pellets, and cleaning pellets, (although the RWS manual doesnāt recommend cleaning pellets). As most other reviews have noted all arrived on time packed very nicely and no damage. Prior to my rifle arriving I borrowed a friends single shot pump .177-cal air rifle. Only a third of my shots where successful, if I missed on the first shot by the time I pumped and reloaded a pellet the squirrels had enough time to escape in a wheel chair not to mention my arm being worn out by all the pumping. When I did hit one of the little buggers it took 2 to 3 more hits to put āem out of their misery. So whatās the bottom line? I love the accuracy and power of this gun! I have now shot the little rats (with good PR) from 20 to 40 yds and if your aim is good itās one shot one kill. This comes from someone who has not fired a rifle for over 30 years. The capacity to fire rapidly with ease allows the ability to make more than one kill before the vermin run for the hills. This gun now has 11 kills in the first 4 days of arriving, which makes it more economical than the exterminatorās price. I read complaints about the safety resetting after each shot, donāt worry about it, your thump is sitting right on top of it and it works naturally with ease. I also have had no issues with the air canister cover. I did read how someone covered the compensator for additional quietness, which I did using the cardboard from a shipping tape roll, and it does make it very neighbor friendly. I also like the CenterPoint scope no doubt increasing my ability to make use of one shot. I really like the red-green illumination. Depending on the background color of what you are shooting at it makes it easier to put the crosshairs right on your target. Hope this helps someone not spend as much time as I did making a decision. If itās a co2 airgun youāre looking for look no more, and look nowhere else, you wonāt find it for less and AGD provided great service. Ralph

5 Stars

850 .22
November 28, 2008
This rifle is sweet, light accurate and powerful. Only small issue was that some of the magazines were wobbly on the indexing pin and can cause jams when cycling the bolt. Just send the bad ones back to Umarex for replacements. Mine is power modded and is an excellent hunting rig. Over all I like this rifle alot, it make CO2 fun again. There are many mod options on the net like a 9oz co2 tank or HPA conversion that make it even more fun. Enjoy

5 Stars

A Must Buy!!!
August 28, 2008
I just purchased the RWS 850 .22 cal version, and all i have to say is WOW!!! The accuracy on this rifle is amazing..i mounted a NC Star Red Dot Scope on it and the groups are hitting each other at 21 yds! I have a Crosman 1000, and a GAMO Varmint Hunter, and so far the RWS 850 is my favorite rifle. Not having to pump after every shot is greatI shot a squirrel this morning at about 25yds and all it took was 1 shot..the litl bugger didnt even move, this rifle is powerful. Like it was mentioned before, i had ordered 6 items and all arrive together and fast. I highly recommend this product to anyone seeking out a great rifle!

Larry L
5 Stars

RWS 850 22
November 29, 2007
This is an amazing gun for the price. Have been shooting air guns for over 40 years. Quality and workmanship equals guns costing three times the price. Mounted an RWS 3x9x40 scope, set up for 25 yards, using beeman silver bear pellets can group pellets hitting each other standing braced against a tree. Used it today squirell hunting. Took one at 20 yards through the heart having to shoot left handed. This rifle is a must have for any serious plinker, target shooter or hunter. Just remember to only use flat, round nose or hollow point pellets. Groups well with other brand pellets also. Gun is also very quiet and balanced well. The sales reps at airgundepot are so nice. Shoot Safe, Larry

Mike S
4 Stars

Good air rifle
November 22, 2007
This is a nice gun. I would buy it again. Lots of mods available on the web. With RWS superdome 14.5gr pellets I am getting 600fps. With RWS 11.9gr Hobby pellets I am getting 650fps. 3 shot groups at 10 yards are under 1/2 inch. But I need a better scope.

james liu
5 Stars

rws 850 airmagnum .22 cal air rifle review
October 24, 2007
First, excellent service. The product came fast, on time, and most importantly in excellent working order. All accessories were also included in same package. Second, product performed as advertised. The airmagnum exceeded my expectation. I've been around airguns since age 8 and i'm 40 now. It's accurate, powerful, fun to shoot, and reloads fast. Mounted on a Winchester 3-9x scope, it is extremely accurate. Overall, i would definitely reccommend purchasing this product from airgundepot on-line. james t. liu attorney at law

5 Stars

Great rifle
September 19, 2007
fantasticly made reasonable weight great rifle

5 Stars

This really is a powerful co2 rifle
November 16, 2006
The RWS 850 AirMagnum lives up to it's claim of being the most powerfull CO2 rifle on the market. It is powerfull enough to take out small pests such as rabbits, squirrels and other annoying critters. The accuracy is awesome and I also really like the tactical look of this rifle. Overall a great rifle for the money.

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By Ron from Franklin Ohio on July 25, 2012
What is the weight of gun with out scope?

By Ty from oregon on August 22, 2012
where can you buy extra clips for this gun, because i cant find them
By Staff on August 24, 2012

Here is a link to the extra mags for the Hammerli 850 .22 caliber.

By John from Ohio on May 11, 2012
How many magazines does the 850 come with in the box?
By Staff on May 15, 2012

It comes with two magazines

By antony from republica dominicana on March 25, 2012
if I buy this ..
can be disassembled?
you can send it to me in two shipping.
because I live in Dominican Republic
By Staff on March 29, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

By Joseph Valdez from Naugatuck, CT on March 8, 2012
Please advise on what scope I can add that is sold by AirGunDepot
I assume a compensator is also necessary?
May I please have some recomendations?
By John from Ohio on May 11, 2012

A compensator is not necessary. They don't really do much, besides add looks.

By Nick from Ellicot city md on December 28, 2011
does this gun come with a compensater and scope
By Staff on January 9, 2012

This rifle kit does not, but we do carry one that does.

By spencer from Leominster, Massachusetts on June 11, 2012
is this a good gun to buy

By Staff on June 11, 2012

The Hammerli 850 is a great quality rifle. very hard hitting.

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