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Seneca Dragon Claw II Dual Tank, .50 cal

Available in .50, Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Dual tank 500cc reservoir Big Bore Bolt-action air rifle
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  • Code: 10502-500 · $719.99 · .50 · 860 fps
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The Seneca Dragon Claw is a tried and true Big Bore PCP, that has more than stood the test of time in the airgun market. Thankfully, the new, updated Dragon Claw II packs more power without sacrificing the simplicity and easy operation that made the original a fan favorite! 

Now putting out 340 FPE (compared to the 230 FPE of the original) with heavy 336 grain slugs, and over 600 FPS with the Seneca Air Bolts, the Dragon Claw II is better than ever! The cocking handle has also been elongated, making cocking the rifle easier than the original. 

What hasn’t changed are the unique looks, 3000 PSI fill pressure, easy to access female quick disconnect fitting and 500cc air cylinders. If you’re interested in big bore airgun hunting, or just enjoy throwing big chunks of lead down range, the Dragon Claw II is just the ticket. Pick yours up from Airgun Depot, today!

Seneca Dragon Claw II Dual Tank Air Rifle Features
  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP)
  • Single-shot/Bolt-action
  • Fixed front sight, fully adjustable & removable rear sight
  • Dual air chambers
  • Checkered forearm & grip
  • Hardwood Monte Carlo stock
  • Dual air chambers (500cc total air capacity)
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  • ManufacturerSeneca
  • Caliber .50
  • Velocity 860 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 8.50
  • Overall Length 42.10
  • Barrel Length 21.65
  • Loudness 5-High
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By CaryUSAMay 29, 2024 Verified Purchase

Amazing value for this very cool piece! Fast service. I will be back!

By Jim steffenMay 24, 2024

Ps if you go past 30 days they will not help you here.

Dont buy this gun. I fired it 10 times, it will not refill. Dont Make the same mistake.

All kinds

By BruceMarch 18, 2024

Love this rifle. The 2 version,more power ,all good. The P bar company manufactures eco slugs specifically for this rifle,0lead. Hunters dream load.

The sights really are rubbish. Plan on mounting a scope or grind about half the front ramp off. The rear sight is all out of adjustment and you still cant hit anything

By FLOYDOctober 1, 2023 Verified Purchase

I have returned 3 for warranty , problem was the same , # 1 after about 80 shots the bolt would jam and you could not cock it , the same thing happened on # 2 and 3 , replaced rifle with umerex hammer .50 cal. , would buy one if this problem could be corrected air gun depot has been very helpfull on this.

Very nice looking and well fitted wood parts and finish and design.

Trigger pull is way to heavy , about 8 # plus , about 3 to4 would be about right , also should have adjustiable trigger.

By peterAugust 28, 2023 Verified Purchase

Great gun. Accurate out of the box. Blew a hole through 1/4" plywood. Impressive, IMO. Compared to others of same reputation, less expensive.

Instructions could be better, e..g. with a photo of parts referred to in written instructions. Came half cocked.

By DelmarMarch 29, 2023

You will be impressed

This dragon claw 50 is out of control its dead on at 45-50 yards out of the gate with no scope I didnt even bother putting it on it mine came with one its still in the box I never filled it up all the way and it went straight through a side by side fridge and freezer at 2,200 psi I havent shot the arrows yet but if it hits as hard as it does with a pellet it will be nuts theres no kick to it my gamo 22 has more of a kick but its a little loud but its going to take down anything that you aim it at with no problem

The only thing that I dont like is the fill spot if it was on the upper tube so the bottom tube would protect it incase you dropped it or a better cap like on the wing shot but u cant get one

By Belynda LasochaJanuary 6, 2023 Verified Purchase

It really packs a punch is fun to shoot.

It is a beautiful gun did not expect something that looks so real but is a pellet gun.


By Pastor PaulDecember 16, 2022

This gun gives me that true manly man feeling holding it. Hitting the target at 50 yds. Wow! Shot all the way through a can of fix a flat at 25 yds!!

The look and feel, its not a toy!


By BusterOctober 4, 2021




By Roy CountsJuly 13, 2021

The first year i had the dragon -claw i took it out hunting in Florida killed a 50 poound hog with it was a great day hunting

no kick back

a little more power

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I Bought this SENECA Dragon Claw. 50CALIBER 12.7mm need new buttock for this rifle it got broken some how

asked James from USA

You may be able to get one from the importer Air Venturi.

Adam from USA

If the inside of the barrel is rifled exactly how do you put the arrow feathers in I'm saying which direction should I fold the feathers

asked David from USA

has anybody had a problem with cocking the dragon claw after about 60 to 100 rounds ?

asked Floyd from USA

What tank, etc do I need to charge this rifle?

asked peter from USA

What tool do I use to load the air tanks and where can I get it

asked Christina from USA

Sabe alguien si puede comprarse desde España?

asked Ruben from Spain

What's the highest grain pellet or round ball that you can shoot out of this Seneca Dragon claw 50 cal

asked Frank from USA

Ive used Hornady Great Plains 450 grain slugs commonly used for muzzleloader they work great and hit hard getting close to 300 fpe out of them on full power

Steven from USA

Will this gun kill a whitetail deer

asked Ralph from USA

yes i have shot 3 now with it

balin from USA

Yes but so can just about any gun because one of the main keys is shot placement. The pellets work fine for deer but the air bolts work even better for whitetail

Steven from USA

Can this be fitted with a scope?

asked Peter from USA

Yes but u need to get high scope rings because the smaller rings wont fit on the dragon claw because the scope will block the breech port and youll have a difficult time trying to load your airgun

Steven from USA

can u use an air pump?

asked Bean from USA

Yes but it has to be rated for at least 4000 psi and it takes a while to fill Ive done it several times takes about 45 minutes to hand pump because the pump will start to heat up and youll have to wait for it to cool down before u start pumping again takes about 300 pumps to fill

Steven from USA

Does this make it through Canadian customs? I am ready to purchase it but need to know. Thanks

asked Marcus from Canada

Can you shoot 50cal shot shells out of this?

asked Evan from USA

You can but it's a really big spread because the barrel is rifled

Frank from USA

Do they deliver the pcp airblow crossbow to uk

asked Dave from Scotland (United Kingdom)

What pellets are available for the 50 cal.

asked Scott from USA

What is the highest grain 50 cal pellet that this gun will fire?

asked Frank from USA

Ive used hornady Great Plains 450 grain muzzleloading slugs as well as 45 cal sabots and they shoot well anything under .498 diameter should work

Steven from USA

Will a Benjamin Traveler compressor work with this rifle? If so, will any connectors be needed from compressor to fill tank?

asked Randy from USA

Will a Benjamin Traveler compressor work with this rifle? If so, will any connectors be needed from compressor to fill tank?

asked Randy from USA

Will this shoot the umarex sla .50cal 550 grain.

asked James from USA

No, this is .495. Hammer is .510

Val from USA

What pressure should I fill this gun to, 3000? Can I go past 300?

asked Joseph from USA

can copper jacketed bullets be used also or does this create a problem ?

asked Edwin from USA

What is the farthest I can shoot this gun and take a deer with a pellet?

asked Jessica from USA

can you use black powder slugs

asked r w from USA

Will a Benjamin Traveler compressor work with this rifle? If so, will any connectors be needed from compressor to fill tank?

asked Edward from USA

What do you use for an air filler tank?

asked Joel from USA

You can use a high pressure hand pump. A scuba tank ,or a Carbon fiber tank. 3000-4500 PSI.

Mark from USA

Can you use a hand pump for this rifle

asked Lionel from USA


Mark from USA

Can an Air Venturi MK4 Hand Pump be plugged directly into this gun to charge it? Or do you have to fill a tank and use that to fill the charge?

asked David from USA

You can connect the handpump directly to the Dragon Claw.

Mark from USA

The best arrows

asked Tony from USA

The 50 cal Airbolts AGD-P1357 * $99.99 * .50 * 430 grains * 6 ct

Mark from USA

Will my paintball air tank charge this gun?

asked Greg from USA

If your paintball tank operates at a minimum 3000 PSI ,Yes. The gun takes 500 cc to fill. A 13 cu in tank will fill the gun once. A 100 cu in tank will fill the gun 6 times.

Mark from USA

I want to be able to shoot this without needing to go out and find adapters, hoses, disconnects, ect. What needs to be purchased with this gun in order to shoot it other then ammo?

asked Dwight from USA

Awesome, thank you Mark :)

Dwight from USA

You need a 3000-4500 PSI airsource. A handpump,scuba tank or CF tank. As long as the air supply has a foster female QD on the hose end you can connect.

Mark from USA

if i want to store this gun do i store it with air inside or without air? if it is with air how much

asked joel from USA

You store PCP air guns with 800-1000 PSI left in the gun. It keeps the seals tight.

Mark from USA

What pellet weight gives the best power?

asked Alex from USA

The heavier the more ftlbs. The best overall performer will be in the 150 gr to 2500 gr range.

Mark from USA

What kind of compressed air do you have to use can you use any regular air tank or compressor or do you need CO2 tank on the dragon claw 50 cal rifle

asked DAKOTA from USA

You need 3000 PSI compressed air. Not CO2. Most shop compressors only go to 150 PSI.

Mark from USA

Can the pellets take down a deer with a lung shot?

asked Jarred from USA


Mark from USA

On the Dragon Claw 50cal duel tank, How many refills do you get using the air tank?

asked Ronald from USA

100 cu in tank :5-6 fills: scuba tank : the same: 74 cu Ft : 30 fills : 100 cu Ft : 50 fills

Mark from USA

Dose it come with compound arrows like the demolition branch one

asked Jacob from Canada

What are the velocities at the two power levels with arrows and slugs? Please list both velocity and projectile weight as just listing a velocity without weight doesn't tell me much.

asked Phil

I love this gun. But can you leave it charged with air? Or do you have to release the air.

asked Jay from USA

Could you use an air compressor with proper fittings and ditch the fill bottle all together?

asked Cole Rogers

Could you use .50 caliber sabots with this gun?

asked Daryl Wade

What is the thread size for the tip of the barrel? Where can I get a silencer for this Claw? Any way to speed up the ammo? Which runs best in this Dragon Claw, slugs or .50 cal pellets? How about the steel balls?

asked Gilbert from USA

Can a regular car tire air tank be used to fill the gun?

asked jane

The trigger pull in the specs says 7.5 pounds. Is that adjustable? Can Airgun Depot reduce the trigger pull? That sounds really high and detrimental to accuracy. How is it to actually use?

asked Ronald from USA

How many hi pressure shots per full tank

asked Peter

What air pump do you recommend getting with this gun?

asked Brady

Looking to purchase this for deer �Ÿï¿½Œ hunting in Georgia. We own a 100 acres and most of its fairly thick, so not many omg shot available. Will this drop a white tail? TIA!

asked Cliff

can you mount a scope on this gun?

asked wayne

can you fill the reservoir with regular compressed air until it the gauge says it's full?

asked Logan

Does this come with the refillable air tank

asked Tim

I just got mine today Seneca Dragon Claw and why that cocking lever Is not intact?

asked Albert from USA

Does this use just compressed air or co2 as well?

asked Richard Wharton

How loud is it? Compared to like a .22 air rifle? I live in a more residential area and don�€™t wanna bug my neighbors, they�€™ve never heard my .22, and they are not very close (at least 500 feet away) so am just curious if they are gonna hear it.

asked Zac

What is the effective range you can shoot deer?

asked Herman Claasen

What was all included in the purchase

asked Jesse

Can you put a scope on it in Maryland?

asked Terry

Can I use an air compressor to fill these tanks? Also would an Air Ventura GS7 Hand Pump work with it also? Forgive me for my Questions, I am new to all of this. Thank you...

asked Kent Zuchowski

how does this handle the cold weather as in the winters of wisconsin, Deer season?

asked Mark Zey

Can you put broadheads on the arrows?

asked Mark

can there be any mods to make it more power full

asked sawyer

What kind of pump is needed ?

asked Donald LaClair

can you shoot the shotshells with it like a shotgun

asked Rick Bernier

Can you use Shotshells in this or are they only for the wing shot

asked Sean

An you put a scope on it?

asked Danny

Loud. Not as loud.

asked Terry from USA

When the air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tank runs out of air can it be refilled and where do you have to go to refill it or do you have to be buying a new tank every time ?

asked Joe Ramirez

does this gun come in camo?


what kind of range are you getting with this?

asked Hunter Lane

is there an air pump to be used with this gun? Can I use the same ammo that my 50 cal. black powder uses?

asked Richard Toyne

can this use the same ammo as my .50 cal. black powder ?

asked Richard Toyne

will this refill with air pump if so what is the best low price pump and where do I get one?

asked Richard Toyne

How quiet is it?

asked Christopher

Is this legal to hunt during a bow season?

asked Don

Hi there, I am looking at getting the Seneca Dragon Claw Duel Tank for our game ranch in Malawi. Which is the appropriate hand pump for it? Thank you

asked Campbell Carruthers

it says "trigger pull 7.5 as in pounds?

asked JEFF from USA

how can someone rate it at 5 stars even though they have not shot or owned one?How are any reviews to be taken if non owners and non shooters rate them?Now i'm suspicious of reviews on this site.

asked JEFF from USA

Does this also shoot .50 pellets?

asked David Warren

is it legal in greece ?

asked Stelios Sampson

Does this need a licence and how much in Rsa rands?

asked xolani

I only see 2 types of pellets are there others you have tried that work best in this weapon

asked Joseph

Would it be safe/practical/possible to use the same .50 caliber projectiles used in black powder rifles?

asked Joe


asked Stelios Sampson

will this ignite tannerite?

asked lonnie johns

I ordered a Seneca dragon claw 50caldoes rail come with?Is there a recommended scope

asked Richard Fishback

Is there a scope recomended for this rifle

asked Rick Fishback

Can you use a hand pump on this rifle?

asked Colton

shots per fill?

asked JEFF from USA

how do you fill it do you pump it

asked bob

I would like to have this weapon but at a better price and a Pre-charged pneumatic system offered with it. I am not interested in the scope or arrows offered with it . Will the price go down?

asked Michael from USA

Can you use regular air compressor to fill?

asked Brian Bruno

is legal in europe? is it possible to buy in sweden?

asked John

does this combo come with slugs

asked Bert

can you fill the gun with a regular air compressor or do you have to use a compressed tank?

asked Kenny Hacker

How many shots per fill ?

asked Klem

are the air tanks refillable with a standard air compressor?

asked Rob

What amount of kinetic energy (ft-lb) could you acheive with a 400 grain arrow at 50 yards.

asked Craig from USA

Are there any issues getting these air rifles across the Canadian border?

asked Aaron

Buen día mi pregunta es. Al comprar el Dragón Sam Yang .50 cal, que artículos contiene vendrá con el tanque de recarga y municiones o esos artículos se venden por separado y si hacen envíos a Guadalajara Jalisco México Gracias por su atención y espero respuesta .... saludos un tv

asked Juan Carlos from USA

So when you say it can shoot .50 cal what type of ammo are you referring to

asked Pierre

Any suggestions on the which hard case I should get for this?

asked Ray from USA

Can i load a .50 lead ball into this?

asked James

what kind of air must be used?

asked ian

What other items do I need to buy for this air rifle? I am purchasing it as a gift and want to make sure it can be opened and ready to use.

asked Amber from USA

How do u put air in it i just ordered one what eles should i buy with it

asked Gary

Can you store this even if it has any amount of pressure in it? Will it hurt the seals?

asked Austin Lapensee

can u explain me how much is the range of gun and tank/pump come with this gun or not for airfill . and can i kill big wild boar in this gun like 200lbs ?

asked manindar singh

Does this rifle also fire .50 cal balls?

asked Anthony

How loud is 5? Compared to firearms... Like a 22? Louder?

asked John

Can a scope be mounted on this

asked Ritchie Gypsy

Hello! Can I use Air Venturi Long Shotshells With #8 Shot .50 cal for Sam Yang Dragon Claw 500cc .50 cal Air Rifle.Thank you.

asked Vladimir from USA

Is this a BB gun?

asked Timothy

How do you fill tank? Is it regular air from a compressor?

asked Louie

Does it come with the air tank, ps can you use a bike pump

asked Kenny Lawrence

Can you put a bipod on the dragon claw?

asked Vincent

do they make broadhead for the arrows ?

asked jamie

Is the barrel threaded so that i'd be able to put a suppressor on it or no?

asked Kolton

Can you add the same attachments to this air rifle that you can add to a traditional rifle (eg. A scope and a silencer?)

asked Tobi

Can you add the regular attachments (by regular I mean on fire arms) eg. A scope and a silencer?

asked Tobi

Does it use compressed air, CO2, or nitrogen?

asked Andrew

Single reservoir is 3 powerful shots available. How many for the dual reservoir?

asked bmwclay

Could it kill a deer?

asked Jordan

Could you kill a deer with and if so how far?

asked Jordan

What is the Air Pressure Range for filling it? Are the tanks compatible with the Paint Ball compressors available (hardware compatible)? Has anyone tried fitting a suppressor to it?

asked MD

Can this air rifle be ship to California?

asked Tom

Does it use 1/8inch bspp threads to fill it?

asked Wyatt

yes it does


What is the weight of the pellets?

asked Gary Hyatt

This does not use pellets it uses cast bullets like you'd use in a muzzle loader and they come in a variety of grain weights I my self use the 177 round ball and 187 hollow point as well as 200 grain steel tip round nose all for hunting and shooting.

Kevin from USA

The pellets are the same rounds as black powder guns they can very I don't know but you can look them up you can use the slug or on some even the ball.

Matthew from USA

Its advertized as .357 how can the specs say .5? And there is no info on tank capacity in cc or how many effective shots one can get from a one full reservoir.

asked PRIMO from USA

Can you shoot the shot shells made for the wingshot in this ? How well do they work?

John from USA

And the .357 has about 30-40 lbs less of muzzle energy than the .50!

Ramon from USA

There are many cal. .357 44 cal 50 cal oh and by the the way .357 is the same as a 9 mm.

Matthew from USA

Samyang has two versions the .357 Recluse and this .50 caliber one. They look identical but about $30 difference. Check Pyramidair. You can see demos at youtube from pyramidair.

Emmanuel from USA

Dear Sir.Am Rosh,What is the range(mtr) f this gun?wich Model pellets? Am from kerala(india) how can i get it...

asked Rosh

Rosh, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA
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