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Sheridan 2260MB

Limited Edition, Metal Breech (MB), CO2
  • Code: 2260MB · .22 · 600 fps
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Sheridan air rifles and pistols have a very devoted following. The air guns were previously made in only .20 caliber; however, this limited edition is made in .22 caliber. It's bound to become a collectible! Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just buying your first airgun, you can't go wrong with the Sheridan 2260MB (MB=metal breech). If you enjoy killing tin cans, slapping spinners and destroying paper targets, then this CO2 pellet rifle is right for you. It's dependable, accurate and compact. When it comes time to shoot for enjoyment, this will be your go-to airgun. Using an 18.2-grain lead pellet, our tech department achieved 515 f.p.s. After settling down, our test gun consistently shot 500 f.p.s. with this heavier ammo and had a standard deviation of only 5 f.p.s. Very few guns have such a low standard deviation, and that low rate is almost unheard of in CO2 guns. The manufacturer states the max velocity is 600 f.p.s., which would require a lighter pellet.

Sheridan 2260MB Features
  • CO2 powered
  • Bolt-action/Single-shot
  • Metal Breech (MB)
  • Ambidextrous hardwood stock
  • Fixed front sight Fully adjustable rear sight
  • 11mm optics dovetail
  • Manual safety
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  • Manufacturer Sheridan
  • Caliber .22
  • Velocity 600 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 4.75
  • Overall Length 39.75
  • Barrel Length 0.00
  • Loudness 4-Medium-High
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism CO2
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Blade & Ramp
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking/Fun
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Mike67USASeptember 13, 2021

I would recommend the Sheridan to anyone just looking for a first rifle or someone who collects them.

I got Sheridan 2260mb today and im way more than happy with the rifle.Its accurate has power its pretty quiet also.Its a well built rifle.Its a Limited my advice dont modify but you can get a scope just leave the inards alone.

None at all

By GerryUSAJune 4, 2021

Until Sheridan or Crossman upgrade their quality control. I cannot in good faith recommend this airgun to anyone trying to teach marksmanship.

This is the second Sheridan 2260 MB that I own. The first one was a tack driver. Unfortunately, the second one is not anywhere near as accurate. Out-of-the-box. It shot 6 inches high and 4 inches to the right, at 10 measured yards. It is unfortunate but I don't think you could hit the floor with this rifle if you dropped it.

The consistency from rifle to rifle is nonexistent.

By KenUSASeptember 20, 2019

I have currently mounted the Winchester #813 on the Sheridan 2260 CO2 rifle. It appears the Sheridan has a significant "barrel droop" This doesn't mean there is a bow in the barrel. It means the muzzle is lower than the chamber and sight mount, whereby the scope mount can't align with the bore of the barrel. I was shooting consistent within an inch at 50 ft. but 8" low. I added 2 thin shims of aluminum under the rear of the sight ring. This brought the impact point up to near the center of the reticle and to the near top of the 9 ring. From there a full turn and a half brought the scope to zero (@ 50 ft.). Any thin flexible material can be used such as film stock, laminating plastic, or gaffer's tape. Without the shimming there aren't enough turns available on the turret to compensate for the 8" difference. My first CO2 rifle. I expected a few more shots from ea cylinder. The last three shots dropped off considerably. Maybe 20-25 rounds.

Made in 'Merica.

The barrel droop issue confused me for a bit but was easily corrected.

By ThomasUSAApril 29, 2019

It's a well built rifle with a nice wood stock. Plenty of power and is accurate. The one problem I have is a crack in the plastic cover on the butt. I have stood the rifle on the butt in a closet but didn't drop it there. I'm using Falcon pellets. Tom

By RandUSAOctober 29, 2018

With many similarities to the Crosman 2400, this rifle is fun for the tinkerer. This has enough power to take out rats. Trigger sucks, but there are options on the internet. Wood stock had marks on it and it wasn't in the best shape. If you have the mindset that this is a platform, you will be happy.

Accurate enough, .6 inch 10 shot groups at 25 yards with JSB 18s. .8 inch 10 shot groups at 25 with Crosman CPHP 14s. Customizable. Power. Long barrel speeds up pellets.

Trigger sucks. Had some burrs on the crown.

By JohnUSAJuly 18, 2017

Readily accepts a scope with the grooved receiver. VERY ACCURATE! Suffiently powerful to take squirrels at 30 yards with one shot. I'm very happy with this purchase.

No pumping. Plenty of shots per co2 cylinder.

Won't work well in cold weather.

By JohnNovember 21, 2016

Neat little rifle. NIce hardwood stock, easy to use. Mounted a decent TASCO scope on it and at 15 yards we're hitting the same hole. Highly recommend!

NIce stock, cost effective, accurate.

No cons for what it's meant for.

By KeithUSANovember 16, 2016

I bought this to be a more powerful plinker just for fun, couldn't pass on the sale price. I prefer 12g CO2 over 88 because they are so much cheaper and it doesn't bother me to have to swap them out. I have probably 200 shots through it now, all Crosman premier domed 14.3 gr. At 15 yards can't miss 3/4" target. I haven't really tried yet to see how good it can get on paper but I suspect it is much better than that. I get 35 +/- good shots on one cart. The open sights are poor quality (like my eyesight is getting to be) so I put a 4x scope on it. Higher rings would have made it easier to load but I've got the technique down now. Not super quiet but not noticeably or alarmingly loud either. I shoot in the backyard with pretty close neighbors.

For a generic hardwood stock it has beautiful grain and color. The overall fit and finish belies the low price. It is easy to use and is accurate.

The rear sight is rudimentary junk and snapped off trying to adjust it. The trigger is gritty and not light but is predictable, I suspect it will wear in with time.

By awcNovember 7, 2016

put a scope on it from Wal-Mart shot maybe 75 pellets shooting very well at 20 to 30 yards very happy with this gun

light weight fun to shoot


By geneUSANovember 1, 2016

It reminds me more of the older 262 Crosman with the steel breach mod. I just finished rebuilding that very gun. I was surprised to see how much it looked like my 1077 also! Check it out. :-)

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How do I load co2

asked Mark from USA

What size co2

asked Dennis Noel

12 grams

Mike67 from USA

I have a2260mb, is it suppose to have a barrel spacer?

asked Jim Natelborg

Can I get any after market parts to doll it up?

asked Jim

You can get a attachments such as a Scope just don't take it apart and Modify the valve or try to make it rip pellets faster its powerful enough in my opinion and its a limited edition so i would leave it the way it is.

Mike67 from USA

Does this Crosman/Sheridan 2260 use 1-12 gram CO2, or 2 ...?

asked Glenn61

what drives the air compression.[axample is it a manual pump,co2canister or crack barral

asked randall
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