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SIG Sauer ASP20, Beech

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  • Code: AGD-45978980 · .177 · 1021 fps
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With their first introduction to the break barrel market, SIG has knocked it out of the park with the ASP20. It’s perfect for extremely accurate backyard shooting and pest control. Chambered in both .177 and .22 caliber, each versions piston is charged accordingly, to send rounds downrange at the optimal velocity. The cocking effort is very manageable at around 33 lbs and each time, you’re good for anywhere between 1020 to 830 fps, depending on your caliber. The trigger is probably our favorite part about this gun, it is a two stage adjustable Matchlite trigger that is extremely smooth, especially considering we’re talking about a break barrel. The accuracy is undeniable as well, as we were getting groups as small as a third of an inch at 35 yards with our demo. If this rifle is any indication about what SIG will bring to the break barrel market in the future, it will be only a matter of time before they dominate the break barrel industry.

SIG Sauer ASP20 Gas-Piston Breakbarrel Air Rifle, Beech Stock

  • Gas-Piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Weaver/Picatinny Rail
  • Black Stained Beech Stock
  • Integrated Suppressor
  • 2-Stage Adjustable MatchLite® Trigger, 2.5-4 lbs trigger pull
  • GlideLite™ Cocking Mechanism
  • Wedge Lock Breech System eliminates barrel droop 
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  • ManufacturerSIG Sauer
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1021 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 8.50
  • Overall Length 45.60
  • Barrel Length 13.80
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 1
  • Mechanism Gas-piston
  • Rail Weaver/Picatinny
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/target practice
  • Warranty 5-year limited warranty
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By TravisUSAJune 29, 2020

This Sig is powerful and well built. It is however heavy and I definitely wouldn't take it hunting or carry it for long durations. The suppressor can't be used with bore sighters and doesn't seem to do much. I put a Vortex 4-18x44 scope on it and it works pretty well.

Build Quality

Heavy, Suppressor

By March 18, 2020

My first break barrel, I took it out for the first time today and I put in more effort zeroing then learning the artillery hold. My last group of the day was an inch and a half at 50 yards with jsb hades, and for not having shot anything in years, I couldn't be happier. I strongly recommend.

Accurate Forgiving recoil Picatinny rail instead of dovetail Feels sturdu

By AndyFebruary 12, 2020

Received my ASP 20 today. Awesome rifle and scope. It is everything and more that everyone said it would be. Probably shot about a hundred rounds through it and after getting is sight in, ( which didn't take much ) it just kept putting rounds through or touching the same hole at 25 yards. I can't compare it to my other .22 cal. It's in a class by it's self. The one thing that no one on any of the reviews or videos talked about the the holes in the stock. I was hoping it was for quick disconnect sling mounts but nothing is mentioned anywhere about them. I was able to use the sling I use on my AR-15. It did look like they were mounting holes but I didn't know until I bought the rifle. Just another great feature. I don't think I will ever need another rifle. This is it. I didn't take any photos of my groups. If I knew I could post them here I would have. Sorry. You just have to trust me. Oh I used Crosman Premier Domed Ultra Magnum 14.3 gr. pellets. I also tried H&N field target trophy which were .3 gr different in weight and still shot a tight group. I'm glad I don't have to buy expensive pellets. Thanks SIG for a great break barrel. If you don't have the money to buy this rifle, save up for it. You will eventually end up with it anyway.

Everything is awesome

No Cons

By MarkJanuary 16, 2020

If I could get a nice sunny day to do some thorough testing ... I've put maybe a couple hundred pellets through it so far and the accuracy is as good as they say. I bought a Nikon Prostaff P3 Target EFR 3-9x40 AO to put on it in place of the old junker I had, and then the weather turned bad. I'm shooting at 35 yards and I've had holes touching. No artillery hold, just resting on a bag. I have to work out the best technique and then pick the best pellets. So far the 8.2 gr RWS Meisterkugeln has been the most consistent. The fit and finish are outstanding and none of the screws have loosened up yet. I adjusted the trigger down as low as it would go and it is about right with no creep or grit. I like the flat blade trigger. It comes with a welded on Picatinny scope mount so you will need rings to match, not dovetail air gun rings. The cocking effort is no harder than my Diana AM03 Stealth which has less power. It makes a distinct crack with lightweight supersonic pellets, but is quiet overall.

Beautiful finish with no flaws. Fairly easy to cock. Accurate. Made in the U.S.

A bit heavy. Not wild about the safety location.

By VerissimoUSASeptember 25, 2019

Came very well packaged. It is a beautiful gun. I received my rifle and installed a scope and got the chronograph out and started to shoot. Predator GTO 11.75 grain shot between 948-1004 fps (very accurate). H&N Sniper lite 14.0 grain 824-862 fps (good pellet accuracy seems to vary in my rifle. Seems to be the pellet with the most flyers for some reason or another) H&N Barracuda match 21.14 grain 660-676 fps (accurate pellet but I have to adjust scope by three mill dots). RSW Super dome 14.5 grain 832-841 fps (very accurate pellet in the rifle). Sig Sauer Wraith 12.35 grain 870-895 fps ( love this pellet,extremely accurate definitely buying more) All 10 shot groups. After cleaning the barrel accuracy really improved, I am shooting at 30 yards. 3/8“-1/2”groups, and at times pellet in pellet I’m very impressed. I am very happy with the trigger out of the box. All the pellets I shot were very accurate

Absolutely beautifully finished beech stock. Very solid feeling. Someone had mentioned earlier... I do wish the picatinny rail was at least an inch longer. Very quite backyard friendly. Cocking effort is very easy and smooth. The wedge lock breech system is an absolute game changer.

Can’t really think of any right now other than the safety lever is a bit stiff but I guess that could be a good thing.

By WestenUSAJune 18, 2019

I'll just start by saying that I had purchased a Gamo Swarm Magnum prior to this rifle and that the Gamo was nothing but cheap plastic and terrible accuracy so I got rid of it. Did lots of reading and watched all the review videos on this gun before buying and I'd honestly say that I'm quite impressed. I believe for 430 bucks your getting a real quality, solid rifle here that'll last a long time. Had to wait for this gun as it was on back order but when it finally came I quickly mounted my Hawke Airmax 4x12x40AO and it didn't take long to get sighted in. At 45yds I'm getting half inch grouping with crossman premier hollow points no BS! I haven't even tried my other ammunition yet since the gun seems to like these 14.3gr pellets. I'm thinking the breach lockup is this guns biggest highlight in tandem with a high quality barrel.I really appreciate The firm and possitive lockup as well. The gun is a tad on the heavy side but I like this as it feels solid and it may contribute to this guns excellent accuracy. The trigger is also very nice and crisp with a clean break and I haven't even messed with it yet, not sure I'll even touch it. So far I'm very happy with this rifle and the Hawke scope compliments this gun very nicely as well. The gun is also quite powerful and at close range is blowing through 3/4" plywood. I also like how the gun seems to be nicely balanced and helps wish an easy shouldering. My only gripes are minor and really don't detract from the gun but they are noted. I wish Sig would extend the picatinny rail back another inch-inch and a half and not give you bear minimum to mount the scope on. The second is the foregrip on the bottom of the stock, it's squared off a good bit and makes my hand sore after a while if I'm holding the gun outwards. Maybe this is just me but I'd prefer it to be more rounded. Either way I'm getting used to it and it's a petty complaint. Did I mention that the black stained beech wood is absolutely beautiful especially in the sunlight... I'd like to also say that I think Airgun Depot's review video on this gun is on par with my assessment however, im getting far tighter grouping than Travis is. Haven't tied my other pellets yet though but I wanted to start with the crossman's because they're cheap and plentiful and seem to be good shooters in most guns and they definitely are in this gun. If you're thinking about this rifle, I give it a thumbs up for sure. Very pleased. I'm picking of ground squirrels in my yard like wildfire now. If I can add to this review I'll post more pictures of the fantastic grouping that I'm getting.

-Quality -Fit and finish -Innovation -Trigger -Accuracy -Ballanced

-Needs more picatinny rail -Would like to see it come with open sights however you need an optic on this rifle to utilize it's potential

By JayJanuary 15, 2019

Got mine in and have topped it with a Hawke Airmax 3x9x40AO scope. So far I have about 150 rounds through it at 25 yards using 5 different types and size pellets. It is by far the most accurate break barrel pellet gun I have ever shot and seems to like every type pellet I have put through it. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Deadly accurate Not pellet picky Not hold sensitive Rock solid barrel when locked

A little on the heavy side but I think that's why its so accurate. Takes a bit of force to fist break the barrel.

By DennisUSAJanuary 9, 2019

Having several PCP's, I wanted to explore the world of break barrels. I did quite a bit of research on several airgun store websites and it seemed that the Sig ASP20 had the features that I wanted. Nitro piston, adjustable trigger, sound moderator, advertised accuracy. I bought the ASP 20 in .22cal and topped it off with a Hawke Airmax 3-9x40 scope. If you get the Airmax, be sure to focus the reticle from the rear before you pass judgement. It is very fine. After a few preliminary sighting shots, I looked at the manual and decided to make some trigger adjustments. With half turn adjustments to the screw behind the trigger to advance the second stage, I finally got it too light as it bottomed out. I believe that was about three full turns in. I Backed it up one full turn, just right. Now I started backing out the screw at the back of the breach with the bent screwdriver that was provided, in quarter turns until the trigger spring was softened up to my liking. There are sort of notches it drops into to hold the adjustment. Now with a very nice trigger, I am zeroed at 25 yards and have been able to make nickel sized groups at 30 yards. I have been amazed the power and accuracy of the Sig. Accurate is accurate, and The ASP20 still seems to hang in there at longer yardages using the right holdover. I have shot out to 75 yards and I am still amazed. Can this really be possible. This springer can't possibly hang in there with the PCP crowd can it?. Well, from what I can see so far, it's got to be very close.

Quiet. I think is should have rated a low-2 for noise. I believe it got a med-3. Nice trigger. Accuracy. Power. Nicely finished.

It would be nice to have sling mounts. I slung it from the barrel with a leather band, and screwed in a rear stock stud.

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What's a better buy for target practice shooting only .22 cal or .177 cal ?

asked Matthew from USA

If all you are doing is target shooting .177 cal is the most economical. If you will do some pest control as well. 22 cal is the choice.

Mark from USA

Can this rifle be decocked without having to fire it ?

asked Pablo

Since the Sig Sauer site list the price at 429.99 how do you claim a list price of 489.99?

asked JJNJ

what type and size rings did you mount your Hawke scope with?

asked Mark

Does this come with the scope you show in the video?

asked James from USA

Any postings anywhere from anyone that's bought and used one please

asked Dave

Does this come with a scope?

asked Howard D. from USA

Nice video, however, you didn't mention one word about the scope. Major oversight aside, what model number scope is it, and, is it included? Thanks, Bob

asked Robert

I have 2 BSA break barrels. My question is, I want to know how much platic in this new sig Sauer. Like is the bear trap plastic and the end cap. In your review you should take the stalk off and show the guts of the rifle. One more this I want to know where is the gas ram manufactured at.

asked Chris Buccitelli

Which sig scope is on this ASP 20 and power. You test.

asked William Artymovich
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