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Smith & Wesson Airguns

In the mid 19th century, two seasoned veterans of the firearms trade Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson teamed up to create the first ever lever action repeating pistol that could use a fully self contained cartridge. This initial venture was ultimately a failure and the idea was sold. Not more than few years later though Smith and Wesson teamed up yet again to fulfill another new innovation, a revolver with a fully self contained cartridge. This was the first ever seen in the world and after securing patents for the gun paired with a follow up large caliber cartridge revolver upgrade, Smith & Wesson established themselves as world leaders in the industry.

The company Smith & Wesson went on to accomplish great things including the introduction of what is known as the most famous revolver, the Model 10. This dominating success leads us to the present at which time Smith & Wesson now produces airgun replicas of many of their most popular revolver models. These air pistols are made up largely of the same material as their pistol counterparts which simulates their actual weight and density. The firing mechanisms are realistic and mirror a large part of the shooting experience of the actual firearm.

Smith & Wesson airguns played a major role in the history of the revolver, but you will also find replicas of some more modern hits such as the M&P 40 BB Pistol, a common pistol used by military and police forces.
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