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Stoeger X20S2

Updated S2 With New Baffled Suppressor
  • Code: AGD-24067331 · .177 · 1200 fps
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This new S2 version of the Stoeger X20 lessens the decible output of the already quiet breakbarrel. This improved system combines the functions of an internal air-regulator ring and baffles that work in tandem to reduce noise better than any other airgun on the market. Unlike other airgun manufacturers that utilize only sound dampening baffles, Stoeger's X20 Suppressor utilizes the Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System. The air-regulator ring has four decompression holes that bleed off most of the compressed air before the pellet even enters the baffles. The remaining compressed air dissipates throughout the baffles further reducing noise.

Stoeger Arms X20S2 Air Rifle Features
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • AFC (airflow control) technology is a dual-stage noise-reduction system by Humbert CTTS- renowned silencer designer
  • 94.2 decibels
  • 11mm scope dovetail (no open sights)
  • 2-stage adj. trigger
  • Ambidextrous Monte Carlo stock
  • Synthetic stock with dual raised cheekpieces
  • Textured pistol grip and forearm
  • Automatic safety
  • Includes 4x32 airgun scope with illuminated red/green reticle; uses CR1620 battery (included)
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  • ManufacturerStoeger Arms
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1200 fps
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 7.00
  • Overall Length 43.00
  • Barrel Length 16.50
  • Loudness 2-Low-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 2-year limited warranty
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By luke

Very nice rifle, nothing i dont like about it. Would buy it again in heart beat. Not as quiet as the stoeger ad made it seem, and no i am not using light pellets that cause it to be louder. Mine is the 22 cal version, and did smoke for a while as others have commented due to factory excessive oiling. Nothing to be afraid when considering buying it. Awesome bang for the buck and just what i was looking for.

By Matt S.

Good weight, power, and accuracy. That about sums it up. Within 10 shots scope was sighted in perfectly. I would recommend to anyone, BUY THIS GUN!!!!

By RussAugust 30, 2018

I purchased this pellet rifle in .22 cal as a quieter option for dropping squirrels. We've had this gun for over 2 years now, and our family loves it. At 50 yards, my kids can hit milk jugs with no problem...I can reach out to about 60 yards to do the same. We swapped the stock scope out almost immediately, and with Predator Polymag pellets, it's a rodent punisher. It is fairly quiet, and when I'm shooing on my deck, my family cannot hear it inside of the house. My neighbors cannot hear it at all. I would highly recommend this gun, and so would the squirrels around my house...if there were still around. :)

Very accurate, fairly quiet, in .22 it is devastating on small game

Crappy scope comes with it

By JohnMarch 20, 2018

My yard was over run with squirrels. They were killing everything including my cedar trees that they literally debarked. Then they started damaging the house. What to do? Buy this air rifle!! I looked at a lot of air guns and finally settled on this one after much research. I didn't want to spend many hundreds of dollars but I did need something that was accurate and quiet. This rifle has fulfilled these requirements. Out of the box I set up a target to zero the scope. Maybe I was lucky but the factory setting was dead on! Then I put the rifle to work. My first job was to adjust to shooting a springer. In short order I had it down and then we went to work. All I can say is the local (formerly over populated) squirrel population "ain't what it use to be" as they say. Last count there were 35 fewer "problems" in my back yard. You can buy a better trigger if you are a serious target shooter, but I get by find on the factory one. You can install a better scope if you want to, but again, I get by on the factory one. I admit its not top shelve but gee...what do you expect at this price? A really good scope will cost more than you paid for the rifle! I use this rifle the way it came out of the box and its been a wonderful tool to clean up the neighborhood. I have no complaints with it. I have owned firearms and air guns for over 50 years. I judge things on how well they function and how much I have to spend to get the performance I need for a job. This rifle has performed better than I could have expected for the price I paid for it. I just recommended one to my brother for cleaning up his place.

Great performance for the price paid. Accurate Dependable Nice finish Fits well

None that are fair to list at this price point. It works great

By AllenUSAFebruary 28, 2018

shoots well takes 10 rounds to warm it up but then is good great up to 45 yds for the cost it is a very good rifle

By tom m.February 22, 2018

the scope that comes with it, should have stayed somewhere else. piece of crap. it cannot even be focused, the screws in the rings, of which there were eight, had three of them so badly cross threaded, they were unusable. but being as i like the rifle so much, i got a better scope and rings for it and wahlah, damn good shooter.

nice rifle, easy to use and accurate

crappy scope shipped with it

By MarkJanuary 3, 2018

This was a Christmas gift for my son. Since I have the same air rifle, and love it, I bought him one but his has had some problems. First, we noted the illuminating scope doesn't illuminate. Could be the battery, but I mean come on, it's brand new! More concerning was that after a few dozen shots a small C clip fell out of the receiver! Really?? I've contacted Stoeger and we're working out the details to return it for service. I know from experience that these air rifles are good and I fully expect that Stoeger will resolve the problem, it's just disappointing that within a week it has to be shipped off for service.

By William S.December 23, 2017

Scop mount needs better screws

By RalphUSAOctober 4, 2017

Put a good scope on this rifle and fix the trigger and you will never starve to death! Seriously, the scope us junk, the trigger is doable with some ingenuity and some 5th washers. Set up right this rifle will stack pellets in the same hole. The velocity on mine with 14 gn pellets is 640 fps. Just don't tell the squirrels! Love this rifle! My dog loves this rifle! The squirrels, not so much ;)


By ThomasUSASeptember 18, 2017

Received this nice little gun packaged securely in an attractive Stoeger box. My first impression is the rifle is solidly built and put together with care. It's fairly light and easy to cock. The supplied 4x32 scope is easily mounted. I bought the 22 caliber version. I tried 4 different pellets and all entered the chamber easily and all impacted the target close to one another. The trigger isn't all the great having a long travel and hard pull making it hard to determine let-off. This is easy to correct with an aftermarket trigger which I may do in the future. I paid $99.00 for this gun which is a steal. I tested the muzzle velocity and here's what it did. RWS 11.9gr Hobby pellets averaged 794fps, H&N Sport HP 12.65gr averaged 765fps, Crosman Premier 14.3gr averaged 721fps, and H&N Barracuda Match 21.1gr averaged 568fps. The velocity spreads were surprisingly low for a gun that is not yet broken in averaging about 7fps with the 11.9 Hobby pellet having the lowest at 4fps. I recorded these numbers out of a brand new rifle so I was impressed to say the least. I haven't got a chance to test the accuracy on paper targets yet but had no problem hitting and small steel can at 100 feet consistently. Pellets passed right through both sides of the cans. The supplied 4x32 scope works well enough but is too short to get a proper cheek weld. The mounts come with a stop screw so you cannot mount it back further on the dovetail. I will be replacing this with a longer, higher magnification scope which I prefer anyway. The gun is fairly quiet with the loudest, perceived noise coming from the spring which seems loud to the shooter, typical of a springer. Overall, a very nice gun for not much money.

Light, easy to cock. Good accuracy and velocity. Well put together and attractive.

Trigger pull is heavy. Spring noise. Scope is too short for this gun.

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can you sipping for india

asked sandeep dey

Is the suppressor removable for cleaning?

asked Blake from USA

I goy my stoeger X20 today. On the left side of the scope, there was something looks like a battery compartment. When I open it and was nothing inside. Does this scope require a battery to make red and green scope work? And if it does, what type? I didn't see any color through my scope?

asked Mike

I think the previous responder meant 2032 coin battery. A CR123 is about the size of a finger segment.

Philo in AZ

I didn't know this one took a battery, but the normal battery used on scopes is a CR2032. The 20 is diameter in mm, the 32 is thickness, 3.2mm. A 2024 or 2016 will usually work too, but less juice being thinner. The CR123 the other poster mentioned is much larger cylinder shaped batt typically used in small flashlights. He probably just got the number mixed up.


Rather than a CR123, which is a flashlight battery shorter and thicker than a AA battery, it will likely be a CR2032 which is like a quarter as stated in the other answer.

Jonathan from USA

It takes a CR 2032 coin type battery

Edward from USA

I think Crbarthold meant 2032. The 20 is the OD in mm, the 32 is thickness minus a decimal, so 3.2mm. I'd think it would say in the owners manual? Even the corner Kwik-E-Mart will have them. The other common size is 2016, then 2025. I'd imagine any of them would work but might as well get the fattest one that will fit since they last longer. Btw, do not stack two 2016's to take the place of a 2032.


Probably a CR123 battery like most other scopes use. It's the basic size of a quarter and is probably stuck under the packaging that the scope came in.


Can i kill quail with this gun?

asked Brandon

Sure you can. That is significantly more sporting than most hunters. I use a Benelli M1 Super 90. I've dropped 3 from 1 bush before my first shell hit the ground. Good Luck out there!

Capt from USA

Sure you can. That is significantly more sporting than most hunters. I use a Benelli M1 Super 90. I've dropped 3 from 1 bush before my first shell hit the ground. Good Luck out there!

Capt from USA

Yes it will kill quail easily and California allows the use of pellet rifles on upland game.


If you can hit them, yes BUT I can't think of any state that allows quail to be hunted with any firearm other than a shotgun.


This is my first springer. And to me it is VERY noisy. A loud CLANK, and even recoil. A bunch of us have been trying to get this rifle sited in and have not been able to get ANY consistency out of it. We tried shooting prone, on a rest, with shooting bags, with a clamping shoot rest, and it is firing all over. Any ideas what could be wrong?

asked Rixter

The barrel is either fubar, or there's some other issue like the scope or loose screws, or you're just not using it right. You can put spring tar on the main spring to cut the noise down by a good 75% or so. Or convert it to nitro spring which is kinda a pain.


You mention "a clamping shooting rest ..." And therein might lie your answer. Do not try gripping it tightly as you would an elephant gun. There isn't enouh recoil to bother anyone so a snug but not tight hold to the shoulder with the firing hand loosely holding the stock and the non-firing hand used ONLY as a passive, open hand support (no gripping) combined with a smooth trigger squeeze will get your groups tightened right up. A tight grip on a spring gun works against you as it maximizes component movement and flexing rather than minimizing it.

Edward from USA

The noise can be reduced quite a bit, more than half. The accuracy can be many things, but more likely a combo of things, but those can be improved as well. chevota at hotmail for a guide that covers said stuff, just remind me of your gun and problems.


In answering your question,, I might believe you got a bad gun from the factory. I have two of these rifles and both are great shooters and are as quiet as advertised. I had returned a poor shooting Benjamin NP and swapped for my first Stoeger so I understand the frustration you're going through.


I have had this rifle for over a month and shoot a consistent pattern, I have found that I have to readjust the scope a hair when I switch pellet types, other than that I have been pretty happy with the performance. I am only shooting within 50 feet.

Andrew from USA

I can only imagine, maybe you're used to PCP air rifles, or, maybe this is your first air rifle? In any case, first thing I would check is whether or not your scope is getting loose. That was one of my concerns with the scope bundled with this rifle. Since it doesn't have iron sights, you're forced to go with a scope. When it comes to springers, that adds some complexity to the issue. As you noticed, a bit of recoil, but most of the sound you'll be hearing after it's broken in, is the spring, not the muzzle-based sound. Heavier rounds can have an impact on the recoil, as well. I mounted a higher-end scope on mine with some different mounting gear, and so far, much better. Were I to do it again, I'd look into getting iron sights put on this baby. Now, a NP or PCP, even an RWS break-barrel, I'm okay with scopes of all types, but a hard springer like this one, it really needs to be as secure as possible, without stripping threads! It WOULD have taken a lot less time to sight in, if it could come with iron sights, THEN add the scope. A lot of patience, but consider it a great opportunity for barrel break-in, and take time with the lead pellets to get the original sighting done. Then, move up to heavier pellets at slightly increased range to really dial it in. That's pretty much what worked for me. Hope that helps. (oh, and it does get quieter!).

Jared from USA

How loud is this gun?

asked Pete Hastreiter

It's kinda pointless to have a suppressor like this on a coil spring gun since the spring is where most of the noise comes from, but at least they came out with that atac nitro version to solve that. The good news is you can quiet the spring on this gun easily by using black spring tar. That leaves only the piston noise, which can be reduced a bit with tuning, and some muzzle blast which could've been reduced if they made the suppressor correctly, or if you could take it apart and correct it except it's sealed. Still, with the spring taken care of it's probably the quietest break barrel out there. There are drawbacks to this gun/combo, so read the reviews first.


With my cheek resting on the stock, I was taken back at the "noise". Others around me commented how quiet the gun is and when I let someone else shoot it, I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely quieter than the non-suppressed guns, my friends have. Cheers.

Bill from

The gun is as quiet as I expected it to be. However, I still have not been able to sight it in. I think I will be purchasing a new scope soon. Very frustrating.

Sonny Tholcken

89db, still bothers neighbors next door But it is a lot more quiet than the X50 it's mainly the spring-system that makes the noise

Van Bogaert from Belgium

what do you think of this gun, is it accurate and how far

asked Bill

I disagree with Mike's quality claim, it's made in china... Problems you can expect; parallax, eye relief, excessive dieseling, difficult to open, horrible trigger, accuracy, and excessive/annoying noise. It isn't excessive noise for an airgun, it's excessive for one that brags about how quiet it is. Most guns in this price range have issues, this one just has more issues than avg imo, and not as easily fixed if you're willing to try. They can always be returned so give it a try if you're curious, which I was too but quickly returned it. If you want a quieter version look at the ATAC, but I'd get a Benj Trail over either of those.


The Stoeger company is actually owned by Beretta, a highly regarded firearms manufacturer renowned for their accuracy. I find the same level of quality in the X-20, an air gun that could easily sell for double the price. There is nothing "low-end" about it, including an ambidextrous automatic safety (easy to forget about in the beginning) which turns on as the gun is cocked. The breach breaks easily with a quick tap on the barrel, and the ease of cocking is surprising. My only gripe is with the long trigger pull, which has a nice low resistance but way too far to fire. I have long fingers and even so, I think I'll be upgrading the trigger. I immediately replaced the stock optics with a better scope, but before I could ever zero it the Stoeger was putting multiple pellets through the same hole from 25 yards. I find the accuracy to be impressive for such an inexpensive buy. I've not yet had the chance to fire over longer distance, but with the right pellets I absolutely believe it will maintain that accuracy.

Mike from USA

I am using mine solely for "critter control" as my yard backs up to a farm, and "visitors" are not uncommon. I don't have any definitive measurements (like I can shoot a x inch group at y yards). All I can tell you is that once sighted in; I've had little trouble hitting just about anything I've needed anywhere in the yard. I've taken down a couple ground hogs at about 40 yards with it (that's probably the longest "for real" shot I've take with it).

Jeff from USA

I've not had too many problems with accuracy, but I did upgrade the scope shortly after purchasing. As for how far, it would depend on topography and target. Flat range, shooting at paper targets, adjusting for flight path and weight of round, you could manage 100 yards. If you are using it for hunting, even small game, use heavier pellets and range/accuracy is 50 yards, 2" group (maybe). Bring it to 30m targets and you'll tighten up that group to around an inch or less. Again, my biggest issue was the scope kitted with the rifle and adjusting a little to the trigger pull. Once that was achieved, and several hundred rounds of mixed ammo later, it's accurate enough that I'd feel comfortable killing a varmint (woodchuck or smaller) inside of 50 yards. If I had dead air, slightly downhill at 75 yards, and heavier round, I MIGHT consider a rabbit or squirrel as potential kills at that range, but you'd HAVE to make a sure headshot, to do so. The real reason I purchased this particular rifle was how quiet it is, once it's settled and dialed in. Can miss and still pull off a second shot on occasion. If I lived outside city limits, I could probably shoot in the backyard without neighbors complaining. The scope I opted to mount is a UTG 1" 4-16X40 AO True Hunter IE Scope. I did have to get a mount adapter, as I wasn't comfortable putting higher rings on the dovetail mounts. The scope is a bit of a beast for this air rifle, so I had to make some room for it to fit properly.

Jared from USA

For the price, it's a great rifle. I don't have any real problem with the scope but then its not an expensive package.


How do you like the scope accuracy and most most important how quiet is it.

asked Mike

How long does it take to ship to New York? Is the scope easyish to adjust, I bought 2 guns from Gamo, Buckhunter and Something I forgot both the scopes did not move a inch no matter how much I adjusted them, took them both back.

asked Braxton

They are very quick with shipping but I am not sure exactly, my guess with FedEx, 4 days tops. Yes some rifles have issues with line up of the barrel and scope, it is inherent with break barrel rifles but this Stoeger is worthy of trying. I happen to love mine, easy set up, quiet, not heavy... packs a punch in the .22 Cal. and with the case it was a done deal for this price. My first impression was, "This is going to be my go to hunting rifle, pest control, general plinking... I just grinned. The balance was perfect, and the power... no more worry of a tree rat taking those five steps. I did upgrade my scope, I tend to use variable magnification due to my location and needs, so I put on Centerpoint 4-16 x 40 which Airgun Depot has on sale for $59.00. and might I suggest the Crosman Premier Domed as pellets. The combo is amazing, I have 12 other pellet rifles and this is my favorite. I had it sighted in within 10 minutes with both scopes, I couldn't wait for the Centerpoint to arrive, just had to try it and haven't put it down since.

Donald from USA

The scope was fairly easy to adjust. Scope came with instructions on how to adjust. Took me two nights to fine tune it. I am no marks man but I was able to do it with some fresh targets. Started at 30 feet. Sighted it in. Moved it to 90 feet and fine tuned it again. Left it there because I can't hit a barn any further if I tried.

Ray from USA

well ships from Utah, so I would think about 4-5 days to get there as with most places in the US. The scope is a little short, not eye relief adjustments at all. I would like to slide it back more so I could adjust it to my eye but it's too short of a scope. You have to put your face right up on it to see correctly, I ordered a different scope full length scope in 3x9 and 40mm. I think this will be much better. I think this gun could be better suited for a red dot type sight also, the range is not super far unless you have lead free pellets. great gun though

David from USA

I would think bout 3 days, the scope is to small to me you need to upgrade to at least a 3-9x40 ao


This one dials in just fine

Mike from USA

TO New York? No idea, but they used Fed EX from Utah to Alabama and was less then a week, probably about the same if not less. About the scope? EASIEST adjustment's ever. Just remove the cover's and it tell's you the direction "up" on the top and "left" on the side. (just snap off a few shots and adjust accordingly). Comes pretty close out of the box bore-sighted, you just need to "fine" tune at the distance you need it for. I set mine up for 10-30 feet. Less than two hours after I had it sighted-in I had to kill a Cottonmouth on the back porch. That's what I use air gun's for; mostly for mice underneath the house thankfully. But, with all the rain, we're overrun with snakes. And a 12-gauge is not an option on the wood floors. Using a garden hoe also damages things, plus requiring me to get closer to the dangerous snakes. I didn't know it till I got one, but Stoeger is a "Beretta Company" and German made. Great firearms, I own several. And this air gun has the quality, heft, weight and feel of any of their firearm products. Hope this helps !

tim from USA

rifled barrel or not ? norman

asked norman

OH yes.... it is rifled! I must admit, I bought this X20S in the .22 cal., played with it a bit as set up from factory, then changed the scope to the CenterPoint 4 x16 40 they have on sale. WHAT a COMBO! This is quickly becoming my favorite rifle. Light, quiet, I back yard shoot from within the house and the neighbors have told me all they can hear is a staple gun sound, No Worries! I do have the x20 wood as well, in a .177, but this .22 far outshines it, quieter, doesn't break mach. Packs a whollup and holds true, nickel size groups without an issue right from the box as is. I managed to get it down to dimes at 15 yards with that new CenterPoint scope. For the price; scope, case and rifle, this should be on Everyone's top ten list.

Donald from USA

Yes it is rifled. I did a quick scope zero on a splatter target and hit the bullseye twice at 50 feet. The suppressor works very well. I hear the spring more than the report of the muzzle. Using the Hypermax Extreme velocity non-lead .22 pellets. Great bang for the buck. Joe


All break barrel air rifles have rifled barrels that I am aware of. The only smoothbore air rifles are the lower cost multi-pump pneumatics and single-pump BB guns.

Aaron from USA

50 yards is in range easy. Now the accuracy part is on you ur ammo and ur optics. I use the crosman 14.3 feild hunting pellet getting 735 fps on the chrony and its right o target.


This rifle has a rifled barrel. I believe without counting it is 10 to twelve riflings


It does have a rifles barrel


how accurate is this gun? i want something that from 150 ft away it will nail it right in the middle of the crosshairs

asked ilan

At 50 yards you will be lucky to achieve a 1" group with a lot of practice with this or any other break-barrel rifle. Long range (Grater than 30 yards) pin-point accuracy is really the realm of the PCP air rifles such as the Benjamin Maurader, but still requires lots of practice and decent optics.

Aaron from USA

gun scope set correctly no problem.

william from USA

This is pretty accurate, I sighted in the scope and it's pretty consistent in it grouping. quality pellets help a lot


can you attach a tripod on this?

asked tyler

If you can find or add a 1/4-20 tapped hole, Yes

John from USA

Would depend on the tripod. This is a break barrel gun. The barrel folds down to cock it and load a pellet. Also the barrel width is almost 2 inches diameter. If you buy a tripod that can wrap around to mount on the end and still clear the stock when cock it, your golden.

David from USA

there are no attachment points for a tripod on this rifle. I think you really mean a bipod. the only type that may fit is the UTG company's clamp on bipod. they make several types. hope this helps out.


I don't think so, at least not in the usual way... Break barrel airguns don't lend themselves very well to this.. They only way I could see this, is by either using one that you rest the barrel on (not attached), a regular one that you mount far back under the stock (to have enough clearance for the barrel to break and set the spring), OR one that comes in 2 parts that you mount on either side of the stock...(I've seen pictures/descriptions of the last option somewhere on the forums)... Hope that helps.

Cornelis from USA

for this gun to have 1500 fps do you have to pump it a certain amount of times?

asked Luke

This is a break-barrel rifle, meaning you only need to cock it once in order to fire it. Once it is cocked it's cocked. As far as getting 1500 fps, I seriously doubt it. Lighter pellets or non lead pellets might get you closer to 1000 fps advertised, but lead pellets will only get you mid 600 fps to 800 fps depending on the weight in 22 cal.

Fred from USA

How much does this system suppress noise?

asked VICTOR

Maybe 7dB at the muzzle compared to one without a suppressor, maybe, but from the shooters perspective a generic gas spring gun is quieter. From someone standing off to the side a gas gun is quieter. If you want what is probably the quietest break barrel then get a Trail, Regal, or the new ATAC, all of which have a suppressor and a gas spring. This X20S is actually rather annoyingly loud for the shooter, but you can use spring tar to quiet down a lot. Without the tar I think the gun is pointless.


Stoeger claims a 7db reduction in sound when compared to other rifles in the same class. From other reports that I have seen it's really quiet and "backyard" friendly.

Fred from USA

Im looking to go squirrel hunting and I'm looking for an inexpensive pellet gun will this gun kill a squirrel from around 30-50 yards

asked Eli

Very effective in killing small animals. Incredibly accurate and silent.


Assuming your shot placement is good, this air rifle should do so. I have found the Stoeger X-20S to be accurate and quiet as advertised.

Jason from USA

Short answer is Yes. I live in a neighborhood that was constructed in a pasture. I have used this to eliminate groundhogs from 30 + yards away. However, plan on buying a new scope for it.

Thomas from USA

How time it would last to deliever in nogales arizona?

asked Adolfo

Adolfo, You would be looking at 2 business days to deliver into Arizona. Hopefully that answers your question. Sincerely, Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Hi Do you ship to the UK if so haw much dose it cost and how long dose it take aprox?

asked Richard Ryan

Richard, Please contact our International Shipping Department at [email protected]. They can answer any questions you might have. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

I have a brand new OUT OF THE BOX 1 hr. Stoeger ATAC Suppressor 22 caliber rifle, first time trying to cock it. Supposedly by tapping down on the barrel behind front sight, (NONE) to be able to break the lock, then one hand on pistol grip, other at end of the barrel; it should break down for cocking / loading...? I cannot get the (LOCK) to release or break the barrel for cocking... I Have Hit It Pretty Hard with my hand. ANY SUGGESTIONS...?

asked Billie

It does take a good wack to break, It may be stiff because of its newness. Mine out of the box seemed to break as expected. Might try spraying some WD40 at the break point to loosen it up.

Chris from USA

I found that the higher up on the barrel that you tap the easier it will open. I have had no such problems with my gun. Out of the box my gun preformed well I found that the more you shoot it the more accurate it becomes. I would recommend this product to anyone.

edgar from USA

I had the same problem the first time. HIT IT HARDER! That should do it.

Paul from USA

Mine was really hard to cock too. Especially the first time. Put the butt against your right thigh. Your right hand under the trigger guard. Then hit the top very end of the barrel HARD! Use CLP on the hinge. The more you shoot it the more it will loosen up, and become more accurate. I have over 500 rounds, steel hollow points only. It is still a little tough to cock but not too bad. Also I would advise taking the scope and mounts off an put them back on with Loktite. I had trouble zeroing mine until I did that. In retrospect I do that with every other weapon so I don't know why I didn't do it for the pellet rifle. Good luck, CJ

Christopher from USA

The first time I broke the barrel I had to hit it pretty hard at the end of the barrel. When I say pretty hard, it was the roughest I ever handled a weapon. Pinch/brace it between your legs and hit it. Recommended it to two other guys and they all said the same thing. Good luck!

Thomas from USA

can i pay to euro? and how much it cost in euro? and the transporting cost how much it is?

asked antonis bakomitros

Go to that webpage, where the item you want is. Click on "Add to Cart." (There will be a pop up with other items if you want those) Then click "proceed to checkout" if that is everything you want. When your checking out at the sight and there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping costs will be presented before you finalize your purchase.

Scott from USA

can i order from greese? and the price is with scope?

asked antony bacomitros

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase.

Scott from USA

How loud can other people hear it?

asked Nicole from USA

My experience with firing this platform and the level of suppression depends of what type of pellets you fire down range. I bought a tin of Crossman Hi-Velocity alloy pellets and it sounds like a 22. rimfire every time I pull the trigger. I live in the subs and use cheep soft lead pellets for target shooting in the back yard and all my neighbors hear is the plinking sound of the round hitting the target. Its a nice air rifle and fun to shoot.

Ronnie from USA

How does it shoot? Can it shoot through a 1/2 inch plank at a close distance? What is the range that you can accurately shoot something? Last of all, how loud is it?

asked Robert Smith

A 1000 fps .22 break barrel will EASILY go through 1/2" of wood at close range. A break barrel only cocks once and then it fires. If you want a gun that you pump up like the Crosman 760, you still won't get as much velocity as you do with a good break barrel. If you want a pellet gun to hit 1500fps you need a .177 probably Air Force. 1400fps at the muzzle is about as fast as you are gonna get. If it's 1500fps you want you need to get a .22 rim fire rifle and fire some CCI Stingers which will give you about 1600fps with a 32 grain projectile. The .177 at around 1400 fps would be with about a 7 grain pellet that has a lower sectional density and will quickly slow down once it starts cutting air.

Garde from USA

Is there any chrono test out there for the stoeger X-20 using the Gamo PBA bullet .22 pellet? It is claiming 30% more terminal impact . 14.4 gr. ?

asked ramey miller

It just may have 30% more velocity (not power) with PBS just as most guns will, but the problem with this gun is the power. Most guns fall a little short of their advertised claims, but this gun fell on its face. There was nothing wrong with the x20S that I had, the problem is the barrel inside there is only 13" long and this kills the power. In .22 they claim 1000fps with PBA, that's 21.5ftlbs energy! My gun had 12ftlbs... Mine was .177, but the caliber makes little if any difference in power, so in .22 that 12ftlbs would equal 750fps with PBA, and 615fps with typical 14.3gr lead. Btw, the Stoeger X20S or X20 power plant is identical to a Crosman, it's just little differences like the barrel and cosmetics like the stock. The standard X20 Stoeger also has a short barrel (16.5"), so while it will have more power than the X20S, it will always fall short compared to other brands. A Crosman normally uses an 18.5" barrel so the X20S or the X20 will always have less power, be harder to cock, and they're more $ than a Crosman. If you want quiet like the X20S then buy a nitro Crosman/Benjamin like the Titan, which is as quiet imo, certainly nicer shooting, a lot cheaper, and of course more power. If you want to be even quieter then get the Benj Regal or Benj Trail which have a suppressor as well. I bought the cheaper Titan and added a Benjamin suppressor, so for less than $150 I have a better and quieter gun than the X20S with 50% more power! If the X20S added 4-5" to the barrel, a nitro spring, and dropped the price to $160 or so they'd have a comparable gun to Crosman, but as-is, sorry...


How much of an accuracy break-in is required and how accurate can I count on it shooting?

asked Bob Herrington

The mfg (or should I say importer) says no break -in is required, but this gun is no different than any of the others so don't believe it. Actually, you can shoot this or the others right away, well after the dieseling stops and you sight it in. The gun will settle and wear a bit, so accuracy, smoothness and power will get slightly better and you'll probably need to adjust your scope slightly to match. The only real issue when new, is the grease in the gun needs to be blown out before you can sight the gun in. You can tell when there's too much grease in there because it diesels or detonates (sounds like a 22 rimfire). The problem here is most guns only do that for a few, maybe a dozen shots and you're done. I've read, and you can too in the reviews, that people complain that the Stoeger will do this for much much longer, even over 100 shots! Ouch. Ouch meaning this can damage the gun and if anything will I'm sure 100 shots will. Not sure why, because the gun is virtually identical to the Crosman, and I assume they come from the same assembly line at the same mfg plant. Maybe Stoeger requests extra grease be added, who knows. As for me, I take all guns apart and tune them before I shoot them. This eliminates all these problems. I suggest you do the same. If you are unwilling to take your gun apart and tune it then I suggest you look at Crosman Nitro spring guns. They're not tuned, but the nitro spring makes them feel a lot like a tuned gun. Also, a standard Crosman Nitro is as quiet, if not quieter than this X20S. Get one with a shroud and you're definitely quieter. You're better off with a Crosman of any type anyway, Stoeger is really just a more expensive clone, plus they have less power thanks to a shorter barrel.


How loud is this gun? The noise does not matter because I live on a farm, I just want to do a little coon hunting at night and don't want to wake anyone or scare the coons. Another gun I was considering was the gamo socom extreme, because again, noise is not an issue. How is the scope for night hunting? How would the noise compare to a nitro piston?

asked Anonymous

If you are shooting squirrels, you'll want the Socom Extreme, you need plenty of power for those coons. The noise of this gun is minimal (probably close to the nitro-pistons, but having never fired this, I don't know.) Though my Benjamin Trail XL .22 NP is VERY accurate, powerful and I have taken a raccoon with it.

Conor from USA

How loud is this rifle? Could I be able to shoot rats in my backyard without the neighbors freaking out?

asked Phil

It depends on your neighbors I suppose. Will they know you shot a gun? Yes. Is it as bad as most other airguns? No. Are there quieter guns available? Most definitely! Many PCP guns are quieter, but that's a different class. If you want a break barrel gun that's quieter, less money, and more powerful, then try a Nitro spring Crosman/Benjamin gun. For added quiet try a Nitro gun with a shroud. For the same money ($200) you could buy a Benjamin Trail Hardwood which has both those features and much more. It's hands down a better gun. Actually the Stoeger and Crosman/Benjamin use the same basic powerplant and virtually all the parts are interchangeable. Or should I say a Stoeger is a Crosman with a shorter barrel and higher price tag. You can get virtually the same gun in a Crosman version for close to half the price. I did for $110 or as I mentioned, the much nicer Trail for the same price. It's up to you. As mentioned the Stoegers have a shorter barrel which both reduces power and increases cocking effort, but the X20S has an extremely short barrel hidden inside the suppressor, a mere 13"! This kills the power! A typical $75 Crosman is 30-50% MORE powerful! Advantage to owning a Stoeger over a Crosman: Zero. Sorry people who have already bought one, but for those who have not you will thank me.


Is it possible to get 1000fps out of this air rifle? And how?

asked ramey miller

It'll never happen. With super light PBA pellets I'd guess maybe 800fps with an exceptional gun, but 1000fps is a flat out lie. Expect a 20% drop with lead too.


PBA Raptor ammo


How much strength does the break action require? Can an average male over 70 years old manage?

asked Ted Ford

I'm only 65 but have pipe-stem arms (LOL) and it's not too bad. After about 20 shots though, you do get a bit fatigued.

Thomas from Mexico

Is the scope lighted?

asked johnathan from USA

Yes, Green/Red illumination.

Joshua from USA

I am In India. What are the possibilities of shipping this gun to India? What will be the final cost of This Gun at delivery? ANy Customs duty? Any restrictions if any on ownership of this Gun in India? Thanks

asked Sarabjeet Singh

Thank you for you interest. For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected]. This so we can better help you.

Steve from USA

What is the cocking poundage?

asked Thomas

It's about 30lbs, but varies between guns.


could this put down a coyote

asked Chad

Head shot only, and at less than 30 yards. You need about 6 Ft.Lbs energy and with the Stoeger X-Sport at 7.48 gr you're getting about 13.4 at the muzzle, so I wouldn't use them.

Thomas from Mexico

No, don't even chance it.....use something a lot more powerful.


Yes, with a well placed shot I think this gun could put down a coyote at a short distance. With a wide variety of guns out there for coyotes it would not be my first choice.

Jeff from USA

how accurate is stoeger x-20s

asked bruce anderson

i hv a question,, how can you mount open sights on this rifle?

tom cat

It's accurate. The trigger is sufficient for hunting, not the Olympics. If you're just going to hunt or use it for pest control, then you're good to go. If you want more accuracy, simply buy an aftermarket trigger. I adjusted my trigger and it's fine for my purposes.

Robbie from PR

With stock trigger, not accurate at all. The pull is very long and heavy (close to 6 pounds). You can buy a gtr gen 2 trigger from It is a smooth 1 pound 12 ounce pull, and this will shoot dime size groupings from 30 yards.

johnny from Norway

I've read reviews where people got 1" groups at 35yds.


I get a grouping of 3/4" out of 10 shots at 20 yards. That is using crossman hollow point pellets from wal-mart.

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