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Swiss Arms P92 BB Pistol

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  • Code: 138500 · 0.177 cal · 312 fps ·
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The Swiss Arms P92 CO2 semi-automatic air pistol includes a 20rd bb magazine, fixed front and rear sights plus a textured grip panels so it doesn't slip out of your hand after use. Even with the realistic blowback action, this gun features a rail to add your favorite accessory.

The box Includes steel BBs, a hex wrench and CO2 cartridge cap*. Please remember, do not shoot steel BBs at hard objects! A BB can ricochet wildly and may injure you or someone nearby.

*The CO2 cartridge cap connects with the bottom of the CO2 cartridge (which is in the magazine) and is used to screw in the cartridge so it's properly pierced. The gun comes with 2 of these caps. Box states that this has BAX Hop-Up, but it does not. Owner's manual says it comes with a speed does not.

Swiss Arms P92 CO2 Pistol
  • 20rd BB mag
  • Semiauto
  • Fixed front and rear sights
  • Textured grip panels
  • Blowback
  • Accessory rail
  • Includes steel BBs, hex wrench and CO2 cartridge cap*

Do not shoot steel BBs at hard objects
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  • ManufacturerSwiss Arms
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity312 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypeBBs
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackYes
  • Body TypePistol
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight2.42
  • Overall Length8.54
  • Loudness4-Medium-High
  • MechanismCO2
  • RailNo
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade and Ramp
  • Rear SightsFixed
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty60-day limited warranty
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Swiss Arms P92 BB Pistol
11 Reviews
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36% (4)
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9% (1)
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82% Recommend this product (9 of 11 responses)
December 18, 2011
Full metal (die-cast high-quality metal), except the mag release, selector switch, and grips, which are plastic).
Removable slide for field stripping and cleaning (EXTREMELY REALISTIC; not many bb pistols can do this!)
Nice, crisp blowback (LOCKS BACK when clip is empty)
Heavy, good feel and VERY solid construction (VERY HARD TO TELL from the actual Beretta M 92FS 9 mm, so be careful!!!).
Full metal mag that is full size (looks exactly like the actual Beratta magazine that holds 9mm rounds, but it actually hold 20 or so bb's, as well as the Co2)
Barrel opening is size of a 9 mil barrel, which, again, is very realistic.
Not much power really (300 - 340 fps due to Co2 being released to push the heavy metal slide back), but cans and bottles are no match and the accuracy is great.
Virtually has all the facets that a real gun warrants, only it shoots bb's and runs on CO2, that't the ONLY difference)
Must buy, no doubt about it! Great price for a very well constructed German airgun, which are usually very expensive)
ProsBEST BANG FOR THE BUCK, NO PUN INTENDED! Realistic (no doubt about this one) Heavy Accurate (a little down and to the right, but easy to adjust - sights are NOT adjustable) Cool Fun LIGHT TRIGGER (SINGLE ACTION each time it blows back/you cock it back) Sorry, but you probably won't put it down
ConsOnly 50-60 shots per CO2 Cartridge (not too bad actually since the gun blows back and is cycling rapidly). Would like to have seen higher velocities, but still gets the pliking job done. Would like to see the mag release and selector switch to be metal, but not a big deal. Nothing else at all! The above things are all VERY minor!
By Logan P.
Good until the trigger return spring broke
June 25, 2015
I orders this gun awhile ago and it was phenomenal, but after about a month of light use the trigger return spring broke. This would normally not be a big issue as I ordered a new one and prepared to replace it, but in my gun the trigger will not allow itself to me taken out. Because of this I have wasted the money on the gun along with 10$ for the spring (that's with shipping and handling). While this gun worked I was extremely pleased with it but after what I've gone through with the spring doubt I'll be ordering any other swiss arms items.
By JimV
Great bb gun for the money.
August 8, 2014
I have owned this gun for about a week or two and has shot 33 mags through the gun ,and used 11 co2s so it's time a review.The gun is very much likes it's real counter part the Taurus pt92,the safety is in the same position,the sights are close and the gun just looks like it.Ok on to the weight,very heavy which is awesome I'd say around 2 pounds the mag is super heavy duty very heavy as well makes for super realism.Awesome blowback .it doesn't jump around in your hand to much but it does just a bit,very accurate with the blowback as well.There is even a half cock feature if that matters to you.The rail option is very cool I have a Crimson Trace railmaster pro on mine it looks very cool and functions great.The grips are very nice they have a very good bite to them they lock in you hand well,you can take the grips off and change them for ones that fit on a pt92 which is very cool.I may put rubber grips on mine because the grips on mine can make your hands hurt after alot of shooting.The gun overall is great quality you can even field strip the gun not recommended it may void your warranty.I have oiled my gun up which you should do as well because metal to metal contact wears down with out a lubricant.
ProsHeavy weight very realistic to the real pt92,full drop out magazine,around 65 to 70 shots per co2,Replaceable grips,rail for lasers and lights.Very nice blowback pretty heavy but not too bad The trigger is great heavy on double action but manageable at least for me,the single action is super light and a dream to shoot.
ConsThe sights they leave something to desire I have painted my front sight yellow it makes a huge difference,but I have shot the gun with them original the entire time until today I painted it .The grips are a bit to harsh after alot of shooting you will feel it.My safety will only engage then the hammer is half cocked or fully cocked not to big of deal but still a con.The safety is pretty heavy to flip on or off but that will break in.
By Kevin N.
Baltimore MD.
Home run for airgunDepot
August 31, 2013
This is one of the finest air pistols I have purchased and this is the best price anywhere.
Delivery was fast and packed nicely as usual with Airgun Depot.
The pistol itself has nice weight, feel and balance as well as good looks( very real).
The trigger is very light and breaks nice , the power is sufficient for fun shooting , accuracy is also good although the rear sight has 1 white dot below the notch,
The new version of this pistol is made by Swiss Arms but the quality is there .
All metal except a few inconsequential parts, like the safety lever but no big deal.
Easy field strip and very realistic.
Easy lubrication when needed.
All I can say is fun and more fun.
And you will not beat this price anywhere on the web, for the same gun.
the only thing That is a slight drawback is loading the mag, but it gives the co2 time to warm back up, so it is o.k. with me.
This is a pistol you will enjoy for years and you can teach shooting skills to anyone with this one .
Buy it you will not regret it and buy it here while it is still at a good price.
Thanks Airgun Depot
Also very nice blowback action
Proslooks, weight, feel ,realism, accuracy, trigger pull, balance,price,blowback
By Rob
GSG 92 Pistol
March 4, 2013
Very nice feel, good weight, and balanced. Looks well made but there are some loose fitting parts like the barrel and slide, which likely causes it to shoot very low. Yet, it is some what accurate. Chows Co2, I ordered extra clips so the Co2 can recover between shooting. The full auto mode is worth the price and it
does shoot fairly accurately (tight groups) in full auto. I recommend to anyone looking for a variety of guns.
ProsFeel, size, full auto, and the blow back is cool.
ConsShoots low, no BAX system they talk about (I don't like inaccurate descriptions). The paint wears away quickly in spots. THE WORST THING EVER on ANY GUN, FIXED SIGHTS!!!!!!!!! If anything makes this gun feel cheap it's the fixed sights.
By Connor
One of the best
November 3, 2012
I think it's amazing how it is all metal blowback, to make it look so realistic. Thought it could have been a little heavier but I'm picky so don't listen to that.
By Kevin G.
Täby, Sweden
Solid gun
June 8, 2012
This gun feels heavy in your hand. I really like it. The blowback gives it an authentic feel, and the overall quality of the product is good.
ProsBlowback Weight, feel Light, predictable and just overall great trigger pull Magazines holding both CO2 and BBs Mechanisms working like the real deal (for the most part) Looks
ConsMechanisms do get a bit cranky sometimes, nothing big. The barrel shifts back/forward a bit, takes a bit of the feeling away No adjustable sights! This is truly the biggest drawback. It leads to... Lower accuracy- not that you can't adapt to the gun, but still. Paint scrapes off the barrel where the slide makes contact. It doesn't flake though.
By earl
cumberland , MD
excellent gun
April 1, 2012
this is a great shooting gun. a must have if you collect air guns. it's easily modified to shoot full auto , while still having the semi auto function. very good weight and feel. well constructed.
Prosaccurate realistic weight and feel OK price well made good trigger pull
Consthe magazine. it's well constructed but a pain the way the bb's load. i did see a vid on how to modify it for easier loading. the sights. they put the white dot on the rear sight instead of the front. the Fps is kinda low eats up co2 quickly , but thats the orice you pay for blow backs.
By Living_Laser
United States
Very Great Gun!!!
February 26, 2012
I bough this gun a week ago and I just love it, the accuracy and grouping is very nice and the Full Auto mode work swell. Just dont use all the time as it can wear the gun down and consume CO2 quickly.
ProsFull Metal, Blowback is very good and pretty strong, Single and double action, Full Auto mod, accurate, slide catch works well and when out of ammo the slide locks back, Field Strip Feature, Wider opening muzzle that looks like an 9mm, Full metal full size slide out magazine, and everything else that I just like about it.
ConsThe Magazine release and ambidextrous safe/semi/full fire lever is plastic but thats only a minor dislike. The Magazine should be more efficient and hold the CO2 more firmly to keep in more pressure. And there should have been a little lock for the spring on the magazine when inserting BBs as it has pretty strong tension. Overall these are just minor dislikes and do not effect the awesomeness of the gun.
By aden
madison, WI
great gun. easily modded
December 30, 2011
i wont reiterate whats already been said.
the gun's safety has three positions. safe, semi auto, and what should be full auto but fires semi auto. it is easy to modify it to shoot full auto on the third selection (search the internet for it)
also this gun is far louder than any of my others.
the few plastic parts arent that noticeable.
single/double action
an overall great gun. buy it.
Prosrealistic blowback full metal moddable to full auto full sized magazine
Consit requires a mod to full auto. should be stock
By mick
gsg 92
October 11, 2010
the gsg 92 is a veary realalistic blow back pistol made by siber gun get this gun it is great


good fps

blow back

full meatal(you gun mod to fullatuo)


selecter swich is plastic

and so is the mag release

over all a great gun buy it!!!!!!!!!!
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