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Swiss Arms TAC1 Scope Combo, Tan

Available in 0.1770.22Includes 4x32 scope and mount

Swiss Arms TAC1 Scope Combo, Tan

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A lightweight rifle (including the scope and mount!) with a muzzlebrake for easier cocking, the Swiss Arms TAC1 air rifle has some pretty significant knockdown power. This is especially useful if hunting is your main reason for this air gun. The thumbhole stock is lightweight and not as sensitive to the environment or rough use. That's quite a benefit compared to wood stocks.

One of the unique features of this airgun is the new spring design that reduces noise. Guns in this price range are often under-powered, rarely come with a scope and don't have particularly quite spring mechanisms. That makes this a real bargain!

Swiss Arms TAC1 Air Rifle Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • 11mm optics rail (no open sights)
  • Ambidextrous synthetic tan thumbhole stock
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Muzzlebrake
  • 7.80 lbs. with scope and mount
  • Includes 4x32 scope (unmounted) and mount
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Swiss Arms TAC1 Scope Combo, Tan
12 Reviews
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By Michael B.
great air rifle
August 22, 2018
after getting the rifle it was easy to set up the scope it took about an hour to sight in the scope then the little varmints that keep getting the vegetable garden are now fertilizer for my friends flower garden easiest air rifle i have ever used thank you for a great rifle at a great price
By Peter
Swiss Arms TAC1 Scope Combo, Black - Tan was back order and Ag Depot agreed to ship the black one. Thx
May 18, 2018
Very solidly made, this rifle will last a long long time. Of course like all material thing, it must maintain properly. It is not loud as I assessed. I shot on a balcony place and it sounded like an empty soda can being drop. If it is use outdoor the noise should not be a problem.

The cocking mechanism is very strong, it will produce powerful delivery of the pellet for sure. I would wear rubber/latex coated glove on left hand to handle the rifle to cock it. Use right hand to put pellet in and left to move the barrel upward. With the glove, you can hold the rifle with more strength and stability when shoot, rubber/latex coated glove will give you more grip.

Handling of the rifle remind me of Mosin Nagant. I convert my Mosin Nagant from wood stock to synthetic stock, this Swish Arms Tac1 .22 air rifle feels and handles similar to it.

JSB pellet seem best, it already oil at the manufacture. The heavier the pellet, the more it will maintain its direction during flight. The impact of the heavier pellet also make a different on game. Shoot several type grain and manufacture made to find out which is best for you. JSB pellet pricing is competitive.

Getting off the topic, I also bought Hatsan Edge Vortex gas piston .25 cal air rifle with 3-9X32 scope after hearing great review and saw at a great price of $79.99 plus JSB 25.39 gr. pellet at $18.99. James at Ag Depot gave me free shipping and 10% off, it was so great a deal. Haven't rec'v it yet but will soon and will give review when test it out.

Well, happy and safe shooting and hunting, I am very new to the air rifle world after more than 20 years of absence. I did own one .177 back in the mid 90's but don't know where the rifle is now. It is time to put some squirrel and small game meat on the table, hooah!
ProsWell made rifle, company been around since 1869 but rifle made in China, quality control is good so you have a good product. Bought for $89.99 at Airgun Depot on May 16, 2018 with scope combo 4X32 plus JSB 18.13 gr pellet $18.99 plus shipping of $13.68.
ConsMay be a little heavy but with regular handling, you can use to it. Not everyone carry almost 7 lbs of stuff everyday all the time. Now if plus the scope, it will be more weight, but you should get use to it.
Best UsesTarget practice of course and up to medium game if place on the right spot. It can kill raccoon, rat, squirrel, possum, bird...etc.
By Phillip m.
Great gun
March 24, 2017
I got this gun for a crismas present when I was 9 I am now 11 and it has still held up. This gun has a great amount of power and works great.I haven't had any issues accept for finding a hair inside my scope witch is pretty annoying and makes it hard to concentrate and it is hard to sight it in but I'm still young and will learn as I grow older. It is loud for the first shot then gets pretty quite after that.
ProsEasy to use Good for pest control/small game
Cons. The rail makes it hard to buy new scopes . Scope
By Bill
Medford Oregon
Much More Than I Expected
July 19, 2016
I am a big fan of break barrel rifles that are B-19 platform because I like to tinker. They are very easy to work on and tune. That is why I purchased the Swiss Arms TAC 1. I wasn't expecting much for $80. I figured it would be a low end version of the Crosman Fury spring piston air rifle I own. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my rifle. It is better in quality of fit and finish then my Fury. As for the trigger out of the box it is much better than the Crosman trigger. Believe me regarding the trigger. I have 10 Crosman break barrel rifles that I have reworked or replaced triggers on. As for accuracy, I have a red dot sight mounted on it and getting 1.25 5 shot groups at 20 yards after 100 pellets shot through it. There are occasional fliers. I don't think it will take much more than 500 pellets to break the rifle in. The best news is this one seems to like the cheap Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets, 14.3 gr. After it is broken in I will give it a tune and see if I can order a Remington/Crosman Summit stock for it. If you like to tinker, for $80 you can't go wrong with this one. If you don't like it give it to a kid as a first rifle. They will love it. Clean the barrel before you shoot it, lots of oil.
ProsFit and finish, as good as the $150 price range.
ConsNone at this price.
By Bill
Medford Oregon
Nicer than my Crosman Phantom
July 13, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised by this air rifle. I bought the TAC1 because I like the B19 platform. It is easy to work on and I like to tune my air rifles. I did a little research on this rifle before I bought it. I say a little because there isn't much on line about this rifle. One reviewer said that it is made by SMK. Over the years I have heard good things about SMK, so I figure I would risk $80. If it was really bad I would look to find a friends kid to give it to. All I can say is this rifle is going no where. Mine is well made, with good fit and finish. The trigger out of the box was better than my 8 other Crosman rifles before I worked on them. The cocking cycle is smooth and tight. It was heavy to cock for about the first 20 to 30 pellets. I am getting 1" 5 shot groups at 20 yards with a red dot sight. I have not tried the scope, so I can't comment on it one way or another. I believe that once the rifle is broken in it will shoot dime size groups at 20 yards. I plan on putting it in a Remington Summit stock. Make sure you clean the barrel before you shoot it. It took me 20 patches, 3 with GooGone to get a clean one.
ProsFit, Finish,Accuracy and Price
ConsNone at this price
By Jo
Culver city, CA
Amazing for the price
June 25, 2016
Noob coming from shooting nothing but crosman, I thought that triggers were supposed to be rough... Until I picked up the TAC1 - smooth as butter and light pull. Cocking is lighter as well. Comes with a scope. The scope isn't great but adequate, especially for the price. Since the tac1 arrived, I haven't touched my crosman rifles (trail np2, summit np2, Phoenix np2, vantage np). The marauder will be coming some time this week and I'm hoping that I don't pick up the tac1 every time instead of something I just paid 6-7x more for. The tac1 is light, accurate and easy to shoot. I can't imagine expecting anything more for $80.
ProsLightweight Smooth and easy trigger pull Easy cocking Accurate Low price
ConsNot the best color but that's nothing a trip to Home Depots paint Dept won't fix Twangy sound when fired.
By Jo
Culver city, CA
Pleasantly surprised with the TAC1
June 23, 2016
Let me begin by saying I am new to airguns and have not had much experience so my review should be taken with a grain of salt. I've shot nothing but crosman airguns as an adult (shot whatever random break barrel my neighbor had as a kid over 20 years ago) so I thought that all triggers were so... Unrefined? They're heavy with excessive travel and not smooth at all but I figured that it was me and not the gun. Just something I needed to get used to. I ordered the TAC1 as a cheap rifle that didn't feel entirely like I was shooting a toy. First impression out of the box... Yup, it's not the prettiest color... But it was 20% cheaper just for the color. Attached the scope and started sighting in at a dozen or so yards. The first shot came as quite a surprise. The trigger was smooth, relatively quiet (but with a goofy springy twang) and the recoil was nowhere hear as bad as other rifles I've fired. The thing is very forgiving and user friendly. I quickly sighted in and was putting multiple pellets through the same hole with crosman premier hollow points). I love this thing. It's so comfortable to work with.

As a frame of reference, I have fired the following air rifles:
.177 Crosman Vantage NP. Hard to cock, heavy, harsh recoil
177 Crosman Trail NP2. Felt over powered for .177. Shoots well but heavier recoil and more effort needed for cocking. Heavy.
.22 Crosman Summit NP 2. Felt more accurate than the 177. The rubber butt plate is already getting worn out.

The TAC1 has been the most comfortable out of them all. The scope that came with it is alright. C'mon... What exactly can one expect with an $80 rifle? The fact that it's comfortable and accurate makes it well worth the pric.
ProsRelatively lightweight, smooth trigger, ease of cocking.
ConsBecause the stock is synthetic and the rifle is so light, it feels almost like a toy.
By Robert
TAC 1 22 Caliber - Shooo Weee we likes it !
April 26, 2016
Unlike the .177 version, the 22 actually has a real good barrel; FYI the groove depth is .004 deeper than my high priced Dianna in said caliber, yep it is true, I know this because I slugged the barrel and Miked it myself !!!! I purchased 2 TAC's 177's and the barrels were seriously pitted, the groves dark, and worse .... machine marks all over the lands. NO cleaning, "No Flitzing", No secret procedures . or anything can fix them! Its really that bad.
The TAC1 22 however is VERY NICE ! I own 20 air rifles, all costing MUCH MORE than this TAC 22, but I find myself always going to this one, I guess it is the stock, feeling I got a real good deal (and yes other dis orders of the brain sack). I like the stock (especially the beige color), the trigger is very good and unlike others who criticize the scope, it is as good as any of the others on similar platforms. Word of advice on Swiss rifles (READ AND HEED), CLEAN them up REAL REAL REAL GOOD when you get them, they must have sat in the bottom of the damp boat on the way to the USA, all the barrels need hoppies (sorry I know that is blasphemy, just avoid getting any on the piston), and at least 40 patches run down their yap ta boot (yes they do!!).
Also (pleas cover your eyes AIR DESPOTS), remove the action from the stock and be sure to clean/oil the under surfaces, and inspect the piston cylinder area to see if they need some de-fugging, because if you dont you got a diesel weezel my friends, not to mention blowing filth down da tube ! ...... Do all this PRIOR to your first shot, and MAN this setup is a winner by any/all account !!! For $79 bucks, well all I can say it is the exact same feeling (and glee) I felt/feel when I brought my first Colt Python (6" Nickle) back in 1968 for just under $400, if you know what I mean ?
ProsHandling, Power, Looks, and Power
Cons177 barrels are awful, real bad. 22's are great !!!
By William
Very Well Made B19 Clone
April 19, 2016
This gun is made very well and the trigger on mine was very usable. The velocity in the advertising is not realistic in the real world., After about 150 shots I was getting 650-660 fps using CPHP pellets.

My sample has a very loud twang/vibration that i just took out by removing the bear trap inside the gun (not generally recommended for new air gun buyers)

The overall quality is very good and i was delightfully surprised, the gun is a keeper .... One the other hand, the scope is absolutely worthless, you are not buying this gun for the scope at all. get yourself a good aftermarket scope and I'm sure you will be happy.
ProsGood quality and accurate for the money spent. this is a B19 platform that many guns have used and it has stood the test of time.
ConsPlease remove scope from box and place scope in the trash ... keep the box ;- )
By Jake
Southwestern Illinois
A surprisingly solid shooter
April 7, 2016
If it wasn't for the scope I would of gave it a 5. For $90 you don't expect much. I have to say I don't know if the stars were aligned right a certain way or maybe the Q A person picked this rifle to check either way I can't say anything bad about this rifle. I tossed the stock scope and rings but a Centerpoint 3-9x32 on top. Now this rifle consistently performs just as well as any of my guns that are 3 times more expensive. It steady Chronos at 850ish with CPHP 7.9's. The gun has no rattle or nor has it loosened up anywhere after I put 1500 shots through it. This gun is definitely worth giving chance heck pick one up as a pack up or to take your buddy shooting.
By john
indianapolis indiana
amazing for the price!!
July 13, 2015
this gun is great for the price, very accurate and built pretty well.
Prosaccurate, looks cool, feels like a real rifle
Conslittle heavy..... nothing else i can think of
By Tx M.
Out West
Rifle OK, Very, Very, Bad Scope!
May 27, 2015
The rifle seemed to function as expected. It is a springer so expect some recoil. Not overly loud. Didn't get to chrono it but the penetration on a 2x4 at 20 yds was as good or better than my other .22 springers. Scope was all over the place and would only hold zero for a few shots before wandering off again. Gun seems worth it at the sale price. The scope should go on a rifle you are getting rid of or simply leave it in the box when you go to dump it in the trash.
ProsFair price. Functioned well.
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Swiss Arms TAC1 Scope Combo, Tan
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1200 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 900 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
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