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Hatsan AirTact

Available in .177, .22, .25
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  • Code: AGD-47809522 · $109.99 · .177 · 1300 fps
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The Hatsan AirTact features a Monte Carlo cheek piece, recoil-absorbing rubber butt pad, and checkering on the grip/forearm for improved control. Loading and cocking this break-barrel air rifle is aided by its large muzzle break, which integrates a TruGlo fiber-optic front sight. The micro-adjustable rear sight is adjustable and also features TruGlo fiber optics. The AirTact's ambidextrous, synthetic, all-weather thumbhole stock, QE shrouded barrel, and adjustable trigger, make it an ideal entry-level break-barrel gun. Load up a pellet and start sending rounds downrange at velocities up to 1300 FPS (.177), 1000 FPS (.22) and 750 FPS (.25). If you're in the market for an affordable, versatile, and reliable break-barrel pellet gun, the Hatsan AirTact combo might be the perfect package for you.

Hatsan AirTact Rifle Features:
  • Single-shot break-barrel cocking action
  • Spring-piston powered
  • Ambidextrous, all-weather synthetic stock
  • Adjustable trigger travel and pull
  • Rifled steel barrel with Quiet Energy shroud and sound moderator
  • Velocities of up to 1,300 FPS (.177), 1,000 FPS (.22) and 750 FPS (.25)
  • Muzzle energies of up to 20 FPE (.177), 21 FPE (.22) and 24 FPE (.25)
  • Thumbhole stock with Monte Carlo cheek piece
  • Combo scope rail accepts 11mm dovetail and Weaver mounts
  • Manual safety
  • Anti-bear-trap safety
  • Fiber optic sights
  • Includes Optima 4x32 Scope w/ Rings
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  • ManufacturerHatsan
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1300 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 5.70
  • Overall Length 45.00
  • Barrel Length 14.50
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail Weaver & 11mm dovetails
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Fiber Optic
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By RichardDecember 17, 2022 Verified Purchase

The sharp edges on the trigger make shooting more than 5 shots very uncomfortable. The recoil is MUCH more pronounced than its cousin the Striker, both spring and gas. When you have a good grip on it the trigger guard slams into your finger when it is fired so your hand is abused in two places. After twenty shots I have decided I will find a way to sell it. It is accurate at the 5 yards I tested it in. I expected an average budget plinker and it is not up to that level.

It has a light weight stock and is easy to cock. It could be a good all weather gun. It has a swept-back pistol grip instead of one that drops nearly straight down like other brands.

Get rid of the sharp edges on the metal trigger. Tame the recoil some. Get rid of the molded finger grooves.

By JohnAugust 24, 2022 Verified Purchase

I don't need the scope on it but if I were to use a scope it would have to be a little better than what is supplied,,the replacement scope I got for my son's. 22 is better than the one supplied for the .25

Out of box nonscoped,,,it is a good shooter,,good grouping at 25 yards

It can be tiring with the cocking

By MarkJune 24, 2022

I bought my .22 Cal. Airtact gun from a different vendor while Air Gun Depot was out of stock. My first gun had a manufacturing defect: the barrel was mis-bored to some diameter > .177 but < .22; it would not take pellets. Brought it back for an exchange. Second gun had a different manufacturing defect: trigger would occassionally not fire the gun, and once the gun discharged on it's own when my hand bumped it! Returned it for a refund. Maybe that vendor got a bad batch? Really liked the the overall design of the gun, and when it worked it was great. Hatsan needs to pay more attention to QC. FWIW: The vendor with whom I dealt was very supportive and helpful. I love the air gun community!

Front & rear fiber optic sights. Light weight & nice balance. Included scope has mil dot reticle. Very comfortable to hold. Shoots well; good groups. Not too loud.

Cocking weight on the heavy side. Cocking pivot decends from the barrel 2 or 3 inches when cocking. As another reviewer pointed out: my rear sight was "wobbly". Quality control was an issue with my two tries with this gun; ended up having to get a refund.

By nelsonMay 3, 2022 Verified Purchase

budget rifle nothing fancy

light decent sights accurate but great rifle for the money

lots of plastic feels cheap scope is iffy

By DavidUSAMay 2, 2022 Verified Purchase

I would use Domed Pellets.

I purchased the .25 for the purpose of ridding a horde of pesky raccoons. I am using the hollow point pellets thinking those would be perfect for the job. But what I have found out is even at close range it is not taking down these raccoons. Not sure I have the correct pellets for the job. Because I feel the rifle is powerful enough to take down a raccoon. Also, the rifle is sturdy and fun to shoot. It came with a scope which I am not using.

By BlaineApril 5, 2022

I bought this to reduce my squirrel population before I plant my garden. It is deadly accurate. This gun will take a squirrel out from 50-75 feet with one well-placed headshot. Use good pellets. This rifle can't be beat at this price point. It is well worth the money. The scope is not fantastic but very functional.

By James USAFebruary 23, 2022 Verified Purchase

I am using Hatsan product for the very first time and I am quite impressed by the overall build quality and general handling of this gun. The pistol grip makes for a nice relax hold on the gun. My previous gun is a Gamo Varmint in .177,they compare very favourably with each other although I find that, The Hatsan is a lot quieter and has less of a recoil kick. I am very happy with this airtact so far. Sighting in with the sights was a breeze,giving me nice groupings within 10 shots. The scope was a bit more work,I have it sighted within 15 shots,I don’t know how will hold up to continued firing,will update review accordingly. I love this gun,and at this price?it’s wort the try.

Awesome Gun at the price.

Accurate right out of the box,Fibre Optic sights.

By RayJanuary 8, 2022 Verified Purchase

You need to really clamp down on the scope mounts. I thought I had them tight enough but this gun has more recoil than a typical 177 cal BB gun, and the scope mount loosened up on me. To use the see through scope rings, you have to remove the see through scope dust caps. Not a biggy. I'm very happy with the gun in general. It's not too hard to cock. I like that cocking it automatically sets the safety on. Once set up, I found it shoots OK with the MKII Heavy Diablo pellets. I've not tried other pellets yet, but I'm hitting a 1" circle from 20 yards consistently, which is fine for my purposes. The claim is that gun this will shoot a lead pellet at 700 FPS. If that's the case, the nearly 34 gr pellets I'm shooting would be just over 40 FPE according to an online kinetic energy calculator, vs the 24 FPE it's advertised as. Though I haven't yet tried, I'm pretty sure this will easily take down small game (chipmunks, squirrels, rats, rabbits) and maybe even coyote-sized game in close.

I like the fact that it comes with sights AND a scope with see through scope rings. Unlike my cheaper BB gun, I was able to pick things up in the scope pretty quickly.

I got the 25 cal because I wanted the most kinetic energy, but if I had to do it again, I think I'd go with the 22 cal. The 22 cal pellets are more readily available and I saw 25 grain 22 cal slugs, which in theory, would have about as much or more FPE in the 22 cal (claim was 1000 FPS for that version) as the 34 grain 25 cal pellets moving at 700 FPS. The stock was a little shorter than expected and wish it was a little longer, but perhaps that help to pick things up quicker in the scope.

By BrentSeptember 29, 2021

I have seen complaints in regards to accuracy. My 2 cents : still dieseling? Pull a few patches through the barrel. Mine threw a few flyers when brand new (to be expected) but after a little cleaning and 200 shots I am getting 1 inch groups from a rest at 80 yards. Can easily shoot mini bic lighters off hand at 40 yards. I rave to all my hunting friends about the value of this Airtact .25

Light weight, affordable, built for sportsman, downright powerful springer

for the $$$? A free sling with a Hatsan Logo?

By RobertJuly 13, 2021

Excellent gun for beginner, or others for under $125usd.

I have owned air guns all my life. Was never impressed until I owned my gamo wildcat whisper(not quiet at 1400fps in .177). Now I bought the hatsan airtact in .25 caliber. The scope was off so bad that I took it off and sighted in the included Iron sights. At 25 yards it is now shooting at a 2 inch group on groups of 3 shots. With the scope mounted I couldn't hit an 8 1/2 inch x 11inch sheet of paper at 10 yards. Will use a much larger cardboard to sight on the scope. I shot a squirrel on the run at 20 yards and the pellet went all the way thru the body 1 shot 1 kill. This is my new go to for hunting rabbits and other small game. Best gun I ever bought for only $100. Oh I shot over 150 pellets before trying to sight in. I've found that to be about the "break in" period for most air rifles.

Maybe the scope? At least sight it in better before shipping from factory.

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Cocking effort? Thx

asked Roy from USA

Cocking efffort please?

asked Roy from USA
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