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Top 5 BB Gun Pistols

Glock 17 Gen. 4 BB Pistol
Full Blowback Action & Authentic Replica
The 17 Gen 4 BB pistol tops the list as the most realistic version. It epitomizes shootability and ruggedness. Not only does the slide lock back when empty, but it's also removable for disassembly drills. Even though it's the slowest shooter we have at 300fps, it provides the most realistic training and is a joy to shoot.
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SIG Sauer M17 Pellet Pistol, Coyote Tan
Replica of the U.S. Army M17/P320 Pistol, Full-Metal Blowback
Having won the US Army contract, the SIG Sauer M17 is perhaps the hottest pistol in the world right now, and the CO2 replica is worthy of the original. It is the first pellet-shooting CO2 pistol to combine a 20rd, belt-fed, drop-down magazine, a sophisticated wrench-free CO2 cam-loading system, full blowback, and field strip capability!
Starting at $139.99
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Legends M712 BB Pistol
Full Metal & Full-Auto Blowback, Distinctive German Replica
The M712 is the most desirable of all the broomhandle Mausers because of its drop down box magazine, and its selective fire option, letting you switch from semi to full-auto. The Umarex Legends M712 reproduces all the key features of the original including full-auto capability! Its innovative thumb safety make this the original “cocked and locked” pistol. (Demonstration) Details like this, and the functioning ramp adjustable rear sights make this one of the best replicas available.
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Colt Peacemaker SAA BB Revolver, Nickel
Colt Peacemaker Replica, Nickel-Plated Finish, CO2
This is the gun that won the west! The Colt Single Action Army Revolver is also known as “the Peacemaker.” Perhaps the single most iconic firearm in America’s history, introduced in 1873, it was carried by Buffalo Bill, Bat Masterson, General Patton, and Teddy Roosevelt. And let’s not forget the Duke himself! It has a full-metal frame and an action that replicates the original in every way.
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Crosman Vigilante BB & Pellet Revolver
CO2 Revolver, Shoots BBs or Pellets
Starting at $59.99
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