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Look Like A Bada@%!

Umarex AirSaber
PCP Air Archery Rifle
The AirSaber is an affordable arrow-shooting beast that gives you multiple shots per fill and shoots heavy arrows at almost 500 feet per second and handles just like a rifle. With enough power to hunt anything in North America and badass looks to boot, this is your number one!
Starting at $359.99
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AirForce Texan LSS Hunter Combo
Includes a Scope, Air Tank, Bipod & More
The Texan LSS is an American-made big bore powerhouse that makes more energy than any other production airgun in the world. This can on the end makes it the quietest big bore on the market and it is also one of the most accurate airguns we have ever shot. A tuning wheel lets you dial it in for accuracy with a wide range of ammunition, and did we mention that it is a suppressed big bore airgun?
Starting at $1,699.99
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Seneca Dragon Claw II, Twang N Bang Combo
The exact set-up used by Cameron Martz (TWANGnBANG)
Our friend Cameron from Twang-n-Bang put together this awesome combo by taking the Dragon Claw II, one of the most awesome airguns around and pairing it with a scope and some .50 caliber Air Bolts taking it to the next level, in fact maybe to the next two levels.
Starting at $859.99
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FX Impact M3
Starting at $2,099.99
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AirForce TalonP Carbine, Hawke Red Dot Combo
Compact Hunting Pistol/Carbine Includes a Hawke Red Dot Vantage 1x20
Producing over 55 foot-pounds of energy, the TalonP is one of the most powerful air pistols on the market and its Lothar Walther barrel ensures that the accuracy matches the power. The loudness of the TalonP has always been its one drawback, but this new version, exclusive to Airgun Depot, has this removable can filled with AirForces extremely effective Sound-Loc technology to tame the bark, making it your number one.
Starting at $889.99
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