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Umarex Trevox Pellet Pistol

Available in .177
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  • Code: AGD-43558415 · $79.99 · .177 · 540 fps
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Make this powerful air pistol your go-to airgun!

With Umarex's Turbo Nitrogen Technology (T.N.T.) gas piston, the Trevox really puts a spin on your pellets!  Capable of shooting lead pellets at 540 fps, and alloy pellets at speeds up to 600 fps, this hard-hitting Trevox is more than up to the task for small game and target shooting.

Cock the grooved barrel once and you're ready to shoot!  Use the included fiber-optic sights or mount your own optics to the 11mm Dovetail rail.  Umarex ensures your shots will be quiet with its 3 chamber SilencAir baffle system.  If you want power from your air pistol, send pellets flying with the Trevox.

Umarex Trevox Air Pistol Features
  • TNT gas piston
  • SilencAir - noise dampener
  • Reinforced SilenceAir is the cocking handle
  • Fiber optic sights
  • 18.25" overall length
  • 3.15lbs
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  • ManufacturerUmarex
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 540 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 3.15
  • Overall Length 18.25
  • Barrel Length 6.25
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Gas-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability 0
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Plinking & target practice
  • Warranty 3-year limited warranty
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By JoelMarch 24, 2024

Saw this on sale at a local farm store and bought on a whim. Very accurate out of the box given I compensated for the heavy long creep single stage trigger. Put longer trigger screw in and made a big difference. Open sights are pretty good but I will be adding a dot site. Blueing leaves alot to be desired. In the right light, I can see some light surface rust. Kinda wish I had gone for the Benjamin Trail pistol. A little more power, and Crosmans blueing has always seemed really good. I would only plan on shooting very small pests with this if you want a humane kill. Squirrels would surely be laughing at you. Overall, a fun cheap plinker. Stick with the lighter weight pellets.

Accurate, fun plinker, price

Blueing is not the best, of course the trigger

By John LAugust 14, 2023 Verified Purchase

This is a fun weapon with a good heft to it. Fairly quiet and a hard hitter. Pesky critters never knew what hit them.

Consistent power level. Better than multi pumps I have owned. My indoor 13yd range has a target, 2 ply cardboard,three inch deep box with plasticized heavy foam, a thick coconut fiber door mat on vinyl and finally 1/16" inch steel plate. Trevox .177 pellet puts a visible ding in the metal back. As to the 'hard trigger pull', after about four firings my trigger showed slack right to the break point and was controllable after that. After several firearms training schools, a shooter learns that no two weapons are 2.5lb triggers. But we are taught to compensate for the shooting of any weapon we have to use. That takes practice..... a lot of practice.

The rear sight adjustment was a little sloppy. Once the sight was zeroed, a touch of 'Lock Nut' did the trick.

By GraysenFebruary 6, 2023 Verified Purchase

Super accurate perfect for backyard plinking

By LeoJanuary 31, 2023 Verified Purchase

We need this gun offered in .22 cal with a nice 800 fps. That would be perfect. Hatsan mod 25 supercharger in .22 cal shoots faster than this .177...that's just not right. I love shooting this greatly designed gun,easy to cock and can shoot all afternoon without getting too tired. Get one, you will really like it once you get use to it.

There is nothing not to like about this gun.

I know everybody complains about the trigger but it is up to the shooter to adjust to the gun, not the other way around. I find if I pull the trigger straight back with the pad of my finger at the bottom of the trigger blade I tend to get slightly better trigger control,not so much control if placing the finger in the curve of the trigger.

By LeoEverythingJanuary 27, 2023 Verified Purchase

I'm old school and have decades of shooting experience,seems those griping about this bad trigger are overlooking 1 positive here, If you master a gun with a lousy trigger then you can shoot just about anything. And everything else about this gun is so good it is the perfect "bad trigger plinker" to practice with.Yesterday was the first time I shot my new Trevox and I could not put it down it was such a joy to shoot. Love plinking with this gun and did not even have to adjust sights,right on out of the box!!! Get one,you'll like it!!!

Everything but the trigger.

A smoother trigger with less travel and in a .22 cal with about an 800 fps would be really nice.

By SETHUSAFebruary 22, 2022

Power is awesome. Umarex is a trusted brand. Being a break barrel, it is very simple to use. Consider this gun for sure.

Look, feel, power, accuracy, build quality are all excellent. Don't disregard a break barrel pistol. This one is great. Trigger can be lightened by 50% by doing a trigger fix from YouTube videos. No c02 needed as well. I've tried 4 different pellets,b oth cheap and expensive, and have found that Crosman Destroyer 7.3grain pellets are the best at 10, 15, 20 and even 25 yards.

Trigger out of the box is very heavy. Weight. It is heavy. You can still shoot off hand but it definately requires support by your other hand on the barrel. Bag rested is the way to go.

By SethUSAFebruary 2, 2022

I've gone through alot of cans of pellets. Gun is fantastic, especially after break in period and easy trigger fix. No problems at all. I shoot from 10 and 20 yards no problem. Crosman 7.3gr Destoyers work best for my gun after trying 4 different pellets. Great news, cheap at Walmart.

Everything.....really. Power, reliability, accuracy, feel, quality construction, cheap ammo works great. The simplicity and ease of a break barrel. Worth every cent to me. Dont dis a break barrel pistol.

Trigger. But there is a great trigger fix online that improves it by a good 30-50%. Gun is a bit heavy.

By JerryUSAMarch 2, 2021

You can't go wrong buying this pistol . Accurate packs a punch and cocking is tough but not doable but it gets great power.

Great sights and sound suppressor works great. Pistol is super quiet. My new favorite pistol the grip is very comfortable and this thing is accurate as a laser.


By VanceUSADecember 9, 2020

Mine shoots very high. Even with rear sight bottomed out I have to aim an inch and a half to two inches to hit target at 35ft. Trigger is VERY heavy.

Feels good in the hand

Sights and heavy trigger pull

By DanUSAJuly 11, 2020

If you shoot every day, it is relatively inexpensive.

Although it’s fun to shoot, the build quality is not so good. I have shot over 10,000 pellets (I bought it seven months ago) and had to modify it a bit. When I bought it, the suppressor was loose and canted to the left. I eventually had to glue he suppressor it to get some kind of repeatable accuracy out of it as well as using red lock-tite on all the screws. If I shoot it every day, I can consistently hit the bulls eye about 2-3 times for every five shots (I shoot five shots at a time). I also shoot it from a distance of about 22 yards or so (that’s the distance from the door of my shop to where I have a bunch of targets set up). 10 yards is not much of a challenge so I recommend shooting it at a farther distance than the usual 10 yards to give the gun a chance. Also, Crosman wad-cutters shoot surprisingly good at the distance I shoot from.

Build quality. It was very frustrating to get it set up to shoot with any kind of repeatable accuracy.

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how does one lighten up the trigger? i have only found one explantion on youtube but it wasn't detailed enuf for me. Any thoughts before I buy one?

asked Howard from USA

any videos on lightening up the trigger?

asked Howard from USA

Cocking effort?

asked Roy from USA

I broke my rear sight need replacement?

asked Mario from USA

Parts will come from Umarex USA

Mark from USA

i this to hard and tiring to cock for a senior. hows the accuracy w/ open sights is the trigger hard?

asked Joseph from USA

What is the cocking effort in pounds?

Roy from USA

The cocking effort is moderate, The trigger will be fairly hard. This is not a competition pistol as far as accuracy goes.

Mark from USA

Did anyone find a case to fit this gun?

asked Robert from USA

walmart has a case will fit

greenbay12$ from USA

How many rounds does it hold

asked Rich


Roy from USA
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