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no rats sign

Selecting an Airgun for Pest Control: Budget, Powerplant, Energy, Noise Level

Airguns are ideally suited for pest control in urban and rural environments.  However, selecting the right airgun for the job can be tricky.  Given the utility of pest control, folks often see their purchase as a one-off “need to deal with those darn armadillos” purchase vs. something they are going to be using recreationally.  So […]

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breath and accuracy. shooter looking through air rifle sight aiming down range.

Breath Control is Only 25% of Accuracy

It’s commonly believed that 90% of accuracy issues are caused by poor breath control. While breath control is a factor, it’s only a small piece of the equation. So why is so much attention put on how we breathe when shooting? In this article, we’ll look at the four primary areas shooters need to consider […]

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adjusting sight alignment

How to Adjust Windage and Elevation

Getting on target can be a challenge for most shooters, especially those new to the sport. How exactly do you adjust for that shot that’s two inches low and to the left?  Do open sights adjust differently than a scope? Hopefully, this article will answer all these questions and help you get all your shots […]

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crosman co2 airgun.

Mechanics of a CO2 Airgun

As we dive deeper into the world of modern airguns, let’s unravel the mysteries of CO2 power plants. CO2, a distinctive airgun propellant, presents a host of advantages and a few drawbacks. Its unique properties enable manufacturers to craft airguns that function in semi-automatic and full-automatic modes.  The compact size of the 12-gram CO2 cartridges […]

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Indoor shooting range

How to Build an Indoor Shooting Range

Before we embark on the journey of building an indoor shooting range for airguns, it’s paramount to underscore the absolute importance of safety. While airguns can provide a convenient means of practicing shooting indoors, it’s crucial to recognize that not all airguns are suitable for this purpose. However, with the right safety measures in place, […]

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historical replicas. two colt single action army revolvers on a wood table.

Monthly Recap April 2024

People have used and collected guns for over 500 years. Over that time, there have been many changes, from platform changes to power plant changes. Over the past 100 years, guns have come a really long way, and we have replicated all the best ones for modern collectors.  Feel Like a Time Traveler You can […]

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Crosman Vigilante BB & Pellet Revolver

Top Crosman Airguns

When you’re talking about an airgun company like Crosman, it’s hard to pick out their “top” airguns.  They have so many great airguns that it’s really hard to narrow it down. But today, we’re going to share with you a few of the top Crosman guns based on reviews and ratings from our customers. Let’s […]

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air venturi avenger

Mechanics of a PCP Airgun

PCP airguns are at the top of the airgun food chain. They deliver the most power, range, and accuracy and require the least amount of effort from the shooter. Simply put, they are awesome. Whether you are looking to plink silently in your basement or backyard or take big game out in the field, there’s […]

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Dasiy Avanti Champion 400B competition bb gun

Airguns That Excel in Precision – They’re Not Always What You Think

Did you know that there are airguns that excel in extreme precision? The best part is that they don’t always come with a hefty price tag. Today, we’ll dive into some awesome airguns that are all about accuracy. These might just be the perfect fit for your budget and shooting needs.  An Accurate BB Rifle […]

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2024 Gamo Squirrel Hunt

2024 Gamo Squirrel Master Classic

The Gamo Squirrel Master Classic, a unique annual event, takes place at the Southern Sportsman Hunting Lodge just outside Montgomery, Alabama. Created by Gamo USA over a decade ago, the SMC is a fusion of 4H shooters and industry personalities like The Bone Collectors, The Choice, Buckmasters, and more. The event is a blend of […]

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