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The Best BB Gun Competition You’ve Never Heard About

If you are reading this blog, you are someone who loves airguns or is hard on the trail to learn about them and the sport of airgunning. What was your first airgun? The overwhelming percentage of airgunners will have started with a Daisy Airgun. It may be the Daisy RedRyder or Daisy 880, but it […]

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Benjamin Gunnar Air Rifle

Best Accessories for the Benjamin Gunnar

The move to “chassis” airguns is in full swing.  A “chassis” airgun is based on a minimalist frame and lacks the traditional “stock” elements.  The Benjamin Gunnar is a good example.  It uses a standard AR buttstock and grip, and there’s no forearm.  Rather, there’s a metal receiver with significant AR influences.  The basic Gunnar […]

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Benjamin Trail NP XL

Top Nitro Piston Air Rifles

Break barrel rifles are great for their ability to be self-contained powerhouses.  They come in various shapes, sizes, calibers, and power output.  In the past, most were powered by coiled metal springs.  If all the engineering is top shelf, i.e., take a look at the Beeman R9 if you ever get the chance, then metal […]

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air venturi nomad 2 air compressor

HPA Compressor Do’s and Dont’s

With so many personal compressors on the market, it’s important to know what can and can’t get things done for you. Unfortunately, much of what we see with “bad” compressors has more to do with improper use than actual product issues.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to help you avoid such issues and learn what you […]

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german spring piston airgun - weihrauch hw 505

Why Should You Pay More for German Springers?

If you are new to airguns, you are most likely looking at spring piston airguns, probably around the $100 to $200 price point.  So when we tell you that if you genuinely like shooting, you may want to look at something closer to $500 to $800, you probably think we are nuts!   You Get What […]

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Scopes for Edguns

Best Scopes for EDgun Airguns

If you’re not familiar with EDgun air guns, then you are in for a real treat.  EDgun offers several models designed to be lightweight, compact, powerful, and extremely accurate.  Due to their form factor, they lend themselves to a specific optic style.  Essentially, you don’t want something too big and heavy, or you’ll ruin the […]

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Seneca Dragonfly multi-pump air rifle

Why We Still Need Pump Airguns

There was a time when PCP airguns were simply out of reach for most airgunners.  So, if you wanted an easy-to-shoot airgun with power, you looked for guns like the Benjamin Sheridan.  With 8 pumps, you could shoot targets or varmints easily out to 50+ yards. Of course, you did have to work between each […]

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walther ppk s

Top 10 Replica Guns from Movies

Action movie fans love to see the hero save the day. And the guns they use play a big part of that role. No hero enters the scene without his choice weapon. With these airgun replicas of top movie guns, you can recreate your favorite action movie sequences. 10 – Tony Montana (Scarface) – HellBoy […]

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How to Keep Your Air Rifle from Rusting

If you’ve ever lived in a humid environment like South Carolina, you know that even one night outside can almost ruin your treasured firearm or airgun.  Rust seems to appear from nowhere. In this article, we’ll highlight some ways that you can protect your treasured guns.  Let’s get started. Humidity is a Killer You folks […]

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Airgun Depot Multi-Target

What is the Effective Range of My Airgun?

It’s a legitimate question but not easily answered. In this article, we’ll walk through ways to determine the effective range of your airgun.  Flight Time Beyond power and accuracy at range, shooters need to consider the flight time of the projectile. If you are shooting paper, this is not an issue.  But, if you are […]

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