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CO2 Cartridge Pressure

The matter of CO2 pressure may seem intimidating at first, but knowing the basics makes it easier to understand matters such as velocity and how many shots per cartridge. CO2 is carbon dioxide compressed in a cylinder tank capable of powering an airgun. This substance is a gas capable of forming a liquid when mechanically […]

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Sound Barrier FPS

Reaching or surpassing the sound barrier with an airgun is fun and gives bragging rights. While it is something airgunners talk about, there are a few misconceptions about what it really means and why breaking the barrier may not actually be worth it.  The Sound Barrier FPS  There has been a lot of talk about […]

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Can You Reuse Steel BB’s?

Summary Many people wonder if they can reuse steel BB’s in an air gun. There are a few reasons this may not be the best idea. From possibly damaging the air gun to reducing performance, we break down the reasons you need to think twice about saving old BB’s for a second round. Can You […]

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What is Pellgun Oil?

Summary Many people wonder what Pellgun oil is and why it is important for their air gun. Pellgun oil is a Crosman solution used on CO2 air guns to properly lubricate the o-rings and seals. It is easy to use and offers many benefits for an airgun to promote both performance and longevity. What Is […]

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Beeman R1 vs R9

SummaryThere are a few major differences between the Beeman R1 and R9 air rifles. These matters, such as weight, maximum velocity, and more, are important to consider before purchasing. While the two models have notable differences, they are also similar in a few key ways as well. Beeman R1 vs R9The right air rifle is […]

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A New Season & New Look

Since 2002, Airgun Depot has worked hard to become one of the top airgun dealers in the US, bringing you products, service, entertainment, and deals…oh the deals! We’re entering a new season in the business where it’s time to present a new look and a new logo. The new logo doubles-down on our commitment and […]

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Top 10 Air Pistols of 2018

#10: Beretta Elite II Shop #9: Umarex XBG Shop #8: Crosman 1911 Shop #7: SIG Sauer P226 Shop #6: Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker Shop #5: Glock 19 Gen. 3 Shop #4: Remington 1875 Shop #3: Schofield No. 3 Shop #2: SIG Sauer P320 Shop #1: Beretta M92A1 Shop What was your favorite air pistol in 2018?

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Top 10 Air Rifles of 2018

#10: Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Shop #9: Black Ops Tactical Sniper Scope Combo Shop #8: AirForce Texan SS Shop #7: Gamo Swarm Magnum Shop #6: Umarex Steel Force Shop #5: Hatsan Edge Vortex Shop #4: Umarex Steel Storm Shop #3: UZI Shop #2: Crosman DPMS SBR Shop #1: Umarex Legends MP40 Shop What was your favorite air rifle in 2018?

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All About Ballistic Coefficient

What is ballistic coefficient (BC)? Without getting into the math, BC is basically a measure of a projectile’s ability to maintain velocity as it flies through the air. It is calculated based on the sectional density (weight of the projectile in relation to its diameter) and form factor or shape of the projectile and is […]

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Necessary Airgun Accessories

Whether you are using your airgun for hunting or just target practice, there are certain accessories that are must-have items. Here are the top necessary airgun accessories you need in your collection. 1. Holster When looking at necessary airgun accessories, a holster is one of the most debated ones, but still worth mentioning as a […]

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