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Trigger Control

When it comes to accuracy, fundamentals are essential. Whether it’s a pistol or a rifle, the basics are the same: sight alignment, breath control, and trigger control.  Of course it sounds so simple but we all know that mastering just those three basic principals can take a lifetime of practice. Though none of the essential […]

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The Art of Breathing

As anyone familiar with shooting knows, it’s easy to understand the effect that your lungs have on accuracy. Simply hold your rifle or pistol pointed at a target and take exaggerated breaths if you want to see the importance of the art of breathing. You’ll notice how your sights move above and below your target […]

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How to Sight an Airgun

Before you shoot your new gun for the first time, you must align its sights with the flight path of the BB or pellet. Even though your gun is brand new and fresh from its box, it is very likely that things are not lined up as they should be… the same holds true for […]

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Printable Targets

The new Fall Airgun Targets are in! Below, you’ll find the option to download: Leaves: Leaf it all on the table and shoot the center of each leaf! Pumpkins: Shoot your own Jack-o-Lantern! Spiders: Spooky Spider Takedown for Time! Leaves Open & Print Pumpkins Open & Print Spiders Open & Print These templates can be […]

Velocity is the most important factor right?

If you are new to airguns, and you’re anything like I used to be, then you’re looking at that box, staring at 1200 FPS on the side. Obviously this means the airgun is better than the one next to it that says 1000 FPS. I mean, doesn’t it make sense that bigger is better? If […]

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How Loud is “Loud” – Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart

When you talk about noise with regards to airguns, there are way too many opinions out there.  What is “loud” to me may not be “loud” to someone else.  Also, manufactures use some pretty tricky language to talk about the amount of noise, not necessarily the level of noise.  Let me see if I can […]

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How to Get a Springer to Shoot Straight

For many of us, the draw to the spring air gun lies in the challenge in getting it to shoot straight. Plainly put, they can be fussy and temperamental. But like any challenge, once mastered, will leave you feeling well accomplished. I proudly display my “springers” like trophies on a mantle… each one with a […]

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