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Top 10 Air Pistols of 2018

#10: Beretta Elite II Shop #9: Umarex XBG Shop #8: Crosman 1911 Shop #7: SIG Sauer P226 Shop #6: Benjamin Marauder Woods Walker Shop #5: Glock 19 Gen. 3 Shop #4: Remington 1875 Shop #3: Schofield No. 3 Shop #2: SIG Sauer P320 Shop #1: Beretta M92A1 Shop What was your favorite air pistol in 2018?

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Top 10 Air Rifles of 2018

#10: Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Shop #9: Black Ops Tactical Sniper Scope Combo Shop #8: AirForce Texan SS Shop #7: Gamo Swarm Magnum Shop #6: Umarex Steel Force Shop #5: Hatsan Edge Vortex Shop #4: Umarex Steel Storm Shop #3: UZI Shop #2: Crosman DPMS SBR Shop #1: Umarex Legends MP40 Shop What was your favorite air rifle in 2018?

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All About Ballistic Coefficient

What is ballistic coefficient (BC)? Without getting into the math, BC is basically a measure of a projectile’s ability to maintain velocity as it flies through the air. It is calculated based on the sectional density (weight of the projectile in relation to its diameter) and form factor or shape of the projectile and is […]

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Necessary Airgun Accessories

Whether you are using your airgun for hunting or just target practice, there are certain accessories that are must-have items. Here are the top necessary airgun accessories you need in your collection. 1. Holster When looking at necessary airgun accessories, a holster is one of the most debated ones, but still worth mentioning as a […]

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Head to Head: Gamo Swarm Maxxim vs Walther Terrus

Welcome to this Head to Head, we have an exciting match for you today! In the red corner, coming from Barcelona, Spain, is the Gamo Swarm Maxxim! A light break barrel, sporting a ten shot repeating magazine, it is going to be hard to beat. In the blue corner, coming to us from Arnsberg, Germany, […]

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Head to Head: Umarex Gauntlet vs Gamo Urban

Entry level PCPs have reached new levels of quality and features that just a few years ago would have been unthinkable. The Gamo Urban and the Umarex Gauntlet embody the best of this trend. These guns have a lot of similarities and some big differences so let’s put them in the ring and see which […]

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10 Most Popular Air Rifles of 2017

#10: SIG Sauer MCX Shop   #9: Hatsan Mod 135 Vortex QE Shop   #8: Hatsan Edge Vortex Shop   #7: Umarex EBOS Shop   #6: Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Shop   #5: Crosman MTR77 Shop   #4: Benjamin Wildfire Shop   #3: Umarex Octane Elite Shop   #2: Gamo Swarm Maxxim, IGT Shop   #1: Umarex Steel Force Shop What was your […]

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10 Most Popular Air Pistols of 2017

#10: Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Shop   #9: SIG Sauer P226, FDE Shop     #8: Gamo PT-85 Tactical Shop #7: SIG Sauer P226, Black Shop #6: Crosman Vigilante Shop #5:  UZI Shop #4: SIG Sauer P320 Shop #3: Umarex Steel Storm Shop #2: Umarex Legends MP40 Shop #1: Beretta M92A1 Shop What was your favorite air pistol in 2017?

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Head to Head: Octane Elite vs Benjamin Trail

With it being the heyday of the PCP rifle, sometimes it’s easy for us as airgunners to forget our roots. For many of us this hobby started off simply, with a basic multi-pump or break barrel rifle, most likely purchased from a big box store. These “big-box” rifles often come packaged in boxes plastered with […]

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Head to Head: Beeman QB Chief vs. Benjamin Maximus

Options for entry level PCP’s have increased by leaps and bounds in the last few years. As the sport of airgunning finally makes a shift to the mainstream shooting community we are seeing more and more economical PCPs come to the table. The formula for an entry level PCP seems simple enough, a barrel, a […]

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